Thursday, July 7, 2022

Szczesny would relish competition, wants signings

Wojciech Szczesny says that even if Arsenal bring in another goalkeeper this summer, he’s fully committed to the club and will ‘enjoy’ the competition.

The Polish stopper found himself dropped last season for compatriot Lukasz Fabianski before injury opened the door for him to return to the side, and he played a significant part in the end of season run which saw the Gunners get fourth.

There have been rumours that Arsenal would bring in another keeper this summer with QPR’s Julio Cesar strongly linked, and Szczesny has no issue if that’s the case.

“You have to deal with the competition,” he told the Guardian. “I think that the competition from Lukasz  when he was fit was pretty tough and I enjoyed it. It can only bring the best out of me.

“”My confidence never gets crushed. Whatever happens, my attitude doesn’t change. I still try my very best in training. I want to make sure I’m in the best shape possible. Whether someone comes in, it’s not my decision and it won’t affect me in any way.

“There is the same talk every year and no one has been brought in. I think the manager has shown enough faith in me to make me feel confident in my own abilities. So it doesn’t affect me at all.

“I’m still a young goalkeeper so I’m going to have my ups and downs. There’s not a single keeper in the world that goes through a season without a little dip.

“You can play for a smaller club, make a mistake and no one will really highlight it but when you play for a big club, whatever you do is going to be in the papers.”

And Szczesny, like so many of his teammates this summer, has spoken about the excitement in the squad about potential new arrivals. Although none have been forthcoming so far other than Yaya Sanogo, Szczesny said the drama of losing players like Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie has been replaced by something more positive.

“This season the only thing that everyone is talking about is ‘Who is Arsenal going to bring in?'” he said. “It’s not ‘Who is Arsenal going to lose?’

“It makes us feel stronger and more united as a team because we know that everyone is focused on doing the same thing, which is staying here and doing our best.”

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It looks like the Aussies have a better chance of winning the Ashes than seeing Arsene sign someone

Cyril Washbrook

After what happened over the last four days, I’m reasonably certain that *nothing* is less likely than Australia winning the Ashes.


Well actually he has signed someone, a fella called Sanogo. But yes we get your point.


As a fan, I have confidence in the strike force of Giroud, Podolski, Walcott to do the job. Don’t need overpriced strikers when we can use the same money to buy players like Bernard, Gustavo, Cesc (if he leaves Barca) and a good CB as a backup. I’m also looking forward to Sanogo and Apkom in the League Cup and FA Cup.

Mikel Artekkers

If Podolski and Walcott are strikers then who are our wingers? Ox and forehead….

Black Hei

Arsenal attack using a weird 4-4-2 during last season’s run in. Instead of 2 wingers we have Rosicky playing behind 2 strikers (Giroud and Walcott) and Carzola in the free role.


Bernard will play left wing, Walcott on the right when Giroud / Podolski can play in the middle. We can always use Santi and Ox on wings if required. Also looks like Serge Gnabry will be promoted this year against lesser known teams. Need to use our Academy youth to the best effect for the development too.


Ideally I would like to see 2/3 youngsters promoted for every outside signing. I’d like to see the likes of Miguel, Gnabry, Eisfeld not only in the Carling Cup but also when we’re 3-0 up at half time in the league, and phased into full first team players over the course of the year.

But the problem is when we make no outside signings at all apart from Sanogo. That’s extremely bad for team/fan morale, and would leave us actually in short of players in any injury crisis, like summer 2011 when Andrew Mangan was a substitute against Man Utd..


bernard? i hope so.


You do know Bernard isn’t actually an Arsenal player, right?

“Hello Bernard, would you like to fly over every few days and play on the wings for us? Kthanksbye!”


Awful to see people lowering their expectations on signings and blindly put their faith our “strikeforce” that is 1st of all non-existent. point your finger towards cause of concern mate. Arsene Wenger.


Giroud – striker
Walcott – RW
Podolski – LW (mainly)
So yes actually, we need a striker. And to me, £30m or even £35m for Higuain is not over-priced, at least when you consider what top strikers go for these days.
Gustavo and Fabregas are just silly press rumours, although both we be great addittions. Bernard would also be a nice addittion but we don’t really need a player like that, it’s far more important to get a striker, DM and CB.

Black Hei

Fabianski would be able to provide genuine competition if he is not so injury prone.


Diaby would be able to provide genuine competition if he was not permanently injured,
Chamakh would offer genuine competition if he wasn’t so … useless,
Bendtner would offer genuine competition if he wasn’t … such a dick,
Park would offer genuine competition if anyone could find him
Higuain would offer genuine competition if only we would buy him 🙂


Actually, I agree, partly. He did do well when he played last season, which is where I agree, but I don’t agree that he’s injury prone.


It’s a sticky situation for us gooners. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, all our views at the moment are formulated on speculation and the obvious fact that no one has signed. We should jump to such drastic conclusions over something we know little about in my opinion.

Mustn't Panic

All the talk is about what striker we’re bringing in but what about at CB, a defensive midfielder and as mentioned in the article another GK.
arsenal still has a lot of work to do this summer to reinforce the squad but there seems little movement in doing so


Mustn’t panic…

jack jack jack

We need another striker. Even when we had a world class striker in RVP we were over-reliant on him. Last season the ‘orrible Mancs had three world class forwards (and Welbeck) and that extra depth gave them so much to draw from. Depth is so bloody important and I can’t help but feel we’re a little light at the moment.


Exactly. Giroud on his own is not enough. All the top clubs have at least two top strikers, but usually they have 3 or 4. And this also assumes Giroud will developed the way RvP did, which is possible, but anything can happen. At the moment we use Podolski a lot at LW, and Walcott at RW, so Giroud is more or less our only CF.



[…] Anyway, let’s see what happens and I hope that we get through this week without any injury scares. The squad  already know how new faces are necessary, even with a full complement, and Wojciech Szczesny became the latest to speak about that. The keeper talked about how he’d relish the competition of a new goalkeeper and how he’ll continue to give his best for the club, but also spoke about the difference between this summer and ones that have recently passed, saying: […]


At least we re not being linked with Gareth Barry anymore… That’s like two new signings in my book.

Fingers crossed

LTNS. That’s a new trend for us to pick up.

Rambling Pete

He’s a good young keeper and people forget he’s only 23. At the same age David Seaman was playing for QPR. Peter Schmeichel was in the Danish league. So I really think we need to give him a chance and stick with him, our need for signings in other areas is much more urgent. Of course I can’t think of the word ‘urgent’ without getting that fantastic hit of the same name by Foreigner stuck in my head. I went to see them at Earl’s Court one year and because I had a friend who worked backstage I got invited… Read more »




All we need is a new manager

I just love Arsenal

You moan about lack of activity all the time and when someone has the pistols to call for a change of guard you give thumbs down? I think a new manager is not such a bad idea


Some people seem to have forgotten what the word ‘support’ means. If we’re going to kick on as a team we all have to get behind the manager, not attempt to stab him in the back because we haven’t seen any of the signings the fans demand yet.

He is the manager for a reason, and until either he, or the board changes that we all must get behind him and support the decisions he makes.


Yes, I’m sure a new manager would make a much better striker than Wenger!


The squad we got, I feel, is sometimes underrated too often. I’m of the opinion that we’re two (World class) signings aways from being genuine contenders for the EPL.

I hope the reports on Higuain waiting before signing with Napoli are true. If so, now is the time to stop skipping about and sign him. There can’t be any if ands or but about this, considering we can easily counter what Napoli is offering Madrid for Higuain. That, and I believe the money left over would be more than enough to buy Gustavo.


Three world class signings: striker, DM, CB. I agree, if Madrid want £30m just give it to those bastards, let them use it to buy Suarez the c*nts, they were made for each other. Of course we could buy Gustavo, but it’s not likely he is for sale, that’s just another made up story by the press.


Phoenician. Thats the problem, wenger wont buy 2 world class players


Is it a contractual obligation for players to speak what the club asks them to speak? It’s getting really monotonous and annoying listening to the same thing from different players.

I believe we fans are more interested in listening to an interview from our Chief Negotiator(Dick Law) which I am afraid will happen post the transfer window only.


Fuck wenger and gazidis if they fail to sign higuain. He delayed signing for napoli for 48 hrs just to wait what those 2 idiots (arsene and ivan) will do next. Plonkers the 2 of them. Bastards!


Firstly, Ancelotti has said that no fee has been agreed between them and Napoli, and Higuain delaying for 48hrs is just a rumour. Really, none of us know what’s going on with Higuain and Real Madrid. Even if the two clubs had agreed a fee, Higuain still has to agree to go to Napoli. So just calm down. Nothing is known as yet.


Last season we lacked mental toughness and too often played with the hand brake on. So the two most vital signings should be to sign that guy Mental toughness and a top quality hand brake technician 🙂

Slim Gunner

An extra keeper will be great, but if we have money to spend, then let’s look at the defence that is thin in numbers. I think the two Poles can handle the ‘pole’. In two years time, the Argentine lad Martinez will be on top of his game and could give Sczsezny the run for his place. On a side note, even though I am wanting to believe we will have another Cazorla moment soon, my inner man is telling me this is simply be a triumph of hope over experience.

Nairobian gooner

I strongly believe too that our squad is great even if we don’t bring in other players. I have had this feeling since the 0-2 defeat of bayern. So long as we can keep an injury free squad….. I am new here btw….and I hope to be here for long….and Nairobi is in kenya for you beautiful bastards who didn’t know

joey sixpack

Calm your tits lads, there will be signings. Im 99% positive a serious signing is in the pipeline. Trust me.

I just love Arsenal

When? Maybe we should hold a demonstration around the stadium to drive the point that THE SQUAD NEEDS BEEFING UP home

Merlin's Panini

Nah what’s gonna happen, right, is that we’re gonna sell nearly everyone and win the league with a squad of 10 players. No goalkeeper. The next Arsenal milestone. No one has ever done that before.


Another player asking for additions to the team. This lack of action is tantamount to professional incompetence from Wenger & the board.

I sincerely hope Wenger pulls something out of his arse soon.

I just love Arsenal

For Pete’s sake SIGN SOMEONE!!! Even snails conduct their business faster than us.

North Bank Gooner

Right lads, Higuain is in England, 4 beefy lads and a people carrier, lets go and do a ” citizens signing “, whos in?!!


I’ll be one of the beefy lads, then we can all go and have a few beers. Higuain can shout cause he’s in the money.
What’s Spanish for your shout Gonzo?


That made me smile! Personally I’m less worried this transfer window than in previous years as all the talk is about who we are going to sign and not the annual saga of our best players leaving. In my opinion we have a very good squad at the moment, towards the end of last season we played well and had players on the bench who could come on and influence the game. I, like everybody else, would love to see Higuain sign ASAP followed by a quality centre back and maybe one or two others (someone in the midfield and… Read more »


He’s here on the hottest day of the year. Perhaps he’ll think the weather is like this all the time and sign for us on that basis. By the time he learns the truth it’ll be too late.

gooner odst

I say we ply Gonzalo with our finest women, wine and wock and woll. Gooners of Bournemouth now is your time!

…are Real even in Bournemouth still?

jack jack jack

Fatgooner is a (very) beefy lad and has more than enough experience kidnapping lunches… I’ll get him on the phone.

Tapscotts testicles

I am fast coming around to the idea that Arsene spent the formative years of his in Alsace, life burning ants to death with his magnifying glass, his mouth turning from that stern fixed position that we all know from years of watching him on the Arsenal bench as general indifference, to one of quiet satisfaction, of rubbing his hands, putting his instrument of torture away, and then quietly walking off home for tea, looking forward to pulling the wings off some flies in his bedroom before supper….


Had some experience have we 🙂


Wenger. FUCK. OFF.

(phew been wanting to say that along time now)


You know we are in trouble when there aren’t even Daily Mirror rumours about random monitorings and enquirys anymore. I could even do with a tiny “Arsenal are said to be looking at the new Kanu” Sunday story, but nope. Somehow it went absolutely dark after papers realised they can’t ride the Fellaini story any longer as we could have bought him out a month ago if we wanted, and Higuain hasn’t arrived for medical either. Maybe Giroud’s programmer mate hacked every recent e-mail we sent to United and Liverpool about our bids in order to keep the strikers out… Read more »


Do you think we could start a Kickstarter campaign to sign Higuain for Arsenal?

gooner odst

i would love to take a peek in Wenger’s head just to see what goes on in there regarding; transfers and watching our competitors acquire (our) targets, sending Coquelin on loan, Fabianski being in Asia indicating that he probably won’t add a GK, playing Sagna at CB in ‘Nam (do you remember ‘Nam?), Giroud doing no favours in terms of convincing Wenger to add a senior striker. i’m sure there are those among us who would like to peek in Wenger’s head less metaphorically and more literally. But then again it is the Arsenal way to do things in the… Read more »


“This season the only thing that everyone is talking about is ‘Who is Arsenal going to bring in?’” he said. “It’s not ‘Who is Arsenal going to lose?’

Wont they all feel like arsenal fans when another transfer windows flies bye with nothing happening from an Arsenal point of view.

In Arsene I trust, but thats what he heart says, my head is worried big time.

Since blogs has posted it in his Blog, I have made my home page… Still says NO

glory hunter

Im waiting patiently and will reserve judgement until transfer window shuts. IMO this window will signify the real intention of our board. The pessimist in me is saying, we haven’t signed anyone cos we haven’t sold any big names yet, cos if we look at our transfer activity from previous summers, we mostly spend what we recoup from player sales. Thus far we haven’t made any significant cash from player sales and likewise no incomings. I hope im wrong cos i find it bizarre that a team like Sp**s can spend £17M on Paulinho(a defensive mid) and our record signing… Read more »


The Cesc story is now becoming the nightmare I feared. If he chooses to go then that will be devastating enough. However if Wenger makes no attempt or only offers empty transfer posturing & allows Cesc to go the inbred devils incarnate then his day of judgement has arrived.

Merlin's Panini

He won’t be going anywhere, and if he does it’ll be back to Arsenal. Why would he go to United? He threw a pizza at Ol’ Red Nose, he chucked away Rooney’s shirt after swapping. I think they’re wasting their time bidding for him and I’m hoping it drags on all summer and they run out of time to sign anyone else. Pricks.

Midfield Corporal

I agree with you Merlin, I want to believe the story that if Man U have a bid accepted he’ll realise his time is up at Barca, so leave but come back here. Regarding Higuain, Graham Hunter (Spanish based Journo but quite well connected) confirmed that the deal was pretty much done at 29m euros only for Madrid to ask for 10m euros more. That’s a lot more money to stump up. Some fans here seem to be of the same belief as my wife, that there is a ‘Magic Money Tree’ which we can just pick all the money… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

But wot about Samba? his tall. pls wenga.

Ahem, sorry.


i’d say i’m looking forward to how it develops. signing him when utd seem so desperate for him would be such a great tour de force. just what we need, as i don’t really believe we necessarily need any new players (perhaps bar cb, but again it’s more about reinforcing than adding major figures), but rather a motivational act to make all those current great players believe we’re really a force to be reckoned with.

(now you can all thumb me down.)


Gazidis, Kroenke, Wenger——–>>>> PISS OFF!!!! Fucking useless bunch of cunts!!!!!!!!!!! Fffuuuuu cckkkkkkkkkkkkk


I know its hit whoring,rumor mongering shit newspapers at work, but if manure push through a deal for Cesc and he ends up signing for that lot, I honestly think I would have had enough. Not to mention the fact that the Dutch Cunt is actively trying to get him on board. Trying times indeed. Stick together Gunners!

Merlin's Panini

So it’s 1-0 to the Arsenal after 3 minutes against Grampus. Giroud (again). He’s loving preseason isn’t he?


He better not be using up his season’s quota of goals!!

Amaury Bischoff

Pls buy sandro of spurs, he can play differnt position including from striker.

Merlin's Panini

I really don’t know what to say to that…


Wish I could thumb this up more than once.


I hope we get higuain+suarez = 70M :p


Zelalem is incredible ! … 16yr old. what an eye for a pass.

De cosmos

Football is a big business, as a arsenal fan, i realy feel that this is the time to come back to lifting trophies, and these can only happen when we have good players. Our players are good but they lack consistency. Higuain, not he is too slow for arsenal. Two midlefielders and one striker will do for us.

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