Monday, October 3, 2022

Wenger: Bravo Ryo

Having watched Ryo net from the penalty spot on his return to Japan, the local media, quite unsurprisingly, turned the spotlight on the performance of the 20-year-old in the aftermath of Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Nagoya Grampus.

The winger smashed home the Gunners second goal of the game from 12-yards after getting the go ahead on 26 minutes from regular taker Mikel Arteta and all in all cut a lively figure given his lack of playing time recently.

Speaking after the game, Arsene Wenger spoke positively about the Japan international’s efforts while putting his showing in context of his recent injury troubles.

“He is not completely ready physically,” Wenger is quoted as saying by

“He was not completely fit to play but it was a special occasion that I did not want him to miss. He just needs to come back to full fitness and then the rest will come along.

“His pace, his mobility and his movement off the ball. I like players who can move when others have the ball. There is also his attitude, commitment and desire. That is why I decided to keep him.”

Asked whether it had been planned before the game that Ryo would take a penalty, the boss underlined that captain Arteta made the call in the spur of the moment.

“It was not planned. When Ryo scored I thought it was a good decision from Arteta.”

A fun evening all round for Ryo who’ll hopefully take confidence from delivering the goods in front of an expectant crowd…even if the cynics are well within their rights to highlight the ‘special’ attention he’s been afforded by both his boss and captain.

The youngster will now be focused on making a similar impact in Friday’s friendly versus Urawa Red Diamonds before turning his attention to the possibility of a loan deal with Feyenoord on his return to Europe.

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Surely the headline should be Ryo Bravo with a cowboy hat photo-shopped on to Ryo’s head?


Well played Ryo! A proper nippy winger…


I thought that was funny but apparently the red thumbs mean it was not.


will we be getting a pre-season team/player report Mr Blogs?

‘His name is Ryo, and he scored a penalty in Japan’ Duran Duran

Malaysian Gooner

I hate how some people are making it seem like the only reason he’s with us is to sell shirts.

If you’ve watched him at Feyenoord, you’d know that if injury-free, this kid has some ridiculous potential.

He hasn’t been spoon-fed first team football like Theo was either. At 19, Theo was getting first team football despite clearly not being good enough. Ryo at 19 is far better than Theo was at 19. Give the kid a break and give him a chance to prove his ability.


That’s well said. And, I suppose, if we’re going to be cynical about Ryo being bought to sell shirts in Japan, we could turn that same critical eye to the recent away shirt launch in London, which featured all five of our first-team British players. Thankfully, as you say, there’s no need to be cynical in the case of Ryo (when United bought Dong, on the other hand…). Putting aside the issue that buying one player for a fairly small market in one country is just plain stupid, Ryo is an extremely talented footballer. For being half-fit today, I thought… Read more »


“Ryo at 19 is far better than Theo was at 19”

Ryo has potential but this is just false.

Silent Stanley

I hope he can overlook his injury and fulfill his potentials at Arsenal. We need a global team.

The only olivier is giroud

Gotta love Arteta!


That’s CAPTAIN material right there.

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

…When Ryo scored I thought it was a good decision from Arteta.”

Arteta also decided that his team needed fresh blood you wenger cunt…how about listening to him and the several players asking for new signings.


Thats a bit strong but I agree with the sentiment

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

those thumbing me down dont want new signings or dont appreciate arteta and the other players asking for new signings or just dont like wenger being called a cunt.
But for me Wenger is a cunt when it comes to his transfer policies whether players are coming in or going out. a clueless(recently) pathetic cunt who is a bull-cart in a F1 race.


You might be abusing the word ‘cunt’ there, mate.

Don’t you go and waste it.


Yeah, I think it’s the “Wenger cunt” thing. A bit much.

Had you said, “come on Wenger pull your thumb out” or similar, I think you’d be roundly cheered.


Great captains always share the limelight and are not obsessed with it all the time. Kudos to Arteta.


He wont share the hairgel though.

Merlin's Panini

maybe that’s why Chamakh went off the boil.


Like John Terry, they are always ready to let the glory fall on others


Heare JOHN TERRY was on hand to welcome kate and harrys new born son into this world. carried him like a trophy that terry.


That little Ryo fella doesn’t seem so teeny tiny anymore. I think he will be a great player in time.


he is soooooooooo dreamy


Some reports (Daily mail) say that AW dismissed the Bernard link. Is this sad but true?


He dismissed Cazorla like the day before we signed him, I think. I wouldn’t read too much into the link or the dismissal tbh


Spurs sign Chadli.


Spurs sign Chodia.


Spurs have Chlamydia.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla



Double Meh !!


NOT DECIDING WHO TAKES PENOS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!……!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! WENGER OUT


It’s a friendly at Ryo’s homeland, in front of his people. It was Arteta’s call not Wenger’s, because he is the captain and the one who takes the penaltys. Give it a break.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think it was intended to be funny.

Like saying “Arsene is on fire… WENGER OUT!!!!”, only funny.


I don’t rate those jokes at all.

Tapscotts testicles

Great for Ryo…genuinely pleased for the lad…but has any reporter thought to ask wenger at the post matchpress conference: “Wtf Arsene..? Do you actually appreciate the shite summer you and the seemingly inactive and apparently inept board have put your loyal fans through?” Doesnt any reporter think to do this or am I being naive? Why cant someone just pin the guy down and not let him wriggle free with the quality over quantity bollocks or the horse shit tasting ‘we are not close to signing anyone’. Oh yeah Arsene…? Well why the fuck not??

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

no one can ask Wenger ” WTF! why cant we sign anyone?!?!?” because if we ask such questions we become anti wenger and we will be treated like some aliens. So to be an arsenal fan ” THOU SHALL NEVER QUESTION LE BOSS!” is the mantra. because if we dare to question his management style esp his transfer policy you will be considered a philistine and possibly a spud fan. So the best way to be arsenal fan is to suffer every season and never complain. Those who dare to raise their voice your opinion you will be thumbed down… Read more »


I don’t think anyone has an issue with “WTF! why cant we sign anyone?!?!?”
We all feel that way..

Its the whole “Come on Wenger you tight c*nt, fuck off. we dont care if you sign messi coz you are a bleedin bastard” banter that people take exception too

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

“Come on Wenger you tight c*nt, fuck off. we dont care if you sign messi coz you are a bleedin bastard” banter that people take exception too These comments will likely come from spuds or manure fans but the arsenal fans who questions Wenger is purely for footballing reasons. Wenger dismantled the Invincibles and brought his youth project which exploded right across his face. Then came the annual exodus of supremely talented players. Of course the continuous blank firing 8-9 seasons. We were once touted as the English Barcelona but not anymore. So all these factors if we take into… Read more »


Actually, I just take exception to his disrespect of basic sentence structure.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Nothing wrong with questioning a managers choices/tactics etc

But calling the greatest manager in our history a cunt is pretty fucking disrespectful.

Then again the history of The Arsenal to you probably begins in the early 2000’s



Any news the club gives to the media is a privilege and not a right. A club is there to provide organisation to football and not to pander to readership mongers and hit whores. And if you think that 8 years without a trophy is a long time then you are a over expectant ignoramus. As with everything, success occurs in cycles.


Just came back from the match. It was bloody hot, but a great atmosphere. Never knew there were so many Japanese Arsenal fans. Most impressive player of the match, definitely Gnabry!


not close. Gedion


Definetly Gnabry sounds like a romantic comedy
3 weddings and a Jenkinson
Forgetting Arteta Marshall

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Gone With Theo Wind?

Kenyan Fan

For me Ramsey was my man of the match


Arteta is a team player, that’s what make him special as an individual. Unlike the godfather Wenger, still with the effect of insomnia thnking AFC is belonging to him though.


I agree, Wenger needs to sleep more…

Amaury Bischoff (ex Arsenal FC)

No need 2 sign any 1.ryo is gud ’nuff than bernard midget, running without thinking like walcott in previous form.


Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Are you Stuart Robson in disguise?


Disguise? Where?

Tapscotts testicles

Jagger: Getting information out of any normal club probably would be a priviledge if you were burnley or ipswich etc ( with all due respect to those teams) but Arsenal fans pay the HIGHEST PRICES OF ANY CLUB IN WORLD FOOTBALL…to say its a priviledge to get information when the same club continually want you to pay those highest prices in terms of season tickets and subscriptions to its website, iplayer and its other money making schemes then no… IT IS NOT A PRIVILEDGE. Some might call it common courtesy to those who keep the club alive others would call… Read more »


You’re paying to watch football, not to be privy to the club’s sensitive information.


Shame he’s going on loan again. Would be nice to see him finally play for the first team next season especially as he’s a winger which is something we lack at the moment.


Can someone just wake me up when the season starts cos i can take it anymore. This guy(Wenger) keeps breaking smashing ma heart…..damnshit!


for some reason id prefer ryo to be loaned.out to a premier league team. atleast he’ll get conditioned at hes ultimate destination….yhe premier league


Unfortunately the full Premier League conditioning experience appears to be running onto the park to have some clodhopping Neanderthal cunt end your season.
This does not provide much opportunity to improve your game.


Arteta is cool, very down to earth decision. He is a good professional and our coolest de facto captain.

Theo has a lot of pressure on him now. He wastes opportunities just like Gervinho, who’s mistakes essentially overshadowed Theo’s. Of course, this is based on the assumption that Gerv will leave.

Arshavin's Dietician

TV5 would have taken the pen himself


We don’t know that Verm wasn’t even there, so overall a pointless comment made with only one intention: TO HARM.


Why is everyone so sure Ryo’s going out on loan? I see the logic of course, but Wenger says at the presser “that’s why I decided to keep him.”



Why is everyone so sure Ryo’s going out on loan? I see the logic of course, but Wenger says at the presser “that’s why I decided to keep him.”

Arsenology… I’m really starting to hate summer


Apart from the hype ryo arrived with he’s been nothing special tbh. ofcourse there’s still time and he will definetly develop but the rate + (injuryproness) he’s going reflects a non existent Arsenal future. hope I am wrong

Tapscotts testicles

ANS: No you are not ‘just paying to watch football’. I have a life long investment in my club. Financially and emotionally. If it were just about paying to watch a match jt wouldnt bother me one jot. J could just pay and watch and if thats what you do, fine. I cant. I have supported Arsenal since 1975, which gjves me 38 years of watching them, and enough worries and tears to realise things are never as bad as they seem. Especially when it comes to trophies. I can wait for that. What I dont like is hypocrasy. If… Read more »

Black Hei

Is there an online information service? I thought you pay 36 bucks for a year’s worth of membership and unlimited access to Arsenal Player.


Tapscotts testicles: What do you think, how many players would we manage to sign if there was a weekly newsletter in the style of: “Suarez bid is just tactics to get Higuain / Rooney bid was made to raise price for Chelsea / In return ManU bid for Fabregas without intention of signing so he can see how wanted he is there / in reality we’re working on transfers of Lewandowski, Sergio Ramos, Manuel Neuer and Hulk (but pssshhh!)” ? I truly believe, those people currently in charge know very well what they are doing. So I trust them. Especially… Read more »

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