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Wilshere backs Arteta’s call to spend big

Jack Wilshere has backed Mikel Arteta’s call for Arsenal to spend big this summer, saying the arrival of some of the names linked in the media would give the club a real lift.

The England midfielder became the second player in as many days to call for new faces, as he told the Guardian, “Everyone talks about the names at the training ground. We’re saying: ‘You heard about this player or that player? It would give everyone such a massive lift.”

Yesterday, Arteta urged the club to show their ambition in the transfer market, saying it was ‘about time’ that Arsenal spent the money available to them to improve the squad.

With Wilshere now backing that up, the pressure is beginning to mount on Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis to improve the squad. All the stories linking the Gunners with Luis Suarez cloud the fact that Arsenal need more than just a striker to launch and maintain a real assault on silverware next season.

Jack also spoke about his own fitness, saying he’s hopeful that a good pre-season will see him get through the next campaign and start to the fulfill the potential everybody knows he has.

“There are no long-term injury issues at all for me,” he said. “They took the screws out, which was causing me a problem. I just want to have a good pre-season.

“I haven’t had one for two years and it’s like you’re always playing catch-up. Steve Bould said to me that you should never take a good pre-season for granted. It gives you a level of fitness.

“it. I need a good pre-season. The first game against Aston Villa will be a massive target for me. I’ll be ready and then play as much as possible.”

Hopefully alongside a clutch of new signings too. Fingers crossed.

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Being linked to so many top players is quite exciting but I hate to say this. Over next season we’re going to be hearing how many of them “we were looking at” and “we were close to signing”. -_-


Yes we need a new signing, and no we don’t need Suarez. There are other position for us to fulfill as well. If we compare our players to the team who were top 4 last season, we can clearly see the depth and quality we are lacking. First off Goalkeeper, from Man U’s De Gea, to Man City’s Joe Hart, to Chealsea’s Cech. They all are quality, not saying Szczesny isn’t but he is yet to mature and cost us dearly sometimes, our back four are actually very good with monreal, kos, per. sanga, but again we are lacking depth… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Can’t see why “40m” is apparently available for Suarez, but not for other players ones we actually want brought in?

My guess is because the 35/40m figures we are reading about in the press are fiction. But if not, might I suggest that 35m will get Higuain, and save the club’s reputation by not signing Suarez all at the same time.

You know it makes sense. Either way, there will be no pictures of that diving bitey racist hanging on my son’s bedroom wall. Even if we sign him, he will NEVER be an Arsenal player in this house.


What are the strikers left for Real Madrid? Probably only Saurez, maybe Rooney, and a tiny chance for Lewandowski, before he moves to Bayern at the end of next season. That’s quite a small pool, and only Saurez seems likely to move. So for RM it’s either keep Higuain, or sell him and buy Suarez. If that lot had any brains they’d keep Higuain, not because I think Saurez is despicable, but because I think he’s over-rated and over-priced. Someone else posted the stat that he averaged 8.1 shots per goal, which is poor. And if RM thought Cavani’s price… Read more »

Harish P

Bring on the solid pre-season of Wilshere, and a glorious season thereafter!


Would be fantastic to see him fit for a full season. He will be massive for us when he is in full form!


Harish P

On a sidenote (and just for Mills): what an astute opinion Wilshere has.


Comments like these from Arteta and Wilshere make me really optimistic, because surely the club wouldn’t allow them to say these things unless they were confident of securing a big sign. Let’s just hope it’s not Suarez….

Malaysian Gooner

I’d rephrase that slightly.

These quotes are being said on tour and at press conferences. If the club didn’t want the players to talk up transfers, they would have told the players “no transfer talk” during the press prep.

The club is obviously happy to play up it’s ability to sign top players. Now it’s time to walk the talk.

Arsene's sidekick

They’d be saying “you heard Higuain’s coming?” “Great signing!” I also heard Suarez is on his way! “Godammit!”


look we are not getting higuain or Suarez or even jovetic whose is going to man city face it we wont win the league and we wont be in champions league next season. Ivan opened up his big mouth about we can afford Rooney do u see Rooney at our club? no, My advice stop worrying bout arsenal there is time but there moving like snails it at happening I’ve been supporting arsenal and all they do is build you up and let you down face it.


Stephen, I know it’s hard, but you are retarded.


Im assuming that the prospect of signing suarez is to unleash him on van persie and john terry when the time is right……..

should i get my coat?

Sean Costello



No, Suarez has chewed your coat too


Honestly, from hearing Arteta and Wilshere talk (always enjoyable to sense their enthusiasm, by the way), do you get the sense they would care at all whether one of the possible big names linked with us has a problematic disciplinary past?

Or do you suppose they just care that Suarez is a prolific scorer of goals? “Suarez, what a nutter, but he’d bang in the goals!”

I wonder if the fans more than the players get hung up on morals. I’m curious.


It’s about what you do between the lines for players. But part of that is being available to play, too. Can’t let your teammates down, gotta be dependable, etc. I’m sure being a cannibal could be an issue, but if the player bangs in 25 goals, no one cares what was in his past as long as going forward he is a stud.

Kenyan Gooner

I believe Wenger wants to win the league and it’s his target this season. He will sign three players by August 1st.


Well no more transfer pleas on this site I think thats that. The lad has spoken.

Okay perhaps one last one here…

Wenga y u no sign playa?

Glasgow Gooner

The idea of the club not delivering on a few big names now seems unthinkable. It would be suicide to end August with nothing.

That’s great news for us


If Gollum signs Cesc, I will kill someone or something.

Edwin Matthews

Arsenal is tooooo cheap, that is why cesc is happy to bit part player than to return to arsenal. Arsenal will not get a top class player, too cheap, French players are not world class, they are cheap, one season wonder, wenger is using arsenal for french national team


Out of curiosity…

What the fuck are you talking about?


He probably popped out a time machine from 16 years ago.

Malaysian Gooner

Including Sanogo, we only have 5 French players at the club. One of them is Diaby so 4.5 technically.

On tour we have 5 Germans. We have 4 Spanish players in the first team. 5 English (all England internationals).

So how is Wenger creating a French national team with 4.5 Frenchmen? Surely he’s also building a Spanish, German and contrary to what the media say – English national team as well?


Now very seriously and curiously too? How come all our links to players of all other areas of the pitch have gone down? What happend to Cesar,Fellaini and Williams? One would think while we’re still battling with the top striker situation,other positions needed should get sorted asap. Am very optimistic this summer but……

Edwin Matthews

Without 3 to 4 top class players, arsenal will not finish in the top five come next may.


It’s a bit of luck that we’ve already got more than that at the club then, isn’t it?

Danish Gooner

Ohh my,now we all know what will never happen,Wenger signing expensive players.Mr.Vain will never allow to be dictated by Wilshire and Arteta,we can all forget about new signings now.


Regardless of signings or not, it will be fantastic for jack to complete pre season. He adds such a different element to the squad. COYG


So wilshere you mean to say you would welcome Luis Suarez at arsenal. are u insane?

wilshere: Oh, bite me!

True Red

Oi, lets cut the fucking negativity. The transfer window doesn’t shut for a while yet and buying quality players can take time to negotiate the right deal for the clubs and the player involved. I’ll be as pissed as everyone if we don’t get the quality we want but chill the fuck out for now



Pete Bong

Got to hope there are more people behind the scenes sorting deals out. The idea that everything is on hold until Ivan is finished with the promotional stuff and puts some trousers back on is frightening and hopefully untrue


Marca: Atletico Madrid have agreed Personal terms with santi cazorla.


I’m calling Bullshit

Edwin Matthews

Wenger refused to pay 10 mil for william, refused to give Fellani 100k a week, Felleni is a better quality player than Teo, Do think arsenal will pay 40 mil for a player, wenger wants players to sign that if arsenal miss cl they should take pay cuts, wenger already under pay , this is why top class players think twice about going to arsenal

A N Other

Hey blogs – chuck this fellow out.. he sounds like a reporter from who suffers from repetitive rubbish uttering syndrome.


Known as RRUS… lol

Gunsen Gunner

This season is the first in which the club hierarchy can’t hide behind the excuse of limited funds or losing key players to rivals.This season is the first where we no longer hope we can win a trophy but one where we expect to.Whoever is working on transfers,personally I’d request that they pull their finger out of their ass and get it done.I want arsene to lead us to the title and I want him to have players to do so.If anyone in the club is unwilling to match off-field success with on-field then they need to be sent packing,however… Read more »


Poor ass must be having quite the curious experience.

Edwin Matthews

Hi ddd, wake up arsenal is too cheap, the owner sees football as money maker not people’s game, remmber DDD, the owner is from America, well bred capitalist, you and I do not matter, So please take your head out of your ass.

Merlin's Panini

Oh, we’ve all got our heads up our arses! That’s why everything you say sounds like shit is it?


I am of the opinion that Jack and Arteta know what players are on thier way to the Arsenal this transfer window, this is why they are excited. As a result, I too am excited!!!


So we have a reported £70mil sitting in a bank, waiting to be spent… Wenger has an economics degree… Gets me wondering how much interest £70mil earns in a month… Don’t think there will be much activity until the transfer window nears closure.


False economy though–if we get the players in earlier and let them gel with the team in the pre-season, our chances (theoretically) of placing higher in the league go up. Each league spot is worth more than the amount of interest earned in a month. Also, say that we’re in the title race. That means more games of ours are televised, which, in turn, means higher revenue.

Edwin Matthews

Hi ddd, wake up arsenal is too cheap, the owner sees football as money maker not people’s game, remmber DDD, the owner is from America, well bred capitalist, om

Edwin Matthews

Has wenger say he will spend the money, he buy one french player and is about to sell two or three more players, players are getting smart especially the french players, they sign a big contracts, if they do not make the team, they sit on bench until their contracts expired, Arshavin did it, Danish has one year left on his contract, he is willing to wait out his contract, Gervinho will do the same if wenger tried force him out

Merlin's Panini

Something tells me you don’t like the French much…


Suarez would bang in more goals at Arsenal than he has done for Liverpool. They would provide him with better service. People can doubt that all they like but Premier League finishing positions tell it how it is.

The question is an ethical one and as others have said, possibly more for the support than the players themselves.

Who wouldn’t want a player like that in their team?

Maybe Arsene and his philosophy could be the answer for a player who is as talented as he is a total nutter right now.


I know it’s early days in the window and all that but seriously, I think it is time Wenger took a step back from transfer dealings. I don’t profess to know how we really operate (none of us do) and how much input he actually has, but from what I have seen over the years, he might want to sign a player but then gets stuck in his own head about what they’re really worth. At this point I don’t really think it should be his concern. That frugal approach was necessary maybe to survive the stadium move but by… Read more »


You start by saying no one really knows how Arsenal deals with transfers, and then you proceed to put the blame on Wenger.
Good work.


We’re all acting like spoiled girls about transfers, but in all fairness it was gazidas who promised us a sweet 16 birthday party. is this really what supporting arsenal has turned into?


I think edwin matthews here needs a pat on the back…with a hammer! for RRUS.


A pat on the head with the ol’hammer would be more appropriate.


Good talk everybody but let hope AW ‎​Wε̲̣̣̣̥ do something this time around

Indonesian Gooner

Wilshere is thick..but hes right.


Every season I hear experts saying that we’re losing the champs league spot, every season Wenger and co proves them wrong and for the past 3 seasons, arsenal has been acquiring more points per season (even after letting go key players consistently) I truly believe this season, with or without higuain, we’ll be in the race for the title, we might,not win it, but there’s gonna be a,significant improvement, 85 points!

Silent Stanley

Does anyone know which country has the most transfer money at the moment?

My gut says Italy. I hope someone from there come for Bendtner. Bad luck Bendtner. We’ll start signing once we sell him.

[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]


I don’t get this whole Luis Saurez saga. Yes we’ve made a bid, but it doesnt make any sense to me that we made such a large bid and couldnt go the extra couple of million for Higuain who is just as class as saurez on the pitch?

Not to mention the fucking beaver has 6 games left on his ban for biting, we could be playing catch up by that time already?


Lets hope the people that really matter listen and respond. I’m sure even our players do not want the perennial race for 4th. They must want to win something like the fans. If AW doesn’t spend and spend right who can blame them for wanting to leave eventually. Hate him or love him RVP has a PL winners medal the guys he left behind have a 4th place winners medal. Oh yeah there isn’t one.

Lynius Ashipu

I think I should blame my older brother for loring me into faning this pathetic club with selfish board members and my hearth and soul can’t let me quite. So sad that we’re laughed at in our place! Wenger is good anyways.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

As others have said the comments by Arteta and Jack must be sanctioned by the club. A slick PR machine such as Arsenals wouldn’t let something like that in if it wasn’t ‘on message’. While I’m sure it doesn’t hurt season ticket renewals I really believe we’re in the hunt for big players. After Gazidis and Wengers comments it’d be career suicide if no-one comes in now. Keeping me sane is the fact that no one (other than PSG and City) have really made any moves yet. Having said that… FUCKING SIGN SOMEONE so I can start getting excited about… Read more »

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Oh and fuck the Guardian and their reporting. In at least two different articles they say Fabregas and Rooney won’t be coming to Arsenal as both players are motivated by winning trophies. No shit, what do you think Arteta Jack Santi and co are doing? They also have a piece on Fabregas about how he’s off to ManUre (and won’t countenance a move to arsenal) despite no quotes from anyone, no “sources” and no basis since the only statement Cesc has released said he’s staying at Barca and if anyone has heard otherwise it hasn’t come from him and his… Read more »


Rather have fellaini than fab….

[…] Not that it really matters either way, to be honest. The kick off is noon I think, and it’s live on ESPN. We’re likely to see our first glimpse of Jack Wilshere who has spoken about the importance of a good pre-season having missed out through injury for the last two summers. He says: […]

Ooh Gooner

I would like to mention one thing most supporters dont get it. I believe Arsenal would be strong next season regardless of whoever comes or not. First reason is the defensive stability we have of the previous season. Second reason is the confidence bred from the last 10 games of the season. There is no doubt ramsey has got a big season ahead of him as much as many of us wrote him off on the start of last season. Adding a few more players, preferably higuain, fellaini and williams will make us very very strong. Suarez is even better… Read more »


Arseblog News: When there is a lot of transfer speculation flying around is it something you joke about in the dressing room? Carl Jenkinson: You know what, and this is the honest truth, we don’t really discuss it. It’s not something we talk about, that’s the honest truth. You read stuff in the papers and like I said so much of it never turns out to happen. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Guardian: ………’Whatever the question was’ Jack Wilshere: “Everyone talks about the names at the training ground. We’re saying: ‘You heard about this player or that player? It would give everyone such a… Read more »


seems someone’s pants are on fire*


Thought I was the only one that caught up on that.

One of them was fed a line by the PR guyz.

I’m just hoping it was Carl


That contradiction crossed my mind as well. I really would give my right arm to know what exactly is going on behind the scenes this summer. After all the talk, for Arsenal to not deliver this window will be disastrous, a PR apocalypse. I only hope the club realise that-they can do business quickly when they want to (Arteta, Mertesacker etc) so I’m slightly flummoxed as to why they hadn’t identified targets early and swooped. They must realise as well that there’s no way Liverpool would sell Suarez, baggage or not, to a league rival for 30-35 million, so I… Read more »


The cazorla story has escalated very quickly. im abit worried knowing he’s in madrid, his town close to athletico there. surely never going to happen. not now anyways.


Don’t be such a blockhead!… Getting 85 points makes absolutely no sense if u finish 4th anyways (we had more points last season than the previous and yet we still av to play a qualifier to get into the champs league)

And we all know last season was probably our luckiest in a while in terms of injuries.

People keep refering to our last 10 games. For God’s sake d league has gone on a break and you think they’ll just pick up where they left off?


Blogs how’s it hanging. Not been in touch with you for a long time. Got all superstitious in the run in -thankfully it worked out. Can you start the Get CESC back campaign going. Surely some of the players can persuade him to return to Arsenal and not to ManUre. But as it Goes Higgy from Real would be nice. What about Torres? I still rate him as a great striker just on a long lonely sabbatical. Bugs Bunny not so – rabbits dig holes which are hard to fill. Don’t like shrek! Sorry if I offend any one but… Read more »


I believe Mike Obi of Chelsea will be a good buy… He’d provide much needed defensive midfield cover for the team and will also be a good alternative to Arteta and the “converted” Aaron.

Merlin's Panini

No, no he wouldn’t be a good buy. He’d be possibly one of the worst buys imaginable. All the Chelsea fans think he’s shit and slows the game down and I would tend to agree with that. Why would we want that?

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