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Ankle problem makes Sagna a doubt for Villa

Bacary Sagna has admitted he’s unsure if he’ll be ready to play against Villa on Saturday after picking up an ankle knock on international duty.

The Frenchman is now a serious doubt ahead of the weekend’s opening Premier League fixture and the trip to Fenerbache next week.

Although Carl Jenkinson can fill in, as he did in the early part of last season, Sagna looked to be back to his old self in pre-season having put the damage of having his leg broken twice behind him.

His display against Man City was fantastic defensively and offensively, and with Arsene Wenger also looking to him for cover at centre-half in the absence of Thomas Vermaelen it puts an increasing strain on the Arsenal manager’s already paper thin squad.

Sagna will return to London today to be assessed by the medical staff. Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as we fear.

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Its us.. ofcourse its as bad as we fear


A problem of Wenger’s making. It’s his prerogative to get rid of all the deadweight in the squad but for fucks sake, replace one or two of them.
Here’s a very serious point to consider – in most jobs, getting too old is a disadvantage. At what point will our beloved Wenger be too old and how will we notice?



Mills (the other one)

Firstly I agree we are thin (and yes at CB), however Sanga is primarily used as right back and we have Carl as an understudy, not sure you can feasibly have 3 people for every position.
Regarding age, I think your point is way off the mark, in a job such as a manager, experience is a massive part of it… Look at Sir Alex, 8 years his senior and has just won the title, his age was certainly not a detriment


Wenger complimented Jenkinson on his England début in November 2012. In the press conference before our Man City match in Helsinki, Wenger said he didn’t know Jenkinson made his international decision. Yes, experience is worth a lot in every job but there comes a time when age triggers decline. For some it’s early for others it’s late. Our transfer business has been a farce thus far – I dare anyone to say they understand what’s going on. The Arsenal executives constantly say we have money to spend. Wenger constantly intimates that we don’t have the money. What the fucks going… Read more »


LOL……. U think we are not buying anything in the transfer market because wenger’s “old age” makes him lazy/stupid/ridiculously ambitious/ridiculously daring ??
don’t u think people like ivan gazidis and other board members and the owners who are in constant touch with him everyday and know him all too well, would realize that??
this logic is really naive…..


@Harsh Maybe my logic is naïve but it would be good for anyone to proffer a reason why the board has been saying for years that Wenger has money to spend but at the same time Wenger intimates that he doesn’t. Could it be that Ivan has been making his “we has cash to splash” speeches because he wants to force Wenger to spend? You say I may be naïve but I will leave the floor open for you to shed some light on our transfer business. We apparently have cash and have had it for a while. Can you… Read more »


yes MAllen..another manager could easily spend fortunes and still not get champions league..let alone titles….what would you say then i wonder? Our manager knows. Have some faith.

why do you need light shed on our transfer business? its pretty simple….we make players we dont buy them. even if we have the money we wont just give it to punks cause the market says so. we have the knowledge and experience to develop players, others dont. thats why they need to spend.


@hunter13 it still doesn’t make sense. If we have £40m to spunk on Suarez, where was the club level desire to hold on to the talent we developed? Arsenal execs making statements like “Rooney’s salary is not a problem” makes little sense when we lost RVP, a much better talent than Rooney, 12 months ago. Forget the “we develop” bullshit, we are way past that now. Forget the fiscal responsibility crape too – it’s plain to see that the club could have dealt with RVP differently last year. This transfer window has been challenging for the fans and players. Wenger… Read more »


what do you mean we are way past that now…that is what we do…we are the modern ajax if you havent realised.

the wrath of fans? jeez man…… these past 17 years are the best in arsenals history. undisputed fact.


Yes – Wenger has given us many great years. But in recent times he’s made me touch cloth. The youth project was partially successfully in that he made stars out of our kids. What he couldn’t do was keep those stars. We need to move on to the next phase but it seems Wenger is inflexible in a few crucial areas. I would do back flips if he could prove me wrong between now and the 3rd of September


Age is not the problem, Fergie just retired at 71 and he probably had a few more years in him, but he knew when to stop on a high. I suspect Wenger wants to do something similar, but theres something seriously wrong with the structure of the club, Wenger can’t only be to blame for the 8 trophy less years, if anything he’s the reason we haven’t dropped out of the top 4. But he will get the full brunt for this summer and anything that goes wrong this season, I suspect there is a very inept back room staff… Read more »


I agree that Wenger has kept us in the top 4 without spending money but would another manager in Wenger’s place, spending money on quality players finish outside the top 4? Could our annual top 4 anxiety panic be a by product of Wenger’s miserly decisions? Would another “spending” manager push us a position or two higher up the table?
I have a friend that claims to make amazing meals from roadkill. I have declined every invite. We Arsenal fans deserve better than sumptuous roadkill this season.


mate, the decision to build a 450m stadium was not wenger’s but the owners decission. usually when you built a new ground you forget the titles and say thank you even to the idea of playing champions league football…….. since we know already that owners wanted to keep everything on the cheap for a good part of a decade if not more they also happened to have the most qualified manager for the task… a manager who can spot potential ( and thus potential profits) and a manager who can produce teams good enough to achieve the financial targets set… Read more »


you know..we hear it all the time from fans “noone bigger than the club”…yet its the fans egos and wants that cause the frustration. the fan puts his wants above the club, the team and players. strange….. as if the club should deliver what the fan WANTS. isnt that selfish? the club will go according to its planning and whoever is on board is welcome…whoever doenst like it can withdraw for a while till things are rosy enough for him/her again.


@hunter the fans are very important too, without them the organisation would cease to exist. Season tickets, merchandise, sponsorships, etc are all linked to the fan base. In the midst of the current shit storm I still spent thousands of pounds on my season ticket and regardless, I will always be an Arsenal fan but it doesn’t mean that I have to be a lemming and assume that if I just follow the leader, I will be safe. I will say it again – THIS TRANSFER WINDOW MAKES NO SENSE. Hopefully by September 3 I will be able to agree… Read more »


they are important in terms of SUPPORTING not only financially ( after all the stadium was built for them, therefore they will pay for it as end users) but also SUPPORTING their manager their players and lifting their psychology and make the stadium a happy place for them with positive atmosphere to perform. anything else is the fan being selfish and reacting out of his own personal frustrations. in the end of the day if someone disagrees he/she can refuse to pay and not attend. But to pay just so that they can moan or feel entitlement to complain…?..thats wrong… Read more »


Hunter13, I hope you are right. Ivan raised our expectations before the transfer window opened. We have had a miserable time of it thus far. If many people like me with my paltry £2500 decide not to renew our season tickets because we do not feel the Emirates experience is worth it, there will be repercussions. Success on the pitch translates into money. If we fail on the pitch, dont expect sponsors to fail alongside us. I do believe that the Arsenal season ticket is the most expensive in the land. The club could not price the tickets he way… Read more »


ivan? lol….you listen to ivan? come on smart. and if you dont pay someone else will. not the end of the world.

as for the ticket being expensive i mentioned earlier how the stadium was built FOR THE FANS… will the fan not pay for it? will pete and arsene pay for it then? no mate…WE will all pay for it..and our children and grandchildren . it was built for us after all..


MAllen this isnt just any leader…nor is he some crook or some idiot taking us over the cliff…

id have thought the last 17 years would give you the confidence required to trust him.

Hank Scorpio

We have 4 fit senior defenders. Shame there’s no ‘top top quality’ defenders out there. We’d have bought them by now I’m sure.


we can always buy squid back. He was top top quality as was Park, Santos and Gervinho. Get ready for another trolly dash if we are lucky and then talk of clearing of that deadwood in two years time. We are done mate as a club and there is no way back as soon as we drop out of top 4 which we will with this thin squad. On the plus side Wenger will be gone so fans have to find something else to bicker about

[…] we get a full run down of the players who were on international duty, but there’s already some worrying news about Bacary Sagna. He’s admitted he’s unsure if he’ll be fit for Saturday after picking up an ankle […]


My cat’s breath smells of cat food.


well that’s just effing marvellous…..

anyone know of any other injury news from the pointless international friendlies? (Arsenal players only of course.. )


It Starts.


Such a load of shite!

Ninad Kuchekar

Surely somewhere down there, is a rock bottom?..not yet?


I have honestly stopped caring. bad for my heart. Advice u to do same and not allow this self inflicted mediocrity syndrome (SIMS) ruin your life. tough time to be a gunner


Here We GO!!

Hank Scorpio

Speculating for a moment – what happens if we lose a defender to injury on the weekend (we know it’s likely to happen – it’s Arsenal)? Arteta to central defence – Ramsey to fullback?

Malaysian Gooner

We buy back Squillaci.


Where is Pascal Cygan these days?


Oz gooner

Kenny Samson’s available


I believe we’re going to see Bouldy and Pat Rice warming up in the event of any further defensive injuries.

Ninad Kuchekar

This just in…Arteta might be doubtful for the weekend too!

Arteta is injured mate. Just .. just …. urgh.


Well suprise suprise! Let the farce continue! Is there really anybody that uses this site that thinks Wenger is doing a good job?


I would, If I were a F*ing spud fan!

Santi Claws

I dunno, I’m kind of excited. With every day that goes by I feel more and more like something crazy is gonna happen, Arsene is going to go fucking mental and buy like seven players in one day and some of them will be huge names and we’ll splash 80 mill in 48 hours and Arseblog will be rendered completely useless because all us fine people’s brains will explode when we read what’s happened and there will be massive power outages all over North London stemming from gore-covered power plugs short-circuiting as a result of the aforementioned brain explosions. And… Read more »

Oz gooner

Wenger has already gone mental…. a slow decline into senility, he’ll be telling people he’s Napoleon soon

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

had to double check that wasn’t ol’ Ramblin’ Pete – lol

Da mon

Somewhere deep down in my heart i feel wenger is cooking up a suprise for us.maybe all the players we need wants to play champions league and are waiting for us to qualify first.
Just my thoughts though…….


oh someone with a brain..!!!..a rare phenomenon in arsenal blogs…


or may be 8-2 defeat against spuds at home


do you realize that we will have only 2 days after CL qualifier to tie any deals and lack of CL football did not stop other teams signing players they want


so what? 2 days to finalise deals is more than enough…the targets are already identified.


These bloody friendlies…

Shake harder boy!

Hank Scorpio

I do Pauligooner – I’m an accountant


So then it’s safe to assume Jenkinson being loaned to Sunderland is another lie?

glory hunter

You would hope so, but thus far the only transfer rumours that ever turn to reality is players going out.
So wouldn’t be surprised if it happens 🙁

Hank Scorpio

Ok who’s taking the piss? There’s an ad at the bottom of my screen that says ‘Feeling depressed? It may be time to consider your options’

La Grande Saucisse

Livin’ on a prayer

Keithy Joe

To say that I’m getting just a little concerned by the lack of depth in the Arsenal squad right now, is a mammoth understatement of monumental proportions. I’ve seen more depth in puddles in the middle of the Sahara. AW, it’s time to start doing business, and fast!


We have been blessed with a very soft start to the EPL season only playing one of the top seven in our first nine games and that being Spurs but on our home ground. The EPL qualifier is far more crucial as its home and away over just seven days and whether we sign any big names may well depend on the result of this qualifier. So save Sagna for Turkey would be my call if there are any doubts over his fitness. Jenkinson has been with the squad a couple of years now and I believe he will step… Read more »


Sick of it! Sick of Wenger’s idiotic decisions in the transfer market! Now he decides to pass on a player of Luis Gustavo’s quality in order to protect the playing time of a mediocre player like Aaron Ramsey! Insane!!! Wenger has clearly lost it. Sentimentality to mediocre players at the expense of bringing in world class talent guarantees Arsenal being 4th place cowboys again this season. I’ve supported Wenger in the face of many people calling for his sacking but if he can’t close the Suarez deal or bring in top talent to compliment Jack and Santi in the next… Read more »


just take some valium and youll be fine


The other way to look at it is this – if Jenkinson cant handle Villa at this stage of his development, he doesnt really deserve to be here and the probability of him becoming a first choice is pretty slim then. And frankly, though jenks has a lot of application and determination, his tactical choices seem pretty crap – check out what he was doing just before negredo’s goal (horribly out of position, challenging Ramsey? for a header near opponent’s box) – that laterally stretched the defensive line esp. Per to cover 2 gaps, and he is slow to recoup… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Judgement day (once more)

Holy diver, this is bad!

Not to worry, the window shall be openeth seventeen more dayeth. Our prophet shall sort this out!


Hallelujah brother JD. Why in 18 days a great miracle will have been achieved. We shall sit top of the league after three wins and the doors to the fabled ECL paradise will be flung open wide. Amen. And we shall have signed four more brothers of the highest quality who will join our mighty congregation as we surge forward to the promised land as we bring home the EPL Premiership. Hallelujah!!!


Or yea verily we could have lost 3 PL games and be out of the CL and pick up 5 more injuries…

and signed autographs…


Jenkinson is a decent prospect, a gooner and a decent player but losing Sagna for Fenerbache away could be crucial for our CL hopes 🙁

archit gautam

mikael silvestere, here we come.!!


1. I can’t see how KC csn justify calling Ramsey mediocre. You ruined your whole post, dude.

2. I’d love to see Wenger’s face… I bet he blames bad luck… Though in reality we are lucky that Kos-Theo-Jack-Arteta are still fit – how in Earth can we go into a season with such injury-prone key players – however good – without any cover?


Now, now…dont jink it


its painful to see our beloved club turn to b d laughin club in d transfer market…Wenger’s oldage is making hhim see real n barca players as his now,when d whole planet is seein d team is weak as any thin n can never go the distance..whrn d transfer ends wenger’s eye wil open..God pray for wenger


Limping does not mean he’s out for the month. Just the villa game, and that’s no bad news really. We could beat villa without one or two key players. COYG


The current Arsenal Board members as well as Arsene Wenger have only one objective: make money. In fact, there’s a business model that’s being adopted & so far, its working for them. They will tell you they are developing talents in youths when in truth, they are simply avoiding payment of big transfer fees as well as high wages.


sounds logical thing to do in an age where prices and wages are off the charts…this outrageous state of the market will crash at one point. makes sense to keep a low profile when it comes to spending till this madness is over or regulated


I know everyone is feeling a little crap about our lack of signings and our annually injuries stacking up. But honestly, I can not wait…and I mean can not WAIT for Saturday. We could roll out Matty Upson in defense, throw in a 51 year old John Lukic in goal, even sign the one eyebrowed baby from the simpsons to be out brand new marquee signing. Honestly- yes, signing wise, this summer has been horrible. But THE Arsenal, OUR Arsenal will be playing again in 2 days. Personally that first beer, surrounded by fellow Arsenal fans… cheering on every player.… Read more »

Oz gooner

Don’t forget Kenny Samson is available, a bit fatter and the worse for wear, but better than Squillachi


@KC “Now he decides to pass on a player of Luis Gustavo’s quality in order to protect the playing time of a mediocre player like Aaron Ramsey”
Ramsey is not mediocre u idiot — Fans like u are !!


i guess he just wants to see a big DM instead (and everyone else can be trashed)….i’d suggest KC to start following Stoke. He’ll get 11 of what he wants to see there.

damien joyce

I really can’t describe in words how f*cking angry I am right now, on the eve of a new season, for years it was one of best parts of year, now it’s just a ruin. I’d truly love to know is this just a power struggle between IG and AW or are the two of them in cahoots with SK and trying to bring us all to our knees. This summer was filled with great promise, and now every little niggle is decimating us to reserves filling the bench, not reserves like last year (internationals) but reserves who’s only football… Read more »

Oz gooner

too right, my son, if a bit strongly expressed.

It’s all down to Wenger. He controls everything at the club.

Bit like Hitler in his bunker at the end of the Third Reich


hey you two cocks…lost your basketball or something?

Tony Adams Morning Breath

So we have 4 available senior defenders. Who is choice #5 in case of an injury? How the f*ck could we send Miquel out on loan under current circumstances?

Say we loose another two this weekend, who are playing against Fenerbahce? Someone said Arteta in central defence and Ramsey as fullback but who do we play in midfield then? Jack and Ox as our holding midfielders?

This is a joke.

NZ Gooner

So these days supporting being a Gooner is like masturbating with a cheese grater , mildly amusing but mostly painful


how the fuck is masterbating with a cheese grater mildly amusing…

unless maybe its a female person whos job it is to grate cheese… and she tells the odd joke as she pulls you off.

and how is that in anyway like this non-wank of a transfer season

and can i get the number of your cheese grater?


Someone needs to be held accountable for the pure fuckery that has been this summer. How can one injury cause so much distress amongst fans? I know that Sagna is of course one of our best and normally losing one of your best players through injury is a blow but this whole situation is exacerbated but the woeful lack of options. Say Sagna is out for 2-3 weeks and (Dennis forbid) Per or Kos gets injured? Then what? How can they let a situation like this be plausible? I just don’t fucking get it… I mean I do but I… Read more »


According to Sky Sports News Theo has a ‘swollen knee’ injury too.

Not serious though.

Jimmy Brain's brain

Bendtner has a ‘swollen head’ injury.

Jack in a Box2Box

I believe Kos is suspended for the Fernebache game, so is it accepted that we are going into that game with Sagna and Per as CB?

Now if Sagna is injured…

Black Hei

Kos is suspended for that game? Oh hell.

archit gautam

and just as we here about sagna’ injury, tottenham confirm the signing of etienne capoue…. he could have been our signing…only if we weren’t this incompetent and lazy…
I have never been this worried..plz God give arsene some stick for this…and us some good signings..plzZZ

Oz gooner

Injury update from Associated Press:

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will miss the first two months of the season with a badly swollen ego. Apparently he’s carried the problem for years and it has gradually been getting worse, to the point now where his head is the size of a genetically modified pumpkin.

Harry rednapps dog

I am a huge wenger fan and I think I’ve never once really questioned him as a manager ( even when he stuck with Andre santos) but honestly I can see why guys who pay huge money for a season ticket and even more so follow them around England and Europe are growing increasingly frustratated. Lets not forget wenger is one of the top 2-3 payed managers in the world and it seems he works stress free, pressure free and answers to no one so I guess what I’m trying to say is he has no hesitation taking his huge… Read more »


Bould as a player coach. Liam Brady’s not doing much, so he might be a bit helpful. Nice pair of those lovely away kit shorts might just tempt Pat Rice out of retirement. Throw in Freddie and Martin Keown, who can fill in when they’re not doing their ambassadorial duties, and there you have it. We’ve got ourselves a full competitive squad. EPL’s good as ours boy.


when I read about Miguel going out on a loan I thought it meant there would be a signing soon after. stupid me, should have known nothing really makes sense with AW.

NZ Gooner

Bring back Big Tony he can kick fuck out of all the divers and give them a reason to roll about that’s my solution , also bring back Paul Mariner he can stand there looking like Eric Clapton and confuse the fuck out of the ones Adams hasn’t lamped

[…] Of course, as expected, it’s not all good news following the international friendlies with Bacary Sagna apparently struggling.  […]


Maybe we borrow one of the villa subs for the game?
That kinda thing used to go on in the dublin hurling leagues back in the 80s, if you couldnt field a team…

itd be better than dropping down to our reserves who are now routinely getting hammered by colchester and other places that dont exist,

[…] Thomas Vermaelen, Nacho Monreal and Bacary Sagna all carrying injuries, and Aaron Ramsey withdrawn from the Welsh squad in midweek due to an ankle knock, the last thing […]

Midfield Corporal

As a club do The Arsenal have a disproportionate amount of fucking hippies following us??? I’m amazed at their relaxed attitude that everything is cool and groovy and we all just need to chillax, after all the transfer window doesn’t close for another 2 weeks. They are oblivious to our inaction in the transfer market over the past few years, that the transfer window has been open for 7 weeks already, what’s another 2 weeks going to do, that the season starts Saturday and that in 2011 by the end of August we were already out of the title race… Read more »


the calmness comes from the knowledge and conviction that our manager knows better than most in the business.

just cause youre a mug that the media and rivals play you like a puppet dont mean i should turn against the manager whose given me the greatest arsenal years i could imagine.

now fuck off and go support another team…arsenal is too sophisticated for you lad…

Glen Helders soul-glo

Your just a deluded banker

[…] tilanne on järkyttävä Sagnan saatua eilen jonkin asteisen nilkkavamman Ranskan paidassa. Vermaelen on pitkään sivussa ja myös Monreal vielä ilmeisesti jonkin aikaa ja […]

[…] 温格在官网上证实了这一点:“阿尔特塔的大腿扭伤了。我们必须要进一步检测。我不确定他能否在周末的比赛中上场。今天将会对他做一次扫描。” […]


The problem with Wenger is, he’s more concerned about making a statement than competing at the top. It almost seems as though winning isn’t enough for him, rather, he needs to win by running through un-needed hoops.

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