Friday, January 27, 2023

Arteta adds to injury worries

With Thomas Vermaelen, Nacho Monreal and Bacary Sagna all carrying injuries, and Aaron Ramsey withdrawn from the Welsh squad in midweek due to an ankle knock, the last thing Arsenal needed was more doubt over a key player.

However, there’s further bad news as it has emerged that Mikel Arteta is a serious doubt for the start of the season with a thigh strain.

Arsene Wenger confirmed the problem to the official site, saying, “Mikel has a slight thigh problem. We have to check that. I don’t know if he will be out for the weekend. He has a scan today.”

Obviously much depends on the results of that scan, but it’s hard not to fear the consequences of losing the linchpin of the midfield ahead of a crucial period of games.

The matter is not helped by the fact that Santi Cazorla, having yet to return from Ecuador, could also miss out with Wenger generally reluctant to use players so soon after a long, transatlantic flights.

He may be forced into it, however, as the midfield options are few and far between. Aaron Ramsey is available, we’ve got Jack Wilshere who is easing his way back to full fitness, and Tomas Rosicky (we assume, even though he didn’t make the trip to Finland last weekend with a small problem).

After that, there’s Emmanuel Frimpong, who has played no part in the pre-season at all, before we hit the youths (and when you consider the Academy results in recent weeks, that’s a scary thought).

Arsenal’s already threadbare squad is facing a bit of an injury crisis before the season has even begun.

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As @wengerknowsbest (the best parody account ever) put it on twitter:

“I feel confident our bench against Villa will be very experienced. Fabianski, Jenkinson, Rosicky, Rice, Bould, Gazidis and Kroenke.”


Wenger himself will play at right-back then…


On the other hand,

We are top of the league,
I said we are top of the league,
We are top of the league,
I said we are top of the league!
(Caution: Premier League news autoplay video)


Why is everyone so pessimistic, just because we might have to play without our usual starting defensive-minded midfielder? Have no worries guys, there’s plenty of options: – We can still play Coquelin, he’s been really promising player at times. – We can still sign our long-term target Etienne Capoue. – We have that Perez guy from Colombia who tried out for us the other day. – Diaby might be fit by the weekend. He’s like a new signing. – And we’ve still got Frimpong, who has more than justified the hype that surrounded him as a youngster a couple of… Read more »


think we let coq out on loan.
capoue went to spurs.
perez didn’t get a permit.
i’d rather not even get into the other two.

jake flavell

1. cocquelin has left.
2. Capoue has gone to sp*rs
3. Perez couldnt get a work permit therefore has gone home.
4. Diaby is still injured.
3. Frimpong hasnt played any pre season games


you dumb twat


I can’t believe some people read Arseblog yet cannot grasp basic sarcasm 101.

Stop The Wenger Spin

I’m not sure the other replies quite caught the irony/sarcasm.

Its a f’kin disgrace the way my club, the one I have been following since 1978, has ballsed this up. Credit for getting rid of the dross ( although getting to that point in th efirst place was abysmal planning ) but how can they possibly have left the squad so absolutely WAFER THIN ?


on top of it all, thanks for realising i’d fuckin eat a wafer, and i have none.

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Maybe we’re hoping to sign Mr Couchon?


…or indeed Mr Creosote.


Looks like we have a few ‘tards who cant recognise sarcasm when they are being bludgeoned in the face with it.


I’ve always supported Arsene and believed that he knew what he was doing, but I think he’s lost it.
There, I said it.


Couldn’t agree more. I’ve supported that man through thick and thin, but if we struggle this season because of a lack of depth, he has to go. I really want to know if this belief in managing with the squad we have motivated by arrogance, stupidity, parsimony or some strange blend of all three. I hope I’ll be proven wrong, but it looks to me like this might be a final gamble that will cost him his job or even (god forbid-and I really mean that) his legacy.

Big Chief from Antarctica



Let’s Ged’ion!


Arma geddon, arma geddon down, armour geddon armour geddon down!


Jesus H Christ.

Feel like tearing my hair out. This has been the most frustrating close season ever, bar none. Imagine what it would have been like if we had lost one of our best players like we usually do?!?


I think the picture says it all. What the fuck has been going on this summer?


This is getting silly now. Bring on the end of the season when we can regroup and add reinforcements.




Still awaiting the new season excitedly albeit with the small addition of ‘Well, fuck’ to my thought process.


maybe the players are faking it so Wenger comes to the realisation that he has a short squad? huh? HUH?


I’m with you on that, bro. I’m absotively, posilutely sure they are all faking. Now I just have to say it as many times as possible to believe it…..


FUCK this. I work a lot of overtime these days, which makes the situation more bearable since I don’t have as much time to worry about Arsenal. But fucking hell, for pride’s sake. Arsene, DO NOT make us lose to spurs because of this summer shambles. I will be absolutely fucking furious if those cunts signed 4 players and we’ve signed none and consequently we lose. and DO NOT make us play catch up to them again because I for one will not be celebrating when we finally beat them by one point to get 4th place in May. If… Read more »


Bergkamp come and Save us!

Rad Carrot

Yeah, thought as much.

Fuck this shit. We’re so poorly managed it’s incredible. Gervinho wasn’t good enough for us, but he’s better than absolutely no-one. How the manager can continue to wax lyrical about how we are title challengers is beyond belief.

Was just having a look at our current squad, and, including injuries, we’re down to 12 senior players fit and ready – and two of those are goalkeepers. Don’t expect help from the bench on Saturday.


Most players are better than the non-existing ones.


Except chamakh, bendtner, squillaci and park…. I’d rather play with 10 men than use any of those guyz.

poliver girolski

Seriously this is not what we want… Arteta, maybe Walcott, rambo, sagna… part of me just hopes this is a ploy by players to scare Wenger in to buying backup..

poliver girolski

Seriously this is not what we want… Arteta, maybe Walcott, rambo, sagna… part of me just hopes this is a ploy by players to scare Wenger in to buying backup..


You can say that again.

poliver girolski

lol 🙂

i dunno why but when I post from my tablet it always double posts :/


Seems to be happening to quite a few people. I wouldn’t worry.


Seems to be happening to quite a few people. I wouldn’t worry

Runcorn Gooner

It’s a case of Deja Vu

Runcorn Gooner

Deja Vu

Homer Simpson

Save us, Jebus!

gooner odst

its times like these when divine intervention simply isn’t enough, not putting my eggs in one basket.

Thats why I also pray for infernal damnation. It worked once before when some sp*d team got food poisoning.


What the fuck is happening to our great club. We’ve been told the money is there so surely it’s time Wenger was held accountable for our ‘transfer policy’. If in fact we actually have one at all. SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY


Relax dudes all we need is to get Song back on a season long loan and sign up Flamini before Villa… Boom! Problem solved!


Yeah, what actually is happening with Flamini?


He’s just been trainning with us, nothing too special about it I would say, it’s happened many times players came training with us

Big Dave

Big Dave’s polishing up his boots…


But are you top-top quality son?


Bah, u missed a top there – its top-top-top actually.

Big Dave

I’m top, top, top heavy. That count?


What’s happening with Frimpong? Is he injured again? Or just out of favour? I’m a fan of his lunatic ways and was hoping he’d have the opportunity to kick on with Coquelin out of the picture.

Rad Carrot

He’s just not that great a player.

Love his passion, but he just isn’t cut out for Arsenal. He’ll likely leave on loan again this season and move next year.

Dark Stein

I think we need to re-evaluate our idea of what cuts it. With only a possible 12 fit senior first team players if he can put a shirt on and run around for 90 mins then for me, he can cut it.

Damn you Wenger, you’ve reduced me to using such desperate thinking!

Wenger out

Wenger out! Hes fucked this summer right up


Poor result this weekend anyone?


It’s alright. Wenger knows what he’s doing.

Arsene Wenger

I admit it, I fucked up. Big time.

North Bank Gooner

You definitely are not Arsene, he would have said ” little bit ” in there somewhere!

Arsene's stylist

In today’s society, I hate it a little bit when maybe Arsene does that.


this is fucking terrible. I jus read that gustavo may go to wolfsburg instead of us. aaaaarrrgggghhhhh….ffs.


It’s not any more fucking terrible than the fact that we are the only one bidding for suarez and we still won’t get him…

Seriously….the only ones!


blogs, you forgot ox also plays in central midfield.

but, yes, we absolutely 100% need at least 1 more defensive type midfielder, and a flexable, creative santi-type too (hmm, cesc …. cough cough)


Fear not. Tony Attwood says we’ll be okay.

Gooner sickunt

Sack wenger. it’s harsh to someone who has done so much for this club but he’s out of his depth in this football environment.
If nobody has the balls to do it then get in a director of football because we are not going to win anything until one of these 2 things is done.

jack jack jack

“he’s out of his depth”

Get real.

Harish P

Well that sucks.

So the starting team against Aston Villa is looking likely to be:

Jenkinson – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Gibbs
Ramsey – Wilshere
Walcott – Cazorla – Podolski

Pretty tired players and mandatory subs with Pod, Jack, Santi. Little room for on the day tactics. Good thing it’s against Villa, but a deeper squad is imperative now.

Adam Richards

Hang on, Villa aren’t richest club in the country, can’t we just pay them off to let us win? We have money, lots of lovely money.

Dark Stein

Think we spent all that kind of money setting up the “it’s 1-1 at St James’ Park” prank tweet…

N19 gooner

3 players already signed just waiting on qualification for champions league all big internationals, u heard it here first 🙂 FACT

Rad Carrot

When people put FACT in their posts, it usually means that it is, in fact, not a fact.

Monkey nuts

When people put “u heard it here first” it usually means “u’ll never hear it again”.

Dark Stein

FACT = I heard it from the fella at the corner shop who’s friend’s cousin works for Arsenal.

Adam Richards

Actually this makes perfect sense. It’s a common issue with signing big big names, they often aren’t too bothered to play CL football. Rather sit it out.

Gooner sickunt

We should not have to say things like ‘this will force him to buy’, he is the manager he should know when to buy and clearly doesn’t.


I think we can still beat Villa with the injury concerns we currently have. l would rather have the players fit for the champions league qualifier


This is not ideal at all. However, I have full confidence in the players we have to get us through the Villa match and the CL qualifiers with decent wins. We’re just too good for Villa. Much more firepower, a decent midfield even with our injuries, and one of the best CB partnerships in the league. All of our fit players should be raring to go after a decent summer’s break. They’ll get us through the first couple of games. I think this mini injury crisis will force the club’s hand in the market. We’ve got a game against Spurs… Read more »

Big Dave

This is no time to be positive.


When is there not a time to be positive?

Arsene's stylist

When the ship has holes in it, and you’re about to do battle.


Spot on.




I’m very rarely a supporter of all CAPS comments, but in this case I feel you sum up the mood perfectly.

Arsene's stylist

I never thought I’d one day thumb-up a comment in all caps that calls Wenger a ‘stubborn cunt’, but here we go.

How did it come to this?????

Arsene's stylist

I never thought I’d one day thumb-up a comment in all caps that calls Wenger a ‘stubborn cunt’, but here we go.

How did it come to this?????

Arsene's stylist

I never thought I’d one day thumb-up a comment in all caps that calls Wenger a ‘stubborn cunt’, but here we go.

How did it come to this?????

Arsene's stylist

Hmmmm triple post? Ah why the fuck not?!


Why we let Le Coq Go On Loan Without Having A Clear Replacement Is Beyond Me. He Is No World Class But Hed Help SUm Up The Numbers And put A Decent SHift. I Fear Another 8-2

jack jack jack

I fear for your shift key.

the only sam is nelson

I Fear Another *-2 Myself


We knew this was always a possibility.

The club knew this was always a possibility.

And yet still we knew more than them. Astounding.


our healthy bank balance will be able to step in for any of these injury doubts. not a problem.


Either that, or they’re saving it for a “Taco Day” at the Emirates, where all attendees receive a nice tasty taco for free….that would be sweet. Eating free tacos while watching our team get slaughtered….. (PS: to posts 5 & 6: this is a classic example of what is known as tongue-in-cheek, a similar form of humour to that which is referred to as sarcasm.) (PPS: I in no way would want to watch our team get slaughtered. I would however like a free taco, but much rather prefer a blazingly fast, maneuverable, sure-footed striker) (PPPS: But preferably not a… Read more »

Dark Stein

You don’t want much do you? Whatever next? Another Invincibles season?


Yes. Yes, I would like that too please.

I would also like that Tron-like Lamborghini that got impounded over there too. If you could drop ship that over here to the Great White North, that would be peachy.
And make sure that one chick from the Robin Thicke video is in it too.

Alex Manninger

Just fill our goal with wads of £50’s, we wont need a keeper. Could save a few quid there

glory hunter

What is meant to be will be.
No point feeling sorry for ourselves, i was actually thinking of getting my sky sports subscription switched back on as well as BT, but now ive seen the light.


What a farce !

Mate Kiddleton

Steve Bould will be getting the call up soon!


This is what you get when you are to stubborn to compromise and spend some money you stingy wenger. People call you genius, so I suppose you of all peoe should know that you have to spend a little bit more to sign players. But you like to do it your way and damn the consequences and hurt the feelings of millions of supporters all over the world. I am so frightened right now for this coming season it reminds me of the way I feel when I am about to take a test which I am unprepared for. Enough… Read more »

Dark Stein

No Paragraphs, Aaaarrrgggh!


If things keep going the way they are and we start the season badly the atmosphere around the club is going to get increasingly hostile. I’m always optimistic going into a new season but its a lot harder this year. Surely this situation was easily avoidable? They must be up to something, I hope


It’ll be fine.


Jenkinson – Mert – Kos – Gibbs

Walcott – Wilshere – Ramsey – Poldi



Rad Carrot

Santi’s knackered, unlikely to play.

Walcott may have a slight knock, same as Rambo. They’ll probably play, but not for the full 90.

And then who do we bring on? Eisfeld? Zelalem? Good players, but raw and very young. They can’t hope to suddenly drop in to the intensity of the PL. Especially if we’re chasing the game – they’re not good enough yet to change a match.

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, it’s fine against Villa but it’s the long haul people are worried about, would we want to go into a crunch period over Christmas with our only CF injured? How about a midfield without Arteta and Rambo?

It’s worrying when it’s obvious the squad is thin, the manager says it’s thin and there’s money there and still we do nothing.

Big Dave

I need some boobs to calm me down!

Arsene's stylist

Newcastle are playing Man City on Monday! can you wait until then?


Where’s Fatgooner?


All I can say is, Ligue 1? Prepare for Trolley-dash™. We shall be sailing through to negotiate “bargains” shortly.


Ligue 2, actually. Ligue 1 is reserved for Pardew.

Daft Aider

Will all fans attending Saturdays match kindly remember to arrive early and if you could also remember to bring your boots #justincase




Our lack of activity in the transfer market is tantamount to negligence. Truly incredible considering we have a CL qualifier,the outcome of which will hugely influence our season. Big believer in the start of the season setting the tone too, think 07/08 when we got off to a flyer and may well have won the league if not for Eduardo’s broken leg and Dean’s incorrect pen decision at Birmingham.


One lunatic guy will surely drag Arsenal to the drain and its non other than idiotic Wenger!


I’m done with this shit


“Breaking Transfer News: Arsene Wenger has signed himself as the answer to the clubs injury-ravaged squad. In an unorthodox move, Arsene – who can play at centre half, midfield, or as a tricky winger – remarked that his experience and reading of the game make him a most economically astute signing in a market that offers “no real value”.
“I have a little bit the arthritis and sometimes the shingles but in general am fitter than most 70 year olds, and certainly fitter than Diaby”

Fee undisclosed.


gush…. It all doesnt make any sense! After all d tins being said about hw we have so much money and all dat… And we have jezz a sanogo 2 show 4 it?damn,he’s even free.. And wif d clearout,i tink we must have made some extra cash?



Arsene's stylist

dat’s gr8 thks


Arseblogger you got the quote wrong.

“Mikel has a slight thigh problem. We have to check that. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m having a brain scan later today.”

Arsene's stylist

This made me laugh IRL. I think I’m going insane.

Arsene's stylist

I’m still laughing.
Fuck I need help. But that can wait.
brain scan hahahahaha

fooled you all

I cant wait for the stupid old mangy french cunt to fuck off to PSG and refuse to spend their millions. lol! Does anyone still think they want him as their manager???

jack jack jack

Fucking hell have some respect. You don’t have to want him as manager or even like him, but how you can spew such poison at one of the club’s greatest figures is beyond me.


I do

He is Spartacus

Brave words.


Normal service resumes right on time it seems.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Wenger has lost is f*cking mind. He should have retired in some old people’s home. Can’t believe we have a psycho client as a manager.

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