Friday, January 27, 2023

Arteta calls for reinforcements again

If there’s one thing more noticeable than the frustration of Arsenal fans this summer, it’s the repeated calls from senior first team players for the club to make signings.

Now, for the second time in as many weeks, Mikel Arteta has urged the club to get the chequebook out and bring in new faces ahead of the start of the Premier League season.

““If the club can target players who will improve the team they are going to be very welcome because that is what we want — a better team, better players to compete and win trophies,” said the lego-haired Spaniard.

“The club is working on that. It is in their hands and I am sure they are going to do it.”

So far, as we all know, the only arrival has been Yaya Sanogo while the exit door has been spinning like a top. Let’s hope another public call for the manager and the club to get busy will be heeded.

Arsenal players on record about signings

Jack Wilshere, August 3rd – “New signings and big players always bring confidence.

Lukas Podolski, July 24th – “I’m happy when players come in. When a big striker or a big defender comes in, they help the team and they help me.”

Wojciech Szczesny, July 22nd – “This season the only thing that everyone is talking about is ‘Who is Arsenal going to bring in? It makes us feel stronger and more united as a team.”

Bacary Sagna, July 19th – “I believe that we can challenge for the title with a couple of good signings.”

Olivier Giroud, July 17th – “I am for his [Luis Suarez] arrival. I’m not afraid of competition.”

Jack Wilshere, July 16th – “Everyone talks about the names at the training ground. We’re saying: ‘You heard about this player or that player? It would give everyone such a massive lift.”

Mikel Arteta, July 15th – “The club have said they are going to be very ambitious in the market and have got the financial resources to get big players. I think it’s about time.”

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a gunner

Since when did Arsene listen to these public outcries?


I don’t know, he seemed to get things done pronto after the 8-2, lets hope we don’t have to wait for the NLD to see results…

damien joyce

He didn’t heed TH14, Jens, Cesc’s or RV*’s warnings so I very much doubt he will now, I thought he would have been pro-active this Summer, but it seems to me that old habits die hard, it looks like the qualification (or not) outright to Champs Lge group stages is going to dictate our moves in the market, it’s a shame but I guess we have no choice but to accept and trust. If it goes pete tong this year because of unnecessarily relying on inexperienced youth (miquel, jenks?, Gnabry, Sanogo), then I truly believe huge changes will need to… Read more »

Fed up Gooner

So after 6 plus years of being fed a lie it’s only at the end of the season where you think change is required? We have all been lied to yet again. Wenger should have left our club 3 years ago. None of the top managers consider him to be a threat anymore that’s why they all now speak so highly of him. This transfer window was a great opportunity to prove a lot of doubters wrong. Instead he has continued with the same nonsense as the seasons before. We have missed out on so many quality players over the… Read more »

with the left and the right

Let me see if I can understand your logic: If someone praises someone or shows some deep respect for someone its because they don’t actually respect them? Now i’m a pretty young guy and i’ve heard much talk about the big bad world or the “real world” as us Americans like to say, I just have a question is this what everyone is referring to?


The question is who are responsible for these outcries? The board or Wenger himself? No club lets their players go out in media and talk this openly about needing new players. They, are maybe not instructed to talk freely about signings, but they are without a doubt encouraged to talk transfers. Who is putting preassure on who? Thats the big question and I do believe it is the board putting preassure on Wenger with Gazidis looking a complete tool at the moment. Have you heard anything about a new contract for Wenger recently? I doubt there is one, or it… Read more »


one thing we can take positively from this is taht new signings are coming for sure…… because if wenger wasn’t goin’ to sign anybody, he would have talked to these players privately and asked them to keep their mouth shut…..


Looking back at Arsene’s track record, we can clearly perceive that he goes for the market where there is most talent like he did in early 2000’s with French talent, and then combination of spanish followed by english, and now I see german revolution going on at Arsenal. If you watch bundesliga, there are a lot of unknown players who are incredibly amazing and would make our team much stronger.


I agree, and an early (but unsuccessful) bid for Lars Bender and interest in Ginter is a strong indication there is a trend.

IMO the Bundesliga has overtaken the Spanish league in the last couple of years and is probably the second strongest league after the PL.


Ross Leach, August 28th- Im really excited about the possibility of new players finally arriving.
They’re just coming through that door…….yeah that one……….any minute now……..


Apparently there is a plan to reduce the squad so much we can sell the team bus and buy are more economical mini bus… and it will be french.


brand new, untested, yet full of potential; who cares if it’s motor has several cracks in it.

I just hope it’s electric.

Merlin's Panini

It’ll be small and very mobile. Per will have to stick his head out the sun roof.

Frank de Boer

We are NOT splurging on a sun roof. He’ll have to lay in the aisle.

Shitspanner of a drog

Can we buy one without a handbrake please.

precious az

Arsene wenger needs to sign and he need to do it fast


Congratulations for going against the tide by putting as a too priority the extension of our manager’s contract 😉


wenger will surprise every single person in football this summer. i think he’s pretty much done just this whether he signs anyone or not.

i love this guy. ma man 🙂


August 28th- Arsenal complete the transfer of the summer and finally capture Luis Suarez for a whopping £40 000 003 after much renegotiating. Also purchased Brazilian Bernard and a top top CB in the shape of ‘insert name’.


and then you wake up with sticky trousers….;-)


Who sleeps in trousers?


CB: Mattias Ginter.

I’m actually surprised that none if the German clubs bought him so far (despite interest in him). So given that the top 2 German clubs have made their shopping and given (their traditional preference for “homemade” defenders) and that it’s extreeemely quiet about Ginter’s future, there must be something to the rumour that I/we read about several weeks ago. Also, he’d fit well into the “unknown player category” 😉

Arshavin's Dietician

I just googled ginter & arsenal & a website claims we have him at €6.1m (although it did show a picture of Mario Gomez, claiming it was Ginter)


was the website Sounds like their kind of effort.


The CEO and the board might. So then the real question is whether wenger will listen to Ivan / the board. And the evidence would seem that no he doesn’t.

Which to me is a much bigger problem and one that we don’t seem to talk about. How many ceo’s would/could/should tolerate an employee ignoring them ?


Listen to ‘Spanish Hair’ for he is wise…..

Will ‘One Who Doesn’t Spend’ heed his words?


“Arteta calls for reinforcements again” or any “PLAYER calls for reinforcements” headline is probably twisting it somewhat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a case of

Interviewer : Do you think bringing in players will improve the squad?
Interviewee : If the club can target players who will improve the team they are going to be very welcome because that is what we want — a better team.

Stating a player is “calling” for signings seems like BS to me. None of these players come out and make statements, they answer questions.


Yeah agreed.

With regards to saying stuff, players and damned if they do, damned if they don’t. No wonder post match interviews are so mundane.

Camden Gooner

I think also we are getting more quotes this summer because the press have had more access to players as part of our marketing trips. I wouldnt be suprised if the players have had press packs or been briefed on how to answer questions on specific topcs ,they are almost homogenous in their answers

the only sam is nelson

what do we want?

heteregenous answers in press conferences!

when do we want it?

whenever we’re on a brand ambassador tour of the far east!



All the interviews asking for signings are from the ofiicial website, they’re like an extension of IG’s speech, aren’t they just repeating the party line?


I agree with chris, shame that even fans and bloggers use same media headline tricks… the narrative is how they would all LIKE to see some new faces brought in…..what they want is a better team…BUT whether the team becomes better with new transfers or players from within is a totally different discussion and one that only the manager can decide on, not arteta. then again what can one expect…you have lifelong fans booing the team in preseason games, journalists who are arsenal supporters but paid by dein/usmanov trying to get wenger or kroenke or ivan the sack, you have… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Arsenal is a big club. Their revenue, their media presence, their global presence, etc. – It’s really not a question. As for Wenger’s track record, I love it. I love Wenger, I love Arsenal. That doesn’t make him immune to the current state of affairs however; something needs to be done as soon as possible. Then finally, I think both Chris and Arseblog News make fair points regarding the way the players answered questions – the wording makes it clear, the players want more players. Whether it’s because we’re bitching and moaning for more, or it’s clearly obvious that we… Read more »


big club in what terms? big in history and success like milan and ? big in commerciality like madrid barca and manutd? big in terms of big followings like boca bayern liverpool ?

it might be fair to want more players but the manner we are asking for it is very spoilt.


“Their revenue, their media presence, their global presence, etc. –”

was that the case before the wenger factor ? i dont think so….

Bould's Eyeliner

You don’t seriously question our trophy list and commercial revenue? And in terms of following?

Since it seems you are really unaware that Arsenal is indeed a big club, I’ll take it upon myself to laboriously research this seemingly clandestine information:
#6 Football club in the World (revenue): Arsenal!
#5 Most Popular Global Club with 113 million fans worldwide: Arsenal!

Please, if you’re really going to put down Arsenal as a ‘lesser’ club look at our history accurately first. It’s not difficult. It’s quite public information really.


i will always lay shame to anyone who tries to force ideas on how or what arsenal should do whether it be player pundit journalist or fan.

i happen to believe the manager knows best and any other talk falls under the category of patronising. i just cant agree that anyone can freely tell the manager what to do or how to do it. very disrespectful…as if we are equals.


you didnt get the question did you?

Bould's Eyeliner

Certainly I think that’s a good attitude as a fan, I too agree with the idea that managers tend to know best. No one drops money (unless you’re an arabian oil sheikh) let alone Americans like Kroenke without knowing what exactly you’re paying for.

At this point I just want you to understand that Arsenal is undoubtedly a large club, and has been for the better part of a century.


look buddy in terms of european success and history we are smaller than porto ajax liverpool..yet in revenue a/o current fame we are bigger than them …thats why i ask what you term as big? we might even make more than milan but we aint bigger than them.


i aint belittling arsenal my fellow supporter and fan. im just highlighting that all these words such as big, large, succesfull, rich etc apply to arsenal only from 1996 onwards…..something that our other fellow fans should realise before talking shit about the manager thinking they can tell him what to do.

Bould's Eyeliner

You asked, big in what terms. As far as I know, I have listed all the objective means to value and rate a club. # of trophies, $$ in revenue, # of fans. If you are asking me to compare ourselves to be greater than similarly large clubs than I’m not so sure how exactly you want this evaluated. For me, it’s easy; because I’m an Arsenal fan. But clearly that’s subjective. If the information above doesn’t answer your questions, than maybe it’s worth it for you to reexamine football culture – every club has fans who question management, and… Read more »


exactly my fellow fan. due to the fact that the word “big” could mean many different things Im just emphasising that with regards to Arsenal big = money/revenue or big = commerciality and fame abroad , or big = organisational qualities etc , that they have been part of arsenal;s fibre only from 1996 onwards…in other words…pre 1996 we would never dare mention ourselves next to the names we do today and that’s about 95% wenger’s making….therefore when people come out telling him what to do I find it first disrespectful and then funny


I was reading one of the daily rags today and it seems we set a World Record for a football transfer in 1929 so we must have been pretty Big back then.


well football today and for the last 20-25 years or so is totally different to the football of the 1920-1930s

and if we take your way of thinking…may i ask…so what happened in between them years…? where was the consistency you can witness today?


In your eyes Wenger is a God and should not be made accountable by the dictates of employment right? I say Wenger is a good coach but his stubbornness and failure to see other peoples arguments about issues in life is what has contributed to Arsenal failures in recent years and because of this, i would like to have him pave the way before his legacy is ruined completely. I and to be honest i don’t know why few fans still find it easy to fall into Wenger’s dirty tricks of false lies all the time.


in my eyes arsenal is in the position they are in due to his management… a position that is a totally new teritory for this club historically speaking.

if you disagree then bring forward them years and seasons where Arsenal would be right next to the big boys of world football traditionally.


his employers are obviously happy for he achieves the targets they set to him….its the stupid fans who aint got a clue and swear and abuse the manager who turned their club into a world class football club talked about all over the world.

and without being rude…what would you or anyone else in here know about football to think you can doubt him or question him? do you go also go tell schummacher how to drive cars ? you reckon such pros need your advise/opinion?


Just continue sucking and let us have our opinion without fear of intimidation and abuse

Midfield Corporal

I’d love to know if Gazidis will offer Arsene a new contract if he doesn’t strengthen. I’d heard he wanted to wait until January to see if we were competing, and he also wanted Arsene to implement some changes in the coaching set up. I wonder what signings he could make now that would satisfy most fans? Suarez is divisive, Cesc/ Fellaini I think would get fans excited, beyond that we don’t seem to be being linked to any other big names do we? I’m not sure signing 3 or 4 decent player who aren’t household names (similar to Monreal)… Read more »

Zorro in the box

This is the problem. Monreal may not have been a “household name” but would anyone say he was a “flop buy” or one of AW’s failures? People talk about Wenger “losing his touch” and a string of failures he’s bought. But was Koscielny a household name when he bought him? How about Vermaelen? Pundits and fans alike were criticising Mertesacker and questioning why Wenger was routing through teams from lower divisions to bring in the likes of the Ox and Jenkinson. And yet today we’re happy to have them as the core of the squad. Look at most players we… Read more »


Veron, Berbatov, Anderson, half a dozen keepers……..


Well we are happy but our squad could be better. Will take Madrid’s squad over that core anyday anytime… We may also be happy abt our core cos we are nt used to much but most of our best will only be on the bench in many big teams. Btw we were big before wenger… Ten league titles


10 league titles in what ….1886-1996 = 110 years..?? .so one a decade lets say at best….yeah big club…huge club…juventus milan ajax tremble at that. dont you remember how arsenal would dominate throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s etc….the international football community was always scared to face arsenal

cheer up ..wenger won 3 in his first decade…according to clubs historical trophy count he still has credit for another two decades …spent one decade building/repaying stadium so still has one more till anyone feels like complaining to him, or saying he is taking us backwards….


oh and werent like 5 of them in the 30’s ……lol……when football wasnt at the professional levels it is today ? so from end of 30’s till wenger started winning titles we experienced a spam of 60-70 odd years with 5 league titles to show for… and you dare call that big? hmmmmm…..

mate..arsenal didnt have a clue of what big is before wenger got them thinking/acting the right way. for the last 17 years arsenal is talked in the same sentence as the real big clubs of the world and without winning the champions league yet.

Midfield Corporal

Ha ha, I’m glad you added that last paragraph Zorro, I was reading your comment and saying to myself ‘hang I wasn’t having a go at Arsene, you misunderstood me’, but then you cleared up the whole mess without a fuss, well played!

Oh yeh, agree with your comments too, just think we could do with a glamour signing to stimulate the juices.


Everyone in France says that Wenger is going to PSG next season. It’s pretty much a done deal, they say, and it’s the reason why PSG appointed Laurent Blanc on a one year contract, rather than a more established manager. That might well be the deciding factor in Wenger signing a new contract. Does he fancy PSG next year, or will he be his stubborn self and decide to stick it out at Arsenal? I think he’ll get fed up with the fans booing his team, and decide to have some fun at PSG. Then everyone will be happy, I… Read more »


‘Arteta calls for reinforcements again’!!

Mr Arseblog, where did you learn your craft Sir, the Daily Mirror?

‘……Mikel Arteta has urged the club to get the chequebook out and bring in new faces…’

Tad artistic your interpretation of his quote. Surely the creativity should be left for those who specialise in the Artistry known as ‘writing utter bollocks’. You shouldn’t lower yourself Sir.


Blogs, with all the calls to do business, do you think the next time the fans get grumpy and start singing “Spend some f—-ing money!” that the players will join in?

jack jack jack

His dad’s been coaching their singing.

Dark Arts.

Oh that’s ok, ‘overstated’ doesn’t sound nearly as shoddy as ‘exaggerated’.

Dark Arts (Pyrrho).

Seems to me that any one of a number of attitudes are consistent with the quotes. I think you overdramatised one possible extreme. It stands out because normally your approach is measured and intelligent, a very welcome contrast to mainstream crap. Given that, I think it’s healthy people point it out when they think you drift.

Dark Arts (Pyrrho).

I’m still not entirely convinced that players are trying, via the media, to put pressure on Arsene to make those signings we clearly need.

I feel unnappreciative just moaning though, so i’ll end by thanking you for producing easily the best Arsenal site.


I find it absurd that you’re getting flack for deviating from the cult in the slightest. Sheesh


Maybe he’s suggested that you’ve put “Electric” away for a while in exchange for a bit of The Alarm, or a maybe a spot of Talk Talk.

Yoko ono



I thought finally wow Arteta demanding signings for a second time? surely something is be done ASAP then I remembered Arsene dont give a fuck what Arteta or any other of them players think.

Arsene only does Arsene.


Wenger won’t say it like in the public. But for the fact dat he has not come to criticise his players for such calls should suggest to you he is in support of dem else misunderstanding should have broken out. Remember, in during the Asia tour Oliver and wenger were sitting on same table when said it.



glory hunter

I’m fearful that this season’s transfer window will be the straw that finally breaks the camels back.
People are now speculating that we are waiting for Champs lge qualification before signing players, if that’s true then its ridiculous and unacceptable.

Like most i’ll willing to reserve judgement until transfer window closes, but if we have another lack luster season, I know most will disagree but Usmanov taking over imo is the best way forward.

Cos it surely cant be worse than the current board


Can’t be worse? Look at Coventry, mate. Hell, look at Liverpool. Some Arsenal fans don’t know they’re born.

glory hunter

@ fvb Do you really believe Usmanov taking over will make things worse? The guy is richer than Abramovich Whats the worst that can happen? we fail to win trophies, drop out of the top 4 and sell all our best players without reinforcing or maybe Arsene will get sacked?!?! None of those will be a disaster imo, Arsene’s reign is coming to an end soon anyway(he’s not getting any younger) and i couldn’t care less about Champs lge, we don’t have any intention of winning it or spending the money we make from participating, so whats the point? Please… Read more »


I care about the Champion’s League. I’d rather we were in it and lost than we were in the Europa League and won. Football is about being the best, not dropping down a level so you can win an inferior competition. Everyone in the Champion’s League>Anyone in the Europa League.

glory hunter

@ AFCEdwards
I’ll have to disagree with you mate.
I would rather we won the Europa than get knocked out of the Champs lge.
Especially now that UEFA are considering guaranteeing winners of the Europa cup a spot in the champs lge.

Parson's nose

@fvb What do you mean look at Coventry? Hardly a comparison. In fact no comparison whatsoever. Liverpool, OK. They have slid from their heights but they are still a big club with huge fan base. And since Arsenal last won anything they have won Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup. We have high expectations at Arsenal and they have constantly been let down. All the other big clubs have had success over the past few years. It’s a bizarre set up at the Emirates where Wenger is virtually a dictator. If he had been sacked last season and we’d… Read more »


churlish, moaning drivel is all I read there, mate.


Arsene, are you listening?


Are you reading what Arteta said in the above quotes? He clearly seems as eager as everyone else for the club to buy some players. It’s not really common for players to come out with these kind of responses so he’s making a fair point!

Judgement day (once more)

Right then, first comment on this silly, silly season. I promised myself to ignore football all together until the start of the season and then have a quick glance at what players we bought and sold. Unfortunately this did not work out. I´ve pretty much spent my summer on Arseblog and Oh, what a summer! Anyway, I honestly believe that the club is desperate for new players, but as we all know, footballers are greedy cunts. I think that all the “big names” we are looking at will wait to see if Arsenal qualify for the CL before they´ll sign… Read more »


Off topic but, did anyone see how poor was podolski’s work rate yesterday? Despite the fact that he came on much later in the game?

Rectum Spectrum

About a month still to turn it around, but i currently hate this transfer window more than any other. The completely un-Arsenal beginning featuring Ivan shouting from the rooftops about all the cash we have, how we can spend £250k/week on wages ‘if we wanted to’. I wish he hadn’t have taken that cheap PR route. What other club does that? they just sign £30m pound players. United didn’t tell the world ‘we’re loaded’ a few seasons back when they dropped £75m in one summer. They just did it. Granted they weren’t in the media every week with phrases like… Read more »

Chumpsville manager

“Welcome to Chumpsville, population Ivan and the Arsenal fans.”
Arsene seems, at this point at least, to be making a chump of Ivan and all those suckers who bought his PR bull.

Rectum Spectrum

maybe i’m recollecting wrong – but was it not Ivan on the PR exercise at the start of the summer? telling all and sundry about how fucking loaded we were?

Rectum Spectrum

it struck meas a very vulgar american ‘lets get the fans pumped about arsenal again’ strategy.


Me here. I think he wastes all his energy smiling on the training ground and thumbing up anyone holding up a camera.

I was like poldi “come on chase after that ball, you were just subbed on like 2 minutes ago ffs!”

Hank Scorpio

Here’s a disturbing thought. Newcastle have been more active than us in the transfer market even with the involvement of Joe Kinnear who seemingly knows nothing about anything

It Is What It Is

So have Watford…….


that could be the definition of the news-dry season.

ack ack ack

let’s buy TGSTEL & gervinho back in a couple of weeks after we’ve sold them… they’ll be just like new signings!

Perry S.

‘Zorro in the box’ wins award for best comment of the day. Good stuff.

Dial square

The fact is none of us know who (if anyone) Arsene is trying to bring in, he obviously thought Higuain wasn’t worth what Real Madrid were asking, who are we to dispute that? As much as we like to think we know about football, Arsene is a better judge of a player than any of us. If he thinks Suarez is worth £50 million, he’ll offer it – if he doesn’t, he won’t. I firmly believe Arsene will bring in 2-3 players, will they be the “stellar” signings we are all hoping for? I doubt it, will they move us… Read more »

i want to boff giroud and i'm not even gay

Oh mikel, your so good, your Lego hair it gives me wood, hey mikel. Hey mikel.

i want to boff giroud and i'm not even gay

Oh mikel, your so good, your Lego hair it gives me wood, hey mikel. Hey mikel.


All the interviews asking for signings are from the ofiicial website, they’re like an extension of IG’s speech, aren’t they just repeating the party line?

Mills (the other one)

worth reading, and Beckett would be proud.

Rectum Spectrum

that was good

Rambling Pete

It’s certainly becoming something of an issue now amongst the players as well as the fans. And who can blame them? They want to win things as much as us and, more importantly, are just as aware of their limitations as a squad. If I could draw an analogy I would say it’s very much like when you’re facing a decision which pulls you two ways. Your head says one thing, your heart says another. And I listen to my heart these days, ever since I got a shooting pain down my left arm one day and when I woke… Read more »


Welcome back Pete another cracker.


everytime i read your post, Pete, i think of Keyser Söze.


My advice to all Gooners is to have a good laugh. The situation at the club is now just comical, so don’t get too worked up. Just laugh. The only positive to come out of this season is that it looks like it will be Wenger’s last one. I simply can’t see us finishing in the top four this term, and that should mean no extension for the Nutty Professor. He’s got a nice job waiting for him at PSG next summer so he probably doesn’t give a shit anyway. I’ve already written off this coming season. We all know… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Every time you bring out the “Nutty Professor” line I cringe and stop wanting to read the rest of what you’re saying.


i cringe every time he opens his mouth, its any excuse to launch a personal attack Arsene


I nearly gave up on this page until I remembered ‘Ctrl & F’ to find your post. I find it funny bordering on ridiculous that you’re given thumbs down for pointing out what is probably going to turn out to be prophetic. I realise people don’t like any criticism towards ‘Le Prof’ but you’re not far wrong.

However… let’s at least give Arsene his due and wait until the transfer window is shut before hanging him out to dry. We may yet be pleasantly surprised.


Completely agree with dial square. We are not going to get Suarez and in my opinion we never were, but that’s a whole new subject. I have a feeling we will spend about 25 to 30 million on 3 maybe four players. We have few great players. Jack is one kos is another and maybe santi but he needs another season to achieve that greatness. We have many good players having thankfully got rid of most of the average to poor ones. We need more great quality players, not just good ones to be able to compete properly on all… Read more »


Wether the players are towing the party line or not, this is a team that thinks it can only compete and win things if there are new signings, if there aren’t any, then we will have a team that will not believe in it’s own abilities.


I see you removed him, thanks.


Thanks Arseblog for removing that idiot!


well done for removing him blogs but my comment looks completely out of place now!!!

Merlin's Panini

Thanks for removing my replies. Would’ve looked like I’d gone schizophrenic or something.


I hope we make some signings. I think we will too. He’s just waiting for prices to come down. Would like them earlier though.

Merlin's Panini

We are now being linked with a forward called Ciprian Marica, who used to play for Schalke. His goals stats aren’t that great so it’s a bit meh, and it would be a free transfer. Probably agent guff too:

I’ve no idea how reliable International Business Times is though.

Also Sebastian Perez Cardona has arrived on trial according to Ladyarse, and the player’s twitter:

Never heard of either of them so it’s all quite plausible isn’t it? Just thought I’d put this out there if anyone is interested.


Sebastián Perez is a colombian defensive midfielder, he’s quite aggresive and likes to tackle a lot, but he also has great vision and is a good distributor, very much in the Arteta mould, keeping the distance of course. He’s been playing in Colombia’s biggest team: Nacional, and is highly regarded there as a great talent. Of course you haven’t heard of him, and he’s not a big name signing, but he’s actually pretty good and if he impresses the boss on his trial he would make an astute buy, both on the commercial point of view as an entry point… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Cheers for that. The only thing I knew before that was that he has a really big face! Let’s hope it works out for him and us if he impresses then.


It is to the point of such absurdity there is no point even trying to make sense of the whole thing and the fact that it is August 5th and well….you know the rest. And yet the scenario is so predictable. Sometime around the end of September after a couple more of our key blokes get crocked in the opening month…..Arsene has a pre-match press conference explaining how we have difficulties right now because “we are a bit short at the moment”. And the squad sheet ends up looking like Sanogo at striker, Giroud at center half, Rosicky at right… Read more »


£356,000,000 spent in the transfer window so far….thanks SkySports, thanks a lot.


if nothing happens this season then there will be another round of exits of senior players in January and then for sure in June as they are hungry for winning and can see the club does not genuinely hold the same attitude. Really it is getting embarrassing now – interesting comment above about the club waiting for CL qualification – surely not ???


I can just imagine arsene waking up every morning with a hot cup of coffee and laughing his ass of at everyone demanding signings. Wenger don’t give a flying f*ck


why no sing playur wonga? Wongat out!


Doesn’t seem the players and Wenger share the same opinion about transfers.

Dial square

I thought you were on holiday mate, you won’t enjoy yourself checking Arseblog news for signings every five minutes…You’ll just drive yourself nuts..


Why sign 50 mil + on a risky signing like Suarez ?

1. It is still possible to sign Robert LEVANDOVSKI for 25-30 mil

– 24 years,
– cheaper then Suarez,
– proven goal scorer

2. CESC also can come back in the Midfield for 30 mil

3. Sign some CB from Germany or Italy for around 10 mil

Merlin's Panini

Lewandowski would cost more than 25-30 million otherwise someone else would already have done it. Plus he seems to want to go to Bayern Munich anyway.
But I agree. £50 million for a player with a reputation as bad as Suarez is crazy no matter how good he is.


This has nothing to do with Arteta’s comments and everything to do with how he played over the weekend…

We Arsenal supporters really need to recognize how big a liability Mr. Arteta is when we don’t have the ball.

Slow, weak, not fit for the role. We’ve seen this before, just younger and with frizzy hair.

Arteta is Denilson 2.0!

Merlin's Panini

He’s really, really not.


just watch him when we don’t have the ball and let me know how he helps the team

Merlin's Panini

you have no idea.


I had a dream that I personally persuaded Suarez to join Arsenal, he was completely willing to come and Liverpool were willing to sell. But…my mum was Arsenal manager and just plain refused to buy him. I was so angry and frustrated, and despite mine and everyone else’s protests she wouldn’t budge. And it was one of those dreams, like when you want to punch but its all in slow mo with no power, I was trying to scream and shout at her but it was no more than a whisper. So… Make of that what you will. My mum… Read more »


I make it that you should have a serious chat with your mum. And then with a psychotherapist.


Dial square. Fly out tomorrow morning mate. Day off today though for a round of golf this morning. Phones not allowed on the course or club house so maybe will hibernate there for the next transfer window.
The hotels we have have wi fi but I’m determined not to look and my mates are to tight to phone or text while I’m abroad so when I come back il expect Suarez, fellani. A German brother or two and spurs will have signed tgstel
If Heineken done transfer windows eh mate.


Arsenal is my club, no doubt. Are we a big club? I am afraid we may not be a big club any more. Big clubs are not feeder clubs! We have been a feeder club and that does not make us big. This year we are not loosing a key player just bcos we don’t have any. We can’t live in the past, it’s time to do what the big teams do. The likes of Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, and the list goes on.

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