Koscielny hospitalised after Webo clash


Arsene Wenger says that Laurent Koscielny has been taken to hospital after having his head booted open by Fenerbahce’s Pierre Webo this evening.

The French defender took the full force of a high kick and was taken off in the 32nd minute with what was later described as one of the worst cuts ever seen by the Arsenal medical staff.

After the game, Arsene Wenger said about his centre-half, “He’s at the hospital. We need to check for any broken bone. He’s opened the skull and it’s very deep. Hopefully we’ll have news shortly.”

Although Koscielny would have been suspended for the weekend trip to Fulham, the seriousness of this injury will make him a real doubt for the return leg next Tuesday and even the North London derby the following weekend.

It leaves Wenger with just one fit centre-half, even if Bacary Sagna filled in admirably, and will surely prompt a move into the transfer market asap.

Get well soon, Laurent.

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FUCK. Please be okay. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeee

Jamerican guy

I fucking love koscielny, i hope he is ok though.


Yeah, but he’s “opened the skull and it’s very deep”?


I think Wenger might need to rethink a little bit that phrasing.


Yes, I think (hope) this must be a mistranslation. In French “crâne” means “cranium” (i.e. the skull) but we also commonly say “s’ouvrir le crâne” (literally “open one’s skull”) to mean cut your scalp open and not literally to open your skull, which is obviously a bit worse.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Obviously, we’re the most unlucky football club in the world at the moment.


by far the most injury-prone team, the world has ever seen! and its aaarsenaaaaal….


Comma splice! Comma splice!


He’ll be fine, am I the only person who thinks it was more accident than malicious, Webo had his eye on the ball the whole the time, bad luck but it is a contact sport you pussy’s!


Who cares what the fuck he’s staring at whilst kicking a man in the head?


@BPGF : Even if he had his eye on the ball , Lifting his foot to the level of another player’s face is insanely dangerous in tight quarters .

Straight Red and disciplinary action is warranted defo IMO .I’m not saying this just because he hit Koscielny . It’s Really dangerous to kick people in the face . broken bones in the face can quickly become life threatening …


Wtf is a spud fan doing here,go eat some cake from Bale transfer fee and suck it idiot!!!


fucking hell. that makes me sick for him..

get well soon Kos.

you are a Boss


Good luck Kos. Maybe there’s a Cech hat in your future though.


I hope it’s not as bad or worst as we thought. Get well soon, Kos!

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

a red and white one might actually look pretty sweet.


would totally mess up his hair tho…just sayin

German Gunner

If we didn’t have bad luck, we would have no luck


What the fuck did we do to Lady Luck? We always seem to get the worst of it


I’ve always believed that we must have had a threesome with her mom and and sister and that’s why she has been a bitch to us all these years.


Lol…Kos in a hat!!! We’ll have another Chivu on our hands..cool tho..get we soon LK..stitch him up…pls


cool? really?…


Kos the Boss!!! Get well soon 🙁


He is tough this koscienly but came up against a tougher webo. fuck you webo and get well soon. kozzer.

You think we’re in crisis? well fernabahce define crisi what an awful football team, it has to be said.


Tougher? Kos’ Face VS Webo’s boot is somehow a fair fight?

The fucker kicked him in the head and somehow got away with it.

Just hope it is nowhere as bad as it looked.


After the fernabahce win.

Suarez’ brother: suarez now close to Arsenal


When it rains it pours….
We cant really say we didnt see this coming when our first choice right back is also our back up centre half.

Get well soon boss. We need you big time


Eh? Because Sagna is our back-up CB Bosscielny got a vicious kick in the head?


Get well soon Kos

Mikel Artekkers

He needs a protective hat, not a stupid cunt face.


he has become an integral part of the squad, arguably one of the first names picked on gameday. Get Well Soon, BOSS.


speedy recovery kos

gooner paulie

You couldn’t make it up. What a joke our club has become. One fit centre back. Wenger out!


Yeah too bad wenger kicked Koscienly in.the face, too bad.


Was a horrible site to see him kicked in the face but to be fair to Webo he didn’t mean it and was quick to say sorry so fair play to him. Get well soon Kos.


Seen some high lites of another CL match to night another high kick that caught the player around the chest straight red card and the injured play played on after treatment. Webo should have got a red card whether he meant it or not it was dangerous play.


I’m sure Shawcross didn’t mean it too, neither did Dan Smith, nor Martin Taylor. Cunts don’t have to mean things….because they are what they are – cunts. There.


well done gooners!


Now I think we will overpay heavily for a defender with only Mertesacker only fit central defender. Hopefully Kos is back for Fenerbahce game at the Ems. Those who saw the game know that we played really well and didn’t really allow Fener play like they wanted. We fighted for each other and it was great to watch. Referee didn’t also influenced the game too, thankfully, so we could show we are a decent team that with 4 or 5 quality signings can challange. It’s the same team that finished 4th last season overlapping them so they are not shit… Read more »


We Fighted…LOL.i think you’re right though


This is arseblog, where we freely create words as we see fit.


I concur. I reckon it’s our arsery to be this way on here….whatever that means – arsery.

Petit's Handbag

He’ll shake it off, he may be French, but he’s tough as a Butch Lesbian Hell’s Angel

Glen Helders soul-glo

Should have been red, especially considering Nani was dismissed for A LOT less.

Toure Motors

Ah yes but Nani was also guilty of being a cunt.


I agree. Letter of the law that’s a red card. However I can understand why it’s not been given.


Wish him same speedy recovery. But we have to keep asking the question, why is it that Wenger never anticipated this situations and have reliable backup full backs? Oh, sorry I have the answer. Lack of planning!

Dr Baptiste

A) can anticipate a high foot challenge?
B) Koscielny is not a full back but a centre back

I’m not defending the lack if transfers but your comment is wrong in my opinion


Artists impression of Kos in his new mask:

pauly bear

Wenger said. When you look around who would do a better job at cb than sagna? And I kinda agree think the is a great player. . So were is his contract then ? Pay the man !


I heard a rumour that the emirates is built on a gypsies grave. . .

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The red had a clean line of sight, clear red wtf!


@gooner paulie – calm with the Wenger Out! Our best defender has just been mauled in the face and thats the first thing that comes to mind. Get behind the team!

Sunny Patel

You know what this means, tomorrow we’ll read “Arsenal have £Xm bid rejected for (insert name of a centre back that is worth 3X)”

Mertesacker's Houseboy

Boss’ surely going to miss his cb partner!

Brian Mendoza

Fun fact: where I’m from, Webo is slang for dick. Thought it was fitting after that boot to Kozzas head.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Only two games into the season we’ve had 8 players bloodied and/or badly-bruised.

Part of that is down to back luck, but me thinks another factor at play is the high-level intensity the Gunners are putting in during every minute of the match. All 11 of them are fighting their bullocks off to protect the integrity of AFC.

We shouldn’t blame the players for our failures in the transfer market; let’s make some raucous fucking noise against Fulham’s bent yobs and Spud’s group of 90 million pound post-Bale overpriced panic-buys rejects.


Hello Rami, you still there? Expect a call from Le Prof.


You obviously didn’t watch him last season. Well, he was utter shit.

Alex Manninger

Kos is a warrior!


NOT THE KOS!!!! Looked horrible. Hope it’s not as bad as they are saying. WE NEED YOU MAN! Get well soon.

plus a pound!

Alex manninger. Yes! And another yes for being called alex manninger. Myyyyy ninger!

Ali Ali-Ali-Aliadiere

What were the questions?

Lê Hoàng Thành
Gillespie Road

What an absolute hero. Hard as nails, that one


He will be fine. Forehead lacerations often extend all the way down to bone. Also, the likelihood of him fracturing that bone is almost 0% from a kick. The only danger is that if it doesn’t heal completely and he gets knocked there again it could split right back open and he would bleed some more and have to be subbed off again. I will shoot Arsene an email giving Kos clearance to play as long as he wears a little headband for the next couple games. He might even end up with a sweet scar to make him look… Read more »


Fecking UEFA has taken your video down blogs to show their limitless power…

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

The only Olivier is Giroud

Fucking hell, our injury issues and transfer inactivity and all that shite aside, I wish him the best. I was working when it happened, glanced up at the Tv and nearly dropped some guy’s beer over him when I saw him injured. When I saw replays of the kick I felt even worse. Such a decent looking bloke. Hope you’re okay, Bosschielny!