Sunday, November 28, 2021

Pardew: Cabaye bid unacceptable

Alan Pardew has confirmed that Newcastle have received, and rejected, a bid for Yohan Cabaye, widely believed to be from Arsenal.

Ahead of their opening league game of the season against Man City this evening, the Newcastle manager grumpily told Sky Sports, “I can confirm we’ve had a bid for Yohan Cabaye we don’t think is acceptable.”

The French midfielder has been left out of the squad for the game in the Middle Eastlands with Pardew saying, “I have to pick a team for tonight’s game.”

Not wildly insightful, we guess he’s got to do that before every match, but it will only increase speculation that a deal is in the offing. Of course we know a lot can happen between the time Arsenal’s interest in a player is confirmed and a deal is signed.

If there are any Newcastle fans reading who don’t want to lose Cabaye, Arseblog News assures you that Arsenal are more than capable of making a complete bollix of this, right up until the point the player puts pen to paper.

We shall see.

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Glen Helders soul-glo

Not particularly what we need but he is a very good player.

Would be a start.

Next Begovic & Micah Richards.


Here’s Arsenal transfer period so far

“what are they smoking over there?”
“he’s not going there”
“abdulhaziz omar doesn’t do trials”
“a bid from arsenal?, that is nonsense”


Why did that just make me think of hitlers last days in the bunker?


Oh dear, don’t say that. It will only encourage someone to create one of those Downfall videos all about Arsenal’s transfer dealings this Summer.


the mood in this comment section appears to be quite easy……… not what i expected……


me ……….



Cmon mate sign for us. Force a move, hand in a transfer request. We have world-class facilities, the best away fans in the league, and a socialist wage structure. We will be in Europe, whether CL or EL. Although our coach does not know how to make substitutions and is, on occasions, tactically inept, the style of football he teaches you to play will improve you as a player, so you can get higher wages when you decide to jump ship. How unattractive are we?

Arshavin's pie delivery guy

Good one mate! Totally hilarious! If Wenger was “working hard” like he keeps saying, how come he is only bidding for Cabaye now? I think our manager is high on some hard stuff


We’re running around like a bloke on Christmas Eve trying to get a present for his missus from a petrol station now. Fuckin joke!


hahahahahaha….Have you seen City’s squad….FFS Arsenal.

A Yank

Watching them today it became clear not only are we not title contenders, but we are miles and miles behind the clubs that are.

Fernandinho and Navas looked great.


Never have been a serious title contender for the past several years. You had to watch another team to realize that?

Arshavin's pie delivery guy

The bloke knew all along that Christmas day would eventually arrive but kept on procrastinating saying “it is still November – still plenty of time left till Christmas”


Word is, Brendan Rodgers is tearily demanding Cabaye apologise to Liverpool.


I would have to disagree with you sir…. he would be a signing… which is EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED.

We need players in every single position. Looking at all the other big teams in the premier league, their depth is scarey compared to ours. How Arsene ever thought we would be able to cope, is absolutely beyond me.


It is beyond you because you don’t have the required mental strength, that is required or at least whar Arsene has. Remember Mental strength is the key, Mental strength. 😀


Don’t forget quality


Desire, attitude, belief, exceptional kwali-tee, and…..eerrm, mental strength


gms (i know i know) have reported a 35m bid for both michu and williams which wouldnt be bad at all, though hard to see swans weakening themselves that much now


Why don’t we just bid for their entire squad to piss that cunt Pardew off


Then he would probably complain about us only buying French players… Because, as you know, Pardew doesn’t like having more people from abroad than English players.

Oh the irony!

Okay Sure

That man really is nothing but a cunt, isn’t he?

Petit's Handbag

Who wants to hear a really really shit pun, that might be on the back of the Sun tomorrow
Arsene say’s he wants a Cab,bye.
Go on, thumb it down sexy folk


thumbs up for noticing how sexy we are


Because we’d end up with half of them and we just spent all summer getting rid of our own rubbish.


Tim Krul would be nice


Yes by the time City finish with him tonight his confidence will be shot to shit, he’ll be ready to join Coco and Flappy in our circus academy between the sticks.


Couldn’t do fuck all with any of the goals. Stopped it from being a massacre.


Just pay the market value FFS! Who’s the idiot in charge of making these offers?!

Why is my name required

Wenger is in charge. The old fool


Is he really in charge of making the offers? I might be wrong but I am not sure about that. I thought his job was to identify targets – which I think he has done because we’ve been linked with so many players since beginning of July – but not to place the bids and do the negotiations, at least usually not. Thought this was Dick Law and Gazidis and whatever negotiating team we have. Someone tells me if this is not the way it works because I am not quite sure. Not saying though that Wenger is totally innocent… Read more »


what is the market value?
if they sell him, then that was the market value for that deal


But the won’t will they, not for 10 mill, they’ll drag it out right to the last day demanding more silver until Wenger walks away out of principle.


They know we need players now. Clever Wenger has been penny pinching a few million here and there all summer only to find that every player he now bids for will have an extra few million whacked on because they know we’re desperate. I like AW a lot, but …


I hear newcastle value him at 30 mil…..which is ofcourse utter rubbish.

Humble Gooner

No way we need to pay that for him. Get a strong left winger (with Ox gone) and we could have a choice of Cazorla/Rosicky/Ramsey/Wilshere(?) in that spot. Seems to me the one area we don’t really need a player. So 30m for that?

flying dutchmen

We should also bid for hatem ben Arfa

Edu's Braces

I think he could play the Arteta role perfectly but I’m not sure anyone has the humble discipline it requires apart from our Mik


Trouble is whoever we bid for now, the selling club will add a premium because they know we are desperate. It’s going to be so tough to get any value now. A shambles entirely of our own making.
I can see us having to pay over the odds for some very average players now.


It’s not like there’s a tag on him.


“I think if Arsene Wenger has a valuation
in his head he won’t go above it. He’ll
never overspend and I look at Arsenal
sometimes and think there’s only one
section of people at the club who are
overspending – the supporters!
“They’ve got the highest season ticket
prices in the league but the club won’t
overspend on a player. I just don’t get

O Jay

Ever heard of plagiarism? You need to reference the source, in this case Jamie Carragher.


No rules on here cocko

It Is What It Is

Why overspend? Spending will do.


Perhaps he will become the midfield “Cabayero.”

Norn Iron Gooner

Or Fabián Caballero? (aka Tyson, i kid you not, wikipedia him)


LANPB – like a new panic buy.

him and arteta are vying for best panic buy ever!




At least it wasn’t £10 mil + 1

Murid Laly

No that’s the next bid


it is also the furthest we’re willing to go….


It will be, when we ‘learn’ that the extra pound sterling triggers a clause in Cabaye’s contract forcing Mike Ashley to open the blinds and wave casually at Dick Law, who is waiting below desperately clutching a map of Newcastle.


Well Cabaye’s agent told us, we could all sit down and have tea and biscuits if we offer that.


Yeah that’s exactly what we need another undersized, central attacking midfielder, that can pass the ball well, has had injuries lately & really offers nothing else(Sorry he scores a goal on occasion).


Replacement for the Ox, maybe, who’s probably out for the year.


wat are you smoking ? the ox can play on the wings and has the ability to go past people ffs.


The thing with Arsene is that he sets his own prizes and release clauses in his head.


prizes? like 4th place?


yep and this year it will be 10th place prize.


well this could be a good start Arsene! Bring it on Fenerbahce


Do we really need this type of player while we have Jack, Aaron etc.
It is a shame we start do the business after losing a game. Like it was 2 yrs ago. So can I expect another Santos & Park esque signings, can’t I?
What a mess.


Ah man, I could not agree more, it feels like that hammering to united all over again. It’s all going to come down to the last day when we sign probably 4 below par players because the “quality isn’t out there”. Prove me wrong Wenger/Gazidis. Please.


I think Wemger is right, there is no quality out there, because those quality players already changed their clubs. He dont want to pay over the odds but now he has to if he wants to buy any player, not necessarily those “top, top, top quality” ones. They are not even smart after a mistake.


Are there really only a handful of ‘quality’ players out there? Out of the hundreds of players in leagues across the world, says more about the state of our scouting network to me. Wenger reduced to reading the back pages to find players.


Now Arteta and Per isn’t below par is they?


Hardly likely to win us the league or CL are they?

Compare to Fabregas and Campbell and let the mediocrity that passes for quality at Arsenal sink in.

We have more cash now than then as well, so no excuses.


@Aros – No, I agree they are not, they’ve worked out well. But the way the whole thing came about was panic buying. The same thing is about to happen again.


I will take a panic buy right now, in fact I would take a whole bunch of them.


We need a more solid defensive midfield type of player. Cabaye is a class player but really really not a top priority right now. Get Bender in!


what about sissoko? i’d say 20mil would be enough to prize him away, considering he’s like capoue except better in every way…


make that 20 mill + 1 (donated by me for my typo)

Steve McQueen

There was this bloke called Capoue or something like that, we were linked with him, can’t remember what happened to him.

…oh wait.


Well?? I’m waiting…


If we’re raiding Newcastle then I’d rather we tried for Tiote.
We need a fucking defensive minded midfielder!!
Ramsey and Jack are fine at Box to box but neither are really ready to anchor a midfield. It is not in their nature.

Bender would be great but I don’t see it.. (not that I see Tiote to be honest).

I know it is blasphemy to mention that lot down the road but I am gutted we didn’t sign Capoue. He is a monster.


So I guess top top quality means a French player in Arsene’s dictionary


Cabaye : ” Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world”

Cabaye signs for Napoli.


So now we overpay for French players when teams use to overpay us for them. WTF is Wenger and Arsenal doing, seriously. Just buy a tough tackling CDM that can also play in defense, how long will Wenger avoid buying a proper DM, while teams kill us on counter attacks year after year.


I agree Apostolos, who would you suggest?

Insane Wanker

Lars Bender, a more audacious bid for Khedira, reportedly wants to leave Madrid and in my eyes very very very underrated.

Insane Wanker

Also Fernando from Porto.

Double Canister

We bid £20m for Bender months ago..

Or was it Flexo,? Dick Law may have got it mixed up.


I think some here are grossly underestimating just how good a player Cabaye is, and forgetting that he’s Prem-proven, unlike Bender and Fernando. I’d be very happy with Cabaye.

Finally, we’ve been interested in Cabaye for years, so it hardly represents a blind trolley dash.

Okay, a trolley-dash maybe, but not a blind one.


I don’t buy the whole Premier League proven thing, you can see whether a player is good enough or not. I’m watching Fernandinho for City now, he’s having a great game. Where did he come from again? Right, the Ukrainian league…


If Cabaye is so good why is he at Newcastle?

gooner odst

@Gooner; because at the time Arsene didn’t want to kill Denilson or Diaby.


@Larry: My point was that there is LESS of a gamble on a player who has already proven himself in the Premier League, not that there weren’t examples of players who succeed here from other leagues! @Gooner: You could ask that question of every, single player on the planet who plays for a team poorer than the one after him. E.g., If Rooney is so good, why is he playing for Everton? If Henry is so good, why is he on the bench at Juve? If Drogba is so good, why is he playing in Ligue 1? If Campbell is… Read more »


okay I agree he is a good player, but not word class. Plus he’s injury prone and not really consistent. 10 million is actually quite about what he’s worth, but to pay 25 or 30 million for him as Newcastle might want, it’s total bollocks. remember if we had pay that can kind of money we could have landed Gustavo … Cabaye is a kind of player we should have signed 2 or 3 years ago for 3-4 million from ligue1, that would have been a good deal. Now to go and buy him from Newcastle for nearly the 30… Read more »


There aren’t many of those CDM’s worth paying for anymore. There’s a reason teams ask so much for them, but the only players worth going after that are available now are Kondogbia/ Bender(Who would be worth overpaying), even Schneiderlin at Southhampton would improve the team.


At the point where we can barely field an actual team my dead gran would be worth signing.



Absolutely yes.


In fairness there are a few players at toon that might be worth taking to arsenal. krul better than our new almunia? taylor or Colocinni as a short term centre back option. tiote as an enforcer? Ben afra as a willing winger as opposed to walcott who really didnt seem to fancy the wing on saturday. Joe kinnear probably knows a load of other names from the squad…although maybe not.

OG Mike

I think his injuries might be what put us off, but I’ve always thought Ben Arfa would make a great addition. A pacy and tricky winger that would offer something different in our attack. While its not at the top of our long list of needs, I would love for the club to take a look at him, assuming we sort out our other deficiencies.


I think people need to consider this bid logically. Obviously 10mil isn’t market value, and newcastle will/have rejected it, but you don’t come straight in with a high bid- that’s not how negotiating works. Also, it unsettles a player to the point they request to leave a la Arteta and finally, and most importantly, it pisses Pardew off. Unless i’m clutching at straws here, it is Arsenal after all..


Don’t you remember when he bid 6 million for Cahil? Apparently he also bid 6 million for Ashley Williams and will not raise the bid.


but he was willing to pay 11milion for gervinho. prove me wrong Arsene, but you lost it while ago.


By the time we put in improved bids for our targets, the transfer market will be shut! Looks like this season we wont even have panic buys. This is how low my expectations are, looking at our ineptitude in the transfer market this summer.


This is so underwhelming. I think he is a good player but he is only good enough to make sure that we fight for the 4th place.. Thats about it. He is NOT the player who will be a step up from what we already have.

Fuckign hell, I think Arteta is better than him. but I guess somethign is better than nothing..

jack jack jack

Most likely it’s just one of a number of different bids we’re making, and this one just happened to leak out. If we’re planning on harvesting in 3-5 new players (think how many players we let go) then I think it’s a fine furrow to be ploughing. He would add some more creativity, and I think blogs is right in saying we’re lacking a bit on that front. Agreed it’s nowhere near our top priority but if we’re genuinely trying to strengthen our squad then I think we should be looking to bring in more players than just the bare… Read more »


Still Penny-pinching looking for deals. Said it on your site 4 yrs ago about how Arsenal make a lot of profits only to get taxed about half of it (instead of using to it strengthened the squad). I knew it because I’m part of the team (from an independent accounting firm) who audit Arsenal’s books yearly. I was viciously attacked by some AKB irrationalist. I still can’t see any logic in it (sit on profit only to be taxed almost half it it) when it wouldn’t be taxes if it spent. Another year of record profits (and record taxes to… Read more »

D Fresh

Shouldn’t we be bidding for defenders?


Great, panic stations have been activated. Cabaye is a superb player but he is not what we need. Arsenal already have Wishere, Cazorla, Ox, Arteta, Rosicky and Ramsey. We need a strong holding midfielder which we haven’t bought decent quality since Gilberto over a decade ago. This will let the other guys play in their more natural positions because starting with a midfield three of Wilshere, Rosicky and Ramsey as we did against Villa looks so weak. Also, where will the new goalkeeper, Central defender, Left winger and Striker that we desperately need come from???


Wenger is making Arsenal a laughing stock and it is getting a bit to much to take now. I feel embarrassed by his bids and arrogant ways.


We’ll never be as much of a laughing stock as Spurs though…

Bertie Penguin

Holy shit balls. That was a bit of an assault on the senses.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Bunch of wankers

the only sam is nelson

that’s fucking hilarious. the thing we all despair about – that top 4 is the end of our ambition – is the pinnacle of their hopes

just about sums the poor bastards up

ah well, fuck ’em.


It’s just too bad comments are disabled on that


Oh cool, another player we won’t sign.

Alex Manninger

NO ARSENE! I shall not get excited. Thanks for trying however.


I dread the day when there are no injury prone French players available.


In the current climate 10mil was never going to be anywhere near enough. I would personally like to see fellaini as well but that isnt gonna happen now is it.

Keith Jury

this is ridiculous. What a laughing stock we are. Why would any premiership manager/board sell to Arsenal? They know we are on the ropes and they know we are desperate. Total an utter mismanagement of a great football club. If this was a normal company there would be multiple resignations….

Richie Waweru

Hmmmm, Wenger has spotted a top top top top quality mighty fast. I wonder what brought this on?


I think he is a straight AM swap for the OX who I fear the worst for, i.e out all season which is such a shame as getting rid of the Gerv was his moment to shine!


Typical Wenger choice. We could use reinforcements in defensive midfield, strikers, wingers, center half, goal keeping The first and even right back. So, the first bid we do after a match plagued by injuries is for an injury plagued player in the only position we are well covered by Jack, Ramsey and Arteta (heck, even Cazorla and Rosicky can play there). To make it more trademark, it’s not accepted. Following this brilliant strategy our next move should be for a left back PS The fact that we go for a player we know well and was there the whole summer… Read more »


What is this ‘pick the team’ business he on about? Don’t you just play the 11 who are fit?


Or, in this case, the 8 who are fit.


He’s shit.


More demonstration of how much Wenger has lost the plot:
Sit around with his thumb up his arse all summer before making a bid that was never going to be accepted and was going to piss off the club who currently own them, for a player that doesn’t really to improve the squad’s quality.

He needs to go. Maybe the board and the CEO need to go too, but he needs to go.


Panic button officially smashed. And so the trolley dash begins. Shocking we put in a bid that is unacceptable…..I wonder how much room Wenger left there versus his “value of the player”? 97 quid? Good player. Have a hard time believing this is the top, top, top, top player Wenger will only consider bidding for. Or in the position we most need. If so then at 10 million…..uh….we need to work on the definition of top quality. Oh wait, he is French so 10 million pounds is really equal to 75 million pounds. It will be like a three-ring circus… Read more »


It is actually understood that Cabaye has told pardew he wants to leave thus the reason he’s not in squad and remember Pardew has said “we dont think is acceptable”meaning a compromise deal of around £12 could be struck. He’s not exactly what we need at the moment but at this point in time any new signing should get anyone out of the shitty mood we’ve been in.


I think wenger has also brainwashed Arsenal fans. Cabaye is worth 15-18 million pounds. Learn about football please. He is better then slow Ramsey and good defensively.


Doesn’t matter how much we offer, they won’t sell to a direct rival for the Europa League.


Ground hog day. Wenger would get top 4 with West Ham squad so don’t worry about that top 4 rubbish.




Fookin’ brilliant mate lol


Yohan say that again…


The funniest thing I’ve read all day

North Bank Gooner

Watch The Sun steal it!

Quality 🙂


Looking at the stars, pissing in an open ground.
More like a concrete ground nothing gets accepted just goes somewhere else. Thats been our whole summer.

Toby C

I really can’t understand this bid!!!

A) WE don’t really need another central midfielder
B) Why even bother bidding £10m?

If they increase it and it’s just the start of negotiations then fine but I doubt they will. Although the fact Newcastle have dropped him mean they might be keen to sell him. At the right price of course.

I know Wenger probably doesn’t read the papers but how can he be unaware of how much a player costs these days?

Am so depressed/frustrated/angry at the moment 🙁


What’s the point bickering about players we’ve not signed?” He is good, he is not good” yet when we miss out you start complaining.


Because we only want great players.


Panic bids. It really makes Arsene look terribly stupid when he bleats on about super quality signings all summer, then ends up buying super mediocre on transfer deadline.


I just don’t get it. Why why why why doesn’t Arsene sign a more defensive minded midfielder. Just watched G.Neville and Carra on Sky tear apart Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicknote’s positional play on and off the ball. Awful, amateurish etc etc…..what has Arsene been doing with these guys on the training pitch these last few weeks……years?! No amount of money or quality players will turn us into title contenders if the team isn’t being prepared properly.

Jim S

The problem is wenger hasn’t brought in a replacement for Arteta. When arteta is gone, our lack of a holding midfielder is exposed.


I like Kebab. Good player but he is a very Arteta type signing in that he will steady the ship and keep us plodding along. He isn’t gonna take us to the next level. I love Arteta, I wish we signed him years ago when we still had Cesc and I hope he finishes his career with us. I thought it was harsh that some were calling him a poor man’s Fabregas when we signed him. I love how he has reinvented himself in a deeper role….I’m not saying he is as good as Pirlo or Busquets but his stats… Read more »


i think the whole point in playing them now, as with Cesc from his teens, is they get better, faster.

Something i agree with entirely.


that way when they get really good we can sell them, meanwhile, while they are learning, we finish 4th.


@penfield Interesting you should mention Cesc, this what he said back in 2011 a few months before leaving: “It’s true that Arsenal have got a reputation of a team who play beautiful football, but don’t win anything, we won the FA Cup when I got here and we reached the Champions League final. However, we haven’t been successful since 2007, despite playing good football. That’s when you realise that it doesn’t work. We were in four competitions at one stage of the season, but we’re still empty handed, we have to make a decision whether we want to develop young… Read more »

Wengers White Soks

Wasn’t Arteta originally a deep laying sweeper type midfielder before he went to Everton?


Much like what’s been said before, he’s too
similar to Jack, Arteta and Ramsey.

I’m really sick of the default Wenger signing being small, weak but technically great, we have this player already (even in the youths). We need a big tough tackling defensive midfielder.

Bouldy, please do us a favour and shout this to Wenger while you stick his head down the London Colney toilets.

On, and Begovic, Micah Richards, Christian Eriksson, Diego Capel and Benteke would be lovely, thanks!


Well we need another Arteta because whenever he is injured we loose.

Insane Wanker

GK- Begovic
CB- Sakho
AM- Arda Turan
CDM- Fernando Reges
ST- Luis Muriel/Erik Lamela/Niang/Jackson Martinez
I believe those are some useful and realistic.


“Bring David Dein [back] and give Usmanov representation on the board if we are to have success going forward”. The biggest signings we could have……..


Yes! read a tweet from Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith. She absolutely regrets that the whole board is giving free lapdances to Stan. Would love to see Dein back.


Poor old Arsene hasn’t slept since Friday night, and is now slowly going mad locked in his bunker literally playing Football Manager.

As for Cabaye – not sure if he’s what we need.
Mind you though – he’s bloody handsome.

Jim S

That could work against us, as this could ruin Giroud’s confidence

Tryangle Gooner

Face it fellas, and I know it hurts to admit, but The Arsenal just isn’t an attractive proposition/opportunity for the “top, top, top qualiteeee” players that Mr. Wenger seeks to purchase. Teams like Chelsea, Man Utd, Barca, Bayern et al offers the opportunity of not just a pretty pay package, but also consistent chances for silverware. Other teams like Monaco, PSG, Anzi et al can offer massive pay packages and the consistent additions of talent will make them trophy contenders in the not too distant future. Unfortunately that, IMO, is why Arsenal are no longer a preferred destination for top… Read more »


Cabaye is already where he belongs. He is Newcastle quality.


If Cabaye is the solution, why wasn’t he purchased a month ago? Nothing but excuses from Wenger and more panic buying, such a fucking embarrassment.


Exactly. He int the solution. He is a panic buy we never intended to bid for. He s not top top quality or caviar or any of that. It makes a mockery of us.


I think Wenger was only successful because he inherited a solid back 4 and god of a GK. Defense wins titles. He has ran out of all ideas and its just depressing to watch him on the sidelines yelling at incompetent signings that we have made over these years. Would really love to see Usmanovic as the new owner, Dein instead of the fucking baldy Gazidis.

Jim S

Just because they convinced liverfool to pay 35mil for carrol (not too mention Roman’s men crush on Torres), doesn’t mean we are going to pay that much for Cabaye. They bought hime at 4.3 and expect 8x that in return? No team will pay that much for him, as he isn’t that good. Is he decent yes, maybe 13-18 in the current market, but Pardew has to realize his team sucks and any good team that comes along is going to unsettle Cabaye in a world cup year. To say he is your best player is just shows how crap… Read more »


He is their best player but that still doesn’t make him good enough for arsenal. Gustavo would have improved us.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Gustavo was never an option.

He wanted to stay in Germany one more year to gain citizenship.

Jim S

Gustavo was always going to Wolfsburg. The head of VW is on Bayern’s board and I’m sure there was quite a bit of back door dealings where that is concerned. Plus he was a guaranteed starter there, something Scolari made clear to all his players going into the World Cup was a requirement.

Its not even your money?!

He has been reading the papers all summer apparently. It only makes him more stubborn. The club is bigger than the vanity and legacy of 1 individual


I think the season of panic buy began today in typical fashion.


10m are we serious? What better way to piss off the selling club than by submitting a cheap ass bid just before their first game of the season.

The club is a shambles, wheres Ivan now after his hyping up in the summer? Or has arsene sent him to the naughty step for speaking out of turn.

Time for Mr Bould to come out and tell us just how bad this has got. Sadly its seeming that cunt Stewart Robson is on the right page with his criticism of wenger


So who are we going to under-bid for tomorrow?

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