Report: Arsenal 2-0 Fenerbahce


Arsenal: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Sagna, Mertesacker, Monreal, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Koscielny, Rosicky, Frimpong, Miyaichi, Gibbs, Sanogo

Arsenal are in Thursday’s draw for the Champions League group stages after a 2-0 against Fenerbahce this evening.

With Arsenal holding a three goal lead the game started slowly, but there were warning signs as the visitors looked to exploit the left hand side and got a number of crosses in early on.

And Fenerbahce had a golden chance to score first. Arsenal won the ball deep in their own half, lost it close to the area, they waltzed into the area, a shot was blocked, Sagna made a clearance which rebounded off their man and forced Szczesny into a very smart save.

Theo Walcott responded with a fizzing left footed effort which was easy for Volkan, before they got down our left hand side again but without causing any real problems. Good work from Cazorla and Wilshere created space for Giroud to shoot from 25 yards, but he curled his left footed effort wide.

The visitors fired beyond Szczesny’s post after a poor Walcott free kick allowed them to break, before Aaron Ramsey opened the scoring in the 25th minute. Arsenal broke through the middle, Podolski poked a pass through to Walcott, their defender slid in and got a touch but played it into the path of the Welshman who finished from close range to make it 1-0.

Ramsey was involved again setting Giroud free down the left hand side, but with Podolski awaiting a pull back the Frenchman went for goal from a tight angle and saw Volkan make a routine save.

Per Mertesacker picked up a yellow card for a foul on Sow and from the resulting free Bruno Alves fired not too far over the bar. And with half-time looming Arsenal have Wojciech Szczesny to thank for keeping them ahead on the night.

Sagna found himself wrong-footed by Emimenike, who ran the 8 miles to goal, and lashed a shot which the big Pole pushed onto the post. He then saved from point blank range as the ball came back in before Fenerbache hit the bar just as the offside flag went up.

The Gunners should probably have doubled their lead just before the break. Cazorla played a beautiful ball inside their full back for Monreal, he cut it back for Giroud who spooned it wide from close range. In his current form you’d have expected him to score it.

The second half began brightly for Arsenal with Podolski finding room down the left hand side, but after firing in a low cross he pulled up with a hamstring problem and was replaced by Kieran Gibbs. The German is now a massive doubt for Sunday’s North London derby.

Olivier Giroud then caught Bruno Alves with an elbow, requiring the Portuguese to have treatment for a cut eye. Arsene Wenger then took off the Frenchman, throwing on Yaya Sanogo to avoid any retribution.

Santi Cazorla forced a 64th minute save from Volkan, the keeper pushing a fierce left footed effort around the post. From the resulting Walcott corner Gibbs had a free header but bompled it over the bar.

The England winger nearly made it 2-0 as he saw a free kick from just outside the box, in a wide area, crash back off the crossbar,  before the referee showed a yellow card to Aaron Ramsey for some reason best known to him only.

He didn’t give a shit though, like a honey badger, as he doubled the lead just moments later. A fantastic Arsenal move down the left hand side saw Sanogo release Gibbs, the full back pulled it back into the area for Ramsey and his first time side-footed finish beat the keeper to make it 2-0.

More brilliant play from Santi Cazorla set up a chance for Sanogo but the Frenchman curled his shot over the bar, and as the game ran towards its finish the visitors got some snide fouls in on the Spaniard and Wilshere, leaving the Englishman limping at one stage.

Ryo Miyaichi came on for Theo Walcott, Fenerbahce continued to kick Wilshere at every opportunity, Cazorla hit the wall with a free kick, Jack had a decent shot on target, and in injury time Miyaichi set up Jenkinson who almost scored but for a great save.

In the end Arsenal saw the game out to go into the Champions League group stages.

Well played lads.

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szczęsny’s a fuckin springy lad, isn’t he?

(translation: chesney’s a fuckin springy lad, isn’t he?)

Sir Balls

After going 4-0 up, i was expecting an evening full of entertainment. However I nearly died of boredom !


why are you still here cunt??!

Sir Balls

Seems like you have an obsession or fetish with the female genitalia.

jack jack jack

You say that like it’s a bad thing.


Why did the boredom leave it at nearly eh?

Sir Balls

I did briefly wake up when Schzney rushed out from his goal line like a monkey.


It’s quite obvious who the monkey here is….

jack jack jack

I’m not the first to say it, but if you can’t enjoy that Balls, you need to find yourself a new hobby.

Sir Balls

Dont worry – I get my enjoyment seeing us thrash a top team, hopefully it will happen this season.

Norn Iron Gooner


Sir Balls

P.S. – Note to Wenger: Why play the full side then we are 3-0 up ?


because we’re playing in five days.

Sir Balls

The Spurs game is a massive 3 points – I would have rested all the 1st team.


The Sp*rs game is a massive 3 points – I would have rested all the 1st team.
Corrected for you, cunt.


erm coz you can’t play a half side….


unless you play five and a half Jenkinsons, Blogs can assert that.

Sir Balls

How true. How true.


why continue to say WE when you dont even support arsenal. Enjoy thursday night


Sir Balls, maybe I’ve not been paying attention, but I thought you’d gone! I’m so relieved to find our neighborhood troll has decided to stick around for another season.


because thats nearly all the players we have fit and available. if we had decent backup in quality and quantity, we might’ve rotated to avoid the risk of injuries to first choice players.




He scores when he wants…against Fenerbahce….he scores when he wants.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

This is not the same Ramsey that used to miss the simplest of chances. It can’t be. That second finish was insane. Well played indeed.

that wenger huh…he dont know much about judging players potential does he…he has seen like 100,000 players in real life or videos ..about 1,000,000 hrs of football but he dont know….the fans know and the media…

fuck the tottenham !


I love him too but looks a groin injury loves him abit more. I hope it’s not too serious FFS!

Poldi just when he’s hitting top gear this has to happen?

Hey Wenger *points to di maria you know what to do.


Ramsey’s LANF! (like a new fabregas)


i’d rather think of him as the new Ray Parlour.

jack jack jack

The Caerphilly Pele.


As great as Parlour was for us, Ramsey’s got more talent. He should be aiming for the level of Keane, Schweinsteiger, Seedorf…


We love him too.

Wilshere though needs to stop inviting challenges especially in a game where we are comfortable like this one.

The fener players looked like they wanted to take a piece of him home, the twats!. I could only imagine what was going through Arsenes mind…..

Player protection UEFA! ever heard of that?

Andy Mack

He always plays like that to some degree but usually dodges the final lunge (or rides it) to make a break. But he also expects the ref to protect him from the ‘hacking’ from behind, which this poor ref didn’t do.


Sanogo years away from being good enough to play in this team


cut him some slack please.. He had some good moments- like the build up to the 2nd goal. Give him sometime and then pass your judgement


My point is that if something happens to Giroud, we’re royally screwed. He may become a great player in the future but at this point we can’t rely on him




True. He should be loaned for this season to a club where he can start matches. Playing bit-part roles will only stall his growth as a player.

Jamerican guy

Andy Gray is such a CUNT!!! Take a bow Ramsey and Szczęsny.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Szczeny worries me

As he does us. but credit where due, for the past 2 games he seems to have got his head out of his arse and Is now doing a job.

good reflex saves, better handling and a cool head. will he carry on?
well…..lets wait and see.

Like Mad Jens did?


Szcz had a fine match but what worries me is he still lacks consistency, the most valubale quality for a goalie 😛

Big dawg

That was quick. Can you put up a 5-2 for this weekend in the morning?

Arsene's Nose

Feels fucking nice to watch an Arsenals match without a blood pressure metre close by.


They don’t call them sphygmomanometers anymore I reckon….


Rambo was class, good to see him adding goals to his much improved game. Another excellent display, bring on the scum!!!


A 25 man strong squad would have no trouble putting 5 past those match fixers. Too reliant on a small core of quality players, but already shafted for Sunday with only 5 injuries. Need Signings in at least five areas now!

Lagos Gunners

What the hell is the matter with you?! You are EXACTLY the sort of supporter Wenger was talking about when he mentioned brainwashing. If we lose, “Wenger OUT!” If we win, “If we had more players we would’ve scored FIVE!!” As though it’s not still only 11 players that play. Look, we ALL know we need more players and a stronger squad. But can you just enjoy the win for at least 24 hours before we go back to bitching? You say it like it’s a new idea that you came up with. Complaining about the squad isn’t unique or… Read more »

Double Canister

did you misspell ‘n’ for ‘m’?


Im afraid to go to bed. Surely my conscience will come haunting me in my dreams for once calling Ramsey ‘bad’ ..

Well played Mr.Ramsey, well played..


O.k , so the opposition weren’t great but a five nil spanking is bloody good work. Well done team. And manager.


Fernabache cunts should get a fucking permanent ban from european football!! Cunts

Arteta's perfect hair

Ramsey 2nd goal gave me an erection!


The sight of Giroud gives me an erection. GFG – Gay for Giroud


Stand by what I said last month. Ramsey could be in with a great shout for player of the year this year!

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Bit premature? He’s only played 4 games. If he plays like this over the course of the season then it could be incredible,

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Cazorla has been brilliant. In fact I quite fancy him to be in Pfa team of the year atleast


Big win. Good performance where does the injuries live us now?


Aaron Ramsey. Say. No. More.


Ramsey was magnificent, but Cazorla’s play was hard to believe at times. He did things with the ball that I’ve never seen before.

Rad Carrot

Rambo was awesome, as were Jack and Santi. Loved how Jack rubbed his massive testicles all over their cunty, cheating little pock-marked faces. Fucking dirty scumbags, will love it when they get kicked out of the CL forever.

Hope Jack and Poldi are alright, though. Have a nasty feeling that’s the latter out for a while.

And, uh, I know he’s new, but that Sanogo is a little bit… meh, isn’t he?


Why do the injury gods hate us so…

But loved the performance, Ramsay, what a boy and was so bleaked that Jenks shot didn’t go in would have loved to see him score!

We have a great group of players, please now Arsene, we’re in the Champions League, buy some players to improve this squad!


“We have a great group of players, please now Arsene, we’re in the Champions League, buy some players to improve this squad!”

Time for that 40 million + 2 bid now, eh Arsene?!

i kid, i kid…

Lagos Gunners

“I kid I kid…”

But seriously, though…


Where’s all the Ramsey hater’s now brilliant again Rambo well done my son


There you are godonner

jack jack jack

I for one am very much enjoying say ‘I told you so’ to the bastards who didn’t give him a chance. I heard a gooner in my college actually calling him a cunt last season – bet the scumbag is loving him now.


He was rightfully criticized when he was poor. I have no quarrel with those who finally see he’s a top player.

jack jack jack

His leg was snapped in half. He was not rightfully criticised.


Rightfully criticised? abused more like!! why do our supporters lack patience?/ he was f**ckin 19 and ppl were questioning his parentage…i fear the same neanderthals will start getting on Sanogo’s back when the longer he doesn’t score…lets get behind the WHOLE team for a change…p.s…Ramsey was the nuts but Cazorla was the ice cream


Sad to see podi get injured, he was v good the last few games, and what can I say about Rambo, beast comes to mind


By most people’s standards, Adrian Chiles aka Ray Mears, aka Bungle from Rainbow is an idiot. But tonight, he had a point – in Ramsey and Wilshere we have a serious midfield for years to come.


Well pleased for the lad Ramsey. Great strike for the second. Long may his good form continue.


Great stuff… do we have any players left alive though?


Comfortable game. Worried a bit about podolski, an injury just after what I feel was one of his better games in an arsenal shirt must be hard to take (Fulham I mean) Ramsey is playing out of this world at the minute and I’m not just referring to his goals. Absolutely over the moon for him. Our depth is still questionable.. Sanogo is raw and clumsy and miyaichi isn’t ready for us. Gotta say I’m a little concerned about wilshere. His game is based around running at people. Which is great in and around the box because it is *less*… Read more »

Wise One

You made a really good point on Wilshere. Can be cazorla’s understudy for now. (Assuming we get these highly sought out additions)


Ramsey slows our attack… Fuck I’m still stuck in 2012.
Great to see Rambo back in Top Form!

Dancing Cannon

Good game guys. Sanogo’s 1st touches though leaves so much to be desired.

mental strength

Call my name please, by the way Rambo MOTM, COYG !!!


Has anybody else notice that Ramsey didn’t stay till the last whistle? Hope it’s not an injury or whatsoever.

Amazing performance by Aaron, happy for the lad.


that was quick, Rambo was awesome yet again, and how about carzola, he managed to catch up after missing the preseason warm ups. I think Fenerbache played better than the first leg but overall very poor, but glad we have secured champions league and regardless of the opponent performance, the win will give our players much needed confidence boost. 8 goals in 3 games not a bad return, It will be an interesting season if we add a couple of world class players. Agree with Podrick, Sanogo is one for the future. Hope Rambo is ok, not sure why he… Read more »

Dial Square Charity XI

No mention of the Mertesacker pirouette?

jack jack jack



Haters always hide when things are going well. I think a win on Sunday might make them fuck off forever.


Who’s going to play on the left wing Sunday? Hopefully not Cazorla, need him central. Need an out and out winger, although unlikely the Di Maria deal would be much appreciated!

Lord theo

Theo needs 2 play on the left where he can cut in and shot with his stronger foot his very good at cutting in 4rm da right but if he does it 4rm there he has 2 shot with his left n we all he has a weak left foot. All goal scoring wingers play on the side of their weaker foot 4 a reason.


you should read the 4rum rules


Pleasantly surprised at how the midfield is doing without Arteta; not that I don’t very much miss the perfect hair and Spanish presence in the middle


True.. but then thats a lot to do with Ramsey’s form..


I’d still much rather have Arteta at DM than Wilshere or Rosicky.

Mohamed rashwan

So Aaron Ramsey scored 14 goals for Arsenal in all competitions, 4 of them against Fenerbache!


I hate being an ‘I told you so’ wanker, but I always had a feeling young Master Ramsey would come good in the end. Injuries like that are so horrific that they can take years to heal fully (and sometimes they don’t mend perfectly). He really, really deserves a great career, and it’s so nice to see him finally hitting the heights he was starting to reach before that vicious thug attacked him. Now, let’s destroy Tottenham and put them back in their place, the pathetic, jumped up little cunts.


‘Vicious thug’?

You are being very kind to the knuckle dragging shitcunt there!


Don’t lie, you love it just like the rest of us.


I defer to your description, Mr Spacktard.

RC Motors

Excellent ball from Gibbs for the second goal. Good to see he got his head up and saw Rambo steaming in and dinked the ball in beautifully for him.


We now BADLY need another striker. Podolski would get us about 20 goals but it looked like a serious hamstring injury.

I’m expecting some major activity soon. Would love to see a CDM who can protect Wilshere and also we need another defender. Szcz has turned it around but I would still get another goalie to keep him on his toes.

dik low

great game. this Spanish speaking Guy in the director’s box kept saying we’ve met before. never seen him before.

off to Spain tonight. Need to hunt down Mata’s dad before the window closes.

Big L HoP

I want to like this twice.


Worries me sick that we just have a good 1st team. No top top quality in depth. Arsene had better spend some fucking money ASAP…

Big Chief from Antarctica

5-0 on aggregate. Couldn’t ask for more. Well done, Arsenal! COYG!


so when will Real Madrid bid £90m for Ramsey?

Yvan C

I have to say sorry to Rambo, I did not believe in him, this was a total smack in the face, now I see clearly, bring on the scum! COYG!!!!


2ND goal was awesome what a move and the finish was a touch of class


Job done. Another 35 million quid in the bank. Bring on Spurs.
Show some real ambition. Five new top top top quality signings.
No more 4th place is a trophy. Lets win the EPL.

Double Canister

thank’s for the advice,
Robin Van Persie


My god fenerbache are shit. Solid win. Ramsey, chesney and sani top boys. Jack looked rusty, and to be fair he looked like he had a niggle not long into the game……dont help when your fouled 20 times during the game but should have been subbed on the hour.
Sanogo looked tidy, didnt get much around he box. I laughed when miyachi lost it and then went hunting, i was waiting for a foul or pen!
Job done. Now lets get back to buisness….Transfer buisness!!

John Air

Why does Wilshere have to be the one standing up for himself?? All that crap wont fly if the team got around and supported their man


Ramsey’s a beast! Bring on the fucking spuds. Last time I checked, it was 5 past 2! Hope Podolski and Jack is ok. COYG!


I believe Ramsey was booked because he was asked to go off the field to fix his boot and he came back on without the referee’s permission, even though the ball was on the far side of the field.


What more can I say…all hail King Rambo..he’s gonna hold his own againt Xavi and job done..gimme something to be excited about asides from Rambo’s form


Aaron Rambo