Saturday, December 10, 2022

Sagna: I’ll do my best at centre-half

Bacary Sagna has pledged to do his utmost to help the team as he’s called on to fill in for Laurent Koscielny as Arsenal face a centre-half crisis.

The Frenchman is suspended for the trip to Craven Cottage and with Thomas Vermaelen still injured it leaves the club with just one fit centre-half.

Sagna will slot in alongside Per Mertesacker against Fulham, and quipped he likes the position because it requires less energy than full back.

“I enjoy centre-back because, first of all, you run less,” he told the Mirror, “but you have to stay focused mentally all the time and stay strong because it’s all about winning the game.

“I enjoy playing at centre-half and will play in any position for my team. I still need to improve if I am to play there again but it was great because we didn’t concede any goals and for defenders that is the most important thing.

“I might be playing centre-back at Fulham because we have injuries and Laurent is suspended. I will do my best and try to win three points.”

When you consider that we could easily have been without Sagna – both PSG and Monaco showed real interest in him this summer – it would have left us in a real mess.

Aside from being our best right, his experience and quality means he can fill in in the middle, and let’s hope he can stick it to Berbatov and co on Saturday.

Frankly, anyone who doesn’t love Sagna is dead inside. Dead.

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Like a new Sagna!


Sagna has been huge for us. As much as fans groan and complain whenever Arsene signs a player that no one has ever heard of from Ligue 1, players like Sagna and Koscielny makes it worth it. Remember when Arsene signed Kos 3 years ago from Lorient? People said we signed another no-name player. A player who played in Ligue 2 the year before. But look at Koscielny now. Not only is he indispensable to our team, he is the best defender on the French national team. Hell, even Bayern Munich wanted to steal him away. I can only hope… Read more »


Was Sagna rubbed down from a solid piece of ebony over 1000 years, by the palms of a hundred Tibetan monks?

Yes, yes he was.


One of a kind.


Is it possible that Wenger is thinking of moving Sagna from the RB position to CB since he’s entering his later stage of his professional career? In other words, instead of getting an unknown/unproven 4th CB, Wenger opted to move Sagna and utilize him as our 4th CB and get a new RB who can compete with Jenkinson. Based on what Sagna has shown us so far, I don’t think it is a bad idea, nor is it an impossibility. Give this man a new contract!


The only problem with this, is that Jenks becomes our first choice right back – which is sub -optimal.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Agreed Jenks needs another season of mentoring by Sagna before taking over as first-choice RB. It doesn’t mean Jenks shouldn’t be starting more games at RB than Sagna though. This could be a transition season where Sagna plays 1/3rd the games at RB, 1/3rd at CB, and 1/3rd resting. Jenks can start 1/2 the games at RB. The remaining 1/6th of games Hector Bellerin should be given the chance at RB. Once Vermaalen is healthy again, I’d much rather we go with what we have (3.5 centrehalves – the 0.5 being Sagna) rather than buy Ashley Williams who strikes me… Read more »

Ray of the X-Rays

Sagna is simply awesome!

Arsene's handkerchief

One of the most under rated defenders in the premier league ever, we love you Bacary, please Arsene give the man a contract!


I remember when he first joined the club. Looked like he had been playing in the EPL his whole life. The definition of a solid defender.


I’ve run out of adjectives for this man. Just give him another contract Arsenal. We need more of this around the club. Bravo Sagna!


Agreed, Sagna is a warrior. One of Arsene’s best signings. People were quick to write him off too. Idiots.

merde bag

Is it possible that hes our best centre back?


We all love him and everything, but there’s no need to get carried away.


He is such a great guy, and what a defender, just stay away from the opposition’s final third, lol.


the header against the spu*s ?

Its not even your money?!

He’s a real fighter on the pitch and another one to call for additions to the team. He’s fucking brilliant.


To think we had plenty of “Gooners” and the media calling for sagna’s sale last season after giving away a pen to yanited, the lad only suffered 2 ankle breaks yea? Sometimes, even though wenger is especially infuriatingly slow and ponderous when it to transfers, you can see what he means when he says that most fans and the media know fuck all about players. Lets not forget that bac is and has always been a proper gunner, from blanking that cunt adebayor out followed by rvp, i wish we had more sagnas when you consider that 1) he’s great… Read more »

Glen Helders soul-glo

He didn’t “blank” Adebayor, in the longer version, he gives Ade a hug and is all smiles.

mr man

I hope he wins something with Arsenal – he deserves it


Gotta love the (centre)Bac-Man, guys a beast, Arsenal should do all they can to get him to sign an extension, give the guy 90k per week.
Deffinate vice captain material.


This man I love and adore, ever seen one to walk the talk well bacary sagna is that. he could go through walls for this team and any that’s what any true fan at any club would ask for.

Only one bac!


Give this man a new contract. I’m still pissed that Kolo Toure didn’t retire at Arsenal. We need to keep our experienced players. Aside from the BritCore I wish Sagna, Arteta, Koscielny and Szczesny will retire at Arsenal. We have let good experienced players go too early far too often. Man Utd and Chelsea have proven the value of always having 3-4 old heads who are loyal to club in the first team squad.


Sagna, U̶̲̥̅̊’ are A̶̲̥̅ true gunner! Arsene,give dis man A̶̲̥̅ new contract! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee


Not wanting to shit on everyone’s parade here but am I the only one thinking about what the puck we will do if Mert or Back gets injured?


We’ll be in a tough spot. Just like Chelsea would be if they were without all of Luiz, Cahill, and Terry. Or ManU would be if they were without Rio, Vidic, and Jones. Or City would be if they lost Kompany, Lescott, and Nastasic. You can’t carry fifty CBs. It’s a very rare situation to have three of your top four CBs all be unavailable at the same time. And you can’t plan for every possible contingency, just the ones that are likely enough to justify the cost of the covering measure. So we’ll get someone that usually plays another… Read more »


Sagna’s commitment can’t be Questioned. The lad is fully Bac!!!


He’s been out best player for years.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Never won player of the year.


Give him what ever he wants for a new deal ffs! We need players as committed as him

Gearoid Kelly

Great to see such a flood of positive comments after all the vitriol of the last few days/weeks. We do, after all, have to marry voicing any discontent with still supporting the few top players we have got and are busting a gut for the Arsenal.


So buy a RB then. it’s done, Sagna for cover CB then sign richards for RB who happens to be a massive gooner!. will make a solid back 4.


Can we all agree now, Sagna player of the season.


“When you consider that we could easily have been without Sagna – both PSG and Monaco showed real interest in him this summer – it would have left us in a real mess.”


So, so true. Convincing him to stay / his decision to stay was one of the best ‘transactions’ of the summer.

Now, if we can just get the support he and the rest of the players deserve for their commitment to the club…

petits handbag

Best right back ever in the premier league. What’s that Shearer, Hansen & Owen…Gary Neville or Danny Mills. Go fuck yourselves cunts, we’ve got our own Bac. So good a number 2 we had to give him 3. Someone else link that header against Spuds, I’m too lazy.
If we ever put up a statue of the man it should be ball in one hand, fist clenched in the other screaming “FUCK YEAH”

Glen Helders soul-glo

Him & Zabaleta are very similar but the Argentinean shades it as he is much better going forward.


If money is what is holding up the contract negotiations I cant understand why nobody deserves it more. They might be worried about his injury record but Sagna picking up his wages when injured wouldn’t bother me at all hes earned it.

Gervinho's barber

Sagna will do a Sergio Ramos

Glen Helders soul-glo

Dye his hair bleach blonde? Hope not.


When you recover that fast from that fall, he’s clearly made of an adamantium-laced skeletal structure! Sagnarine..
Scratch that name..

Pete The Gun

Nice to see us all agreeing on how important and a good player return of the Bac is. Good luck sat boys!


Sanyas relly goot playa. Afta redden dis I reliz dat shes mine favreet playa.


Did you fall down and hit your head on something?


Haha!! Bloggs, is that verbatim what he said? If that’s the case, read it carefully, he says “when I played there, we didn’t concede any goals, which as a defender is the most important thing”. Does playing right back not count as a defender? That explains a lot about our defence if that’s the mindset!

I breathe Arsenal

I love sagna


Love the man but fuck! How is it in the second league game of a brand new season do we end up with our best right back playing in the middle!?? I know it is old ground but the club are sending him out to the press for propaganda purposes to cover over their deficiencies in the market and abject bad management. So we all buy it and say, bac, what a fucking leg end when really we should be protesting in the strongest terms to the club about this awful situation! I mean what the fuck Arsenal?! I have… Read more »


*Coff* Legend. LEGEND. *coff*


We should never have got to this point. If we didn’t have a senile madman running the club then we would actually have a reserve to come in,
But he thinks that the season still hasn’t started yet.


Mos t of the central defenders at top teams are at least 6 ft tall. Sagna is 5 ft 10. I know it’s temporary but surely when Wenger buys anyone he shd consider the physical attribute besides the footballing skills. The gk,cd,md and striker need top of the range players.Take for example his panic buying spree in 2011. If Arsenal had not lost 8-2,he would not have bought the five. Of the 5, I would rate Arteta as a good buy. The German is ,imho,an accident waiting to happen as in the Villa game. My hope is Wenger doesn’t cause… Read more »


Dear progman07, kindly refer to bacary’s header against tottenscum and then rethink your life. Thanks


Spend some fucking money on this lad


Why haven’t we bought a central defender is the million dollar question. We have no cover as it is now in central defence should anything happen on saturday. I just hope for the best


Love him he should be given a new contract end of story


Sagna is my second favorite arsenal player of all time. My favorite arsenal player of all time is Dennis Berkamp. I don’t know why he should not be given a maximum contract. Some players are just exceptional just like Giggs, Scholes, Puyol, andvSeedorf to nameva few.Wenger please sign him for at least three years. He is just humble and loyal to the team.

S j little

Other clubs dont carry four cebtre backs that are injury prone. And they dont count injured players as new signings long before they become fit again

S j little

Sagna is now too slow for full back, he was part responsible for a lot goals against last season. But he must be kept on as Centre beck where is excellent and he is a great warrior. This cant be said of Kosceinly who dangles himself about too much and gives away free kicks and penalties, however, he has improved as it seems the coaching staff have given him some helpful advice.


I won’t be in the stadium so anyone who is needs to start the “sign him up” chant when Sagna inevitably floors someone


Sagna is my second favorite arsenal player of all time. My favorite arsenal player of all time is Dennis Berkamp. I don’t know why he should not be given a maximum contract. Some players are just exceptional just like Giggs, Scholes, Puyol, and Seedorf to name a few.Wenger please sign him for at least three years. He is just humble and loyal to the team.


We love u sagna we do, we love u sagna we do, we love u sagna we do, whoo sagna we love u, ( and so on )


Do ya think Mertersacker looked over to Sagna in that right back position and sang to him (to the tune of “Valerie”) “Why don’t you come on over…Bacary”

Where did I put that coat….


Hmmm…..Bacary Sagna:

1. Beast
2. Class
3. Team
4. Effort
5. Commitment
6. Titanium
7. Gunner
8. Selfless
9. Reliable
10. Beast

Contract for Sagna please Arsene….



Unspoken hero, and u just no he loves it at arsenal


A gooner at heart. Sagna my hero. Cmon boss, give this man his new contract. We Love him so much.


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