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Serge ready to Gnab his chance

Serge Gnabry has played a big part in pre-season, featuring regularly on the tour of Asia and starting yesterday in the Emirates Cup against Napoli.

The young German is very highly regarded by Arsene Wenger and the coaching staff, and says his increased involvement has made him feel comfortable in and around the more senior players.

“I’ve been with the first team from the start this summer,” he told the official site. “Last year I had my injury and my operation so I’m feeling really good and great when I play in the team.

“Going on tour gave me a lot of confidence. Hopefully it can continue the way it has been going for me. We’re feeling good and we’re a good team this season. I feel part of it.”

The powerful winger came close to scoring yesterday, seeing his lob float just over Pepe Reina’s bar, and Arsene Wenger is a keen admirer of the former Stuttgart youth.

“What I see is the potential,” he said. “I don’t have many opportunities to make these players realise what is needed at the top level. I can only use the pre-season games in that and that is where they can see ‘oh, what a shock that is, the level I have to get to’ and to get used to that pace.

“That’s why I try to use these kind of games. You want of course to prepare well, not lose the games, and of course give experience to young players. Sometimes that is very difficult.”

With Gervinho on the way out of the club, it remains to be seen if Wenger will use Gnabry on a more regular basis or send him out on loan to get more experience, but having thrown him in at the deep end last season, Arseblog News suspects he’s going to be part of the squad for the upcoming campaign.

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Giroud motm yesterday got himself about offensively and defensively

Richard Pitts

Odd, how if you took the time to type ‘was’, ‘;’, ‘he’ and ‘.’, (a grand total of 9 keystrokes) your comment turns from inarticulate, garbled wrongness into articulate wrongness instead.


Koscielny every day of the bloody week, for my money.


Kos was fantastic, my vote goes to Rosicky though, love that guy!

Indonesian Gooner

I dunno, he looks another david bentley..hope not though. Esp as we look set to sign absolutely no one.


Now now – You’re just mad that you didn’t get your ” 5 mins to fame” when you first did the Indonesian version of The Running Man, the team bus just sped on forward without having much of a look at your fatty arse.

Deal with it.

Kieran C

Gnabry? Another bentley? I’ve never laughed so much! Gnabry has one of if not the most fantastic attitude in the U21 team. Just a ridiculous comment on your behalf.

Oz Gooner

And besides, he’s not good looking enough to go off the rails like Bentley did


He’s a pacy and strong lad who will do well with us I’m sure. Good vision too, just missing out on lobbing Reina yesterday…

Amaury Bischoff

he is not look like german or have name like them.


Suppose you will be telling me frimpong doesn’t look english next…

Kieran C

Gnabry is a german name and he’s got an Ivorian mother hence why he doesn’t “look” german.


I Don’t know if hes trolling or just gone full retard


He is not ready to be in a team that SHOULD be challenging for top honors but seeing as we’re only going to try to win our special ‘4th place trophy’, i suppose he’ll have to do.


Anyone else think Podolski had a shocker yesterday? Don’t know if the penalty miss knocked his confidence, but he just got worse and worse as the match went on. I reckon we’ll be seeing Cazorla out on the left a lot more this season.

johnny bravura

Agreed, he was real bad, but it’s only preseason tbh so lets not rush to conclusions. I’m sure there LP will have the all action performances we saw glimpses of last season and with a fixed ankle, I hope it becomes a regular thing.


I hope not, Cazorla is our best CM. I’d rather see Podolski and the Ox out wide, with Rosicky playing CM sometimes.


Good to see we have these talented young players. This guy in particular has huge potential. Good luck to him.


With any luck, we might get to see a bit of Zelalem today.


it would have been so fucking great had he managed to score that lob against the bald thieving shitcunt yesterday.


I’m glad you left

Rad Carrot

Hmm. He was abjectly bad yesterday, but I’ve seen him put in some good shifts.

I think this season will make or break him. I wouldn’t like to throw him on as a game-changer, but when you’ve got a squad of 16, there’s not much else we can do.


How on earth can this season be make or break for him when he’s only 18?


Yes i agree with amaury. He does not look german. Does he speak german by any chance?


Zelalem is an american by the way… With a nice accent. Why do people say he is eithiopian? He’ll play for the red white and blue soon enough.

johnny bravura

sorry, but American? As far as understood it, he was scouted I’m America, but is not from they’re. His family emigrated to German from Ethiopia and became German citizens, that’s how he’s a dual Ethiopian and germ,an national. his family moved to the USA and that’s where he got scouted.

Do your homework mate.

Polish Gunner

He’s available to play for both Ethiopia and Germany, he played his last game for Germany U16 last April, against France U16.

Kieran C

Oh dear…. Ethiopian parents, born in germany, lived in America for 10 years. Also why would anyone with a brain choose America over Germany?

Dai Gooner

People talk shit here too much these days


If Wenger manages to get this team into the top four i will NEVER EVER doubt him again…even if he brings Kanu out of retirement and plays him as an overlapping left-back!

Oz Gooner

I’m really confused by the headline, is it a play on the word grab or nab?

Champs Magnétiques

Grab. Y’know like Serge Grabry.

Wenger's nose

Gernabry was sh1t yesterday, Kos was immense.


On gnabry, I think his star will shine more on the left. It was tedious on the right for him. I suspect the team could have done better if he swapped positions with Lpodolski.


Zelalem would be available to play for the USA since he’s lived there all his life mate… Face it, they wont go back to germany or africa…. Why would they? He’s practically american anyway. Hope he plays for the US though….i mean the place to be is always gonna be america for zelalem’s family.


Playing for germany u16s does not mean he would play for germany. Look at ryan giggs… He played for england at youth level for fuck sake. He dumped england for wales did he not? So why can’t gedion dump germany for team USA?


Perhaps he wants to win something?


Because for starters team USA is actually shit.. There ain’t gonna be some Hollywood shit where team USA is down 10-0 agaisnt ze Germans at half time and their coach delievers an Oscar winning speech and team USA magically wins the trophy full time 20-10..

World series my arse..


no they arent shit but they arent great either,at youth level actually USA are actually good unlike england


Oh yeah?? Where in the rankings are team USA against the mighty Germans??

I rest my case.. And who cares about England..


Why would he choose america over germany? Simples… His family is settled in the states right now. Why would they move back to germany if they have a good life in the states? America needs players like gedion to take it to another level. Germany has loads…


Zelalem seems to have Gnabbed the topic right now, all I wanna know is How did we get here??

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2013-2014 = 2003-2004

This kid Gnabry is the real deal. Using him to replace Gervinho is not about the money, it’s about ‘stepping up’ in quality. If Wenger gives him half a season chance in the senior squad I think he’ll be as good as Robben or Ribery by Febuary/March.

Akpom and Miyaichi are the ones who need to go out on loan.

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