Wenger: Bendtner could stay and play


Arsene Wenger has admitted that Nicklas Bendtner could be used by Arsenal this season as the chance of the striker finding a new club recede.

Despite being linked with countless clubs, including Hull, West Brom and Crystal Palace in the last week, Bendtner’s wages have made a transfer away almost impossible.

And at today’s press conference, the Arsenal manager said he hasn’t ruled out bringing the Dane back into the team.

“The chance for him to leave now is very small,” he said. “If he comes back well and gets fit, I will use him.”

Arsenal are light on striking options, and Bendtner is currently the second highest goalscorer at the club from the current squad with 45.  Only Theo Walcott has scored more (63).

There’s still time for an emergency deadline day loan, like in the last two transfer windows, but like with players coming in, we’re not holding our breath.

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“we can do things that will surprise you”


oops, misquoted in my haste

“We can do some things which would excite you”

excited yet?


Excited? I was at the end of last season. Truly.

I just want to wake up and be told, ‘There, there, luv, it was all a bad dream – a very bad dream’. Of course, there’d be some woozy background music to put up with.

But there’s no way I’m putting up with Nicklas (it’s like re-signing him on a free) Bendtner.

Counting the days to the AGM.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

To be honest, I am excited in away, because now the whole world knows Arsene is a stubborn little man and he puts himself before the club and fans. Football has moved on and he stuck with 1998 transfer prices, he wants to buy today players with 15 years ago transfer fee or nothing and to hell with Arsenal football club. I hope this will be his last year at running our club then go, enough of his madness and using our great club for his mad experiments. And we get our supporters united again, not The Arsenal supporters V… Read more »


Love Wenger for what he’s done for the club and the level we reached. Love him for the invincibles and some of the best football I’ve ever seen , ever, by any team but this now has gone beyond a farce.

Stop this now Arsene , I’m pretty much begging here.


Do you people actually realise there are professional sports finance people that work on valuing potential transfer targets at Arsenal. It is absolutely naive to think Arsene is the man that places value on players. Does he also draft their contracts, add-ons and determines what potential sell-ons these players have? Guess what, there are appropriate models for valuing these things and it is done by professionals not Arsene Wenger. This is contrary to the trash blogs and the media have been spewing all over. They make it seem like the man has the ability to dip his hands on finances… Read more »

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Chimasacker, You are using yesterday excuses no one buys any more, you actually stopped short of saying BUT WE DON’T HAVE MONEY. The whole world knows and he said it himself, Arsene control the value of players and how much wages we should pay. just look the insane wages Bendtner and his like on. Arsene and the club could have paid Bendtner off or finish him off by sticking him in the reserve, just like we did with the likes of Sheesha man, Arshavin and Squd. To say what Arsene said to play him again it is like insulting the… Read more »


Arsene is not THE problem but A problem, only one of the problems with this company. Arsene could also be part of the solution too.

Now let’s hear ya- “butbutbut Super Stan doesn’t take any dividends! He’s like a cuddly teddy bear! I’d rather trust a good capitalist American than an evil communist Russian!”


IG: “Our biggest expense is our wage bill. It’s not something that we simply stumble upon by accident. There is a massive amount of thought that goes into it by some very very smart and thoughtful people at the club including Harvard analysts and Arsene Wenger himself is a pretty smart mathematical guy. I have been doing that myself for 14 years at Major League Soccer, where I was responsible for the management of the player pool within a budget.” That is how a professional football club is run. It is not a grocery store, you have a lot of… Read more »


Chimasacker, haven’t we just sold all our deadwood that’s taking up the wage bill, bar Bendtner? Now what’s the next excuse? Mind you, there are 19 other professional football companies being run in the EPL, and every one of them, except us, has successfully signed players more or less equivalent to their current calibre. And let me get to the bottom of what you’re implying, no matter what sort of words you dress up your argument with. That we Arsenal fans, who call for the company to spend, “just don’t understand”, while Wenger, Gazidis and the people running the company… Read more »


“Stan Kroenke doesn’t take any dividends. He said so himself and wrote it down in the annual report.”

“We’re in the Champions League for the 16th time in a row.”

“We’ve built a new stadium.”

“There was no top, top quality on the market to improve our squad.”

“Cazorla was lacking a little bit the sharpness because he has just come back from Nepal and I played him for a 120-minute cup tie.”

“We will challenge for 4 competitions.”


Look I am not an “Arsene knows best” fan. What is important is that I speak out given the misinformation and half truths being put out in the media. Like Gazidis tells you there, a lot of thought goes into their decisions. It is not based solely on what other clubs do. You have to take into consideration both internal and external factors. That the media reports daily how a “war chest” of millions is available to spend but the man has chosen not to spend it is complete nonsense. If you identify targets and it turns out that you… Read more »


The UK media is the last source of information I would trust. Even behind Stan. I don’t know what Stan’s intentions are, but the UK media actively try to undermine Arsenal. Be it jealousy, xenophobia, conservativeness, revenge. It was never like us to sign celebrities like Suarez. We don’t have a war chest, and we probably never will even if we pay £10,000 per ticket, because the money will go to somebody else. Therefore, I, too, agree that we have to sign players within our reach. But we’ve spent £0 this summer, signing Flamini and Sanogo, while letting 27 players… Read more »


What Xenophobia? All the top 4 clubs have foreign owners and a many clubs have foreign managers. Many teams even have more foreigners in their starting line up Arsenal. Fuck off with weak excuses. Seen Wenger in that conference today? He looked that woman in the eye and said: “I am completely happy with the way our transfers and things run at Arsenal. It wont change”. Conference a few weeks back though he conceded that “ideally you want things done earlier but we work hard” (regarding transfers).. chatting complete bollocks today you could hear it in the tone of his… Read more »


Just pfft when you read half the post and argue against the poster, not realising that the poster is actually on the same side as you and agrees with what you’re arguing. The tension has deflated =D


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Signing a new player is a contest of wills between four groups of people (Arsenal, the player, his agent, the selling club), all of whom have different aims. It is never a case of “Here is x pounds. Sign here.” The transfer window is designed (well, has evolved) such that as the end of the window nears people begin to get more desperate, and teams who sell suddenly find they are cash rich and dive straight back in to grab some new players. The contest of wills becomes a game of chicken with a player and millions of pounds as… Read more »


–Important– We still need quality. Last year, the exact same group of players showed that a slight dip in form and they could lose to Norwich, Swansea, Bradford, draw with Villa and whoever else all within a month. Therefore we scraped 4th. We could do better this year, but there’s an equal chance that we could do worse. –Very important– We definitely need squad players. We don’t have that reserve team to play in the League Cup anymore, we don’t have anyone to play in an injury crisis, and fuck Bendtner. Last week a few of us counted on this… Read more »


Hang on a minute CHIMSaCKER, Arn’t you reading IVAN GAZIDIZ CV !! Isn’t it funny how that was HIS Job…….Who R u ??????????


Previous pst was for Bonjour!!


You REALLY want to know!! its Known AS, wait for it…………………
The “ArMUDA Triangle”,
Kroenke,Arsene & Ivan. Where Strange Dissappearances of money & transfer targets are Happenning. BEWARE THE AMERICAN (& Canadian!) FRANCHISE SYSTEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eg:- Dallas Cowboys, Most Valued NFL club in america ( 2.4 Billion dollars!!), When was their last trophy………..17 F’in years ago!! Franchise means..Dont PUNT MORE than your winnings !!

Sebastian A.C.

I’m excited. Yes, seriously. It’s friday and we, all of us, Arsenal fans and collective receivers of this swift kick in the gonads, have one hell of a reason to get SERIOUSLY drunk for the next 72 hours.

Cheers, everybody. This party is awesome.




Just like a new signing!!

Teri Maa Dhi


Sebastian A.C.

NickLANS Bendtner.


Like A Negative Signing.

Total players brought in: ONE

When is the madness going to stop! I hope this is all a nightmare and when I wake up on September 3rd, Arsenal will have 3 major new signings and Bendtner’s been sold!

The '92 Away Kit

this makes me a sad panda


I like bendtner, he can score. I remember Gunnerblog wrote a review of the memebers day a couple of seasons back and he was talking about how Bendtner was putting it in the net at will from different positions. When he played for Arsenal he wasn’t shite at all. He got us goals to be quite honest. I agree that hes been erratic the last couple of seasons but he can score so if we’re not getting in anyone else, then might as well use him. I don’t think hes fit enough though like Flamini is/has become. Flamini probably came… Read more »


I’m a reasonably new reader and i still haven’t worked out what TGSTEL means! Can someone help me out!


the greatest striker that ever lived


I suppose when you think about everything that’s happened it’s inevitable, now Wenger is trotting out the line ‘if we can’t do what we want there won’t be any panic buys’, in other words whatever deals we are involved in are not going to plan.
Plan! did I say plan, oh dear.

Toby C

Just in case you weren’t sure, it’s sarcastic 🙂


The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived
(in his mind)


EXCLUSIVE: Tony Adams and Bergkamp signed on 1 year contract in sensational double swoop from memory lane!


ahahahahahahahahahaha, ahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ahahahahahahahahahaha, ahahaha, ahahaha, ahaha … aaaaa … *sobs*


I live in Vancouver, Canada. Seriously getting tired of getting up at 4:30 saturday/sunday mornings to watch Arsenal. That leaves me looking like shit for the rest of the afternoon. Need to consider getting season tickets for Vancouver Whitecaps or Seattle Sounders. Not as exciting as Arsenal but will make up for nice family outings and lower expectations. Don’t really think Arsenal’s management is completely unmindful of the fact that this drama is alienating fans instead. Haven’t seen too many “new” Arsenal ‘fans’ in the last little while, while those for teams like Chelsea, ManU, even Man City are popping… Read more »

Edu's fake passport

Why do you think that is?

Because every one always supports the team that are winning trophies at the time


That will be a huge problem in the future when revenue is considered


Meh. I want to see Bendtner sold to RealClubdeTGSTELFCRovers and then loaned back to us for the season, thus completing the greatest LANS coup story ever. Ever.

Now THAT would surprise and excite me.


I’m not sure if I’m crying of laughter or crying of despair. I just don’t know anymore


JAVIER PASTORE: One descent striker out there who could be available for good money.

i’m sick of Arsenes excuses!

Cyril Washbrook

Pastore is not a striker.


Neither is Bendtner! fuck this shit!


a) Pastore isn’t a striker.

b) He’s on £150,000 a week at PSG, so Wenger would have to destroy our wage structure to secure him.

c) He hasn’t been that good recently. He peaked at Palermo.

d) What else is Wenger expected to say about Bendtner? “Yes, if he comes back well and gets fit, I will let him rot with the reserves for £50k a week.”?

Use your brain man.


Having Bendtner here and ready to play could essentially rule out a marquee striker (doubt he was ever coming in anyway) now call me pedantic but after all the higuain-esque targets we’ve seen slip away only to be left with NB52, Sorry if I seem to be abit fucking mad!!!


Fucking sheep


Yes he should say that he will rot in the reserves.

Stroud Green Road Boy

d) is exactly what Wenger should say. It’s not like he hasn’t had plenty of other players he hasn’t used on that sort of money in recent years. Followed by e) I am going to buy a new striker. What Wenger has just told us is he isn’t going to.


d) Yes!
Of course Wenger should say that. Any top manager would! If you don’t want a player, and he wants to muck about the club and be choosey about where to go, then you force him out! Happened with Wayne Bridge at Man City. We should operate the same way. Get rid of the dead wood!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If you aren’t getting a marquee striker then you get what you can, or you use what you already have. This is common sense. Wenger says if we don’t get a striker in by Tuesday then he might use Bendtner. That is his right as his club pay the man’s wages. If Bendtner screws it up he can look at finishing his career in Denmark or the Championship. Top teams will no longer take him seriously, if they actually do already. It’s stand up and be counted or become a has-been at 26.


Who gives a fuck about our shitty wage structure?


hahahahah same here. you just cracked me up with that sentence. visualizing right now.

Toure Motors

I’m in a glass case of emotion…

Humour helps but this AW bullshit does reach a new low

Toure Motors

I’m in a glass case of emotion…

Humour helps but this AW bullshit does reach a new low


Anyone know a good cure for nausea?




Think about supporting Spurs.

It wont make you less queasy, but as soon as you realise what you are doing, you will throw up and get it out of your system.



Big Dave

Oh just, just… oh f*** off.

Arsene's handkerchief

This is the last straw for me, we have gone from Higuain to Suarez and now this dick, can’t say this transfer window has been anything less then a disaster. Someone needs to be held responsible, because it’s just not good enough. Every bit of optimism I had has now gone.


Wenger is responsible for this mess. Now say the two magic words.


Abra Kadabra.


Open Sesame! Or is it: “Open The F*ckin Purse And Spend Some F*uckin Money”? But then again that becomes 8 magic words whose spell apparently doesn’t work on Wenger. WTF.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

To some Arsene apologist he can never be held accountable, he earned the right to decide when to go, he built the new ground, he spent 17 years at the club he loves (not getting 7 million a year inwages), he care about the money as if it is his own, he is not left behind with the modern game moving on and there must be explanation to all his madness.

Bould's Eyeliner

Yeah well, because he still manages things on the pitch pretty well with what he’s got. He’s gone mad in the transfer market, but still a pretty brilliant strategist. Honestly, I don’t really understand all of the venom that people attack him with – while its true that this transfer window was extremely disappointing, how do you conclude it him being a money grubber, outdated, etc.? In short, you have no clue of the means or the reasons, but from the lack of an end postulating and dreaming about all the nasty things you could call Wenger. I don’t defend… Read more »

Humble Gooner

Cygan: just try to think independently of the media trash for once. They are trying to sell their goods, like anyone else, and love the “Wenger out” nonsense because it sells and he famously gives them nothing to print. He’s not Mourinho, coddled and fondled because he gives good quips. How much inside info do you actually have on how Arsenal runs its transfers? None. I’m as frustrated as anyone that the deals haven’t come off. But you bring in Lamela to sit behind Theo? There’s a reason he walks into the starting XI for Sp*rs. Same with Soldado, et… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsene Knows

Toby C

Knows what?


This summer has been bad because it hasn’t lived up to it’s expectations but compared to the last two summers in which we’ve lost our two best players each time, I don’t think it’s actually that bad.


This poo sandwich is actually not too bad when compared to the bucket of cold vomit I drank last week.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You chose to feed at the Arsenal table. You can’t blame Arsene Wenger for your life choices. When you became an Arsenal fan you should have sent them a list of things they were not allowed to do if they wanted to retain your support. It’s too late now to add conditions to your love of the club. You eat what they put in front of you or you won’t get any cake later.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Can no one please wake up AFCEdwards, He will be okay when he wakes up and take his pills.


Am I wrong? Would you rather not sign anyone or lose Fabregas and Nasri while bringing in Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain? We could put it into context with our current squad and we lose Cazorla and Koscielny and bring in 3 10-15m players from other leagues. I’d rather we did nothing than had to lose our players again.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Hummmm, the pills are not working there, AFCEdwards???


club of our ambition should not be proud of not selling anyone. We should not have sold those in the first place. Even Liverpool and TH refused to sell to local rivals.


I’m not proud of it but it’s still the best summer we’ve had for three years.

Stroud Green Road Boy

It may have escaped your attention that we didn’t sell our world class players this year because we haven’t got any left.

Humble Gooner

Seriously? That’s just a dumb thing to say. Cazorla? Jack? Even Theo? Kos after last year’s ending? Just because you’re disappointed doesn’t mean you should say dumb things.


Cazorla is a great player and the only ‘World Class’ player we possess.
Jack has a way to go yet, we all love him, but that doesn’t make him ‘World Class’
Theo? Behave yourself!
Kos? Sorry but no.
All of the current squad are solid, improving players BUT we need some ‘Stardust’ sprinkled on the top.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’d like to put you in a room with Cazorla and see you tell him that to his face.

SEGA Dreamcast

Wenger’s just being diplomatic about Bendtner.

Can we just wait three more days? Arteta and the Big German were brought in last minute, deadline day.

I think the Bale transfer will have a big effect on the market. Not that the summer transfers have gone well obviously, but I’m refusing to get worked up about it until Monday.

jack jack jack

Well said. If this is your last straw, buy some more that will last you until 2nd September. There’s no point losing your mind before then and hopefully we won’t have to afterwards.


Bendtner will be “like a new signing” hahaha, I can only laugh at how comically terrible the transfer season has gone.

If anyone said at the start of the season that our big new additions will be Sanogo, Flamini and “Bendtner”…

dik low

we are still working hard in the market. a new striker is top priority.

we will have this Park Chu Guy from celta vigo on our books before the window closes


hey dick law, Adebayor is not on the market is he?

(now what did I do!)

dik low

we were looking at him but his agent made so many demands. he will only sign if all the players buy four pairs of boots, two Jerseys per game and leave them close to Arteta’s hair gel during matches he won’t play.

we might shift attention to Bentley.


I don’t think Sonogo has what it takes. I don’t Flamini is good enough to play at this level. And I don’t think Wenger is good enough to Manage this club anymore. A liverpool fan once told me be careful of what you wish for… We let rafa go and look what happened to us. I saw his point then but not anymore.


Hahaha!!! What happened was because of Rafa. He had squeezed the lemon at anfield enough and there was nothing left to squeeze, so on he moved to squeeze another. People like him and Mourinho remind me of Agent Smith’s comment to Morpheus while interrogating him in the first part. Why did Rafa spend so much time out of a job if he was so darn good.



Big Dave

I just imagine NB coming on as a sub and the announcer says “Nicolas…” waiting for the crowd to say his surname, and all together we just replied, “NO!”.


“could be used by Arsenal” … used as what though? I’m sure he could have his uses…

Dark Stein

Tony Adams’ sponsor?…


Spare parts. He’s basically a walking incubator in the eyes of the club. Ramsey needs a kidney? No problem. Giroud’s snapped his hamstring? Nicklas has two. Koscielny gets kicked again and loses a load of blood? Just hook him up to B52 (assuming their blood types match, of course). I think he could be very ‘useful’.


Goal post in training.


Underwear model

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Clearly he has a future in the marketing department. He’s flashed his knickers for a couple of bucks. That oh so accidental flash of underwear shows he has the skills. TGUFTEL

We need somebody who can think outside of the box(er shorts) when it comes to ways to make money for Arsenal.


with all the inactivity on the transfer front. we’ll take it but i say keep him for only Capital one cup and reserve matches.


Pay someone £60,00o p/w to play in the Reserves team and the CoC? Are you insane? Should have rid of him bynow, cancel his contract or pay him out Like Denilson. He has an absolutely terrible attitude and is a disgrace to the club.

He’s in the same bracket of signings as Squillaci except at least Squillaci has some humility, a work ethic and some class.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That is a bloody insult to a professional like Squillaci. Bendtner has no excuses for the way he has behaved, the arrogant prat. Squillaci was past his use-by date, but that was no fault of his own, and he may not have realised he was past it until he saw what is expected of a player at Arsenal and how fast and competetive the Premier League is. When you see Flamini, Henry, Beckham coming to Arsenal in the summer or their off-season in order to train and get fit to play you can only wonder at a player like Bendtner… Read more »

Harish P

Desperate times, desperate measures.

I really don’t like him though…


We are paying him 50k , may as well use him. Can’t be worse than Sanogo.


We haven’t really had a chance to see Sanogo to jump to that judgement, yet.


I did. He isn’t ready. He shouldn’t be near the first team at the moment.

That isn’t to say that he won’t get better, but to have a Ligue 2 striker who barely played last year as your 2nd choice for a club like Arsenal is pathetic management.


well we’ve got Walcott and Poldi who can play strikers. When they’re fit that is

Spare a pizza slice?

Agree that Sanogo didn’t look very good on Tuesday. He seemed lost and I loved the scolding he got over covering his face prior to the Fener free kick.

I think we’re stuck with TGSTEL. If Arsene’s plan is actually to try and pry away someone from Real, I think he’s f’d. Seems like Levy will stall until the last possible moment to sign off on Bale leaving, subsequently leaving Wenger with his dick in his hands.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

People say we don’t have any stars, but that isn’t true. Sanogo looks starstruck to me. He is deferring to the older players in almost every situation on the pitch. Letting them make their runs and trying to find somewhere to play that won’t get in their way. He needs time to come to terms with his move and his new situation. He does look out of his depth at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he lacks the skills he needs, or that he will never be good enough for Arsenal. I think he’s just jumped up from the… Read more »


I actually think he could do a job, although it’s hard to judge his form considering how little he has played recently. The big question is whether he would be motivated to play, considering how many times he has disowned Arsenal, the big mean club that did not respect his awesome qualities. I also doubt the fans supporting him, massive understatement there.


Not supporting the idea of him playing, but all it takes is one decisive goal to put the fans in their place. The mob is always fickle.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The mob want a fit striker who shows them why he thinks he is TGSTEL, but whatever he plays like we still need to show support for him as long as he’s putting the effort in. If he takes the piss instead then I’d hope Wenger acts decisively, pays him off, refuses to give him a reference, and tracks down every Youtube clip of him in an Arsenal shirt and enforces whatever copyright we or the PL have to have them removed so that the bastard has to do trials to prove he is good enough to play at League… Read more »

Arsene's Zip

Yeah, Sanogo was totally out of his depth in the Champs League the other night. All the other players were screaming at him the whole time he was on the pitch, and not in a nice helpful way. There was a free kick just outside the box and he was lining up in the wall.. the BFG stood next to him. Before the kick was even struck he put his arm across his face! Mertesacker had to grab his hand and pull it down so he didn’t look like such a pussy. Rabbit in the headlights. Still prefer him to… Read more »

Siggi Jonsson

Sanogo will need some time before he’s ready for regular first team action. Bendtner on the other hand has Premier League, international and Champions League experience, and has scored a decent number of goals for us. The big question mark is over his attitude. Can Wenger get the best out of a player whose career has stalled? Judging by what happened with the likes of Arshavin, Chamakh etc, the answer is (unfortunately) probably not.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

there also seems to be a question mark over his fitness. Maybe he spent the summer convincing people to give him free pizza.


i aint even mad


Ok, this is what I feared the most. Not that he is not a good player, but are these the exciting things that were promised for this summer? Almost like when you are a kid and your old rusty bicycle is finally broken, and your dad promises to get you a new bike if you get your grades up. You work so hard and get your grades up all in the hope that you’ll be getting a new bike. During the summer, every time you get the humming of the engine of your dad’s car, you jump out to see… Read more »

Bishop's Dad

Hi Bishop, dad here. Still haven’t forgiven me? I was trying to teach you an important life lesson. Sometimes we don’t see the true value of the things we already have. Yes, your bike was rusty, and two sizes too small for you, and the brakes didn’t work. But new bikes are ridiculously over-priced, and your one was more than adequate for downhill journeys.


Thank you the lesson dad. I love you.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bishop’s Dad, stop mollycoddling the little bugger, and why oh why do you give him so much pocket money every week? He could afford to buy a bike of his own, but you keep on trying to teach him lessons he doesn’t want to hear. He’s just taking advantage of your kind nature. Send him to boarding school for a year.

pauly bear

Im past worrying now just gonna sit back crack a beer and expect for nothing and then maybe ill be pleasantly suprised.

Ps van perise is a cunt.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So is Robin Van Persie.

NZ Gooner

I am stumbling round in a fog please wake me up and tell me its only the first of July


Someone should check to see if Wenger has had a lobotomy done and if not recommend it.


Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Nicklas Bendtner

On your face bitches.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What’s the point? With a first touch like yours you’d be finished before you got it in.


Just when I was desperately trying to believe Wenger had a semblance of a plan. He comes up with this.


The liverpool bloke had a point… what are they smoking at the Emirates?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Witches. They’re burning the witches who prophesied that we would get great players this summer without even trying.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
Top, top players will come to this club, erm, ull.


Beyond parody.

I wouldn’t trust Arsenal to buy a bag of fucking magic beans


i feel hollow inside

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hmm, you may be a teapot. After this summer many of us are starting to believe we are teapots.

I’m a teapot, I’m a teapot.


It’s not funny anymore. Just fuck off.


From the outside I have to say we look more of a shambles everyday! All we can hope is that we are wait to sign one or two from REal once Bale is complete but I cant see that happening till Monday and leaves us in great danger of missing out on anyone!! The first 11 is almost good enough to beat anyone but the squad will struggle due to lack of depth. AW is so close to loosing the support of all the fans, a bad result/injuries on Sunday and no super super quality signings and it will be… Read more »


I almost don’t care if Wenger spend all of his “war chest” on one player, even if it’s ridiculously over the top. Please, 80m for Ozil? Why not!

Help me I’m going insane!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, there you go. You’re a teapot, you’re a teapot.

Romford Pele

Can somebody tell me what the fuck is going on with this club? Bear in mind that this is the club that in the halcyon daysproduced the Invincibles, 2 double winning teams. A club that once used to buy quality like Dennis the Ice Man, Thierry, Bobby Pires…Freddy Lunchbox. Now here we are with Sanogo(who may turn out to be good), Flamini(who I think is class by the way), and now TGSTEL??Fuck sake what is wrong in that club? We’ve went from bidding for Higuain, Suarez, possibly Shrek, and now Dickhead Bentner? I really dont give a fuck anymore. After… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You missed the spiel from Higuain, or was it Mourinho, that said that if financial firepower is useless to a team that cannot guarantee Champions League football, then what chance does a team that is not winning trophies every season going to have. Oh wait, it was me, wasn’t it. I’m right too. I’m always right. I am TGBSTEL, so I know what I’m fucking talking about.


You REALLY want to know!!
The “ArMUDA Triangle”,
Kroenke,Arsene & Ivan. Where Strange Dissappearances of money & transfer targets are Happenning. BEWARE THE AMERICAN (& Canadian!) FRANCHISE SYSTEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eg:- Dallas Cowboys, Most Valued NFL club in america ( 2.4 Billion dollars!!), When was their last trophy………..17 F’in years ago!! Franchise means..Dont Spend MORE than you can win!


Fuck off Wenger. Your making it really hard for me to defend you when you say shit like this.


Oh what fresh dose of hell is this!


Heh !


Hey woah there! We are not this cruel in hell.


Imagine arsenal vs napoli away , 40 million higuain cant do shit kos has him in his pocket , 0 – 0 , 75th minute bendtner comes on as a sub on and scores a header from his frst touch off a corner… We qualify for knockout phase…. or maybe i should just stop smoking this stuff eh ?

Dark Stein

Nah keep smoking from Chamakh’s stash, it might be needed this season


Do share that strong sh*t you been smoking, man! 🙂


Some was joking about this the other day in these comments… I thought “yea, right….”

Well… He is a free singing! Oh wait, we already had him and payed him huh.


This was hilariously (outrageously even) predictable.

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

You simply cannot justify this team of Wenger/Gazidis/Law staying on. At least one of them have to stand up, take responsibility for this Summer and leave.

What a joke our club has become.

MR Borg

Wouldn’t it be funny if he would score 20 goals this season for us… not a fat chance but still 🙂

oh robin

wouldn’t it be awesome if i won the lottery? 😀
actually, more chances of that happening :-/


Not if Giroud get hurt. *knocks on wood*

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

he’s not fit, so whatever chance there is, it is fat.


Lets be honest, he’s better than nothing or is he? 🙁


Why look for top quality when you have one in NB52….Wenger never seize to amaze us

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ceases, the word you were looking for is “ceases”. Sounds like seizes a bit, but means “ends” rather than “grabs”.

This message was brought to you by a pedantic grammar nazi who still has hopes that he can teach the world to sing, broaden their vocabulary, improve their spelling, and show them how to suffer gladly anything Arsenal throws at them.

Failing, I think.


If this is a joke, Monsieur Wenger, I didn’t laugh…


Oh fuck off Wenger this is just ridiculous I thought u had something up your sleeve didn’t realize it was a fucking snot


One can only assume Ivan, Dick and Arsene need the money to fund a huge crack habit – I can see no other explanation


Hey, im only trying to make a living!!!


Ah now i know why Chamakh was transferred, he was jacking up the crack wages….


He’s happy to demand ridiculous money instead of trying to rebuild his career so we should practically end his career and let him rot in the reserves. Sad really, he could have really made an impact at another club if things went right for him.


Oh well!

Mental Strength

I have never said this because I still had very, very little hopes that Wenger might do something and buy someone. But if he really is thinking about not getting any one else and playing Bendtner as our 2nd striker, it’s time for him to pack his bags and fuck off. Enough is enough.


This is now getting beyond the joke! We have signed two free agents, one who looks like Bambi on ice in the two little cameos he’s played and the other a mercenary little cunt who only ever moves on a free. Now this! I’ve not been in the Arsene knows best camp for a while, nor have I openly called for his head BUT this summer has shown that he is out of touch with the transfer market and fresh out of ideas. I have mentally written this season off already, the only chance of silverware is in the domestic… Read more »


Perhaps Wenger is planning to leave when his current contract expires.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s a disgrace!!!! We have a striker under contract and we might use him in a game!!!!! Unthinkable!!!! Wenger Out!!!!! Stan Out!!!!!! Gazidis Out!!!!! Dick Law Out!!!!!!! Bendtner Out!!!!!!! Fans Out!!!! Boycott Arsenal!!!!!


And this summarises our transfer activities. Bendtner? Wear the AFC jersey again? BULLSHIT!!!


It’s like a new signing. – Arsene Wenger



Daft Aider

Mr. Wenger, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry – grrrraargh! 🙁


I just don’t understand…principles are principles, and I understand (on some stupid level) not wanting to encourage the beast of stupid transfer fees by not participating in it…but ultimately it comes down to the fact that this is the world we are in and if you want to win you gotta put some cash into it. And come on…I hate to say it but look at the Sp*ds – smart money usage…damn monkey boy. I just realised I could keep on writing and sink into a dark misery of small little points. Just as useful to just sit here slowly… Read more »

bendtners travel case

Looks like I won’t be needed after all….:(


I am stunned. I don’t know what to say now. I am laughing out loud with hands all over my head. This is miserable. This is ridiculous. Who does this man!! Fuck!! you talk about huigein to suarez to mata to this scumbag… WTF man,, am not kidding,,What has gone wrong with Wenger. This , the fuck, is ambition!!! aaahhh,, i feel like being shot !!

Signing out,
Too much to take…


Merlin's Panini

I was gonna say that!
Ah well, I will anyway



you stole my words. But it must feel good. Let me have a go too.

There. feels better already




Ha ha the madness continues! And the deluded one is serious you know. He is so stuck in “how it should be” and “my value is the right value for a player, not the market value”. By admitting that TGSTL will be used we can forget about a new striker. Higuain, Suarez Benzema its all bullshit. When push came to show in the Higuain deal Wenger scurried away. We did bid for Suarez but that just made us look incompetent and arrogant, which we are. We cant sign anyone because no one wants to come. The “top, top, fucking top… Read more »

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.


I had to give you a thumbs up, not only for that bastion of literary work you produced but also because your name is fantastic. I always heard there was a maximum of five Zs in a word and you have now proven that to me. Thank you sir.

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

My pleasure. And I live in Szczebrzeszyn.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Greg Brown. Lives in Seattle. Has a bit of a twitch in his right hand. Who knew Seattle had a beetle statue? (See, I looked it up on Wikipedia, interesting read, and takes the mind off our transfer failings for a few minutes) Is it like a local law that in order to live in your town you must have a surname that is almost as hard to pronounce as the name of the town? I’ve been referring to Szczęsny as Chesney for a couple of years now, so I hope you won’t be too offended if I refer to… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I just ran this through Google Translate and it turns out that the Polish for Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck is actually Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Imagine that. I knew some Polish and I didn’t even know I knew it.

Mach iii

This is the worst possible news. Wenger, all the players want signings, and you present them with a player that has been isolated from the team? You were the shmuck that gave him a contract that was so ludicrous, no other club was prepared to pay. There are young players like Afobe that are giving it their all for the club, will this news not be disheartening to them. What does it mean to play for the shirt. Henry, Anelka, Bergkamp, Kanu, RvCunt etc, not a player that couldn’t even make it with no competition in a Juve team. This… Read more »


Ha ha! And so the pantomime continues honestly this club is an absolute joke. What will it take to get the Mad Professor out of our club so we can have a manager that knows what he’s doing?

Franz Sigel

Don’t like it, but the fact is that the chances to buy a better striker than Bendtner now is very slim. So it would be stupid not to use him.

But the “Higuain-affair” looks more and more like a scandal for every day. And somebody is responsible…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Higuain is responsible. He is the one who could easily have said, “No, you may be my agent, but I would rather play for Arsenal”.

Higuain’s agent is responsible. He is the one who could have said, “No, I don’t need the extra million Euros. You should go to Arsenal as your brother said you wanted to.”


Time to go your out of touch with the modern day transfer market