Saturday, July 2, 2022

Bendtner releases statement

Nicklas Bendtner has stressed that he’ll do his utmost to help Arsenal this season despite being very disappointed at not sealing a move away from the club.

The 25-year-old held talks with a number of clubs across Europe during the transfer window but ultimately failed to agree personal terms before Arsene Wenger pulled the plug on a last minute deal with Crystal Palace having failed to line up a replacement.

Speaking via International Football Management, the Dane explained:

“It’s no secret that Arsenal and myself had agreed that I could leave the club during the 2013 summer transfer window subject to an agreement between all parties.

“An agreement had been reached with more than one club this week but as Arsenal were unable to secure the services of another striker, they reserved their right to not sanction any deal to be concluded…

“Naturally, I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to a new challenge, with a new club and a fresh start in English football.

“Many things have been said about my where my future lies after many years at Arsenal; the truth is I just want to play football which is when I’m happiest and Arsenal is a fantsstic environment for any professional to apply their trade.

“I still feel very strongly about Arsenal Football Club and following positive talks with the Manager, I am looking forward to working hard to regain full fitness and doing my very best to help to the team and the Manager fulfil our objectives and ambitions this season.

“I’ve learnt a lot from my loan experiences at Sunderland and Juventus and I want to assure all Arsenal fans that I will give everything I have to contribute to what I believe will be a successful season for the club.”

It’s a welcome attempt to build bridges after a summer in which he’s done himself few favours…the best thing he can do is knuckle down, get fit, hope for a few minutes and plan for a January loan exit before his contract ends next summer.


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he’s such a twat. can’t wait to see the back of him.


Looks like your going to have to though.


OZIL can make Bendtner to actually score like TGSTEL.

Can you imagine how good our midfield will be? Can you imagine how good we will be if Fabregas returns next year?

I AM HARD just thinking about it


While I would be thrilled at the return of Fabregas, the image of someone getting sexually aroused at a sporting development (other than relating to a womens’ –or men’s depending on your taste — beach volleyball tournament) is really strange.


I know there is so much of that talk regarding Ozil????!

Champs Magnétiques

I don’t know how long you’ve been on the internet but people are more than happy to wank over a hell of a lot worse


Yeah, queer folks are somewhat happy people…too.

Dave Gooner

Correct. Goodbye Nick. A goner, not a Gooner.

master floda

Twat or not, right now he is an Arsenal player and that means for me, that I will support him like the rest of the team.

jack jack jack

He’s unbelievably arrogant and evidently a bit of an idiot, but he’s not bitey and he’s not racist and that, at this moment in time, is good enough for me.


We had to put up with Chamakh and Park last year so I think this is an improvement? Has shown already that he has to potential to win us games. He may be very useful… maybe.

Only time will tell, though I hope for once we don’t enter the January transfer market desperate but rather in a nice position to solidify 1st place 😉


Despite being his own biggest fan and a twunt, his percentages and goalscoring record are decent for Arsenal considering he has played out of position a lot. He also seems to love cash so there is every chance he will knuckle down to get a good contract somewhere.


The fact is we’ve got to get behind him though. Remember he looked promising once, and he’s played well for Denmark in the past. Hopefully he buckles down and puts some work in, and maybe he’ll finally fulfill the potential he once had. Maybe this is mindlessly positive but we have no real backup for Giroud, so let’s hope Nicky B can get his head straight and do a job.


Lets be real here guys. At this present time Bendtner is the 2nd best striker at the club behind Giroud. He is an upgrade on Chamakh and Park and i for one am glad he’s stuck around in the absence of a new striker signing.

He can score a goal. So once he puts on that red & white, He becomes one of the gooner family. He was made at Arsenal, we need to get behind this guy. If we are going to have a real good crack at Silverware this season, we will need Bendtner.


Smartest comment of them all – AW – believes in Bendtner, who showed some maturity with his comments, maybe we are in for a surprise? Yes goals this time- and not usual Paddy Power Boxers.


Yes, until Podolski returns from injury. Surely Giroud and Poldi will be enough to see us to the January window, when Wenger can buy a striker if he sees fit?

Hopefully Bendtner is nothing more than a theoretical 3rd choice striker.


where’s Park’s statement about how he’s happiest when he’s paid to do fuck all?!?!


He continues to do Fuck all by not even releasing a statement .. is he even in London ?


how can you be sure he’s even alive?


Park was captured by the North Korean Army on the orders of Fatgooner to mount pressure on Wenger to sign another striker…oops, window closed!

Double Canister

Is Fatgooner boycotting the beers and hotdogs at the Ems?
He won’t be fat for long!!

Arsene's bottle of water

I’d send him to the Korean army if I were Wenger


Can’t we sell him off to some team in the K League? I mean, he was on the South Korea national team, so somebody in that country must want him.


In fairness to Park it’s not his fault we signed him


Well, I can only hope he does well for us, whatever that means for where his future (eventually) lies.


Agreed. Does anybody know if he’s training yet, or if there’s a timeline for him to return to full training? There’s no information on him on the dot com, so far as I can see.


– Last year of contract and obviously unwanted so he’s seriously in a ‘shop window’ situation
– World Cup year, so he’s likely to be motivated to place himself well in a ‘shop window’ situation
– Özil will provide him endless perfectly placed passes, putting him in an ideal position for a striker in a ‘shop window’ situation
– Arsenal a much better ‘shop window’ than Palace assuming he gets playing time.

I think this could work out well for all involved.

Over to you TGSTEL, its your last chance so don’t cock it up


Why on earth do you need to release a statement. And you could have moved on if you lowered you wage demands, cunt.

Either I’m ill or the Ozil transfer is literally making me dizzy, can hardly write straight. Also how do I do the O with the 2 dots thingy


The O with the two dotted things is called an Umlaut and litterally translates to Mushroom Stamp Ö


The more you know:

“The O with the two dotted things is called an Umlaut”

While this would be true of most German names, in this case, since his name is Turkish, it’s actually just the letter “Ö” in Turkish. They’re identical in pronunciation and appearance, but they’re not really the same thing linguistically.

I’m just noting this for those that are wondering why the letter is that way.

Clock End Mike

Do you know (can anyone confirm) whether Mesut (3rd-generation German) pronounces his name the Turkish or the German way? Is it “Oh-zil” or “Er-zil”?


Alt+0214 = Ö



I must be the densest man on Arseblog, because none of this tricks work for me (Windows + Firefox, yes, thumb me down).

A Yank

If you’re on a Mac… Hold down the Option key and press the ‘u’. Release both. You should see the umlaut floating there with no letter under it. You are now free to type any vowel and it will appear under said umlaut.

Also, Nicky… Talk is cheap. Get your ass to work and make something of yourself before you squander all the talent some stupid God erred horribly and gifted to you.


Öh yeah!


Or you could hold down the letter..and select which ever one you want .. e.g. ô ö ò ó œ ø ō õ

gooner odst

it was getting difficult moving the ever loyal : to go ontop of the O


If on a mac: option key + u + o = Ö


Nah mate, on a Mac hold down the “O” key and a bunch of options pop up, just press “2” for the magic umlaut, which some twat on another blog referred to as “two dots that i can’t be bothered to do”. It’s a fucking umlaut!

Thomas Paine

I saw the same suggestion somewhere else, to hold “O” down, but on my mac (os x 10.7.5) I just get multiple O’s. It might be my keyboard settings but pressing alt + u, then O does it perfectly.



Alternatively, you can move to Germany and buy a laptop with the Umlauts and Reiner is your uncle…

DL Gooner

Its gonna be a long 2 weeks talking about how to get 2 dots to appear above an 0 and such shite.


Merlin's Panini


Dr Baptiste

That’s Mr Prick to you

Merlin's Panini

nah. Just prick.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla



Watch Ozil and Cazorla ship him 20+ tap ins this season, he wins us the champions league final then fucks off for free.

I wouldn’t be mad at that at all..


I welcome this. We need a back up to Giroud and when Bendtner applies himself he is actually pretty good. Still, let’s hope we don’t need him much before we get a chance to purchase an upgrade in January.


“Learned a lot from my experience at Juventus, [like which side of the bench is warmer on a winter night]”


Shame he didn’t learn the legal blood alcohol level for operating a vehicle

Dave Gooner

…how to crash a car, how to make an arse of myself in late night fast food outlets, how to wear sponsors underpants up under my arms…”

This man was a big big mistake.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s a good thing he wears his underpants up round his armpits because more often than not he wears his trousers around his ankles.




‘I just want to play football*’

* ‘which I will only do for £50k a week, but don’t get me wrong, it’s all about the football’

a gunner

Well it looks a welcome attempt because it was drafted by his “management company” . Theres a huge difference in demonstrating a welcome attempt on the pitch though … & until he does that …he will be where he is now… #Sidelined

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We should give him the benefit of the doubt and not boo him when he eventually plays for us again. No sense alienating him just before he plays.


At least he’s trying. It’s not his fault he wasn’t sold. I’d rather have him playing up front than Theo or Podolski. I don’t think they give us enough physically up top. Does anyone know when he’ll be back from injury?


It is his fault!


Not his fault Wenger was useless at finding a new striker


It’s his fault that he turned down countless moves because the money wasn’t good enough.

I’m not saying he should go somewhere and earn less, but he had loads of options this summer and turned them all down.


“I’m not saying he should go somewhere and earn less…” I am! If you haven’t scored any goals in around 2 years and haven’t even been on the pitch for more than a year and your career is becoming a painful joke for all concerned, you should definitely take a cut if that’s what is needed to secure a move to a club where you might actually play some football. He’s had plenty of fat pay packets injected into his account while dossing on the couch, and been solely responsible for many prospective buyers failing to agree terms. At some… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He may have been turning down offers, but set aside your dislike of him for a moment and think about it. Was he really doing anything other players didn’t do this summer? He was holding out for the best deal he could get. That’s standard practice for all players, and is why we all do business in September. He finally decided he had to make a move and then, boom, we stopped him from going at the last minute. Now he has no alternative but to make the most of the situation, so he’s had to eat his words. Maybe… Read more »


To be fair, we’re the ones paying him such a big wage.


Podolski scores goals you numpty. He is better that podolski in what way as a striker? He certainly doesn’t score more goals than him.


Seriously wonder if lots of football fans these days have ever played the game or are just focused on championship manager style ‘attributes’ that players supposedely have. TGSTEL a better option than Podolski or Theo……he isn’t even better in ‘stats’ or ‘attributes’ than those two you clown.

The ghost of Peter Storey

He’s very different to Poldi – and not just in the ability/ego/scoring department. Given a choice, it’s Poldi most of the time, but the little German isn’t going to be winning many headers against the likes of Shawcross etc. so it’s an unfair comparison.

Mills N7

Fair play to the guy if he means this – and I’m in no position to say either way. If he comes back, gets fit, competes and gets some goals and assists, providing backup / competition for Giroud, Sanogo and Podolski, then good. He’s got the talent, let’s see if he can treat the rest of the season like a shop window, for big wages on a free next summer. Good for him, good for us.


This is NOT a statement by him, but by his representatives/agent. There is now a significant probability that he will not be in the WC – wudnt get selected if he changes club. That statement actually got him to renegotiate with people he had shown the middle finger to earlier. And then when he actually went desperate to find a new club, he was refused. Serves him right actually, Karma 🙂 So this statement is released to signal his intention to play again as if he was serious about playing all this while. I still dont understand how people can… Read more »


i meant if he “doesnt change club”…silly me…


It would be helpful if this guy didn’t write his own statements and hired a PR person to do it. You know, for grammar and such.


I thought the same, but maybe Bloggs is at fault for no spell check? the lazy git… 🙂


See with Ozil ( not to mention Cazorla/ Wilshere/ Arteta /Rosicky) now at Arsenal what striker wouldn’t want to play at Arsenal.


A very well written corporate statement from GSTEL and his management team, but he made it sound like he didn’t leave just because Arsenal failed to get another striker, which is not quite right.

Arsenal accepted bids earlier in the summer but his unwillingness to dampen his wage demands or lower the lofty impression he has of himself meant they didn’t happen. We all know he could have left ages ago.

Failure on Bendtner’s and Arsenal’s behalf have left both parties kind of needing each other. Lets hope he can prove himself if required.


Well written??? You and me and many others saw through the shit straightaway.


Silly and often ridiculous antics aside, he’s an Arsenal player so all the best to him.


Oh, so is he still a footballer?


He was so far out of the picture he hasn’t even been listed as one of our players on the official premier league fantasy football!…and here he is as our 2nd choice striker, unbelievable really!


Sanogo will be played before him. Walcott and Podolski will probably be ahead of him in the pecking order if all are fit I reckon so more like 5th choice striker. Can’t see him getting much playing time really.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he’ll be chosen ahead of Sanogo on the basis of his experience. He may have the first touch of a carthorse but he does get into the right positions. Sanogo isn’t sure of himself yet so isn’t assertive on the pitch. He needs to spend more time training with the senior players so that he can gain more sense of his own place in the team and the attack.


Why so much abuse?
He has been stupid and mistakes, who hasn’t?
He actually isn’t that bad if shuts up and works hard. He scored some crucial goals. The one against Hull,Villa and the header against the Cunts.

Merlin's Panini

Yes, we all make mistakes but we don’t all get paid 52k a WEEK to do it! I think that’s where the abuse is coming from. He doesn’t appear to have a professional bone in his body.
Let’s see how this pans out. Given his consistent track record I’m going to guess not well.
If he really can apply himself he’s an ok third choice striker. I’m yet to be convinced he can though.


It’s the scale of the mistakes that matter — and how many over time. He needs to keep his trap shut, and just buckle down. This PR was a mistake. What did he hope to gain by it?


I read the headline and feared for the dreaded “you guys”


Fair play to him, I know we’d rather someone else but we know he can do a job and score some crucial goals eg. 90th minute goal against wolves.
At least he seems positive not sulky and commited to us for now. Hopefully we’ll replace him with a better striker next window.

master floda

I remember after that game we were chanting “Super Nick” in the gunners pub… How could this all go so wrong…


Obviously it’s not ideal for both parties that he’s still around, but I hope Bendtner can get himself fit and motivated again. He’s obviously not TGSTEL but he’s not the worst either. Just focus on your football and give 100% every week. The rest will sort itself out.


Prodigal talk from a prodigal son.


ALT + 0246 = ö
ALT + 0214 = Ö

you have to use the num pad, and hold the ALT button while typing the numbers on the numpad


What if i don’t have a num pad!? 🙁


copy and paste? or we all suffer through reading/writing ozil instead of özil. the horror, the horror…


Depends on your operating system. In Windows (XP) 1. (Left click) Start … then … 2. All Programs 3. Accessories 4. System Tools 5. Character Map 6. Then double click the character you want (It’ll appear in the text box in the panel) 7. There should be a copy button, but you can equally use CTRL+C If you use foreign language characters or special symbol characters a lot you can 8. Repeat 1-5 but instead of left-clicking ‘Character Map’ right click it … take the cursor down to ‘Send To’ … then click on ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’ and (unsurprisingly) a… Read more »

Clock End Mike

It’s a lot easier on a Mac, anyway!

And if you want a character or keyboard viewer handy, as descibed above for Windows, select

Apple menu->System Preferences->Language & Text
Select the “Input sources” tab, and tick “Show input menu in menu bar”

Then if you want any character, you can find it by selecting the character viewer from the menu bar, or use the keyboard viewer to see how to create it with the keyboard.

Note that the “Alt-U” to get a umlaut applies to the UK or US-Extended key map. May not be the same on other keyboards.


if he has to stay might as well give his best….. can be a decent player on his day


Cant really see such a day coming before January though


Anyone who has seen his goals against Ipswich, Barcelona, Hull City , Wolves , Sp*rs know that there is a decent footballer in there somewhere. Get your head sorted out and get your love for football back and work hard Nick. There’s nothing as too late in football or life.

Gooners are the best fans in the world you can hope for and you are at the best club in the world if you want to develop your footballer.

Work hard and we will cheer for you again. UTA.

Johnny 99

LANS **sarcasm**


He’s on our books… We’re paying his wages. It makes perfect sense to use him as backup for Giroud, maybe even reduce the load on Giroud by starting him in FA/league cup matches.

The ghost of Peter Storey

Bring him on for the last 10-15 minutes when we’re 4-0 up.

anything for you,Mr Giroooou!

A statement is welcome as it helps us understand where his head is at. I think if he gets games he will try his best, at least he’s a different option to have until January. Might need to dip our gold covered toes back into the market then..let Ozil be the signing to bring us back into the big time.


IFF he can work hard he is easily a 10-15 goal striker just by his pure inherent talent. Thats a better backup than you can think of actually.


He’s a good player with no intelligence, no sense of reality and an over-inflated ego. However, something tells me that he is going to have a positive impact this season. Since he’s a Gunner, I’ll wish him the best.

Daft Aider

It’s a start, i’m far from convinced but it’s a start


I still like this guy and I think ye human makes mistake he should be given chance, arsenal fans pls remember we all makes mistakes, lets forget what he said he mayte prove us all wrong.


I smell bullshit.


So take a bath…

Michael Rammell

He’s disappointed??! TGEL is disappointed!!!!!!!!!!????

Not as much as we are, I promise you that.


Bendtners Dad

Seriously what’s left on his contract?


Jeez, Dad – you could have shouted up the stairs cos I’m in my room playing FIFA.

My contract at Arsenal runs out next Summer.

Bendtners Dad

I did!! You couldn’t hear with Miley Cyrus booming out of the 15k sound-system.

Richie Waweru

All we can do now is get behind him and hope whenever he wears the red and white he puts in some effort.

Ivan Williams

I’m surprised that with 10 months left on his contract we didn’t just simply release him. How long will it take him to get match fit? (curious)


For as long as they play for Arsenal I will support them.


Fickle as fuck.

Merlin's Panini

He’s just trying to suck up because he knows he’s made a total cock of himself. Notice he doesn’t lay the blame on himself for his astronomical wage demands for a player of his standard. I really want rid of this bellend and it’s unfortunate he’s become necessary to keep.
I can’t see him changing his ways.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He wasn’t laying any blame anywhere. You don’t need to twist what he said any more than you need to take it at face value. Fact is when two people/groups of people have differences there will always need to be a first move to settle things if they want to get along again. Wenger gave him the opportunity when he said he’d play him (though a cynic might say it was a statement calculated to help sell him), and now that he has to stay with us he (or somebody who works for him) has made a reconciliatory statement in… Read more »


Can only hope this fool learnt his lesson that you never burn your bridges.


Don’t be so unforgiving people. Everyone deserves a second chance. He didn’t join Man Fucking United after all. Oh, I forgot to exclude Robin van Pussy – the only one we should never re-sign!


You are forgetting Nasri. I would really struggle to ever support him again. And his jester’s hat.


Nasri isnt quality enough for us to consider signing him


This a thousand times over. The best thing to do in Nasri’s case is to forget all about him. Don’t boo him at games. Don’t even give him a shred of recognition. That, believe me, will get under his skin more than anything.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, if you boo him he will think he is important. Ignore the bastard into early retirement.

Double Canister


Now there is an utter cunt, even the spuds hate him now.


Much better than Ba in my opinion! Welcome home gooner


I ain’t mad. We are short in the striking department…our style of football involves one big guy that our midfield magicians n runners can play around… a fit and committed Bendtner could be good enough to deputize. Better than Chamakh or so

Til January when we get a proper replacement..


forget Lars Bender, we have LANS Bendtner..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A statement that makes me smile and feel a bit sad all at the same time.


He’s been a difficult and troubled pain in the ass, obviously, but I still support anyone who puts on an Arsenal shirt. It would be an amazing story if he re-created himself and did a solid job for us this year. And besides there’s always January…. Maybe the club will spend the rest of that 70 million.


He’s on 52k a week!

More financial mismanagement by arsenal fc. Well done all


Ozil is reportedly on £140K which is what Arsenal are happy to pay based on his CURRENT ability. Are YOU happy for Arsenal to pay him that?? Unfortunately it is impossible to say if he will STILL be worth that amount in 2 years time as the crystal ball they bought doesn’t work so all Arsenal can do is to promise to pay him £140K a week until September 2018 and hope for the best… Which I guess is exactly what happened in August 2009 (shortly after being named Danish player of the season) when Arsenal agreed to pay Bendtner… Read more »


the wages that özil is on have not received enough attention, in my opinion. this deal shatters both our transfer record and our wage structure (one of the things that I think held us back for so long). I actually think the deals offered to the British core last season were the last of the ‘socialist’ wage structure that wenger has implemented over the past 8 years. whether that is his own decision or one forced on him by the club (hah!), it can only be a good thing. good players make good money, great players make more in a… Read more »


I would prefer Sanogo to get game time

master floda

Maybe in the cups against lesser opponents. But from the glimpses I’ve had from him so far, he doesn’t look good enough yet to start in the league or champions league. Therefore a more experienced striker, who has done this before, is what I prefer. But in the end it will be up to both of them, Sanogo and Bendtner: If they work hard and prove themselves in training, they will get their time on the pitch.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I doubt that he isn’t good enough yet, but he hasn’t learned how he fits into the team dynamic. He is probably worried that if he makes his own runs on the pitch he may be straying into areas that the more senior and established players will be looking to run into. He needs time to work out how they play, and being young he is likely to be very deferential to them until he finds his feet. He has skills and has scored in the French 2nd Division a few times, holding down a first team berth, so it’s… Read more »

The ghost of Peter Storey

I’m sure Sonogo will play in the cups, but he’s “work in progress” from what I’ve seen and a long way away from starting. TGSTEL, however, is more of a known quantity and has Premiership experience. Don’t forget the job he did a few seasons ago around January when we had untold injuries.


I don’t disagree that he has scored important goals for us but his behaviour off the pitch is a fucking disgrace
Caught pictured with his trousers down a few years ago, vandalising cars.
The sooner he cuts that shit out, the sooner he’ll get my support.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was looking at moving to Crystal Palace yesterday. He has played at Sunderland. One day he must notice that it’s him that has been holding him back, not Arsenal. Maybe that day is here. If not he will likely be a Championship player 12 months from now. Wenger has said that he will give the guy a chance. Now it’s all up to him whether he has a successful career or simply an OK one. We can but cheer him when he plays for us, and hope for the best.


can anyone confirm this – since Liverpool are not in the Champions League, would Suarez be cup-tied ?

if we were to try to buy him again in January, is there a risk he would not be able to play Champions League football or would he be eligible ?


in order to be cup-tied for champions league, one must play champions league games for another club in the same season. For example, if we signed someone in January who had already played a CL match for another club this season, that person would be cup-tied and ineligble for our CL campaign. That being said, Liverpool are not in CL so cannot cup-tie any of their players for that competition.

Unless Europa league counts? I’m relatively certain (99%) it doesn’t.


How can he be cup tied when he never played in the cup?


what if a player is playing in the Europa League for example ? would he be eligible to play in the Champions League for another club ?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

UEFA club football regulations state that, with very few exceptions, players who play in a European Club competition are subsequently cup-tied with respect to all European football for the remainder of the season. There is an exception to this. Per Champions League regulation 17.18, one player per club who would normally be cup-tied can be registered and eligible to play, so long as his previous club did not field him in the same competition, meaning that this player can represent two different clubs in the Europa League and Champions League. However, if the first club fielded him in the Champions… Read more »

Gareth Murray

Of course the scouse bindippers aren’t even in the Europa League this season. It’s irreleavnt as he won’t be coming to us anyway unless he puts a transfer request in. If Liverpool are in a strong league position in January they’ll keep him, if not they might reluctantly let him go.


Don’t care where he finds some motivation from, whether it’s personal pride, to help Arsenal or treat it as a shop window opportunity. Ultimately, it’s some cover for Giroud. Ozil could create thousands of chances (per match) for ol’ Bendy, surely he can pop a few in the back of the net if called on, then he can shuffle off into the sunset.

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