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Bendtner set for Baggies outing

Nicklas Bendtner is set to make his first competitive Arsenal appearance in 767 days after Arsene Wenger confirmed the Danish striker will be part of the Capital One Cup squad he takes to West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday.

Describing the 25-year-old as a someone who ‘lost his way a little bit’ (presumably down a one-way street in Copenhagen while over the limit) the boss underlined that if the Academy graduate finds form when called upon he will be given the opportunity to prove himself more regularly.

“If he is fit, I will use Nicklas,” the boss told press on Friday.

“He is a good striker. He could play against West Brom, he will be in the squad for sure.”

As has been well documented Bendtner has undertaken loan spells at Sunderland and Juventus in the last two years only for disciplinary and fitness problems to seriously hamper his early promise.

Publically declaring his eagerness to quit Arsenal as far back as July 2011, he looked almost certain to leave the Emirates this summer only for Wenger to block a deadline day move to Crystal Palace having failed to find a replacement.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for him,” continued Wenger.

“Honestly, he was supposed to go, but he stayed and once he stays you have to consider him as a full player of the squad.

“If he deserves to play in front of [Olivier] Giroud, he plays in front of Giroud. That is as simple as that.

“He lost his way a little bit, but he is not a bad boy. He is a good guy.

“He took the easy way a little bit but now he realises there are some [signals] in your career when players think that is the moment for them. He has got the message.”

There’s not much more that can be added to the Bendtner saga, if he wears the Arsenal shirt (this time with no.23 on his back) he’ll get the support of the fans, but he’s got a long way to go if he’s to earn our trust again.

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Not many good memories of TGSTEL
Last goal he scored that i can recall vividly, was the one against Barcelona at the Nou Camp

needless to say…you know how that ended


Hat-trick in a magnificent 5-0 thrashing of Porto? The winner against Stoke in THAT game in 2010?

John b

It wasn’t the winner. Nic’s header drew us level and was before the leg break I think. Fab penalty and verm at the death (assist fabregas) were the others. Then Sol roared at the crowd and Fabregas gave a terrific interview post match.


As soon as you put on the red and white, you get my support regardless of what happens off the pitch. If Bendtner sorts himself out, it can only be good for the Arsenal which ultimately, is what we all want!


thin ice, bendtner, veerryyyyy thin ice…


I only hope the same tits that boo’d Ramsey don’t put the boot into Nicky B. He may be a fool but he’s playing for Arsenal, we should still try to support him.


Indeed..the booing..especially at the emirates is getting tiresome. I mean really, you made it to the stadium just to slag off the player’s and the manager you’re supposed to be supporting

Bendtner’s commitment though, is way off from Ramsey’s

Can’t say I’m genuinely excited to watch a player who hasn’t pulled on the red and white in more than two years and has displayed a pathetic show of disloyalty by wanting to run away from the club that made him what he is.


Yeah, the booing… is that the reason we have been doing so well on the road? The team can play better without the divisiveness and derision of certain factions of their “supporters”


Indeed. I don’t understand this booing of our own players. If a section of the crowd don’t want a certain player to play then they should direct their concerns to the manager for a start, and secondly and more importantly, whatever we might all think of this or that player, they’re not going to play any _better_ because they have people on their case.


u are calling him Nicky B?? really??


“If he is fit, I will use Nicklas,”

Kinky Arsene, very kinky

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Nicky b. he ain’t no Nicky boo


The guy is a complete tit who hasn’t for one minute shown any regret or remorse for his actions. However… like you said as soon as he’s on that pitch wearing the cannon he deserves support though never for one minute should he be considered ahead of Giroud.

Dick Swiveller

As the man said, if he’s playing better than Giroud, he should start ahead of Giroud; tired of playing players for reasons other than results. On the plus side, he should be feeling a little less egocentric with Giroud ahead of him, I imagine he can’t say to himself anymore ‘ah but I’m better in the air than RvP, ah but I’m scoring more goals than Chamakh, ah but I’m better looking than Gervinho (were they ever actually at the club together?)’ so maybe it might engender a little more humility and work ethic. I think he is taller than… Read more »


at this point, it seems like there is more chance of him playing for a club for 10 pounds a week than him playing better than giroud…
your point still stands, of course, but most probably, quite redundant…


lets judge him after the game shall we? all this moaning about him before is pointless! yes hes been a dick in the past but when hes trying to score for us i don’t give a shit till after the match, see hoe he does


Unless of course he scores a hatrick in every game he plays…


He’s on thin ice so – last chance to show what he’s capable of. Probably learnt his lesson, you never know.


i remember when he had that ‘eye opening’ car crash and he was saying how he now understands what are the important things in life and his career. that was in 2009.


@52k a week he has earned around £12.5 million since then…….


it is quite surprising, how some people who often turn out to be quite shit of character, get to be millionaires just because they know how to kick a ball better than most people on the planet…


He is only 25?Damn!
He is not a bad player in any measure,but he has to let go of his big ego of his and get back to business!


He has a lot to play for. If he does well he can get the interest of many teams come January. Even if he’s only looking at the money, it’s in his best interests to play his arse off.


im a wanker


nah mate you’re top quality.


^^eh…That wasn’t me. Why the fuck would someone do that???


where’s park? :’D


It’s such a shame about Bendtner. While TGSTEL he’ll never actually be, he could have been flying by now if it wasn’t for having his head screwed on backwards. I remember taking my dad and girlfriend to see us against wolves a few years ago. In a game where it looked like we’d never hit the target. He got on the end of a good cross and smashed in a header in the last minute. 1-0! I thought he was going to be the powerful target man we needed. Didn’t turn out that way. Also he was playing 2nd fiddle… Read more »


I always thought Bendtner was a limited player but if he worked hard he should be reasonable within those limits, if you see what I mean. And I think people like Ozil and Ramsey behind him could actually see him get a few good goals and assists if he plays…

Park Chu Young (came out from hiding)

What about me??? Have you forgotten me, Arsene?!

Just so you know, I did make an appearance…… in the annual squad photos! (http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/first-team-squad-photocall-pictures)

Of course, I disappeared just as quickly

Edu's fake passport

Who’s the player next to Viviano?

Is it Bendtner with a beard & long hair, I honestly don’t know.



Dick Law

since ramsey has shown his mettle I am struggling to care about TGSTEL..hell I can’t be bothered about him anymore.. ramsey has stolen all the spotlight..anyways wish him alll the best

on second thoughts, wenger sounds like master yoda…can be a perfect life coach

Finsbury Park Gooner

I remember a nice goal he scored against Man City too, that always stuck in my mind. Think it was the time we beat them 3-0. Other than that, my memories of TGSTEL are mainly of him trying to do step-overs with his big donkey feet, or stepping on the ball, or miscontrolling passes. No doubt he scored some important goals for us though, if he gets his shit together I’ll be behind him for sure. As long as it’s under the proviso we get an upgrade come January.


Bendtner looks like per in that picture


The boo boys will be relieved, i was wondering who they would turn their attention to.

gooners n roses

A lot of funny things happened already this season. I feel there are more to come. C’mon NB, its time to dig in real hard!


Bendtner is a good player I like him and we also need him since poldosky has injury. Bendtner is a gud scorer he will improve verywell since mesust ozil is a gud assistant of goal so he can also work goal for bendtner too so I this case bendtner should be in d team


I think NB52 will be a good option in the squad. I do not care as far as he contributes in making winning an instinct at the Arsenal…. COYG!


There’s not much more that can be added to the Bendtner saga, if he wears the Arsenal shirt (this time with no.23 on his back) he’ll get the support of the fans, …… but he’s got a long way to go if he’s to earn our trust again.
Pffft, what a pissy little comment, get over yourself love. Did he hurt your delicate ickle feelings???

gunner for ever

Dear Arsene Wenger, Cases like that of NB makes me love and respect you more.AW is so good in making the unpredictable stuff a reality.As far as NB gets the honor to wear our shirt and join the field to play,i am 100% behind him to support.I guess that he have an option to depart by January or at the end of the season.But,if he want to get the respect and pride back as gentle man,he need to work hard on the pitch and shows the words on his recent official comments practically.good luck NB and our team!!!!Come on you… Read more »


TGSTEL coming on and scoring against spuds and a fine goal against Ipswich in league cup semi are fine moments!! He’s much to do but will get my full support as any player would whilst wearing the cannon! Booing him will only make it worse!


His record for Denmark is very good and no wonder he got disillusioned at the club that whenever Wenger played him he stuck him on the right wing. If he gets fit and a run in the side (not ahead of Giroud at the minute obviously) I’m sure he has the ability to score goals.


His record for Denmark is very good and no wonder he got disillusioned at the club that whenever Wenger played him he stuck him on the right wing. If he gets fit and a run in the side (not ahead of Giroud at the minute obviously) I’m sure he has the ability to score goals.

Galway Gooner

It’s this kind of patience that allowed Ramsey to burst in this season with the start he’s had, lets hope Wengers patience isn’t abused in this instance.

Wersy FBaby

With Mesut Ozil on d field of play, even the worst of strikers can pick up their firing boots again and start scoring… Nicky B needs our support. He is a cool player even on FIFA 13. Now, with Ozil in d mix, everything wud b rosy for Nicky B. Trust me


I hope he can change his attitude and get back to his best as long as he’s at Arsenal. Btw anybody knows where’s Park Chu Young? He’s not even in the squad list right?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Park Chu Young is in the squad. He has the number 30 shirt. Rumour has it that he got it dirty in training and has taken it home to his mum to get it washed.

I would love to see Park in the Carling Cup. He has a great record in it.

Uzo_9ja Gooner

*searching* Who’s the Person that had the guts to say NB52 x_x..oops NB23 isn’t the TGSTEL


Bendtner at his best is actually a pretty decent player. It’s a shame that his attitude stinks. I just hope that he goes out there at the Hawthornes and gives it a go. It’s in his own interest to play out of his skin whenever he gets a chance: he might earn himself a move in the next transfer window. Like I’ve said before, the lack of a quality second striker is a real worry: Giroud has to be periodically rested or he will burn himself out. The annoying thing is that the League Cup is one of the trophies… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Striker is the only position we’re light in though, so I’d imagine the CC will give fringe players the chance to get some match practice and we’ll field a *relatively* strong team.


bendtner bendter go bendtner

he scored goals while chewing gum

and he hurts them teams in the bum

go go go



Dial square

WTF?? Can’t see that catching on somehow.


To be honest bendtner has the ability to be a good striker for arsenal. He did score goals for us once upon a time. He even had the ability to play out wide for us even though he has no pace. I remember him scoring a few magical goals from the wing.

Hes our player, hes a gooner, people deserve a second chance. Flamini is a great example. Good luck nicky B. I for one am a gooner who will give you 100% support and hope you finally live up to yourpotential.

Educated By YouTube

I’ll try to be constructive here.

He’s a twat.

Then again, so is RvP and I enjoyed his goals for Arsenal. Still do.

Come on Bendtner!

Dick Swiveller

The next goal RvP scores for Arsenal, if he does, will be incredibly enjoyable for every Arsenal fan, I would imagine.

Eoin Fleming

What a role model. do whatever the fuck you want off the pitch and fuck all on it and in the meantime pick up fat cheques while blatantly letting everyone and they’re mother know you have no interest in playing for the club, and then get a start in this same club club after this! Wow! Tgstel! I salute you for having two of the biggest balls in football.

Petit's Handbag

He looks like a porn star…
He’s blonde, he’s quick, his names not a porno flick, Nicklas Bendtner

Neil #2

I’ve criticised him as well…but he’s wearing the shirt. Come on Nicklas — let’s see the best you’ve got


Anybody remember Nicky’s late goal against Dynamo Kiev some seasons ago? Freekick was taken by Cesc and Nicky controlled it with his chest they volleyed it in. His best goal in an Arsenal shirt!


I hope if he plays he uses all his rage and the frustration.Never ever seen him getting Angry not even when Adeybayor slapped him. And if he does have a awesome season and leaves next summer for more money elsewhere i wouldnt brand him a cunt(provided we did get some returns) because i didnt want him here this summer anyway. More or less like Flamini(transfer listed before that one awesome season with fab in the centre)

Neil #2

Not sure what he has to be frustrated about — his status is the result of his own actions. Some anger would be good — anger at himself, and determination to make something out of his career (and keep his spot for World Cup)


Check out the league table: the top four consists of all the candidates for the “fourth place cup,” with the Manchesters and Chelsea not even in the Europa League spots. Ha ha. Let Arsenal win tomorrow and I’d be happy to keep the standings like that all year.

99 Problems but being a Gooner aint one

We are the greatest fans in the world. The fact we still support this guy is testament to that.
I hope he can turn it around and repay wenger like others have.


So he has got fat and is wearing the number 23 shirt. Is he paying tribute to Arshavin?


I will be more than happy if he has a fantastic season then leaves on a free at the end of it.


@ Petit’s Handbag: indeed he does. I think he’s sporting what in the industry is commonly referred to as a “douchebag beard”. Fantastic stuff, Niklas; way to sum up your persona, some fine personal branding right there.

On a more genuinly great note: I urge all Gooners to enjoy the only warm smile in the whole picture, naturally belonging to the one and only Lukas Podolski. I am seriously starting to love that eccentric, overly enthused, faboulous bastard.


we are 1 quality striker away from making a genuine title challenge
we should all be hoping, as wenger is n ow, that the b 52 starts becoming more like the striker if believes he is
believe it or not our hopes of gaining silverware this year may rely on him more than any other player if giroud is injured


So, from B52 to Boeing 767…


Totes not getting my hopes up, BUT if he were to come good, what a story that would be. He’s still only 25. This is last-chance saloon, for sure, but the story isn’t quite written yet.


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