Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Diary of a season: Arsenal 3-1 Stoke City

A 3-1 win against Stoke, another goal for Aaron Ramsey, three assists for new boy Mesut and top of the league again…Hayley and James from Gunnerblog reflect on an above average day at the office.

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2 assists from Özil surely?


I’m not sure either. Does a saved shot count as an assist?


He had only 2 assists.


so far as i know they dont count it but i think an assist should be counted as anything that forcibly results in a goal

The Truth.

So if someone (Ashley Young for example) dives for a penalty, but Rooney takes it and scores, then Young should be credited with an assist? I don’t think so.

Jack's Right Foot

All the Fantasy Football leagues are showing he got 3 assists, I’ll take that; we want him to remain King of the Assist so every other shitty team is envious! Mesut, you have stolen my heart.

Michael Hillay

I love arsenal

Not Giroud

Wow that Hayley broad is HAWT! O.O


Don’t be ungentlemanly, my dear fellow.


She is pretty fucking hot though

The Truth.

Here we go again.

Adam Richards

Poor James @Gunnerblog. No admirers?


We looked knackered in the 2nd half against stoke so i’m expecting an influx of changes VS westbrom, starting bendtner would seem a big risk since he is not match fit so i’ld expect giroud to start then should be substituted immediately after halftime for bendtner so i think we should lineup like this, even if theo makes a quick and full recovery we would probably need him more against swansea fresh and fit.






Subs: viviano,sagna,hayden,akpom,ozil,bendtner,gibbs.

flamini,kos and sczsney left out entirely.

Adam Richards

Why put our 3 most tired players on the pitch? Giroud, Ramsey and Jack need 3-4 days off; absolutely no doubt about that. Bendtner to start, let’s see if he has been training hard Wenger says he his. Rosicky and maybe even Frimpong to play in Midfield. A good mixture of experience and kids that still need to prove themselves in my opinion. And more importantly enough there to comfortable win the game. Even put Ozil, Walcott (if fit) and Rambo on the bench. That’ll put the stuffing up W.B.A, even you go one up you are going to get… Read more »


He already has 7 assist for me….simply because they refused to score doesn’t mean he didn’t assist them…hehehehe


Heard wenger said he would rest jack against westbrom, how true is that?


Gnabry is fucking impressive! wait till you hear he is only 18 years old!. he shows great stamina and skill something Walcott isn’t particularly good at. I’m really impressed by this young robust fellow!


I’m very worried and disappointed of Arsenal. It seems paradoxical, because we are first in the League. But I don’t recognize Arsenal. Which team was it yesterday in the second half? Are your sure that it was the Gunners? We played on the counter, at home, against Stoke City! Can someone see the problem? Indeed, we win, but we must analyse more deeply such a game. I notice that, during the last few months, we are totally unable (or we don’t want) to keep possession like we used to. However, it was a characteristic of our style of game; it… Read more »


I love the way that the art of defending is completely dismissed by some these days. Unless we’re the Harlem Globetrotters of football, some just aren’t happy. That ‘old Arsenal’ you talk of, at times, passed and moved beautifully, totally dominated opponents, creating chance after chance after chance. And then regularly got beaten by a sucker punch. I’m talking post Invincibles here. Would you prefer that, or what we have now? A team where everyone knows their role and backs each other up? And whilst top teams will likely create more chances because they’re better sides, the fact that other… Read more »

hadji hammed

You are making points…… We need ugly wins a lot ……. Not everyday we will be winning ball possession and lose points ! That shd be a case of the past ! Gunners for life


I understand your arguments, Mooro, but I simply do not accept that. Wenger has became pragmatic; I prefer someone idealistic, like he used to be. I know the post-Invincibles era was dominated by matches where we created many chances, we got possession and sometimes we lost on the counter. However, I fully accept prefering a beautiful defeat to an ugly win. It is ridiculous for many of you, and I understand it, but it is my view. I am more of an aesthete in football. Now, I do not recognize “my” Arsenal anymore. Let’s be first like that, but will… Read more »


Don’t be daft.

Adam Richards

If he hadn’t changed our style of play (remember critics saying Arsene had no Plan B?!?) we would not have finished above Spurs and we would not be playing meaningful mid week football this year.

It still has some undertones of the beautiful football we once played, but good to see we have adapted and evolved our game to win matches; and inevitably one day soon a trophy.


You hate what The Arsenal have become?
Lucky you weren’t a fan in the 70s and 80s
I loved them then and I love them now.
Up The Arsenal


I understand, but I am not English. I just loved Arsenal’s style of play, Wenger’s philosophy and some players like Fabregas, van Persie and others we had. I am a supporter because of this particular style.
I am troubled now. I think it is not my team. And it is not a matter of victory or defeat. We nearly won by playing beautiful football, and until proved otherwise, we did not win nothing with this “new” style, except matches against relatively weak sides (except Tottenham).


In Arsenal’s defense, we have not been able to win a trophy since the win against Bayern Munich where we arguably changed our style of play successfully for the first time.

I can respect that you liked the way Arsenal played, it was easy on the eye etc, however true fans want the best for the club as a whole. If we were playing ugly football whilst not winning trophies it would have been harder to cope; yes.

But I reckon the majority of real fans are happier right now than they have been for some time.

hadji hammed

The good news is that we are winning ugly points lately against marseille and now stoke city….. For years back now if we are not playing well we concede goals buh now the team is winning ugly which has earned United many EPL trophies for yrs back ! All I want now is healthy Squad…. The likes of Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski and Ox should return full fitness then we are a strong Team and capable of winning trophies this season …………….. I love Arsenal


Thanks for the “thumb down”. You are very respectful of my point of view… This system is ridiculous. All those who have a diffrent view are marginalized by this stupid system of rating. But when you claim: “I love Arsenal”, you miraculously get hundreds of positive votes…

umar maska

We miss our passing football cos Arteta is injures,flamini try so hard buh he’s not a possession keeper lyk mikel so soon u will win and got possession as well #Always a gunner


Phorus are you for real ?


The romance and chemistry is almost tangible through my computer screen.

Kisses x


Phorus gimme a break mate. If thumbs mean that much to you, you really need to go out more. I thumbed you down because I completely disagree with your point, as does most other fans I’m sure. The squad is hampered with injuries (Cazorla, Mikel and Ox being key ones), and the same line up has been playing since the start of the season grinding out results. There is such a thing called fatigue; if you notice most seasons before, we’d drop points straight after we play an energy sapping CL game away from home. Yesterday we didn’t and I’m… Read more »

Uzo_9ja Gooner

Phorus I see ur point of view and u are absolutely entitled to your opinion…. I dnt agree with u tho, @ the end we are all Gooners

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