Friday, December 8, 2023

Italian keeper Emiliano Viviano linked

Reports from Italy, including Sky Italia (yes, we know), suggest that Palermo keeper Emiliano Viviano will travel to London today to undergo a medical with Arsenal.

The deal mooted is a season long loan with an option to buy at the end of it. Viviano spent last season on loan with Fiorentina, making 32 appearances in Serie A.

Arsenal are in need of strengthening in the goalkeeping position having let Vito Mannone go to Sunderland earlier in the summer. Although Szczesny and Fabianski are fit and ready, Arsene Wenger admitted doubts over youngster Emi Martinez last week.

He said, “We have Emi Martinez as number three, but he has no experience at all in the Premier League, that is why we always had an eye open, and this position is not completely closed yet.”

Although Arsenal would pay Palermo a loan fee, it would maintain Arsene Wenger’s actual transfer fee spend at £0.00.

Saving it all up for a £80m purchase tomorrow, obviously.


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I’m beginning to think we’ve got no money to spend

oh robin

OMG ..Is that almunia? :O


Blogs, wouldn’t it be easier just to list the players we haven’t been linked with?


Benzema (40 mill) and Di Maria (25 mill.) coming in tomorrow. Obviously. The alternative is not worth contemplating. Not alternative good players, I mean, those would be more than welcome because fuck me if I can figure out which ‘top, top quality’ striker is left in this market). I know its derby day and no quarter given etc. etc. but my God, has Levy played a blinder. If they still can’t get their shit together for the season it will have very little to do with a lack of quality on all fronts because Arsenal fans have discussed all those… Read more »


Actually right now Ozil seems the likeliest. Apparently we are in advanced talks with Madrid over a 42.5 million bid and are confident of getting it done


Yes, because we haven’t been in advanced talks with Madrid and confident of getting it done before, have we?


Your proof ????


You’re going to have to read some words and stuff, but the Rambler is always good for this kind of thing.

Quod E. Demonstrandum.


blogs, player details??
u know, your assessment of how good is he??
what’s his age??

The ghost of Peter Storey

Just because we have money it doesn’t mean that we have to spend it all on overpriced players. £20m for Cabaye!!?!!?


Better 20 mil for Cabaye than 20 mil sitting in a bank doing nothing.

Mate Kiddleton

You want us to smash our previous transfer record for… Cabaye.
Good thing you’re not in charge of overseeing our spending


Leaving aside that “transfer record” thingy means fuck all to me, I don’t really care.
Cabaye can do something on the pitch for us, 20 mil in bank notes can’t. That’s all I care about.

Bould's Eyeliner

Cabaye is underrated in general, but I agree 20 million overrates him – maybe 12? Which means the Wenger scale would probably rate him at something less than 10, which means no Cabaye 🙁


So you’d rather spend £20M on someone who isn’t worth £20M just because he might contribute something (anything) on the pitch this season.

1. We don’t actually need a player like Cabaye.
2. Just how many games do you envisage Cabaye playing this season?
3. This is obviously not your money you’re hypothetically spending.
4. Couldn’t your argument be extended to anyone.
5. Ever had a conversation with Clint Eastwood?


Hell of a way to twist and turn my words. 1. We need exactly player like Cabaye. He can play DM as well as box-to-box, is experienced and actually good. He might not be a pure only tackling DM, but Arsene tends not to use them (also see 7amkickoffs blog for more arguments). 2. A lot. There’s a thing called rotation. It makes your players not so susceptible to injury and allows team to perform even if one player drops from as he is easily replaceable. Also, ever heard of a thing called injuries? They are pretty common. There are… Read more »


1. But we already have Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Flamini, and, one day over the rainbow – Diaby. Hell, we even have a potentially-converted Vermaelen or Sagna, we have Coquelin (when back from work experience) or the Dench guy if need be. If you were touting a pure DM then I might agree. Or a Pogba. (I’d be happy to see tens of millions spent on a Pogba). But not a Cabaye instead of a Pogba. (Apples and pears.) 2. When has Wenger ever been a fan of rotation? He plays his first choices until they hit ‘the red zone’ and… Read more »

Tom J

No but we could spend it on a center half considering we have only 3 at the club, one of whom is weeks away from return, or so we are told, but who can believe it


We have lots of money to spend – trouble is we have a manager that has no ambition..


no ambition? we have a manager determined to win with 0 spent, seems pretty ambitious to me

Tom J

On 7.1 million per year


Whelmed….is that you way up there?


I really wonder what is the reason behind all those free transfers. I’d get a couple or three 10 mil bracket players, as is our usual summer, but all of them free? There must be something more we’re not seeing behind this.


Agreed. There is something fishy going on behind the scenes. I think no one expected us to go out and buy three £30 million players. I expected more along the lines of two or three Giroud/ Podolski £15 million and one £30+ million superstar. That would make more sense since our financial power is increasing gradually and not in leaps and bounds. So my question is: where are the Giroulski transfers this window? Surely, getting them would be easier than getting a superstar? The superstar transfer is also high risk so the Giroulski transfers are also contingencies. It makes no… Read more »


Looks like almunia……


If he is buying squad players for nothing and loans then fine but the real quality we need to spend

I want to boff Giroud and I'm not even gay

All sounds very almuniary


We’re gonna win 5-2….

Denilson's back pass

Really does look a bit like Almunia

Toure Motors

Don’t know anything about him. Is this what AW meant when he said ‘we can do things that would surprise you’?


Italy international, great player as well

Whelmed sideways

We will loan out Fabinaski now for a 600k fee to cover the fee we paid for this guy to keep us at 0


No. It will take 600 k + 1 £ to price Fabiansky away. Our finance books should show profit with every move we make, Arsene takes a lot of pride from it 😀


Before an ACL tear in 2010-11, Viviano was apparently the second best Italian keeper. Now? Expendable back up for a relegated side. Classic Wenger to go with a “free” loan player with an asterisk rather than investing 10-12m in a top class keeper who could challenge or beat out Szcz. Why spend money and improve when you can remain right where you are for free? This is another example of why he must go.


he isnt expendable, palermo (who make newcastle United look like an island of tranquility) got relegate last year so he is for sale . 3 selection for Italy not bad considerate buffon when fit is always number one.


drop the chase for a g.k theres precious little time and we’re more urgently in need of a striker and a 1st team defensive mid, flamini is all well and good, welcome back who says you can’t come home and all that but a genuine 1st rate D.M and STC and we will make waves


I hope those expecting Rooney Suarez DiMaria Benzama Kaka and Cesar will now shut up.We have signed an Italian 2nd division keeper.What more do want
We wouldnt want to sign a good keeper to upset our Polish clowns would we


Played with Fiorentina last season and capped a few times by Italy.

Not saying he’s amazing, but if you’re gonna moan, at least do a well-informed moan.

deus Maganga

wenger try to cool arsenal fans for free transfer ? I saw wenger fail for that


You can actually comment in English on this site nowadays. Strange but true.


We have to see if mata dad will be up in the stands today


Given Chesney is into the last year of his contract it would make sense to have a back up in case he does a Flamini…

Daft Aider

He’s got another year left

arse's arse

My only real hope with this news is Szcz is inspired to redouble his efforts for a clean sheet today. I’ve only 20 points so far in fantasy, and while it would be nice to see Theo boot a couple, I need a hat trick from Giroud. My chips are on a 2-1 win with Sagna giving them the pk.
Come on you Gunners!!!!


The other top teams bring in signings, we scurry around doing loan deals and hoovering up (albeit decent) players on free transfers.

Reserving judgement for TDD, although i do think quality wise this squad has enough talent to win a trophy this season.

Still also the january window.

Its true though, its what happens on the pitch that matters the most, regardless of signings.

Lets see


Mission Freebie continues.



Because it’s free, he’s probably in london already. Watch out for him in the stands at the game today.

Does anyone know if he’s injury prone though? That might be a deal breaker. I mean, we know he’s not french

Tony Hall

Arsene has got himself into a right pickle when there is really no need. It’s quiet simple really. just get your dusty chequebook out, buy Benzema, Mata, Begovic, a world class centreback, give Sagna and Rosicky new contracts and pop TGSTEL on a one way space flight to Uranus …
For further help please visit

Clock End Mike

Not simple at all. It’s not a supermarket, mate. You can’t just go out and buy whoever you want at an advertised price. Higuain (I believe the price went up after we’d done much of the talking, and quite honestly I’m not sure he was worth what Napoli paid for him), Suarez (we appear to have been misled by the player and his agent about the terms of his current contract, and I would rather have no one than Suarez, anyway), good examples of how it’s not so easy unless you just hold out your wallet and let the selling… Read more »


Why not Begovic? Darn good goalie if you ask me

Daft Aider

If he’s any good we’ll undoubtedly haggle over the buy option and lose out on him anyway,
“what do you mean?, the agreed price was £7mil euros, we aren’t interested in taking half a million”


Has Wenger lost it? Is he refusing to go where modern football us (right or wrong), making him unfit to runia modern football club? Or will he provee all the doubters (pretty much 99.99% of football fans by now) wrong?

This is his last chance to answer those questions. Sad if it has to end like this.


Just hope we can smash the spuds today. This transfer window has just got more and more depressing.

that french bloke!

Argh, let’s just stop with these rumours, they’re pointless at this stage. Onwards to January transfer window then!


the transfer window can go fuck itself. it’s not like we’re going to spend any money


Meh. Total mediocrity. He was the next big think some years ago though. He was the heir to Buffon’s throne and he really looked like being one of the best emerging goalkeepers in the world then over the last couple seasons it has all fallen apart and he is rather shit now.
Maybe as competition for Sczesney he can recapture his form from a few seasons ago and bring consistency to his game but I’m not optimistic.


errata: thing

S j little

Never, ever, holds the ball.


A fucking loan signing, just offer the money for begovic ffs!

If the kalou rumours are true, fuck me. Last season of the arsene madness at least. Laudrup or klopp please


That French bloke

Last January we were told there is no value in January’s market we will save our resources to the summer. Are you impressed? I am


I am still optimistic, and upbeat, and hopeful, that we are going to bring in 2-3 men with at least one world class player. I hope Wenger will realise the importance of adding to the super thin arsenal squad. I am craving! Lets do the 5pur2 first, COYG


All we need now is kalou and we are sorted. Who said we didn’t have a plan.


You’ve forgot about Gareth Barry.

Merlin's Panini

I’ve seen him a couple of times and he’s looked quite solid. Weren’t we linked with him a two or three years ago?
I wouldn’t complain if we get him, free or not. He’s got a few caps for Italy too so can’t be too bad.


I don’t now why everyone is moaning here. The guy has earned some caps from Italy who have good competition for goalkeepers. Looks like a decent competition for Szczęsny to me. We should not forget that wenger sees (and I think many of us as well) Szczęsny to be the long term goalkeeping solution. And he rates Fabianski as well. It doesn’t make sense to bring a first choice keeper then; we just need a good squad player and viviano seems to be so. May be we all would’ve been happier had the same guy come with a price tag… Read more »

The Alsacien

We are not going to see any transfers today. Today is not about transfers. Today is not about our transfer kitty. Today is ALL ABOUT BEATING THE SCUM!

That is all our players and us fans need to think about.

Let us show unity in that purpose and let the players know that they are not alone on the battlefield.

Whatever happens, this unity must not be destroyed and WILL NOT BE DESTROYED. NOT IN FRONT OF THE SCUM!!!


Absolute bullshit

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Damned if you do, Wenger. Then again, damned if you don’t.
Not a Wenger Brigadier but at this stage, if Cesar or Begovic aint coming, then Viviano is quite welcome.


Come January our season will be over. why? Because our squad is to small with not enough real class in it 12 or 13 players won’t win trophys simple as that.Wenger your a disgrace

Top Gunner

It’s evident that we plan on making a profit in the transfer window as per usual.
We’ll make no significant signing, I’ll love to be proved wrong but I just can’t see it 🙁


well now lets see, perhaps because they are already 1st choice at big clubs and this isn’t make believe world where any player we look at will immediately sign for us?


Pointless….little chance of two keepers being injured at the same time. If I was Fabianski, I’d be off tomorrow.


ummm…back in 2010 Lehmann came out of retirement for us because we had 3 injured keepers……


AR52NAL… That is all

gooner odst

He is having a medical as we speak…luckily Napoli just bought Reina so I don’t expect a hijack

we are gone for good

what are those guys at emirates taking recently? codeine or perhaps sheesha


No time for transfer (or non-transfer) bullshit… IT’S DERBY DAY!


Never heard of him. Which isn’t to say that he isn’t any good.

If there is any credibility to these rumours then once again Wenger shows some weakness of mind and indecisiveness.

Having admitted reservations about the GK position (“Scezerny is only a boy…” etc) he doesn’t act with firm conviction and go out and buy a genuine stand-out keeper of long experience (Bergovic, Cesar, or even Tim Krul).

Begovic would cost a kings ransom and as such can be ruled out. But Cesar or Krul would be obtainable and would immediately improve the team no end.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

Like most, I don’t know anything about Viviano but I have seen both Cesar and Krul and don’t believe then to be better than the options currently available, so why spend our dosh on them?

Jet Gooner

I’ve always trusted and backed Wenger no matter what. I remember the George Graham days! What he has brought to our great club can never be dismissed. That being said, if we sign no one before Tuesday I will have to join the haters. There’s no excuse for this lack of movement. I thought last season was a watershed moment. Just clinching 4th with the scum at their best I figured that now we have the money we would blow them away and strengthen without losing any big names for the first time in ages. Am I the only one… Read more »


“Am I the only one that thinks Wenger has the look of a man that knows a big juicy secret that we all don’t?”


I have a suspicion that the big juicy secret may be that this is the last year of his contract and he won’t sign a new one even if offered one.

The Alsacien

You’re not alone 😉

Remi Goonar

I should hope so or as you said I’m going have to join the wenger hate club. I dont want to but I’d just be lying to myself trying to convince myself that I don’t want to just punch him in the face because of the lack of signings we so OBVIOUSLY need.

Jet Gooner

Richardanus. I disagree. I think he’ll stay for life given the chance. The one thing we can’t throw at him is that he doesn’t love our club.

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