Sunday, July 3, 2022

Mertesacker/Ozil now doubts for Sunderland

According to BBC’s David Ornstein, Per Mertesacker is ill and will not travel to Sunderland for tomorrow’s game.

It’s a blow for Arsene Wenger’s side and the German and Laurent Koscielny have formed a very good partnership over the last few months.

The manager hinted Thomas Vermaelen might make the trip, but it remains to be seen if he’ll start. Bacary Sagna has filled in at times and Wenger might prefer to play him there and keep Carl Jenkinson at left back.

There’s also a worry over new boy Mesut Ozil who also missed training today through illness but will make the journey north. Did the Germans eat some bad Bratwurst as they welcomed Ozil to Arsenal?

Not good news, let’s hope Mesut makes it, at least.

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Never eat sauerkraut in London

Merlin's Panini

This news is the wurst


I got that old schinken feeling when reading the article

Andy Mack

This really Haxens me off.

Runcorn Gooner

Also Probably worried about their dodgy pitch that put him out for months 2 years ago

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker


Andrew Sheppard

Nowt to do with sourkrowt. Just wanted to all the extremely talented people – never realised how many talented members we have – who contributed to the transfer deadline day news whatdoyoumeantheywon’t acceptgold bullionblog. And to the geniiwho had that Alsatian welcoming ozal, and the one who showed the bemused face of an arse told meanyarsene had actually dipped into his own pocket….etc etc

gratefully, goreygunner


Oh dear god

Öh tö be a gööner

*oh dear Dennis?


In fact never eat sauerkraut anywhere, stuff is mank


Well sir, you couldn’t be more wrong about this.

Tom J

When has jenkinson played at left back?


i get that its a rheteorical question, but he has played at left back and centre-back throughtout the youth level. he said so himself in an interview that was posted on this site a couple of months back, i think.
and mr. blogs, if u are reading this, you might wanna make the correction.


you have never lived meine Fräulein…

Alex Manninger



In the name of Bergkamp, why us?


Relax maybe it’s all part of bergkamps master plan.


Why does it always happen to us.. just when we were getting excited about the team the BFG falls ill. Will be a huge loss for the game at Sunderland.


Yeah typical isn’t it. And you can see the Sun loving it if Ozil is ill -“Record £42 million signing out for 6 weeks due to dodgy sausage”


Who else thinks Mick Bendtnaaarrrr has something to do with this…

Andy Mack

He’s in Denmark…. but maybe you’re right.


Finger crossed they’ll be alright for the game. Sagna has been playing well at the centre, but maybe Mertesacker’s German relation will makes Ozil more settle for his 1st game.

Alex Manninger

Mertesacker isnt even travelling

Dr Baptiste

“Per Mertesacker is ill and will not travel to Sunderland for tomorrow’s game.” It was right there in the article

Blind faith

According to some journalist. It was right there in the article.

Ok, it’s probably true, but I for one will remain sceptical until it’s confirmed by a politician.

Kevin Rudd

I confirm this, and I should know. After all, I am the Prime Minister of Aus…Oh!


I hope Ornstein was misinformed and that both Per & Ozil arent ill at all


I don’t think so, Wenger talking about taking vermaelen so soon to Sunderland game confirms that Per is ill, I don’t know about ozil I don’t think he is that sick like per but now I know for sure that he will not start the game.


Maybe they both ran off from “that” training and Oktoberfest came a little early…maybe just hangover…


Already a doubt for tomorrow. Thorough Arsenal signing. Fitting right in already.

Arsene's bottle of water

You meant Carl Jenkinson as right back surely?

Dr Baptiste

Wenger has gone big with signing Ozil and is now mixing things up tactics wise. He’s going with a 2-5-3 formation. Koscielny at CB with Jenkinson at LB. The rest of the positions are up for grabs. I think Szczesny has his eye on the right flank position….

RC Motors

The Koscielkinson / Jenkscielny (delete as appropriate) Axis


Fuck it. I have waited for what seems like light years for Ozil`s debut.
Give him some pills from the future, I want to see our Best signing since Ozil play!

Dr Baptiste

So you’re saying that Ozil is our best signing since Ozil, right? Glad I got that cleared up


@Dr Babtiste, you’ve got me pissing me pants…:)


so you’re saying you’ve waited for 587000000000000 miles for Ozil’s debut, right?
Glad i got that cleared up.

North Bank Gooner

Hope this is head games to get Di Canio frothing, Per would be a huge miss.


* Best signing since Bergkamp!!

Dr Baptiste

Oh. Well, I feel sheepish.

master floda

Maybe the most high profile signing, because we spend a record fee and stated our intend for the future. But that doesn’t make it the best. Most of the invincibles came after 95, including Henry and Pires. I’m as glad as anybody about Özil, but he hasn’t even played a single minute and he needs to do some very great things for us before we should speak his name together with the greats.


if sagna plays at cb…then jenks would play at rb nt lb…


Jenkinson at right back

jack jack jack

Jenkinson up front! Fabianski on the wing! Pat Rice playing number 10! Mo Farah in goal! Boro Primorac!


Diaby as physio.


Don’t forget Dany Karbassiyoon!


Wow….it can be true…can’t jst wait to see ozil in action

Alex Manninger

Maybe he has already got the cockney version of Chlymidia


What an anticlimax


what the holy fuck is going on with us and illnesses? jesus christ


Like everyone, I hope too see Özil debuts asap but even without him and the BFG, we should be able to beat Sunderland with our squad (which is the most important thing).


I hope that we can pull off a win without them. WE NEED THESE THREE POINTS… #GUNNERS Follow me in Twitter @khaos_music


Hey, everyone! I’m an Arsenal fan too, just like you!!! Follow my tweets at @whogivesaflyingfuck.





Brian Mendoza

Must be the armband, seriously, Captain, Vice-Captain and Vice-Vice-Captain all out? Blimey.

Arsene's Zip

Then give Bendtner the armband quick…

jack jack jack

Field Marshall Flamini would be a fine candidate in my opinion. His pointing technique is unsurpassed in the modern game.

cannon & ball

Merte-sicker, Oz-ill caused by a dodgy banger… wurst joke ever?

Arsene's Zip

Dear oh dear oh dear


Okay, who’d like a banger in the mouth?

joe gooner

When ozil returns from his illness he will be like a new signing


We can continue the celebrations every time he comes back!


no matter what 3 points is ours. Go gunners


Mind games please.
Didn’t jack have this recently? Must be the mail boy, a spud!

Rad Carrot


dan arsenal

Don’t think it’s mind games, Ozil and Mertesacker are not in the training pictures.


I will like to see Ozil make his debut soon but i can wait as long as we get the win.


Oh crap. We need Mertesacker. Can B52 do a job in defense?

master floda

No, but Giroud can. 7amkickoff once posted some very interesting stats about how many defensive clearances the HFB does.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

It’s only fucking Sunderland – we don’t need defenders.

Petit's Handbag

Fantasy football Call: Ozil or Santi?
I’ve been putting money away for this transfer

master floda

I’d go for Santi, as Özil will probably cost more and will need time to acclimate.


None for me. Fantasy football is jinxed, whoever i pick doesn’t score points. So now i pick our opponents 😉


No please don’t let this be true

vineet true gooner

Jekinson,sagna,koscieni,gibbs will be there at defense. Flamini & ramsey will fill the deep lying positions and have to play all 90 minutes as there is no arteta no wilshere no diaby. Giroud in front. But what about the attacking 3 ? Rosicky and oxlade are not available. If ozil is absent for the start who will feature alongside with cazorla and Walcott? Is it the for miyachi to make his debut? Wait and see…


Wilshere isnt injured< so there you go! No need to wait.


Ugh, this is bullshit. I think we must have been cursed after poisoning spurs on the last day of 05/06. Still worth it.

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

FFS, Wenga cant even by a deecent playr who can play a gme witout being injure or sick.

The bored shud sack him now.

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

Seriously though, I really want to see Mesut play. *Prays to Dennis*


R.I.P English…


R.I.P. English……… I second that motion….


Sigh Just shows how weak we are once again. Absolute shambles as usual.

vineet true gooner

I think mesut will make his celebrity debut atleast from the bench in the 2nd half


Have they got some new caterers in? I seem to remember that Sagna was too ill to start the Fenerbahce game and it was rumoured that Jack had to be substituted quickly in the same match because he was also ill and was about to sh*t himself!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Surely our wonderful new medical facility has a solution to get them onto the pitch?

“Here you go Mesut. Take 4 Immodium, and here’s your cork.”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Strangely enough, we do have new Italian caterers. Silvio Berlusconi personally recommended them to Flamini just before he left Italy.

The Ecoli Brothers, Via Cusani 2, Milano & 346 High Rd, Tottenham.


Szczeny, Jenkinson, Monreal, Sagna, Koscieny, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshire, Theo, Girroud & Cazorla. Subs Fab, Gibbs, TV5, Ozil, Gnabry, Ryu and Chuba.


So captain out(but travels with the squad) vice captain out reserve vice captain out ? who has the armband ? if TV travels surely he has to start as captain cant have the club captain coming on to take the arm band only hand it over when he dont go the distance. think he will start with kos in middle and gibbs left and Sagna right. If he goes off Sagna to middle jenko to right .But should be more than enuf quality to beat them…… heard that one before ??????


If TV5 isn’t playing, I expect Koscielny to be captain (he worn the armband a few times before).

A N Other

Worry not.. It’s only a matter of time until we unleash Ozil on opposition.


Ozil will play. We can’t risk jack getting injured again…….

On the lighter side. …..Poldi should be ill with whatever 3 did on Tuesday.


Flamini for the arm band! That beast is a commanding little champ!


Jack isnt injured. He is just not fully match fit and to get match fit he needs to play. Jack will start at least up to 60 minutes.


Waited 2 weeks to see Ozil play.. thats like ∞ seconds..


Tell me about it…


Oz-ill 🙁

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s clever. I wanted to thumb it up, but…


I laughed at first, thinking it was a joke. Fingers crossed they’ll be fine. Still hope it’s a joke.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s not fucking April, that’s for sure.

Andy Mack

Blogs, did you really mean Jenks at left back or did you get confused over left and right?


Maybe Ozil is trying to get settled in the city he just moved to and Mertesacker, his best mate at the club, is helping him? Ornstein could be wrong on this one guys, he’s not infallible.

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