Monday, July 4, 2022

Ozil not fazed by Premier League

New boy Mesut Ozil has admitted that the Premier League is likely to be a more physical experience than La Liga, but says he’s not bothered by it one bit.

At his official unveiling today – the first time Arsenal have done that with a player since the capture of Jose Antonio Reyes back in 2004 – the German international said, “I’ve watched a lot of Premier League games. Of course it’s very physical but this is a man’s sport.”

The former Real Madrid man is in line for a start on Saturday, with Arsene Wenger suggesting it’s a ‘possibility’, and Ozil was quick to play down rumours of unprofessionalism that emerged in the wake of his big money move from Spain.

“I don’t want to say anything bad about Madrid. I don’t care about the rumours, people know how professional I am and that is what counts. I’m in London now, we have big goals here and we will work hard to reach them.

“For me the most important thing is I have fun. We have a busy schedule and I’m looking forward to it.”

Wenger also revealed that he’d been close to signing Ozil before now, saying, “When Mesut went to Real Madrid we were in touch. I wanted to bring him to Arsenal but it didn’t work then.”

And he quipped about his statement after the Sp*rs game.

“I looked a bit lonely when I said I was optimistic. At the Tottenham game I thought we would manage it. Ozil is at a good age, he is already a great player. There is room for him to become dominant and step up.”

Updates via @Arsenal.


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le potato



Can’t wait until Saturday when he puts on the greatest shirt he will ever ware 🙂

le potato

AMEN brother !!


lets not be so hasty….there’s puma’s effort to consider in time along with another big wad of cash i like to think of as Rues


The only english he spoke was…..

“I am a gunner”

I actually understood his english more than I ever have for all of Moyes’ speeches….


Hahahahahahahaha Moyets


(To the tune of “Oh! When the saints..”)
“There’s only ONE
Mesut Özil!
There’s only one Mesuuuut Öoooziiil!
And he plays for THE ARSENAL.
There’s only one Mesuuuut Öoooziiil!”


Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Is he, now?


pfffmwhahahahahahaha! twatene looks like he’s constipated


Anyway it doesn’t matter, there are loads if woman in London


if he does well, he can have all our sisters


I’ve only got brothers, but he is welcome to them.

Andy Mack

I can send my mum round!
But be careful, she is in her 70s…..


Quality not quantity.

Hat, coat, door. Bu-bye.


If my Grandad knew I’d one day be cheering on a load of German Gunners, he’d be spinning in his grave, God rest him.


It seems a number of people did not understand your comment.


Ah well. Win some lose some.

Might have been a bad German joke, but not as bad as the one I heard about the German sausage.

That was definitely the wurst.


I know a Nazi joke but I don’t like saying it, it’s a little out of Mein Kampfort zone

DL Gooner

Thumbs down to people with no sense of humor!

He’s a big lad, i don’t think he’ll have any trouble taking care of himself in the prem.


Wow. We’ve not officially unveiled a player since Reyes? That says a lot about Ozil. And a lot about how we’ve been doing business until now. I became a gunner 9 years ago. I’ve not witnessed winning anything. I think I don’t have long to wait. Viva la Arsenal!


Did you sleep through the 2005 F.A. Cup final, or…?


Don’t know about him, but I’ve been a Gunner for 7 years, but that’s because I’m not english and 2006 was the year I became addicted to Football Manager.


I am the only one who thinks Cazorla surely deserved an official unveiling.

All we got were some ‘official photos’ with Arteta popping in to welcome his fellow countryman.

Mind you, he does seem a very modest and humble kind of guy, perhaps he didn’t want all the attention.

In Arsene We Always Trusted

What a signing this young man is. I know it’s been said a thousand times over but there’s a feeling around everything Arsenal at the moment that I haven’t felt since the build up to the 2006 CL Final.

There’s a genuine excitement at, around and about Arsenal Football Club once again, and long may it continue.


LOL. That shirt is about to tear. Hahahaha.

Donut Maestro

The man wants his Arsenal shirt. Give it to him already!


I would of loved Wenger to give him the new shirt number 42.5 and watch him rip through the spud defence while they can only look back and watch his number in the distance 😉

Donut Maestro

Trust me, the no. 11 is the biggest troll shirt number for spuds.
Every time they will see it, they’ll remember how they made winning the league possible for us.


@ Blogs
I was able to thumb myself up ( not in real life )
and not on a sexual way but still something seems fucked up ( not my thumb )

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Watch out, Micko!!!!!!! You’re spilling your beer!!!!!!!!!


Arsene Wenger was trolling before it was called trolling.


So he shouldn’t be, oooo im getting excited!


Hmmh….now starting to believe the rumours that Arsenal football club have actually Signed Mesut Ozil.


Don’t believe it mate. They just build up hope and expectation and let you down sadistically. I will only give it credence when this supposed “signing” is out for “maybe 3 to 4 weeks”. Then I’ll know Ozil is a Gooner.


why would he?

He is world class and proven at only 24 with a very succesful track record for Germany and for a big club like Real Madrid

Brian Mendoza

“Of course it’s very physical but this is a man’s sport.”

Arsenal Ladies say hi Mesut 😉

Also, I don’t think it has sunk in yet. Ozil. An Arsenal player. Oh my.

Wengers Mom

Ozil to Cazorla, back to Ozil. Shimmies past two, and I cannot believe my eyes he finds an incredulous pass through the centre of defence to Giroud and- Goalllll ! Another assist to Ozil… that’s three on his debut. And the gooners, they, they’re on the pitch! What a performance. What a buy Wenger ! What a buy ! Earlier on that afternoon, Fellaini won a few headers.


Fellaini revelled to be Duncan Ferguson in a wig!


*revealed*. Ahem.


He may have revelled in it too, who doesn’t enjoy a good bit of wig wearing on occasions when the match has been sewn up by half time. I myself wore the bra during a game once, and having displayed in in celebrating scoring the second goal in our tense 2-0 victory over Universities B to close in on an epic title in the 1999-2000 season I found that fuck all opponents wanted to shake my hand afterwards. Wig adversity, a major obstacle to success in lower grade football Downunder. Thanks everyone, enjoy your day and don’t forget to hit… Read more »

gooner odst

…and Soldado fell over a bit.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…earning three penalties. All of which he missed.


Cannot wait to see Ozil in an Arsenal shirt!


In the pic doesn’t Ozil look like a younger Wenger?




Try specsavers.


I feel like a little kid at christmas waiting for this game… see what a turn around in team/fans spirits there is when you buy us nice presents arsene!!

DL Gooner

Arsene really owed us a good present and this stage. He’s gone from an apple and an orange in one of are dads moldy socks, to a ps4 and a jetpack.


Wellcome to PL Ozil! But beware the human butchers like Shawcross!!!

Arsene's Bored Banker

A “human butcher”? As opposed to a platypus butcher or a cat butcher?

Casual Gooner

No. But he butchers humans. Human-butcher.


I am not sure if they have cat butchers in Stoke, I’ve never been. I know they have rat butchers in Liverpool though.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

And cannibals.


Or maybe Pat butcher


I bet he just walks down the street nutmeging random unsuspecting civilians.


He just can’t seem to get enough of nutmegging haha


Its tricky to make them sign, to make them before deadline, its tricky!


Let’s do this: Living by the faith


Pray he has a good games in arsenal shirt.


God Bring this team glory….

T.Adams is a legent

1.Arsenal 2.Man $ 3.Chealski 4.Man u 5.Looserpool 6.£105m


I’m actually hoping United drop out of the top 4, they’ve had their fun.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

WTF? Spurs actually spent MORE on over-priced half-wits than they got for the Chimp? I knew they were buying a load of players but GBP105mm are you serious? For years now Spuds have yearned to upgrade the 38,000 seating White Hart Lane to a brand-new stadium seating a number similiar to Emirates. Alas, no corporate sponsor gave a toss about having their name associated with the Spuds home ground, despite possessing Chimp who was considered one of the best British footballers. Roberto Soldado looks like Manuel Alumia on crack. Who the hell is Chadli anyways? Capoue was gagging to come… Read more »


You are my best friend because you see through my spud tinted glasses 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I quite like West Bromwich Albion for second place. Maybe Everton for third (just to give them a taste of success now they have finally managed to offload Moyes to some mugs they met in a pub). Crystal Palace for 4th, earned off the back of a 20 goal season for Chamakh (All his goals against lower-mid-table teams like United, Citeh, Chel$ki, Loserpool and the Adebayor Retirement Fund from up the road).


What the hell is a legent?


A cross between a giraffe and a Per Mertesacker?

Sex Fabergé

A French gentleman, like Robert Pires.


Half Henry with a quarter wrighty I think…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A very tall tree that hops around forests in Middlearth.


Our time has come. I believe it. I really do.


So the fuck do I my friend and the tide has turned on utd and all the other pretenders like city and Chelski
WE ARE THE ARSENAL and we are fully loaded and ready for battle

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Is that a sword in your hand? Or are you just proud to support Arsenal?

Cheltenham Ladies' old girl humming Cole Porter

“Of course it’s very physical it’s a man’s sport”

Women play it. Boys play it. Even androgynous TGs play it.

And then there was Tuesday afternoon’s field hockey practice. I’d like to see little MO after an hour of that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Didn’t Cole Porter write “Be a Clown”? He didn’t mean you personally.

gooners n roses

Debut assist for Ozil then.


Plus 2 goals of his own….. Bring on the öööööözil


If we all chip in with a bob Mr Blogs can afford some top, top, top quality photos.


I wonder if the suarez deal had gone through, whether we would of got him? I bet Suarez though is pissed now, imagine if he had joined us.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He wanted to go to Real Madrid really. I wonder if it was because he would have Ozil feeding him chances? haha. Either way, he’s fucked now. We won’t take him now that we can have such a wide choice of strikers come January.


It is always extremly impressive to hear wenger speaking German.. His German is nearly Perfect and his grammar is better than özils 🙂


But I bet he can’t speak Pig Latin.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

nil fatgoonum carborundum


I’m gunna put a tenner on Ozil getting as many assists this weekend as this comment gets likes

Cannot contain my excitement.


Best £10 I ever lost 🙂


I just looked at his injuries record, glad to know that none of them made him rest for more than one month.
And the last time he was injured was in 2010. Yes, this is important for us if you remember our issues for years.


Wait till our medical staff get their hands on him…

The fool of a Took

Holy shit, I´ve forgot about them!

They will probably scan him immediately with deadly beams of hamstring pulses!

Gunner pundit

4-2-2 – casillas , coentrao pepe ramos marcelo, khedira alonso, di maria modric, ronaldo benzema

Gunner pundit

4-2-2-2 – casillas coentrao pepe ramos marcelo, khedira alonso, di maria modric, ronaldo benzema

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, you were right with 4-2-2. If Real Madrid are stupid enough to sell Ozil then they’e stupid enough to field a starting eleven with only nine players.


“If Real Madrid are stupid enough to sell Ozil then they’e stupid enough to field a starting eleven with only nine players.”

And to bench the player they just spent the equivalent of Bolivia’s GDP to buy.

Queensland Reds

What an ‘oktoberfest’ we have in store at the emirates….Poor old rocky must be wound tighter than a monkey’s scrotum.

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