Sunday, July 3, 2022

Ozil sets sights on silverware

Mesut Ozil has set his sights on ending Arsenal’s trophy drought and confirmed that Arsene Wenger’s vision for the club and football philosophy helped persuade him move to London.

Unperturbed by the Gunners recent lack of success, the 24-year-old, who has Copa del Rey and Primera Division titles to his name from his spell at Real Madrid and a DFB-Pokal Cup under his belt from his Werder Bremen days, told Arsenal Player:

“In the last few years, Arsenal haven’t been so successful but we want to become more successful.

“We want to win trophies. I think the fans are looking forward to that too. We have a very strong and a very young team that can improve a lot under the manager. I think we will win trophies because we have the potential [to do so].”

One of the best players in the world, Ozil’s move to Arsenal has not only been the cause of much soul-searching in Madrid but raised eyebrows worldwide.

Reasserting the reasons for his decision, the midfielder underlined the importance of the long conversation he had with Arsene Wenger and what it was the Frenchman had planned for him.

“I chose Arsenal because they are one of the top clubs in England. The coach is a world-class manager – he’s demonstrated that for years.

“A lot of players have developed under his guidance in the past and that’s why I decided to join Arsenal. I want to improve myself further and I’m looking forward to the style of play.

“Arsenal are well known for the strength of their technical game and their desire to play attacking football. I think I will fit perfectly into that. That’s why I chose to sign for the Club.

“Arsenal are one of the technically strongest teams in the world. The manager always wants to play attractive and attacking football. I think I fit into that because I enjoy playing quickly – that ’one-touch football’.

“I’m happy to be part of the Club and I hope I can help the team.”

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Gooner Splat T Spuds

I think in a report I read that he was disappointed that he never felt the crowd at Madrid chanted his name.

On trying to work out some potential “Ozil” emirates chants….. well ermm… how do you fit the words ozil and mesut into a chant…

Any ideas?


O-zil at the Arsenal .. O-zil at the Arsenal .. (t tune of 1-nill to the arsenal)


O-zil, Ozil be, Ozil be a, Gooner!

DL Gooner

To the tune of Kraftwerks the model.

His name is Mesut Ozil and he can’t be stopped


He’s here to bring the Gunners back up to, the top


Madrid were idiots to put him, up for sale


Now there stuck with a shit kicker named, Gareth Bale

For any kids that don’t know the song


DJ Ötzi – Hey Özil!



Heeeey, hey Özil! (öz-il)

With some work, that could be great. We need some good songs. I miss the days hearing Freddie’s song, Paddy’s etc. floating round Highbury.


Hey MÖ
Lets GÖ

however, not sure he’ll be known as MÖ but its rather easy.


These wordplays (includes’s “Man Ön”) are pretty awkward, not to say silly, when you know how to pronounce the “Ö”.

It’s œ , just like the last syllable in the french word “bleu” (blue). So please don’t use “Ö” within an English word.

Dick Swiveller

I have to say, arguing against using wordplay on the basis that it’s not correct (the majority of wordplay isn’t, hence the ‘play’) seems a little silly…surely the extra amusement gained by hearing it man ooerrnn (I can’t do those crazy half-letters) counteracts any linguistic OCD?

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Cazorla to the left of me, Ozil to the right, here I am stuck in the middle Giroud.

To the tune of:

**taken from Twitter.

Happy Gunner

How about to the rhythm of the rave and uk garage chants from the djs on stage:
Someone would shout: Ozil ozil ozil
The rest of the crowd would reply: Oi oi oi

Neil #2

This. Excellent!


His name is Mesut,
Mesut Ozil
Arsene brought him from Madrid
For over 40 million quid…

To the tune of ‘her name was Lola… she was a showgirl!’


Thats Copacabana then, Barry Manilow, oh shit showing my age……..

Alex B

Ózil to the left of me, Ramsey to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle Giroud (to the tune of stuck in the middle of you)


Please don’t put Ramsey on the right again… he’s much better in the middle!


We’ve got Mesut Ozil to the tune of ‘I am evil Homer’


Ozil Ozil Ozil, We’ve got Mesut Ozil
And the Scum from the lane
have just fucked up again
‘Coz we’ve got Mesut Ozil


I’m not very creative so someone can finish, but I’ve been trying to think of one to the tune of “So long, farewell”

Mesut Ozil fits well in that first line but no idea where to go from there. The only thing i can think of is:

Mesut!, Ozil!
We’ve got another German!

so….yeah….get on that


Behold my fellow gooners, have no fear,
for Özil is here to kick sp*rs (/manure/chelskis/citehs) rear!

Özil is my name, 11 is my number,
And I’m here to awake THE GUNNERS from this trophy-less slumber!



To the tune of Sp*rs’ ‘Bale’ song

– The ultimate mockery


Did anyone else see that guy on twitter with the idea of the new chant?

Ozil to the left of me, walcott to the right- Here i am, Stuck in the middle Giroud. (Steelers wheel).

I thought it was fuckin hilarious to be honest.


santi to the left of me, ozil to the right, here i am stuck in the middle giroud


to the tune of ‘I have a little dreidel’ (would be even better to sing at a nld)

Ozil, Ozil, Ozil
We play you in the hole
and even with those nemo eyes
you still find the goal!


Ozil Ozil Ozil
we play you every game
and just like santi cazorla
we love to sing your name!


If you… hate totten-ham clap your hands, ~clap~clap
If you… reallly hate totten-ham clap your hands, ~clap~clap
If you really really hate them, abs-so-utely fucking hate them, fuck the spuds, fuck the tots, clap your hands, ~clap~clap


ozil, ozil, ozil. Oih, Oih, Oih!


1 – 0zil to the Arsenal!


He confirmed that he didn’t speak to Per or Poldi prior to joining, no time. All Wenger.


Yes. but that’s not to say the presence of PERDOLSKI didn’t in the least bit influence his decision. i’m certain he was looking forwarsld to saying AHA every now and then with his mate Poldi.


Just hope Reus also joins next season. Cazorla-Ozil-Reus-Rosicky.

Techniquegasm. Flairgasm. Passgasm.


If I remember correctly, he said that he’s not interested in going anywhere in the next few years, and that the PL atmosphere in the stadiums is quite weak compared what he’s got in the Bundesliga and especially at Dortmund. Guess only money would convince him.


Why the thumbs down? I’m just repeating what he said. And he does have a point. It only takes a few supporters to easily outsing the english, sadly.


hes also a boyhood dortmund fan whos only been there a year



When growing up, REUS was a huge Arsenal fan….lookie here


It would be nice to get Reus but highly doubtful. Dortmund released him a few year back because they reckoned he wouldn’t be strong enough. For him to go back there instead of moneybags Bayern tells you he must have a lot of love for Dortmund.

Wenger admirer

Take that you Wenger haters and insulters.


Just a simple phone call and one of the best midfielders in the world has signed for us.. What the hell did Arsene tell this guy on the phone..!!


He told him just how vile the ape boy really is


Where to find his wife, provided he co-operates.


Lets break the handbrake!


I think that no matter what we as fans think of the manager he is still a big attraction for big name players who have seen how he can develop skills.
I still find it hard to believe we have fucking signed OZIL!!!! I bet the spuds have shit spuds from Monday COYG


That’s one of the advantages of having such a smart manager who speaks several languages.
Rumour has it Moyes called as well, but Özil thought it a prank as the manager of an English side could barely even speak English




O-Zil to the Arsenal…




It has got to be, we all know the words, he will recognise it!


Lets go Gööners !


I see what you did with the picture…..

You know what’s torture? this long we are having to wait to see Mesut in an arsenal shirt nutmegging the entire sunderland 1st eleven.

fucking internationals!


I’m still in dreamland over this move tbh.

I wonder if any assurances have been made in terms of bringing in more players in January?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger has said to Ozil that he will be strengthening the squad further in January to make sure we can push for trophies come the back end of the season …

Dave Gooner

I agree Sam. I can’t ever remember a signing quite like it.

There is near hysteria at Arsenal because of it. It has completely restored the faith and optimism of the fans.

And looking at the interview, it is really hard not to be impressed by Ozil’s seriousness. Everything about this guy is class.

Its all just great.


Am I the only one who feels a little bit nervous about Özil in that I really, really hope he likes us?

I feel a bit like I’m dating a girl who’s way out of my league – hoping she stays around for my heart of gold and sense of humour…

But then I remind myself that we are the Arsenal and it doesn’t come better than us!

Gooner Nath

I’m with you on this one, but you’ve just got to look at the players that have been with us in the past and how they then always have the Arsenal in their hearts to know that we’re good enough for anyone.

Teri Maa Dhi

Since I have been watching Arsenal this is the first time we h e signed a ready made player and I have never been so excited and in awe of the potentially great season ahead. We have made plenty into Arsenal greats but most arrived with a ? Mark or raised eyebrows. This is big. For the fans for the club for the team and also for the individual players. At the worst he will make many look better than they are at best it will improve them to be better, be confident and more ruthless. I’m looking at Walcott… Read more »

Humble Gooner

Caz was ready-made when we got him cut-price from Malaga. But it is a huge shift in perception: from losing best players to gaining best in the world. So few want to join a ship that keeps stuttering. To land Ozil, if he succeeds (which I’ve no doubt at all), is just as important for perception of future players. What goal-scorer in his right mind wouldn’t want to join someone like Ozil and get the stats that come from playing in front of him? That’s what excites me almost as much as seeing him line up with Cazorla: what it… Read more »


Malcolm MacDonald was very very big at the time and did just what he was supposed to. Score lots of goals. Shame the rest of them were not very good.

mesut mesut mesut

Complicating matters is the fact that the girl’s ex is crying at the loss and she really liked him too….

Double Canister

Someone should comfort her, on her heartbreak.


This really is the signing we were all looking for. Christ its exciting. Now that Ozil has bought into Wengers vision others will too. And we have the cash to pay for these potential new players. And we made that cash ourselves. Arsene take a motherfucking bow.

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

I don’t think we’ll have any trouble bringing in a world class striker now we have the player with world’s highest assist tally in the team. Who wouldn’t want him playing behind them?! January!


Lewandoski contract expiring next year…be a great fit especially as we didn’t spend all the dosh supposedly available in last window


Lewandowski would be amazing but he’s all but committed to Bayern.


Sadly he’s set for Bayern next season. Already refused offers from Chelsea and Real before the start of the season.


If Lewa goes to Bayern, Mandzukic will become free…another Bale-Ozil saga there 🙂


Mandzukic is on the same level than all the strikers we currently have. Only his work rate is exceptional. Plus I don’t want to see such a dirty player in our squad.

Midfield Corporal

Buying Ozil without bringing in a top striker is akin to buying a tailor made suite in Saville Row, but not getting a shirt and tie to go with it.


we’ve already got the shirt and tie. the problem is despite having lots of shirts and a brand new shiny new suit to go along them there is only one expensive silk tie. we have other ties its just that they were bought in the market not the high street.


We could really do with a £700 pair of hand made shoes

Mate Kiddleton


mach iii

We are a powerful team with Ozil now! Very good chance of the UCL and champions league now!


What about the European Cup?


Hopefully we’ll do well in Europe too


The futures bright, the future is Arsenal!

mach iii

I mean EPL.. The FACUP is in the bag already.

jack jack jack

Even if we don’t win anything this season, I’m thinking of it as the 96-97 season. This is just the beginning, we’ll bring in better and better players over the next couple of years with Mesut in our ranks. Then boom. World domination.


Spot on mate,

Phase 1 – move stadium, develop kids due to financial restriction of stadium debt.

Phase 2 – huge chunk of debt paid off. Now able to compete financially with the biggest teams in Europe and attract Top Top talent

Phase 3 is domination.

And i cant wait

jack jack jack

And think, if you’d made this comment 2 weeks ago you would have had your house fire-bombed.


I see what you did with the FACUP there 😀

New guy

and what about the other domestic trophy, the COCUP?

le potato

arsene to ozil : “our trophies will be sleek and beautiful”
Ivan gazidis: “not to mention, costly!!”

le potato

oh cmon, it was a joke..

Andy Mack

Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?

le potato

a failed attempt..apologies!!


Özil is a fucking boss. Arsene was the reason I first started supporting The Arsenall and that love for him has blossomed into a full blown and slightly unhealthy love of AFC. I have no qualms of admitting I loved Arsene first, and I personally think that it’s the same with him.


What ever floats you boat my friend 😉


I’m a huge Wenger fan too. He’s an inspiration to me, not only footballistically, but for how to behave in life generally.

I think of him as a cooler Harrison Ford.


I only wish he were 10 yrs younger


I can’t help but shake the feeling that my alarm is going to go of at some point and it’ll be Monday.

Richee Waweru

Who else feels a bit giddy whenever he says ‘We’ ?

The fool of a Took

“Dating a girl above your league”.

Know exactly what you mean! You´re happier than ever before, but scared to death about getting dumped any minute.
Let´s all man up and win the fucking league!


Imagine how wonderkid Zelalem is going to develop, playing/training with The Mighty Ö…


I think I love you


Me too 🙂


Stop it! This is getting silly


I was watching the interview on ArsenalPlayer and the image that kept popping into my head with the English dub was a Hong Kong kungfu flick. The next scene should have been him seeking Arsene’s blessing before taking down Shite Hart Lane in an Ang Lee style action montage.

Don’t mind me, it’s been a strange day


Now we have a certified playmaker. It could have been Cesc but I’d rather let him stay in Barca since he asked for it. Ozil any time of the day baby!


Top! top!! top!!! signing of the season. Ozil you are welcome to Arsenal. Wenger, please get one tope stricker come January to the squad and we are in for titles. Then I will say to rivals, Arsenal time is here.


11 M0 Please!
O-Zil to the arsenal!!!

Goon Goon Goon

He has been saying alot of really positive stuff and it’s refreshing to here. I still have to pinch myself when I see that we have bought him, it’s a really good feeling (not the pinching).

Keep it coming Mesut, it’s music to my ears!


Could you guys stop showing ozil in real Madrid t-shirts, pls it hurts my eyes….

Paul S

It’s a German national shirt.


It’s white.


Ozil came to Arsenal because he wants to spearhead us to victory. He knows he’s a big signing, a shock signing, a welcome revelation to all us Gooners. I think he will relish in the knowledge that he will be main man at Arsenal. Furthermore, such is his technical ability that it will push the whole squad into another level of performance. And I can only imagine how much such a big name transfer has galvanized all the youngsters including Jack, Carl, Kieran.

It’s an exciting time to be a Gooner!

the only sam is nelson

the Glazerhawks aren’t going to win the league this year, not with Moyes in charge. He’s basically giving them permission to lose, something they never had under Demento in recent years. Chelsea will draw too many games, Mourinho is Portugal’s answer to GG. Citeh are a bit of a mystery this season – they’ve bought well (ostensibly) and have quality players. But sold one of the best – Tevez – so might slip up. Something that applies equally to our friends from N17, although of course they have little to look forward to except relief that they got rid of… Read more »


Pls give ozjl some training kits if his T-shirt s are not ready give him anything with the gunners badge on it but pls no more real Madrid shirts….!!!! Or is it part of the contract that made us land him ? Can’t wait for the return play with toilet-ham sp*rs… Bashing reloaded…!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Do you seriously think he would be doing training sessions with the German national team in a Real Madrid shirt?

Big O'Dread

Has anyone thought of using the Blue Oyster Cult song Godzilla, but use Özilla in the course part? Öööö Öööö Özilla!! Just a idea, couldn’t get it out of my head.. Cheers!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Go, Go, Godzilla and Blue Öyster Cult have popped up a day or two ago, but not as a chant in the form you thought of.

Big O'Dread
Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, “Go, Go, Özilla” might make a nice chant for any time he goes on a run with the ball, or is stepping up to take a free kick/penalty. It would certainly show we were behind him. We’d still want a proper song for him too though.


We signed Mesut f***ing OZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merlin's Panini

I think you’ll find that’s “fucking”


He’s just excited and must be excused 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s obviously the nervous-sweary type. He probably worried that the Internet Police would jump on him if he wrote the word out in full. Instead he was jumped by an extremist Grammar Nazi 😀

Some people just can’t win.


Attention Gooners from now on it’s Num lock off press ALT then 153 on the numberpad bit on your keyboard = Ö for Özil. Now I’ll get me coat.

Merlin's Panini

or ALT 0214

the only sam is nelson

ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖhhhhhhhhhh that’s clever, like


Got it, Thanks

Merlin's Panini

Good lad


Thanks Merlin your not bad yourself.




Now Messi maybe thinking a new challenge!
Can we try him too?


He’s getting on abit… Can we have Neymar instead? Maybe his few months at barca was enough. Don’t tell me its wishful thinking cause we signed Ozil!


No prima donnas please. Neymar can stay at the Barcelona Gymnastics and Lifestyle Club.


At the risk of getting ahead of myself, this could be the beginning of something sensational. A solid CL run with him as the figure-head and we could really begin attracting other big guns next season too. I check his signing in The Mirror. I wanna change my jersey no. my hair, my face. Man, I ain’t getting nowhere. I’m just living in a trophy-less blip like this. There’s something happening somewhere. Özil just knows that there is. You can’t start a fire, you can’t start a fire without a spark. This playmaker’s for hire, even if we’re just dancing… Read more »


Number lock on methinks.

And its ALT + 0214 for Özil

(ALT+ 153 gets you Özil™ — which is OK I guess)

Dr Baptiste

Ö – Alt 153
Ö – Alt 0214

…… look pretty similar to me

Alt 0153 gives you ™


i have this button on my keyboard when i press it this ö happens. how cool is that? one button no combos.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But useless for Özil’s surname. Very handy if you like Motörhead though.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Öh Böllöcks™. Sömebödy hates me.

Rad Carrot

Without trying to get too optimistic – Imagine if Monaco went into serious financial difficulty (they’re almost there) and we had an opportunity to buy Falcao.

Think about it… he wants to emulate his hero, Henry… he would be playing in front of Cazorla and Ozil, two massively creative midfielders… I’m drooling just thinking of that.

But yeah. Back to reality. Loving this guy already.


Then Real will probably go in for Falcao, and either suarez or benzema or lewandowski/mandzukic may potentially be available. They didnt sign Falcao as they have sort of a pact with atletico to not lure their players.


Totally unrelated and I know it was enfuriating at times but does anyone else miss the transfer window? All Interlull and no transfers makes Jack a dull boy. Even the stories unfolding about the calamity that was United’s deadline day aren’t enough. Cold turkey. Mesut youtube clips are my inefficient methadone.


Never i fucking hate it and always will!!!


why dont they take the interlull and put it within the transfer window itself.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because top, top players don’t carry ballpoint pens when they are playing Internationals?


The pressure is building, I really hope wewin sonething this year. We will.


Ooooh la la… We all know that what rvp says is lies. Enjoy those pay cheques robin…


Serves that cunt right! He wanted to go play for Ferguson and ended up playing only one season under him. Now he is stuck with Moyes and no offence he is no Arsene or Ferguson. Özil might have moved to Manure if it was Ferguson in charge but fuck it. We have him and we are keeping him!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nah, they don’t have the players for the style of football that we play and Özil wanted. Imagine him trying to do a one two with one of their donkeys.


Will Ozil be used against Sunderland or Marseille or make his debut at home against Stoke.

Merlin's Panini

I reckon we’ll see him at Sunderland, maybe coming on from the bench though, just to give him an idea of the tempo before he comes on.


He will be starter 100%, because you can’t have a world class players out of the starting 11 even if this is his first start for the new club, that is same if we bought messi you can’t wait to bring him as a sab you start him immediately, Ozil is our messi, not yours RM anymore, he is our messi remember that !


i expect to see him if we are winning by 2+ goals with 20-30 mins remaining…if its a dogfight, i wudnt expect to see him subbed in….dont think he will start, too less a time after the interlull to adapt to a new club…


Wenger is a legend. Hope those that want/wanted him out can see his value now. Really think we’d sign Ozil without him? Don’t think so.

Wenger admirer

Amen to that.


There is absolutely no doubt that Ozil wouldn’t have signed for us if it Wenger weren’t in charge. The man is looking to improve his football to the next level and that can only be achieved with an intelligent manager’s complete trust and coaching. There are only 3 managers apart from Wenger who would be able to give Ozil that: Mourinho; Ferguson and Heynckes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So that’s 2 managers then.


“Cazorla to the left of me, Ozil to the right, here I am stuck in the middle Giroud.”

Merlin's Panini

nice. But Walcott will be on the right and Özil behind Giroud…

Gunsen Gunner

Cazorla to right of them
Walcott to left of them,
Giroud in front of them
Volley’d and thunder’d;
Storm’d at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the Gunners.

Double Canister

Gunners don’t ride, they roll.

Gillespie Road

Maybe he’s just a bit shy, but I didn’t think he showed much enthusiasm during the interview. Almost as if he’d woken up the next morning with that ‘what the hell have I done?’ feeling… I hope we can make him very welcome and push on and win something to keep him, and us, happy. Absolutely brilliant signing, lets hope there will be one or two more like him coming in, in January.


He isn’t exactly shy. This is his true self. But beware – when a match doesn’t go according to plan, his already bad body language gets even worse. Might piss the one or the other off. Since I’m a fellow german, I know this too good.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I wondered that myself.. Probably just that ‘dating-a-hot-chick-out-of-my-league’ syndrome, or it could just be that it was all a bit overwhelming. Within a few short (and probably tiring) days he’d been essentially booted out of a club he was settled at and thrust into media duties for his new club, expected to kiss the badge already. He’ll grow into the club, like they all do, and become a true red-blooded gooner in no time at all.


I have a dillema, in my fantasy football I don’t know who of my arsenal three player to transfer for ozil. Cazorla ? Walcott? or Giroud?. Why o why I can’t have 4 players from my club, stupid rule .


I think the trio of Wenger, RVP and Ferguson all knew it was Fergus last season (hence wenger allwoing him to go).


no, wenger said he started suspecting it around Dec-Jan


I don’t think RVP knew 😉


Another great Wenger conversation… I loved it when Cesc agreed to stay for one more year after he said “It was probably the greatest conversation I have had with someone in my life.”

Anyone got his number? I’m having a shocker at the office today and could do with a pep talk.


Have a feeling we’re gonna hear this a few times..

”Pacy run by Walcott and he’s in, found brilliantly by Ozil..It’s there!”

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