Sunday, July 3, 2022

Poldi hails ‘perfect fit’ Ozil. Can’t wait to see him sing

Lukas Podolski believes Arsenal have secured a ‘fantastic footballer’ in Mesut Ozil and thinks the midfielder will settle well in London thanks to the Emirates’ burgeoning German contingent.

The attacker, who was the first to post a picture of his compatriot posing with an Arsenal shirt, is currently at Germany’s pre-World Cup qualifier training camp where his hamstring injury has been examined by the same doctor who conducted his new teammate’s medical.

Despite being frustrated by his long lay-off, Poldi told the German Football Federation website of his excitement at Ozil’s arrival:

“It was reminiscent of Per’s move to Arsenal, that was all very quick and happened on the last day of the transfer window too.

“How do I rate it? It’s great for us; Arsenal has secured a fantastic footballer. I’m convinced he fits perfectly with our playing philosophy. We play many quick passes, so the football will suit him. I’m sure he’ll help us.

“I’ve known Mesut a long time, it’s not yesterday that we started earning caps [for Germany]. I love playing with him and I think he enjoys playing with me. We complement each other.

“As a man, I look forward to having Mesut around. Also it’s good that the German colony is growing at Arsenal. Overall, there’s now five of us at the Gunners and the coach speaks German too. I’m sure Mesut will feel good and we’ll have fun.”

Talking of dressing-room japes and camaraderie, Ozil will be expected to sing for his new teammates as part of his pre-debut initiation. Asked if he’d ever seen the 24-year-old perform, Poldolski revealed:

“No, but they make all new players at Arsenal do it. I’m worried I’ll miss the pleasure because of my injury. Maybe I’ll be lucky and Mesut will delay his debut song until I’m back in the group.”

You’ve got to love Poldi, he’s a mad f*cker…but every squad needs a joker. Talking of which, what the hell is this about? 

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Seems quite handy having German players in the squad in terms of recruiting players. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Per anymore …

Ryan Dakota

*any more, I suspect you mean. Very important distinction to make, as the panda who shot the waiter would doubtless testify

Adam, Watford

. . . or, Ryan, the panda that didn’t pay the prostitute as he sauntered out of her place scott-free, after she had cooked him a meal and then took him back to the bedroom.




#A FUCKING HA!!! never been this excited in a long time!

Mongolian Gooner

We finally have a joker in the squad who also contributes


Poldi, Per, Mesut, Eisfeld, Gnabry and even Zelalem. The German core?

Dave Gooner

Maybe a cheeky bid for Robert Lewandowski might be the thing in Jan? Dortmund won’t want him going to Bayern, and he will be guaranteed Class A1 service.

With just one signing, AW has managed to change our prospects and fill us all with hope. The Emirates will be ROCKING this year.



Problem with Lewandoski is that he will be cup tied in the champions league due to his participation with Dortmund. Another thing, given that his contract is ending in the summer, it’s abit hard to fathom Arsenal payind for a player who will be free in the summer.

Anyway, stranger things have happened and a man can only hope.


Agreed! We have missed out on several decent free transfer players in the past! Lets hope signing Ozil convinces Lewandowski to come to Arsenal


The one positive thing about the interlull is that it is one less week of club football without our injured players. Fingers crossed nobody picks up any injuries representing their countries

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s talking about the idea of sneaking in for him in January ahead of Bayern Munich who are expecting to get him next summer. Dortmund would never sell to BM in January but he wonders if they might consider selling to us, if Lewandowski decided he would like to join the German revolution at the Emirates. Unfortunately I think Lewandowski has his heart set on Bayern Munich and will wait patiently to join BM on a free in the summer.


Lewandowski would be amazing; but he’s Polish not German 😉


So is Podolski!


A Polish core!




I think Mesut is gonna be blown away by the love we show him on his first home game, problem with spain is that they only sing praises of their own “spanish” and rarely the others (ronaldo messi) so he rarely got that “love”

Mesut Ozil baby! we are the gooners and we fucking adore you! be prepared!


These are as old as the hills, but I’m not going to lie, pretty funny.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

the lasagna comment had me in fits

Merlin's Panini

that was a good one. I liked the lasagne part too.
“Soldado looks like Almunia on crack!” was my favourite part though.


I have to say there is something really disturbing about the whole idea of connecting that to Spurs, along with the fact that it is a tired meme.

That said the one liners were so spot on I was in tears of laughter by the end. For me the best ones were:

‘Everyone who has not seen Spurs win the league leave now’ and the room almost empties.

Best thing is in the despair at the end ‘I forgot we still have Adebayor’.


there are a lot of really funny lines in that – well done to whoever did it

“those three ate all the pies”


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Laughed so hard I nearly suffocated.


I was thinking that we had six, not five but maybe he doesn’t include Zelalem because really he is American, despite playing for Germany and coming from Ethiopia.

Ooo to be a gooner

I think its eisfield who he doesnt include as gnabry and zalelem have both been promoted to the first team while eisfield hasnt

It Is What It Is

Having seen the pictures of all but Eisfeld posing together and GZ’s pre-season, I feel Eisfeld might be the one he has forgotten/left out.

Just had a look at the champions league squad, Eisfeld is not in it. Conclusion is he has no Arsenal future or is injured long term.

Bould's Eyeliner

Yes all twenty year olds should be in a CL squad or their future is non-existent of course…


Every Gunner is singing the same song. Özil!


If the Ozil song suggestions are still open, to the tune of coldplays viva la vida (the bit starting with “I hear Jerusalem…”)

Fellay-ni diMaria Ca-ba-ye
Top top quality seemed a lie
But then we thrashed the Tiny To-otts
A whisper! Rumour! Not all was lo-ost

We know you had to leave Spain in pain
But The Grove just. won’t. stop. singing your name
Forget the o-o-other dross–
Cause we’ve got the WIZARD OF OZ

oh-oh-ooooh oh-oooooh- ZIL
oh-oh-ooooh oh-oooooh- ZIL

Epic-y song for an epic signing?


Something by Serge Gainsbourg would be apprpriate.


Google Cacophonix. Just please stop…

Sir Ali

I love all ze germans we haves
Please keep them coming

Reus next?


reus and bender, next summer please


Rather Ramsey, Wilshere and Chamberlain get their chances than Bender. Reus… I’m sure we could find a place for him.


I’d rather Bender came in and they compete for places. He’s a great player and would improve every side in Europe apart from Juve, Barca and Bayern.

Dark Stein

And the award for most fouled player during the 2013-14 season goes to…

Dave Gooner

Robin Van Persie (I hope).


Really wonder what the little boy in Van Persie is thinking now that the “best manager he’s ever had” has fucked off and been replaced with a Golem lookalike who has never won anything, and he’s playing in front of a totally predictable and boring midfield? Maybe it’s thinking “fuck, instead of thinking like a little boy, I should have thought like a man”




Perhaps Lukas is an Alan Partridge fan. Ahaaa and all that.


They should really start recording the initiation singing. I personally would’ve loved to see Arshavin’s.


Seems such a long time since we had open warfare in our dressing room. I recall Ade and Bendtner almost coming to blows on the pitch.
There’s a good unity in our squad!


NB52 is back in the squad, I’m sure with the shocking attitude he has Arteta and Per will get right up him!

Merlin's Panini

I reckon the Flamster will have a few choice words for him.

Wenger admirer

Squad unity is the foundation for winning trophies.


Well, remember, Ramsey and Van Cunt apparently came to blows off the pitch in 2011/2012, so not that long ago. I always did like Rambo.


But it’s funny to think we had such ridiculous people in our first team then. The one thing I always notice about this current group is that it’s pretty natural that there is minimal drama because, from what we see of them, they seem like pretty decent people off the pitch. They just get on with it and are chilled & calm.

Ozil completely fits in with this, whereas Suarez obviously wouldn’t have.

Sofa King

Cracking up at “The German Colony”. You just can’t help but love Poldi, we should get them to have a word with Lahm, just for a laugh

le potato

arseblog , remember when you said in the podcast if you had the kind of money arsenal had , you’d go and buy yourself a fucking BATMOBILE(WITH TORPEDOs AND shit)..well, we’ve fucking bought it..14 Sep. , stadium of light(test drive venue)
cheers !!



I WANT ÖZIL’S ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gooner with an idea

Blogs, this is exactly why in addition to the ‘me-no-like’ button we need a wtf(?) button!


The pair of the century

Wenger's Zipper

…let the good times begin


Next interview with Podolski, I expect him to do this


~Hypnotize by Biggie SMalls

Arsene's Nose

Hi, am an Arsenal Fan… And am an Ozil addict


I have two away tickets for the sunderland game that i cant go to as im having an mri booked for that date on my fractured shoulder. If anyone would like to go to the game let me know as i cant put away match scheme tickets on ticket exchange.. cheers luke block 30


How much do ou want for those tickets mate?


I mean in terms midfield we r now atleast 8/10 in epl




When Ozil first steps on the turf at the grove the place is gonna go ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BONKERS!

I can’t fucking wait.

Bergkamp 2.0

A N Other

A world class signing every window would see us start collecting trophies and cups.

We need to add a world class striker in January and a central defender next summer.

All in all, I am glad we spend that kind of money on Ozil rather than that racist cunt..


Luke I just might be interested in that one. If you’re on twitter send me a DM on @Simon_Rushton please


I’m not on twitter mate email me [email protected]


Oh and Poldi epitomises our team spirit. He’s mad as a bag of frogs. An inspired signing in his own right.


Ozil’s nickname is Nemo. We found him.
Nemozil 🙂

What HAS happened to Eisfeld? I saw him in one of the cup games and he looked decent and so I’m surprised he’s not had more game time.
Ja, we need more Germans. I read that Oliver Bierhoff facilitated both Per and Nemo’s signing but moaned that “why do they always leave it so late?” (German signings all tied up over a month ago of course).


I don’t think he has moved on as quickly as Gnabry has, and it feels like wenger doesn’t like promoting too many at once, so he’s got the shit end of the stick for now.

Polo Fan

I would pay money just to watch Poldi’s newcomer performance…..


Merlin's Panini

I hope he sang “knowing me knowing you”.


i wanna see santi singing holding out for a hero, i dont know why, i just do


Why this break @ this time? Cant wait to see my main man of the moment.


Love Poldi passion. He brings the whole team together and I would have been devastated if we had sold him.

The Mullet

Swear properly please “f*cker” seriously, what the FUCK maaaan.


Anyone else up for holding up a minitiure stone hedge for Özils debut? Because he´s number 11??

Mertesacker's Houseboy

Someone’s got too much time on their hands #aha


Gotta love Podolski. On another issue entirely, is anyone else breaking their asses laughing at The Arsenal Gentlemans Review over on the main site? Some seriously funny fucked up shit going on there.

Bould's Eyeliner

Alexander Oxlade-Chamberlain had me in fits. Already so English his name can’t be ‘gentrified’ any further…


Has anyone got a time machine, we can use to speed up the Interlull so we can all see Ozil in an Arsenal shirt?


To make this week even better there is rumours (hard not to believe them) that van pursestrings is unhappy under moyes. Having worked under Fergie and Arsene… Now he has Valencia and cleverly feeding him instead of ozil and santi! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha. Erm…. Haha

Big O'Dread

The Gentleman Review is class. Hilarious does not even come close for a proper description. Blogs, your man there has a real knack with his choice if vocabulary, plus the names of the lads. Just something that once again I must say thank you for, keeps me going during this Bullocks of a interlude. Also, when things weren’t looking so bright ya kept a smile on my bearded face. Question, could we get a picture of this gentleman? Thanks again for what ya do mate. Can’t wait for Özilla to crush those Little kittens… COYG!

Clock End Mike

“Gentleman Review”? Can’t find it (I’m very shortsighted!) Link please?


Oh Poldi you legend!

If you could continue to work your magic,

Anything feels possible now we’ve got Ozil!! COYG!


Longest Interlull ever!!

Goon Goon Goon

I havent been that intersted in someone since Charlie Sheen’s breakdown.



Hey Ö !
We say hey Ö!
Özil come and we win da league!

Fat Walrus

Does anyone else think ““As a man, I look forward to having Mesut around” could be interpreted as a slightly homoerotic comment?

Bri Belfast Gooner

that #AHA instagram thing…. not quite partridge related as id hoped (Poldi living in a Travel Tavern with a big plate scam would have been great)

Bri Belfast Gooner

Would be great if after scoring and his name announced the Arsenal crowd would shout A-HA after Poldiski


Don’t think Poldi is an Alan Partridge fan, or an aficionado of 80s pop. Seem to remember seeing on some tour video that “Aha” is what Poldi cried when he wanted the ball one time… and then it turned into a bit of running joke.


This perfect fit would not be so easy without the improvements in the squad concurrent with our now recently found purchasing power. Two seasons ago, Wenger finally (to our relief) gave up on the Academy project. …he made a trolley dash (some good, some bad) to reshape the team with experience in each position (bar the keeper) and spent 96m over the next two summers re-shaping us. This season (as promised) has seen him up a notch in the transfer market (quite a big notch actually) Many have been baying for us to spend which has been the correct noise… Read more »


The other thing of note is the increase in the German and Spanish contingent. Whilst the media tend to still mire themselves in Arsenal being Le French team (see Newcastle Alain dePardue), we have moved on whereby we now have : 6 British core players (all young) : Jack, Chamberlain, Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs and Jenkinson 3 Spanish core players : Santi, Arteta, Monreal (+ Bellerin and Miquel) 3 German core players : Per, Poldy, Ozil (+ Gnabry, Zelalem) 4 French core players : Giroud, Koscielny, Sagna, Flamini (Diaby when available) This is a remarkable shift not picked up by most… Read more »


16 players from 4 key nationalities.

By design, this promotes a high level of understanding on the pitch.

Very interesting.

not sure why he keeps insisting on putting an Italian between the two Poles though.:D

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