Sunday, July 3, 2022

Ramsey hails Ozil. Arteta defends Jack

70 minutes is all it took for Aaron Ramsey to be bowled over by Mesut Ozil’s quality after the German international notched his first Arsenal assist in Saturday’s 3-1 win over Sunderland.

The former Real Madrid man starred alongside the Welshman in a rip-roaring encounter at the Stadium of Light with the latter predicting a big future at the Emirates for the new boy.

Speaking to after the game, the two-goal hero remarked:

“I think he showed what he’s all about today slipping those little balls through.

“He’s a fantastic player and is very gifted. He’s going to create a lot of opportunities for us.

“He has a wonder of a left foot. He caresses the ball and the passes seem to be of a perfect weight and right into people’s strides.”

Following a below-par performance for England in Ukraine and a media lambasting to boor, Jack Wilshere also seemed to benefit from Ozil’s calming presence on Saturday.

Dismissing suggestions that his Wilshere is struggling to deliver the goods following his injury problems, Mikel Arteta took to talkSPORT to defend his young teammate.

“He’s a tremendous player already and has the potential to be one of the best in Europe.

“He’s got the ability but he’s been unfortunate with injuries in the last few years which haven’t allowed him to get a good run of games but I think if he can get that settled and keep playing every week then he’s a tremendous player.”

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Rat Wool

If Ramsey can come back and show improvement like this then Wilshere will do just fine. Give him time…

The Ghost of Peter Storey

Jack is still coming back, so it could actually be a good thing as he will be reaching top form around Christmas/January when we have our usual dip and when Rambo needs a rest.

TITI Eltom

lets hope & pray he stays fit for the whole season , i hate 2 periods during a season christmas /festive and end of the season thats usually when we have been so unlucky with injuries to our key players in the past 9 seasons (Fingers crossed) this season we won’t have any of our stars on the sideline and Mr. Arsene gets a headache on who gets in the starting line up in each game even the Capital one cup.


The only thing im worried about is Ramsey and Wilshere getting burnout, they are going to play essentially 2 matches every week up until christmas. I know we lack options due to injury, but even then Wenger isn’t known for his squad rotation.


No, they are not. Arteta will be back and Flamini can be subbed in when Cazorla is back. In any case, they dont need to play full 90.

Zorro in the box

Midfield (and GK) rotation we’re fine with and defensive is returning. It’s up front we’re paper thin.


I’m not talking just Arsenal though, Roy is going to play Jack as much as he can for England, the same for Ramsey for Wales. Both are pretty much going to play league, ucl, possible cup and international matches which will be every 4 days until end of october when the injured are back, thats alot of matches even with rotation.

Mayor of the Woolwich

Hell of a superb team we’ve got on our hands…COYRRG!


Can’t wait for the following to get fit: Arteta, Carzola, Tomas, Diaby (I know, I know), Podolski, The Ox, Verminator. This is a fucking dream team

jäck jäck jäck

Fucking Carzola. CAZORLA. CAZ-OR-LA.

I promised myself I’d stop doing this but I just can’t take it anymore.


this 1000000x


This criticism of Jack started during International duty. Wilshere has not been magnificent but he has not been poor. I thought he was very good in Sunderland game. Obviously Rambo and Ozil were better so it was over shadowed and its good because we have all our MF playing well and we have Santi(our best player last season), Arteta( Most imp Arsenal player last season) and Rosicky to come back. Hope fully no new injuries. Heard something about Poldi making remarkable recovery. Hope its true.

Dick Swiveller

Sunderland was his best game for a while, maybe feeling less onus on himself to create something when we’ve got Ozil? Rambo has shown that simplifying your game and simply doing what needs to be done whilst moving the ball around can do wonders for your game.


I’ve been critical of Wilshere but I think that playing alongside player that are in better form than him will only help his game by taking off the pressure and allowing him to think a little bit more about what he is doing. An on-form team can carry one or two developing players, our problem recently has been trying to carry 3-4 developing players together with a big injury list. the improvement of Ramsey cannot be understated to the progression in Arsenals midfield, add Ozil and we are looking good. Can’t wait to see Cazorla line up with Ozil, Ramsey,… Read more »

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

When’s Lego hair and Ox returning?

Rad Carrot

I’m just glad we seem to be performing without Arteta in the squad – he’ll certainly provide a lift when he’s back. We’re still light on the ground, but with a bit of luck, and one or two of our youngsters stepping up, we might be in with a chance this season. I tell you who would benefit from being dropped for a game or two – Theo. He’s a quality player and responsible for some awesome goals and assists last season, but I think he’s back to where he was – believing he’s undroppable. Maybe play Ryo on the… Read more »


Cant take a chance with a youngster in the first game of CL unless there is no choice. Too risky to start with a loss and play catch up upto december. Remember we got bayern because we put out a team of kids in the last match of group stage…and this is the first match.


Have to agree here, Walcott has that problem again, unable to score. The game at Sunderland should have been over by half time but his misses made the game harder than it should have been. If i’m totally honest i’m not a fan of Walcott but he did improve last season, however, he seems to be back to normal and missing relatively easy chances, which in turn puts pressure back on the team. Time for a rest methinks….

A N Other

I am just happy Jack is been criticised. At worst, people wouldn’t put him under immense pressure to deliver and at best, Hodgson wouldn’t pick him for England matches. Win win for us.


Hodgson will….hes not criticizing Jack. Your premise is based on an assumption that managers read newspapers and give a shit about the shit they spew.
And anyway Jack wasn’t that bad, it were the other 2 retirement candidates playing behind him and the plodder milner who were atrocious, refusing to play anything forward and link up. Working with fools can kill you, as Jack found out 🙂


We look good right now but have to hope that we don’t pick up any other injuries, getting Arteta back as soon as possible is a massive plus for us, and knowing we don’t have to run him into the ground because Flamini can cover makes it all the better!

If TV5 can get back on form again then our defensive cover issue doesn’t need addressing, not right now anyway, strong cover at both full back positions. Which leaves CF as the problem area, please let Giroud stay fit!


whisper it carefully, Ramsey Is going to win the PFA footballer of the year this season…
remember I told you first

Kanu Heart

I Love Jack and I Love Rambo. Guess I am Oziled.
If you Hate them, I ve got an advise for you…….. Go Hug a Transformer!!!


All Walcot needs to do to score from a one on one position on the wing is two things. First, when the keep is rushing towards him all he has to do is chip the ball high up above the keeper towards the goal like Lionel Messi does for Barcelona. Secondly, when the keeper is at his post waiting for a shot, all Walcot has to do is shoot a ground shot and diagonally to the far post and the keeper will stand no chance of saving it. If Walcot doesn’t do this, Ozil’s passes will expose him as a… Read more »


Easier said then done mate!


Wow, its really easy this football malarkey, can I have a go please?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I like how u say “ALL he needs to do … “


Hehe much like that moron who thinks he can fix walcott in 5 mins by asking him to just cross….walcotto valencia 2.0…


Ah so thats how you play it mate.

Arsene's Dick

I mean, how hard can it be?!


This is not the greatest compilation, but makes a point.

Near post, curled young the keeper to far post, shoot under the keeper, chip the keeper.

Walcott can already do all the things you want him to and did in the 21 goals he scored last year.

Give him a few games. In preseason he looked like he was trying to hard, and he still has not got his head quite right yet. A bit like Ramsey, he just needs to put the first one away, and then its gravy.


Agreed, he is looking rushed, last year he was uncharacteristically composed. I liked the composed Walcott, even when he spent all game on walkabout before scoring.


Was going to thumb down you ArsenalGuy but he is being paid hundred grand a week to do just as you say.




Jack is the future of Arsenal.
Wenger didn’t give him the number 10 shirt for nothing.
He’ll be bossing the midfield in the way Ramsey is now for years and years to come once he discovers a good run of form and fitness.


I’d add a correction to your comment. Jack is not our future.

Jack, Aaron, Kieran, Alex, Carl and Theo – THEY are our future. Mesut is our catalyst.

One man a team does not make. Our young British Core looks so bright.


And we hail your amazing recovery and reversal of fortunes.


Jack was amazing against Sunderland


Our midfield. Always the best in the BPL. And look guys were top of the league! It’s just nice to see that for a change.


Whats the BPL?

Rad Carrot

British Premier League.

We used to call it the EPL (English Premier League), but we’ve got two Welsh clubs in the PL now, so that seems a little inaccurate.


Also, Barclays Premier League…to be commercially correct 😉

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Come back already, Mikel! Por favorrrr (didn’t think I’d revert back to my Spanish speaking ways after the failed Higuain thing)

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Which reminds me. Who here remembers that ”magic hole” guy? 😀 I bookmarked that page and read through the way everyone dissed him afterwards just for a laugh! 😉 I feel drunk and it’s fucking noon. blegh.


He was right…our new player with magic boots plays in the hole 😉


Link please?

It Is What It Is

Funniest analogy I’d read on here. Please post the link.

Paul S

Aaron Ramsey has been great and may even be Arsenal’s most effective midfielder for years to come… but Jack has genius in him.


Funny, I always argued that it was the other way around.


Is it just me that feels we are definitely lifting a trophy this season? A signing upfront come january will do the trick.


And another CB please. We want two players for each position. Sagna & Jenkinson at RB. Plus Vermaelen needs to find his form, and who can say how long that will take? We need another CB I think. As things are, Sagna & Vermaelen should be covering the 4th CB position.


I was cautious about Ozil making his debut having been ill the previous day. I wondered how he would cope with the nature of the English game. And boy did he make an impression. The way he linked up with his team mates despite being with them for the whole of a week and the way he passes the ball so nonchalantly. He seems so laid back yet is supremely talented in picking out the right pass. He really does have a Bergkamp feel to him. If he could replicate half of what Dennis did we are going places boys!… Read more »

Paul S

The whole of a week? I think his first training session was on Thursday and he was ill Friday. That’s what you get after a single day working with them.


Its a great feeling to be full of hope again. COYG


“i’ll have to check, maybe Ozil has magic shoes”

“Paolo Di Cuntio”

squillaci is king

I’ve said this for ages.. Jack and Rambo = the new Xavi and Iniesta


And Diaby = Biscuits, I mean Busquets (ignoring the fact that Diaby is the older). What, I can dream, can’t I? 😀

Hoosier Gunner

Aaron, the real Welsh Xavi, Jack the English Iniesta and Özil the German Messi? Perfect.


Things looking very very good so far. Thinking about what we will need to actually win the PL, you need to look at how good our reserve team would be if it were competing itself. Genuinely think we are just two players away from having a fucking strong B side. So if we assume say, that, we will buy in the winter window two players like Higuain and Ashley Williams (I know its not realistic but just for the sake of argument for now), then our reserve team could look like: GK – Viviano/Fabianski LB – Monreal RB – Jenks… Read more »

Arsene's Dick

i dont get why people say we need williams, sure we need a new defender but maybe a younger one. look koscielny, mertesacker and vermaelen are all in their prime. why should we add another seasoned defender to just sit on the bench? just buy, or nurture, a young defender for the future


Know what you mean about Williams but my point is we are short of cover in defence and need to get some quality in there so we’re not always worrying about injuries or suspension.


I’ve been saying for a while is that half the problem we have in CB is who do you recruit? We’ve lost Djourou and Bartley because the couldn’t break through the other 3 into the first team, or wait until the chance would that eventually come. We buy a guy as cover or happy to be 4th choice and –oh look– Squillaci. The only options are a kid, or buy big and disrupt the partnership we have, which isn’t exactly leaking goals anyway. Not sure what I’d do. Sneaking Bac into CB by the back door might actually be a… Read more »

Zorro in the box

Problem with CB is that the younger guys coming through looked at Koscielny and Mertesacker and Vermaelen and knew they’d never be first choice. So they weren’t keen to stay and wait.

We need a young CB who’s got some belief they can unseat one of our established 3 rather than someone who’s been at the club (like Bartley) and knows they probably can’t.

Paul S

I actually suspect the long term plan will be for Jenkinson to be a central defender, with Bellerin becoming first-choice right-back.


Jenks doesnt read the game well enough at RB to move to CB…he will prolly take 3+ years to develop that…likely bet is either sagna has been told to transition to CB, or he wants to move to CB and will sign a new contract when thats confirmed…which means we may be in for an RB this jan (dont think bellerin can be a 2nd choice RB this year, we can wait for COC to see)…

Paul S

I did say long-term plan. I’m thinking further ahead than 3+ years. Things develop in unpredicatable ways though, so never any guarantees which directions young players will move. I remember ‘arry just two years ago was still talking about Bale being groomed as a left back.


I suspect Arteta will be 1st choice when he comes back. Plus Poldi is a wing/striker, not AM, and Chambo is a midfielder, not a striker.


Arteta coming straight back into the side is no bad thing. Our ball retention is likely to increase by a bucket load.

Malaysian Gooner

Completely agree. I love Flamini and he’s playing great but it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t have the passing ability of the players around him.


I don’t think Jack is at his best yet, but he gives great IMPETUS: give him the ball and he almost always drives forwards – not sideways (as has often been our problem).
OK, he’s run into some brick walls doing that and he’s not passed as accurately as before on some recent occasions; oh yeah – and maybe he complains a bit too much when he’s hacked to the ground every 2 minutes BUT… that workaholic drive on the pitch makes me proud.


What really struck me on Saturday was that the whole midfield were demanding the ball. Look at the second goal. Jack pops the ball wide out to Jenks and drifts inside. Özil immediately drifts behind Jenkinson to make himself the simple outlet, while Jack ans Aaron in their own ways are giving him the ‘give it to me, give it to me’ gesture. Jenks picks Ramsey and the rest is history, but when you have 3 creative midfielders of that quality, all wanting the ball so badly, but still happy to move it on, you just…. –Goes for quiet lie… Read more »


Outside the topic but…has anyone noticed how on that first goal against sunderland it was a combination of just lefties?
Gibbs (lefty) long ball to Ozil which controls it with his left foot, squares it for Giroud with that same foot and Giroud (lefty) hits it home. Amazing stuff!!!!


“slipping those little balls through”



jenkinson had a masterclass perfomance on saturday. he is certainly turning into dani alves


jenkinson had a masterclass perfomance on saturday. he is certainly turning into an ARSENAL dani alves


God I love Arteta. The captain unofficial!!

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