Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ramsey praises teammates after Sp*rs win

Aaron Ramsey has paid tribute to his Arsenal teammates after they triumphed in yesterday’s North London derby.

The Welsh midfielder was at the heart of Arsenal’s hard-working midfield which left Sp*rs new signings floundering in their expensive new surroundings, and he was quick to praise his colleagues for their efforts.

“I felt everyone worked ever so hard, starting from the strikers,” he said. “They pressed high up. The whole team had to dig in at the end and the last 20 minutes was difficult. We’ve played a lot of minutes in the last 15 days so it was tough but we came through it in the end and it showed what it meant to the players and to the fans at the end.

“You could see by the reaction of the players at the end. It meant a lot to us. We wanted to get back to winning ways at home in the league after the disappointment against Villa and we managed to do that again today.

“We’re delighted with the win.”

And Ramsey believes that it sent a message to those who underestimated the team.

“We have a lot of quality in the team. The manager believes in us and we believe in what we’re capable of doing and producing great performances.

“Maybe the manager knows as well that maybe we’re a bit short on numbers. I’m sure they are going to do as much as they can over the next 24 hours.”

Let’s hope so.

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What a waste of money

He’s the heart..can i say Engine?


He’s the heart. The engine is still Arteta.


Maybe he’s the gearbox? And Jack’s the clutch.

Hmm, analogy needs work..


I’m just glad or the time being they know exactly what the handbrake should be doing.


Is two-footed Santi the differential?


Will Walcott be moved up front, now that we have another midfielder?


He’s got to be the Phoenix of football injuries right?


It is fucking amazing that the underdogs turn up to be heroes this season. I am very happy for them. Olivier and aaron were heavily criticised last season, and what a response they’ve come up with. I always stuck by them even some gooners thought otherwise. This is definitely their season! COYG!


So excited……. : )


Ramsey, you are the man!!


For an Attacking Midfielder,Doesn’t get enough goals… what is he?Sell him or exchange him for Cabaye!


MoNK. You’ve got that from “anti Arsenal sky sports” pundit SOURness. Give the boy a chance he’s got 3 goals in the champions league and got us into the group stages!!! Now we just need some good signings to compliment him and his hard work in the middle of the park.

Tony Adams Morning Breath

And he is not an “attacking midfielder”.


Why do you waste your valuable time replying to moronic comments like MoNk’s?


Actually Souness says that he likes Arsenal. Unfortunately the man gets all his information from FIFA 13 where Ramsey is listed (primarily) as a CAM. So direct not your anger at Souness, but at the developers of FIFA 13.


Anyone else think that, watching Souness and Carragher on skysports yesterday, how clear was their dislike of each other? Quite fun watching Souness dismiss everything Carragher had to say!

fel the gunner

Turkish tv is announcing mesut ozil as an arsenal player… oh my fucking god!!!!!
Also its mesut’s decision to join us he does not want to join utd nor spurs according to his leading football guy on turk satalite.. 🙂


Online spuds fans were like “we lost the derby, lost bale, & ozil might go to arsenal. this might be the worst day ever!”
bwahahahahaha silly spud, London is red. Class over cash losers!


“…after Spurs win”?

Maybe reword that headline to “after victory against Spurs” to avoid the ambiguity.

For a split second I thought I’d imagined yesterday’s game. I thought possibly Spurs had won, and I’d just created an entirely different reality as a coping mechanism.


before the transfer was announced I posted a great question: if bale leaves Tottenham, do they no longer exist?


Few people realize that Bale’s “it’s a dream come true” comment wasn’t about playing for Real Madrid.

… it was about leaving Sp*rs.


We already have a Rambo, is Chuk Norris coming in? (Ozil) with our top guns we can kill over 25 teams at a go *winks*

bendtners travel case

Any young buck wanting to know how to play the game need only look at Aaron! His passion alone is worth 50million. Madrid signed the wrong Welshman


Giroud he is a man of arsenal team strong strike and good controling the ball

jack jack jack

He’s honestly one of the strongest players I’ve ever seen this season. He won balls he had no right to win, brushed of challenges that would have felled an oak, bullied Capoue, Dembele and their whole back line. He was an absolute colossus.



Mate Kiddleton
robin van payslip

Its me, I’m your surprise!! I’m back muddafackers!!
No seriously please can I come back I don’t think ol Moyes is up to it


Ask permission from your little boy first……….Bwahahahahaha!

Momoh Abdul-Razaq McSionel

Pleasantly surprised. Had goose pimples before the game,but the boys made it look so easy.Now we need quality numbers to make the bunch because the season is still so early and unexpected injuries here and there might just scuttle our chances.


Aaron Ramsey he touched his hamstring late on there and I nearly browned my whites, that’s how much he’s important to us.

Whoo’da thought?


And I hope Bale fights Ronaldo to the “death” (not really) on who will be taking those freekicks or who will be shooting more towards goal….


Let’s not forget the fans … the 12th man. Awesome performance from the home support atmosphere was crackling along well before kick-off, completely out sung the scum throughout.


Giroud's unflappable hair

No mention of the same old Flamini?? I’m just gonna say it, flamini is a great signing for free!!! This is exactly what Arsenal missed in the midfield, we wouldn’t have lost to villa with flamster in the middle. Agbonlahor would be air borned with flamster tackle !!!

mesut ozil

Harro fellow gooners! Check my Wikipedia I am now a Gooner!


Now my favourite member of the team, bar none.

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