Sunday, July 3, 2022

Report: Sunderland 1-3 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Arsenal: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Sagna, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Frimpong, Ryo, Gnabry, Akpom

Arsenal won their third Premier League game in a row with a 3-1 win over Sunderland today.

While there was a debut for £42.5m signing Mesut Ozil, Arsene Wenger was hit with the double blow of losing Per Mertesacker (illness) and Santi Cazorla before kick off.  It meant Bacary Sagna moving into the centre of defence, while Ozil was given a start on the middle with Jack Wilshere deployed in an unfamiliar position on the left.

The German’s first real involvement was taking a corner which caused something of a scramble in the Sunderland box, and he was involved again taking a great Giroud flick and setting Walcott free but the winger’s cross for Giroud was cut out.

The two combined to greater effect in the 11th minute to put the Gunners ahead. Arsenal played it out from the back, Ozil took down brilliant, took it on, rolled it across the box and Giroud’s low first time shot beat Westwood at the near post. A classy assist and a great finish from a striker in fantastic form. 1-0.

The home side might have been level shortly afterwards when Diakhite hit the bar with a header from a corner, but Theo Walcott should have doubled Arsenal’s lead in the 15th minute. Giroud found him with a great ball, but with just the keeper to beat he saw his shot rebound off Westwood.

Jozy Altidore caused Szcsesny some problems with a thumping shot from distance before Walcott again drew a save from the Sunderland keeper having been set from down the right hand side.

And Arsenal’s top scorer last season was found wanting again as the half drew to a close. After brilliant interplay between Wilshere and Ozil, Wilshere crossed it to the back post, but Walcott headed wide. And after more fantastic build-up Giroud’s flick over the top found Walcott in space close to goal, but again Westwood got in the way of his cross/shot.

Sunderland made a half-time change, bringing on Craig Gardener for David Vaughn and the new man equalised within minutes after Martin Atkinson awarded a penalty against Laurent Koscielny. The Frenchman was unfortunate, as Adam Johnson clearly dived, but his challenge was rash and there was no need for him to dive in like that. 1-1.

When Giroud found Walcott with a brilliant flick, the England man’s touch was heavy and the ball went straight through to the keeper. Sunderland then had a goal ruled out for offside, before a bizarre free kick caused more problems. The ball was clipped in, it bounced, hit the post, went back across goal and went wide, but again Sunderland were flagged for offside.

The momentum of the game had completely changed from the first half. Flamini picked up a booking for a foul on Altidore while Adam Johnson had three shots in quick succession.

Walcott then fired in a good cross which saw no Arsenal player attacking it, before Aaron Ramsey put us back in front. We had the ball down the right hand side with Carl Jenkinson. He crossed it back to the edge of the Sunderland area and the Welshman smashed home a low first time volley to make it 2-1.

Not long afterwards there was a contentious moment when Altidore thought he’d leveled the game. There was a tangle between Sagna and Altidore on the edge of the box, ref blew for a free, Altidore continued and rolled it in but Martin Atkinson brought it back for a free kick which Gardener fired over the bar.

It proved very costly as Aaron Ramsey got his second of the game a few moments later. The build up from Arsenal was patient, with Ozil involved again. Ramsey played it to the German, ran into the box and picked up the return from Olivier Giroud before sliding it between Westwood’s legs to make it 3-1.

Thomas Vermaelen then replaced Ozil, making his first appearance of the season after a back injury, but Sunderland almost got one back when an Altidore header drifted just inches wide from a Sunderland corner.

Nacho Monreal replaced Walcott as Arsenal looked to close the game out with Connor Wickham testing Szczesny. However, there was a late worry as Giroud went down with what looked like a knee injury in the final few moments, which will obviously be a huge concern given that he’s our only striker. He was replaced by Chuba Akpom.

In the end Arsenal were good value for the win and the three points very welcome indeed.

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Mesut Fucking Özil.

Thierry Ramsey.


Sir Balls

What should of been a routine win against a poor first division looking side, turned out to be a lucky win. Where we took our chances, Sunderland hit the woodwork a few times and had decisions go against them by the referee. Walcot joined in 2006 and looks and plays exactly the same in 2013 – he hasnt progressed at all and never will. Koscielny joined in 2010 and got sent off in his very first game against Liverpool – he still hasnt learnt from his mistakes – stop making reckless tackles man. Although Ozil has a touch of Pires/Bergkamp… Read more »


Agree about the Walcot/Koscielny thing, we still need a world class striker and a guy like Vidic on the back line, but winning 3-1 in the stadium of light is a hell of a winning… They always give us a hard time on their home games.

Sir Balls

What should of been a routine win against a poor first division looking side, turned out to be a lucky win. Where we took our chances, Sunderland hit the woodwork a few times and had decisions go against them by the referee. Walcot joined in 2006 and looks and plays exactly the same in 2013 – he hasnt progressed at all and never will. Koscielny joined in 2010 and got sent off in his very first game against Liverpool – he still hasnt learnt from his mistakes – stop making reckless tackles you fool. Although Ozil has a touch of… Read more »


Who the fuck are you replying to?

damien joyce

Walcott is getting in the right positions, he will score plenty this year of that I’ve no doubt.

For me though, I thought JW10 was superb today, he was all over the pitch covering every blade. He went unnoticed, but his game allowed Flamini to stay deep and protect defence, then Ramsey to push forward.

Fantastic Jack


You have a touch of Shawcross/Terry about you. You’re a cunt.


Goodness Sir Balls, you sure talk an awful lot of “ballocks”! Get a fucking grip grandpa!

Mikel Artekkers

And here we have exhibit A, a Sp*ds fan in the wild. Watch as he desperately tries to act like he watches matches in an attempt to become the alpha of the pack. It is a vain attempt, he will always remain fifth in the pecking order.


Go support Mancheat who should have their routine win as well this week.. Oh wait, they draw.. WITH STOKE.
Or how glorious Manure needing Young to dive twice to get their 1st goal nd play against 10 men Crystal Palace..
If you cant enjoy a win by the team, you dont deserve to be a supporter.

jäck jäck jäck

“Where we took our chances, Sunderland hit the woodwork a few times and had decisions go against them by the referee.” Walcott could have scored about four. Other than that, yes, they had a goal disallowed, but the penalty looked a nailed-on dive to me. “Koscielny joined in 2010 and got sent off in his very first game against Liverpool – he still hasnt learnt from his mistakes – stop making reckless tackles you fool.” Both the penalties Kosc has given away this season haven’t looked like penalties, although he does have to be careful with sliding in the box.… Read more »


Mr. Blogs, Is there any way for you ban this guy?? He has gotten into a very annoying habit of ruining people’s moods with non-sensical comments….
Mind you, they are not controversial, (i welcome controversial comments as they sometimes give another perspective to things), but this is pure nonsense…….


Bla bla bla bla bla…..


Dear god this goes beyond glass half empty, even finding the cloud in the silver lining. The one thing the ref might have got wrong was not playing an ‘advantage’ when there wasn’t one. Altidore and Bac are wrestling over the ball, ref blows, Bac stops, Jozy breaks free and scores and somehow thats a mistake? Walcott 2006 version — 32 appearances for a goal and 7 assists Walcott 2013 version — 45 appearances for 21 goals and 14 assists He has not changed the way he plays, true, but has got a lot better at it, good keeping stopped… Read more »


jäck jäck jäck

The penalty was spot on. Stupid tackle by Kosh.

I actually think you’re just having a laugh here mate, every post is just comical. I think, if you are serious, you need to see a counsellor to deal with your unipolar depression. Sorry if you’re down mate.


Right, I’m sorry but I have to defend Sir Balls i(a little bit) n this particular situation. Our goals were fantastic, Ramsey is our best player on current form and we are five wins in five. Great, let’s enjoy the win. However, although I have nothing but joy for our win today, reactionary ganging up on someone who is critical of our less-impressive points doesn’t help. Sunderland have taken 1 point from four games. Three of those against opposition they would have fancied themselves against in the last two years. Not exactly tough opposition today, despite our poor history against… Read more »

Ruud Van Horseface

Yawn! Sir Balls sort yourself some Prozac man or I’m gonna need a fucking noose if you keep posting this soul sapping bullsheet on here! I was going to talk about Walcotts return of late compared to 2006 but Rufusstan has emphatically disproved your narrow mindedness already! Kos maybe could chill out a bit but lets not forget Johnson DIVED! So for you to be satisfied we need to play amazingly and win, even in a tricky away fixture that has proved far from straight forward for us in recent times??? I bet all your muckas think of you as… Read more »


Four games in – good start (points-wise), obvious, clear issues with the depth of the squad, particularly in certain areas. The over-excited, cheerleaders on here who gang up on some completely reasonable points by Sir Balls are fairly pathetic, especially the ‘ban him’ comment,

Fucking grow up and embrace adult debate.

Well played Ramsay, Sagna, özil and Giroud. Walcott, I’m sure you’ll hit a purple patch soon.


I feel like this debate is pre 60’s feminism consciousness raising stuff.

I Love that our club has debates about the philosophy of supporting. We’re sophisticates, dirty rotten sophisticates who know how to criticise each other constantly looking to make ourselves better. When it comes to those of the opposite colours though, fuck them and their dirty rotten token ‘supporting’ ways.

You can’t buy this kind of conjecture these days.




Piss off then. I like it.


It should have been Özcott (Öcelot?) but Walcott fluffed his lines.


Oh… come on…

Unyoke the Ox

Wilzil was pretty good too

Podolski Sklep

Shame we didn’t see much Szczeszil today.

Or should that be Özizczeszney?

Parisian Weetabix

@Podolski Sklep

What about Öziscieszczeszney?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Öziscieszczeszney. The zpine öf the Arzenal team.


Nobody say anything about Aaron Ramsey please. Let the rest of the glory-hunting mugs continue to think he’s a good-looking version of Darren Fletcher with a dodgy leg. That way, every time he scores, headlines will scream “RAMSEY OUTSHINES (whoever the press thinks is fantastic based solely on their transfer fee)” instead of “ABOVE-AVERAGELY TALENTED GUY WITH LARGE, LARGE HEART DOES WHAT HE’S ALWAYS THREATENED TO DO BUT FOR INSTITUTIONALISED ENCOURAGEMENT OF ON-PITCH THUGGERY” I really thought the biggest beneficiary from Ozil would be Theo. Well, in a sense he was, but he really needs to wake up. SCORE DA… Read more »




Those strikes. Ramsey is possessed!

But I have a question. If Sagna was called back for a foul, shouldn’t it have been a red card since he was the last man?


Overall reallly bad decision from the ref but then again who are we to complain =))

Edu's fake passport

What about the David luiz decision, obvious red card, doesn’t matter if he was 50 yards from goal, would have been a clear goalscoring chance

Sir Balls

You are correct. Firstly the referee should of played an advantage and Sunderlands goal should of stood.

And yes, having stopped play, Sagna should of been sent off for being the last man.

Joey Sixpack

Should have Sir Balls. Should have.


Oh Sir Balls is back bla bla bla bla bla…….

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Being last man has nothing to do with anything. Denying a clear goal scoring opportunity is a red card but the mackem was going away from goal at that point. No red.


Low, rural bridge ahead. Watch for Trolls.

You have a crazy vendetta against Arsenal. Just support every team we play against. Oh wait…


Why do people use “of” instead of “have”?

Why the fuck? Make no sense


well, it’s either play on and no red or the whistle, the red and the freekick. can’t have both, you dirty slimy douchebag of a cunt. 🙂


well. actually, now i see you’ve written precisely that. anyways, you’re still a dirty slimy douchebag of a cunt. 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I didn’t know Nameless had the fucking brains to find this blog. He hates Arsenal. He’s a troll.

Cazorla's Smile



If Ozil (60% f our squad) made such a horrific oversight of the english parfait, I think we’d generally let it go and concern ourselves with….

Fuck Everton scored, fuck english. Take that J*** you utter utter wank flannel.


i don’t think so… i mean, sagna was the last man, but red cards are given for last man tackles that are pure malice…. i mean a tackle where there is no chance of getting the ball, and the one and only intention is to stop the guy.
this was a bit of scramble with both players fighting for the ball, and sagna overdid it, so a yellow card is fine, i think.


It is not about the foul. If I’m not mistaken, all last man fouls (regardless of their ferocity) where the attacker has a clear chance for a goal are red cards.

Edu's fake passport

So why didn’t David Luiz get sent off?


Bollocks. The ref blew during the tussle.

There was no advantage played and no goalscoring position until after the ref blew (because Bac stopped playing).

The ref wasn’t bringing play back, he had already stopped it, probably because he saw no point in letting it go on.

It is worth reminding people that a certain Dutchman got a second yellow for far less than Altidore did — presumably he didn’t hear the whistle 🙂


Bang on Rufusstan. Everything else is kinda conjecture. Bac barely bothered to track a guy he was neck and neck with and Wojciech barely went for the save. Odd how that was Altidore’s only sight of goal.

In 16 years of UCL appearances, I’m sure we’ve all racked up the bad memories of those really horrific moments. But that Van Persie card felt even worse than 11v10 in Paris. We’ll get the roll of the dice one of these days.

They're building a Bendtner

Any major political summits this weekend? With Ramsey scoring all these goals, we need to start thinking about upping security.


Our security is bouncing around on trampolines in Copenhagen. Yikes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope they’re building a better Bendtner.





North Bank Gooner

Were at the top of the league, looking
Down on the T*ttenham, and the only explanation I can find,
Its the goals that we found, since Ramzil has been around,
Thats what put us at the top of the league!!!!





Top of the table. Thank you, Rambo. You done good.

North Bank Gooner

One in the eye for those who wrote him off. As someone already said, he is just doing what most of us knew he would.

That said, It’s bloody lovely seeing it!


I know it’s not a popular opinion, Wilshere and Ramsey need to play together in midfield.

Flamini and Arteta may offer more defensive stability at the moment, but Wilshere and Ramsey have an incredible potential. If they can develop together, acquire the tactical awareness of top midfielders, then we have by far the best, most versatile, most creative midfield in the league.


Experiences count.. Let them be guided by cool heads Arteta or Flame.. there will be time where they can start standing on their own.. Until then, let them developed.


They have to develop a partnership, that’s the whole point. They have to learn to position themselves, to press together, to time their forward runs, to make space for themselves and each other. They can’t develop as a duo if they’re not playing together.

Dick Swiveller

Fuck that.

Had enough of developing things, we’ve got a proper midfield that might win us something, don’t screw that up.


I agree..thanks for posting great comment.


love how he is waving at jenkinson to cross and then just casually taking it first time and smashing it in. a year ago he tried difficult shots, too, but they always looked desperate…now he just looks so confident at everything he does. if rambo goes on like that, he’ll be more lethal than rambo in rambo IV…


Once Aaron Ramsey starts scoring goals, he won’t stop…

Great assist by ozil pure class.

Another 3 points .

COYG !!!!!!!

5-2 or 1-0 thecolourisstillred

LEFT FOOT > delightful chipping pass > LEFT FOOT > bewitching control > LEFT FOOT > astounding defence splitting pass > LEFT FOOT > stupendous first time aka fast becoming trademark olivier type of goal!!

James Abalawiaye

LEFT FOOT > Up your racist western communist ideology marxist pc af shit idiot west

James Abalawiaye

filthy american english french g8 summit dog racist to ppl blakc- arrognt of the worl d idiot



James Abalawiaye

???? your mum is a k’aukani wimen


That was… weird.

the ghost of LANS

so, you signed up to a website, typed in your email, created a username, and then just chatted absolute bollocks that has nothing to do with arsenal.

your an idiot. on the plus side, I don’t care, because ramsey is the BOSS.

also, anyone know about santi?

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

James Abalawiaye, You need some joy in your life. Come here, I’ll give you a hug.

Show me this k’aukani woman! She sounds lush mate!

Bould's Eyeliner

This Sunderland fan has yet to learn English. Be patient. Let him sound out the words.


we most certainly missed BFG today !!


We all did. It’s a mystery how every back four just works brilliantly with him being around.

Koscielny doesn’t commit any stupid fouls and Sagna looks like a born CB.

But we’ve beaten them, anyway. So who cares. 😀


He talks and guides. He is the “Adams” of this defence.

Bould's Eyeliner

not to mention how key his passing is to link to the midfield… anyone notice how lost the connection was… until ozil literally ran back to grab the ball and dribble it forward it was just getting stuck there between kosc and gibbs…


We are top of the league!
Saw this from a twitter user on the BBC live stream towards the start of the match: “Does anybody else find it amusing that Aaron Ramsey plays in the same team as Mezut Ozil?”
You show ‘em Rambo! And great debut Mezut, an assist within ten minutes.


Lets hope swansea beat Liverdroool on m0nday !!! so we could stay at the top !!! COYG


Chelsea have a chance to go top today if they beat Everton.

Come on Everton, draw yet another game!


Losing is even better :).

Best line on the BBC feed:

Eto’o and Torres – a front two to make you drool. 5 years ago.

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, I assumed there was some joke in the names, something about Aaron sounding a little like Ozil and Mesut and Ramsey having an M…it might just be someone who doesn’t understand football in the slightest but surely he wouldn’t be so proud of that as to flaunt it on the BBC; wait I forgot about Savage, objection withdrawn.


1st half- Yes! Even without Santi we are destroying them. If only Theo could finish his chances.
first 20-25 minutes 2nd half- Oh my god, I don’t even…

Ramsey, woof!


Thin Gooner



dat touch by ozil

dat volley from ramsey



There you go.


Dat is actually a real ‘thing’ – I’d let this one go 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Dat is a real thing?

Digital Audio Tape touch by ozil

Digital Audio Tape volley from ramsey

Dental Admission Test touch by ozil

Dental Admission Test volley from ramsey

.dat File Extension touch by ozil

.dat File Extension volley from ramsey

These do not seem to work?

In the end I decided it must mean “Decisive Arse Typhoon”. After all, we did blow away the opposition.


Good win today, Ozil looked solid on his debut.


One thing I didn’t notice before but I’m happy to see now, is that Ozil has a very mature style of play. As much as he is capable of dribbling and trick passes and all that, he keeps his style quite minimalist. Perfect control, perfectly positioned and weighted pass and that’s all that’s needed. It stands in contrast to Wilshere, whose game is based on attracting the opposition to tackle him, then dribbling at the last second. Then most opposition players would foul him and he gets into a fight. Not that it’s a negative feature, it changes the pace… Read more »


I initially was a bit worried, because I know that Özil at least needs a “top striker”, preferably a “top top striker” playing in front of him.

It was a silly thing to be. Who needs a Ronaldo if you got Thierry Ramsey (thx DöubleDöubleDöuble) and HFB?


The fun thing about today was that in front of the Flamster, exactly where were the midfielders playing?

We’ve got the cycling/rotating position thing down pat, and as the season moves on teams will increasingly struggle to cope…..Exactly who do you mark?


After the positives plenty…

I like the rotation midfield, but seemed to be regularly and heavily bunched on the right hand side at times. Got a little crowded over there with Rambo, Jenks, Theo, Wilshere and even Ozil seeming to prefer attack solely from that area. Very little play along the left.

In some of our more stagnant periods today, I felt a little more balance on the left half might have done us well.


I missed the first 5 minutes of the game and it took me half an hour to work out who was supposed to be on the left.

Most of the plays through that side were Gibbs.


Agree with the imbalance, it will work better with Santi swapped in for someone (who?)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They’ll all have to go for zonal marking. Imagine all the lovely gaps we’ll find.

Edu's fake passport

No, Ramsey played in the holding two alongside Flamini.

Theo Walcott played right wing, Ozil just behind Giroud with Jack operating on the left.


Sorry Sunderland, but we’ll be keeping these 3 points.. Thank You Rambo


Never in doubt. Even after the equalised, I wasn’t worried in the slightest. What a cracker by Rambo and wow is Özil gonna get a bucket load of assists this season.

Dick Swiveller

The number of chances we created in the first half did encourage me to not wail and gibber as per usual at us conceding a goal, I *think* they’ve finally got it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We were a bit casual in the first half. Didn’t really take the game to them the way I had expected we would. Maybe more than one of them was under the weather. Are we having lasagne every Friday night now, or is the lurgy on the loose at Ashburton Grove.


Girouds flick on are class.


And what about that one-two with Wilshere at the end of the first half when Jack crossed for Walcott and he headed wide. Giroud has improved so much, but Theo needs to start scoring again and I’m sure he’ll do that sooner rather than later.


Dear boyfriend of 9 ½ years, I’m sorry, we are over. Just realised AARON RAMSEY is THE one for me.

Ps- Its ok for you to get together with HFB now… perhaps we shall meet at dinners with our respective new beaus.

Pps-Man of the match? Mr. Referee!

Rad Carrot

Rambo – Unarguably the best Welsh player on the planet.

Ameen Mohamed

Who is Gareth Bale?


Apparently a wonder monkey who knows to kick a football. And some idiots in Madrid were so impressed they bought him for 86 million.


come on, gareth bale is a class player, he is not playing for tootenham anymore, i personally prefer ramsey over bale, or for that matter, anybody in the world, (since ramsey is my favourite player), but don’t insult bale unnecessarily…. yes, madrid were fantastically foolish to buy bale for 86 million and then sell ozil to us for less trhan half the prize (i keep laughing at the thought), so in a way, we have a bale to thank (just a little bit) for ozil…. no need to insult him unnnecessarily…

ack ack ack

indeed! thanks for Özil, spuds 🙂 i honestly think i’d rather have our german wizard than that bloke anyway.


Shirt sales in the zoo has gone up for Madrid though.


A monkey.


Ameen Mohamed

The leading star in “Kongo”.


Great hard fought win, worried about Giroud’s injury at the end though.

And Theo, pull yer finger out and put some work in mate! Didn’t work hard enough today for me

with the left and the right

Completely agree. i know Koscielny’s challenge was rash but if we had dropped points i was ready to chalk that up to Theo who was far too wasteful and lackadaisical in the box. This from a player who wants to play centrally. Just not good enough

Der Springer

It’s obviously a negative that Theo failed to put the ball in the back of the net but, on the positive side, it is encouraging how often and with ease he found himself behind the defense with the ball. When he finds his scoring boots and with Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, etc feeding him it could result in a boatload of goals.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It was his tracking back that he had a problem with, not his attacking. Nobody scores every chance they have. Even in his last two and most successful seasons Rich Van Pursey (the cunt) had a three or four week drought where nothing went in. Walcott was in the right place for each attempt, and they were saved, not high, wide and scary for the old guy in row Z.


Is Giroud injury serious?


You could see him celebrating on the bench with Ozil at the end, I hope it isn’t serious!


Hopefully he just felt something and got off as a precaution, and will be fine for Wed.

(And I should know better than to tempt fate like that.)


Brilliant result. Flamini and Ramsey and Giroud and Ozil all excellent today.


Wilshere? Jenks?


Agreed, and here’s me having that humble pie re Flamini, it been great having him back.


Best comment all day from the detestable Huston was after Flam’s booking — saying we’ll see a few more of them this season, may be the biggest compliment any Arsenal player got all day from him.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

1. I gotta say I was an idiot when I was questioning Ramsey’s quality. He’s growing up right in-front of our eyes
2. Theo has to do better
3. Ozil is as shiny as that transfer fee. Brilliant.


Theo has no competition. We need to buy a right wing in January to at least push him

jäck jäck jäck



Too bad he’s out for a while. If he was fit, Wenger could drop Walcott for a few games and play Chambo instead. That might be the kick up the backside he needs, like what happened when Szczesny was dropped last season.

Mongolian Gooner

Nice to be top of the table. Also: Ozil was class, fitting right in there even when it was his debut and under the weather away at Sunderland. Giroud continues to impress with work rate and grabbed another sweet goal.

Arsene's Waterbottle

I swear I was going to write tis before everything happened with Giroud, but I was wondering why he was kept on. We are up by 2 with 5 minutes plus stoppage. Why leave the team’s only striker on especially when the CL is starting? Give the youngsters a go. If we wind up tying its not because he didnt have our first choice striker on.

Der Springer

I think he was kept on because he does more for the team than score goals. He is essential in defending corners and as a long ball outlet. Sunderland were threatening to the end and we ‘needed’ his defensive ability.

Mongolian Gooner

Yeah. The problem is that he’s really our only centre forward choice, and on top of that, he’s so important beyond getting goals.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, it was a choice between him or Walcott, and he was working harder in defence, so he stayed on because we wanted to defend our lead but still have something to aim for up front in case we could get a counter-attack going and use the spaces Sunderland were likely to leave towards the end.


Because with the BFG out, hes our only supreme aerial presence for defending set pieces


I fucking love Rambo !


DO believe the hype. What a player we’ve got there.

Great work again by Rambo, and ditto Flamini – telling everyone exactly where the fuck to be.

Thankfully Giroud looked ok at the end. Always a worry when he doesn’t do the hand flicky thing when he gets a knock.

le potato

Aaron Ramsey just changed my sexual orientation today…!!

good assassin

He made you turn straight? 😛

raron aamsey

Fuckin’ injuries, just let me enjoy us winning 🙁


Oh Aaron…

gooner odst

Ramsiesta + Özil…FUCK YEAH!!

Walcott has to put them away, but its nice that Ramsey is getting in on the goals when Cazorla is out.


Walcoot needs to work on his finishing a bit I think. It’s a shame because he has the football brain to get himself into some great positions. And he is, obviously, fuckin’ excellent.


Finally, someone says the obvious. Nobody else will be able to get into those scoring positions when you consider the start position of where the run starts, not Ox, not Gnabry, not Ryo. Theo needs just one goal, and it will all come back. Its just a confidence issue, remember a time when Rambo and giroud couldnt finish simpler chances?

gooner odst

Probably just wasn’t Theo’s day, im sure he’ll have plenty more opportunities handed to him by Mr Özil. The lack of a traditional left winger adds pressure on Walcott to get it right whenever given a chance, before the opposition shut him out.


Ramsey and Özil were on fire ! Jack was great too . COYG


Minor correction: its Jozy altidore, not jose

A Yank

Yep. He’s Haitain, not latino. Short for ‘Josmer.’


We should buy him

A Yank

I would love to have Jozy as a Gooner. But that’s because I dig Jozy. The US is still really not any kind of power in soccer internationally so I pull for all of our players (save maybe Dempsey last season). On the one hand, Jozy’s not worse than Bendtner. On the other, he hasn’t really proven himself as a Prem striker yet. Point being, he’s probably not good enough.


And who gives a shit how Joze’s name is spelt?


Gooner happiness is two-fold today. A job done and the satisfaction of knowing it will only get better from here!

We looked very much a side reflective of an “interesting” starting xi…struggled for chemistry at times, flashes of brilliance at others. The ingredients are there…the dish will be exquisite.




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Gunsen Gunner

All the cunts will be out in force about that disallowed goal saying that advantage should have been played but fuck them, no one was complaining when villa got advantage at ours and still got a penalty at the end of it.

Top of the table.Up the Arsenal!!!!


Can’t wait to see what the team will be like with Cazorla. The one criticism is that we have to take our chances! Ramsey MOTM!


Exactly! Imagine if a certain Dutch player kept the faith and was in the squad today…


Van Brockhoost? I thought he retired already?


RVP can fucking do one


Dennis Bergkamp? Yeah that would be something..


HFB!! We don’t need that certain dutch cunt anymore

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He means Quincy Owusu-Abeyie. He felt he had to leave us because we had some tasty players ahead of him. I think it’s hard on him to say he didn’t keep the faith though, because he was perfectly within his rights to choose Ghana over Holland when he reached senior level.


Ramsey’s a beast! Great debut by Mesut! A shame Theo couldn’t capitalize on the great throughballs made by Özil. But great win. COYG!


Theo needs to step it quickly. Against the top sides, those misses will prove costly.


Or we can always play Cazorla on right.. and put Poldi on left :p

Der Springer

He showed last year that he knows how to score. I think today was likely a one off and I hope fans don’t give he too much stick for it.


Something wrong here–think most of what is attributed to Giroud (found him with a great ball, flick over the top etc etc) was Özil


I thought Wilshere played really well. Much better than he played for England, he and Özil were linking up beautifully.


He had better players around him making better and more imaginative passes. Remember that line – working with fools can kill you 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It doesn’t matter how well Wilshire plays for us, he will never hit the same heights playing for England because, apart from a few Arsenal players, the England team doesn’t have the same quality of player as we have. Rambo has the same problem playing for Wales. It’s like being on loan to a League Two team.

some dumb american

It’s Jozy Altidore. Please fix.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Didn’t know he was broken. He seemed OK on Saturday.




Thanks for sharing, perhaps a little less detail the next time


I thought Koscielny cought Johnson’s ankles with his trailing leg while getting nothing on the ball. It was a penalty in my eyes. The worst of it was that it wasn’t a tackle that needed to be made. Kos should have kept to his feet and shuttled Johnson away from goal. Unreal how Kos let them back into the game.


I thought Koscielny caught Johnson’s ankles with his trailing leg while getting nothing on the ball. It was a penalty in my eyes. The worst of it was that it wasn’t a tackle that needed to be made. Kos should have kept to his feet and shuttled Johnson away from goal. Unreal how Kos let them back into the game.


Apologies for the double post.

A Yank

I sort of want to go to the Bernabeu and sing, “You bought the wrong Welshman.”

Also, few people bagged on Ramsey more than I did last season. And the size of the crow pie I’ll be eating if this continues is fucking massive.


Koscielny needs to control himself. He is a brilliant tackler, but he need not make it when there is no danger.
Come wednesday wanna see both ozil and santi playing together.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not going to happen for a while, I’m afraid. Still, gives us another super new combination to see in October. We also have the Ozil-Podolski combination still to come, and the Ozil-Rosicky combo too, not to mention the day we field a team that is half German (Has that ever happened outside Germany?). We might even get a new striker in January to widen our options and improve team rotation. It’s so exciting to be an Gooner.


Giroud’s flicks need to be trademarked.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’ve trademarked a sign in time for when we beat Real madrid in the Champions League later this season. It’s the wanker sign, with two fingers of the other hand held up to indicate the number eleven.


It’s fantastic how everyone love Ramsey now and not so long ago every gooner wanted to sell him. Same with Giroud. By the way it was a great match.


Speak for yourself, many fans were trusting both Giroud and Ramsey.