Thursday, August 18, 2022

Rosicky a big doubt for Sunderland

Tomas Rosicky is a major doubt for Arsenal’s trip to Sunderland this weekend.

The busy midfielder was replaced in the first half of the Czech Republic’s game against Italy last night having picked up what appeared to be a thigh injury.

Whether that’s the back of thigh and his hamstring, or the front of his thigh (the beefstring) remains to be seen but it’s a blow for Arsene Wenger as the Premier League gets underway again after a two week break.

Rosicky has started four of the Gunners five games this season but the problem is lightened by the fact that Arsenal have a £42.5m signing ready to take his place if need be.

There are also reports that Yaya Sanogo has picked up a back problem, and may be sidelined for a while, leaving Wenger desperately short of striking options, while young midfielder Gedion Zelalem could miss 8-10 weeks having suffered an injury in training.

Further injury updates throughout the day.

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Hope it’s just a minor strain and he can be available at least on bench. Hope Theo is fine too. People might not feel Theo’s importance but his pace and finishing is very crucial for the team. *Fingers crossed*

ziggy meow

time to unleash the Öz?


I really do hate internationals… Hope it isn’t to serious


International breaks suck!


Story of his life. Plays his heart out for Czech, but sadly, there aren’t decent players to support him.

dik low

Tomáš Řepka?

Santi Claws

Euro 2004? Best attacking team at the tournament, very unfortunate not to take it out. Fucking Greece

Edu's fake passport

That’s 10 years ago for Christ sake. Currently they are pretty bad

Merlin's Panini

Rosicky really should consider quitting international football. He seems to get injured every time he goes away, plus Czech Republic are shite these days and he’s in his 30’s. He should pass on the baton to someone else and enjoy the twilight of his career.

Tapscotts Testicles

Enough of this injury bollocks Arsene, if we are too light up front get Marica signed or get Akpom and Afobe back from wherever they are and play them. If you wont sign strikers in the transfer window, play the strikers you took on tour and didnt let you down.


Really, you want him to sign Marica? Jesus..


Marica was great on Football Manager circa 2007!

Supposedly a tough player, and in my eyes he only needs to fulfil one criteria:

Better Than Bendtner


But Bendtner is a lot better than Ciprian Marica. He may be a bastard but if he actually tries he’ll probably be useful. Marica is sub-Chamakh standard and would do nothing other than replenish our deadwood somewhat.


Benik Afobe is still out with a cruciate ligament injury suffered while on loan at Millwall. Might not be the best idea to “get (him) back from wherever (he) is and play (him)” lol.

rj gooner

Tom should retire from international duties.

come to think of it all the gooners should! No more silly trips to south America for santi just to sit on the bench


He retires. That’s what Czech newspapers say.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s only the old and jaded English players like Rio who think so little of playing for their national team that they will jack it in to keep their club happy. For all the support for Ingerlund! from their travelling fans there is very little patriotism there. We English might enjoy singing Rule Brittania at the Last Night of the Proms, but we don’t really do patriotism. Players like Rosicky and Rambo understand that it is an honour to play for their country and it makes them proud to do so if they are picked. Rosicky won’t ever give up… Read more »


Hear hear. Did you see the way Ramsey captained his side last night? Good stuff, even if the performance from the Wales side wasn’t. Also it was borderline awkward just how much Rambo and Bale stood out from the rest, Wales was rather shocking otherwise.


Geez, practically all our player were involved in fooking internatinals yesterday

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Bernd Schuster Germany in the 80s 24, Boating for Ghana 25, Cantona Franc 28, Nakata Japan 29, B Laudrup Denmark 31, Dechamps France 32, Klinsmann Germany 33, Kluivert Holland 31, Riijkaard Holland 32, Boniek Poland 33, Nedved Czechs 34 and of course our Dennis aged only 31 etc all non English and retired from international football. To the Walsh man I hear Komas, Savage (I know both are crap) made themselves not available for Walsh at one time too!!!!.

The best thing retiring from international football brought us is that Heskey made himself not available too.


Boateng is back


LAINS- Like an injured signing


Wow! Not.

Santi Claws

JBICBAADMIS – Just Because It Can Be An Acronym Doesn’t Mean It Should

Good Arse

People who use acronyms tend to have a low IQ.

Double Canister


Thomas Paine

It’s only an acronym if the abbreviation makes a word that can actually be pronounced, otherwise it is simply an abbreviation. As for people having a low IQ being to ones who tend to use acronyms… I wonder what the people at NASA, CERN, or SETI (to name only a few) have to say about that. Science is full of great acronyms. My personal favorite: LASER.


I like LASER too. I also like SCUBA but my most favouritist is TGSTEL


that would be LAIS really, unless it was Like A Ninja’d Signing

even then it’s kind of the reverse meaning, a player becoming unavailable rather becoming available, which in the context of The Joke doesn’t quite feel right

aka DQFR

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Run along now to mummy, you 10-yr-old!


Doesn’t matter who’s available we’ll beat Sunderland comfortably and continue our inevitable match to the title.
*puts feet up, lights cigar*


If they’re going to insist on all these bloody stupid interlulls they need to at least introduce the winter break.


especially before a world cup year….fucking fifa.


FUCK! Rosicky has been in absolute fine form recently too. Just his and our luck.

Honestly FIFA, who the fuck puts international friendlies the week before the premier league starts and then has WCQ 3 weeks into the season. These guys are not super humans, Give them a break.

pete spencer

I do find it bizarre that when the prof started at Highbury he brought in a new regime of health and fitness that seems to had zero results…all our squad appear to be made of paper…or are they just playing too many games?…maybe we should kit them out like the American football girlies

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They are all super fit but then he overplays them. He has many qualities but being good at rotating his players hasn’t been one of them, so far. I’m hoping that with our newly earned wealth and superstar we will be able to get in a few really good players come January and Arsene will finally get his chance to show us all how proper rotation should be done.


I think during the pre Emirates years he did rotate quite well and often, simply because the backups were so good. In the post Emirates years the backup wasn’t as good so Wenger relied on a more select group of players. Also the change to possession football factored into injuries. If you have more of the ball, more tackles are gonna come in, hence more injuries. Another thing to add is that in the last couple of years, when the 1st team has changed so much, it was important to give the players match time to increase their confidence, to… Read more »

Paul S

Overplaying seems to be a fashionable explanation because it fits with the thin squad narrative. Looking at last season’s all-competition stats for top clubs these are the total starts for the top 10 most played outfielders:

Arsenal : 354
Chelsea : 510
Everton : 352
Liverpool : 354
Man City : 356
Man Utd : 332
Spurs : 366

Clearly Arsenal are not at all unusual in terms of “overplaying” the first XI.

Paul S

By comparison the invincibles’ top 10 outfielders collectively played 443 games and the 2001/02 double-winning side played 457.


no, you were right first time, they are literally made of paper

Mikel Artekkers

Fucking internationals, is there no better time to do this shit than right at the start of the season?


I hope it’s only a minor strain… Tom’s importance to the squad is often overlooked. He gives us experience, creativity and speed, and he runs his legs off for us every single time. Get well soon Tomas.

Ooh Gooner

Injury worries come on top of a very boring international weekend (break). How sad. COYG


Thomas, please just retire from internaational football. You have given your best and there is nothing to play for anymore.


Fuck these internationals.


These injuries are piling up at an alarming rate so early in the season.
We’re not having much luck this year.

Still we should be able to cope.
If Giroud get’s injured it’s another story though.


Rosicky getting injured? What a fucking surprise. I just hope we don’t gift him another contract. He’s 33, injury-prone as ever and we have Özil and Cazorla for his role.

Parisian Weetabix

“Rosicky getting injured? What a fucking surprise,” Danny laughed. In front of him the assembled journalists listened intently, pens poised, waiting for yet more words of wisdom from this fountain of footballing knowledge. “I just hope we don’t gift him another contract,” Danny continued. “He’s 33, injury-prone as ever and we have Özil and Cazorla for his role.” Everyone was amazed at how this man could so clearly see the best path for Arsenal football club. The reporters wanted to scribble down each and every word that he said, but they couldn’t help but join in the spontaneous applause that… Read more »


We need him you cretin!


If Rosicky wants a long club career, then he has to quit international football. infact he shouldn’t be offered a new deal until he does so.

Buy Me, I'm a CB

Why not move the WCQ games to June and skip the confederation bullshit altogether? Do that, Blatter, and I promise to watch every single day instead of fucking off to the park. Honest.


He’ll be back in April in our charge for Fourth!


Our fourth PL title?

Parisian Weetabix

Yep. Now we have Oezil supporter expectations have risen so dramatically fans now want a minimum of four Premier League titles per season.


The fact that we have internationals is no surprise, or the fact that we have injuries resulting from them.
The fact that we have few options upfront if we sustain injuries is of our own making. Hopefuly we will address the problem properly in January or we may find we will fall short again in our hunt for a trophy.
It’s a World Cup qualifying year and all players are going to want to compete for thier respective countries. That makes our lack of cover all the more baffling and the need to sign in January even more necessary.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

THAT video of him chasing down CR7and tackling it away down the length of the pitch shows he’s not just any player in the Arsenal shirt.

Harish P

Remove international friendlies at the least. They’re ridiculously ill-timed. If a compromise is needed, just offer international training weeks and 60 min behind closed door games. International games kills our squad depth far too often.


i dont like the sound of “thigh injury”, its got an ominous kind of diaby-ness about it 🙁

fingers crossed its just some minor bruising

twisted cuntloks

‘busy’ ? he hasn’t been very busy for Arsenal since the day he signed!

twisted cuntloks

sod off you red thumbers! he must have an injury record only exceeded by Diaby!

Emir of Emirates

Please Tomas please…we need you


Rosciky is actually a playmaker for asernal squad. Can’t figure out why he’s so immune †̥☺ injuries. *fingers cross till Saturday*

Merlin's Panini

maybe because he’s not immune to injuries…


I’m sorry to say it but the amount of fear we’re filled with as the internationals unfold is ridiculous. Is there any other team whose supporters are paralysed with such fright during the matches? A thought crossed my mind as the most pessimistic injury reports were coming through on twitter last night, that we might have to play Zelalem sooner than people might have expected, until remembering that he was fucking injured too. I like the idea of a small squad and understand the criticalness of ensuring any additions fit in smoothly with the close-knit harmony of our group. But… Read more »

The fool of a Took

Well, balls..

Thomas (togheter with Sagna) is my favorite fucking players in this squad. Loyal, hungry, gifted and gives everything for the shirt, year after year.

I´m still pissed that injuries damaged his career, he could have been one of the greatest.


Why Tomas not listening to his body the least bit? He’s playing a huge part every couple of months for Arsenal becoming an incremental part of the team and at that is still always a doubt for the next game. The last thing he needs is further games in between. I understand the eagerness of playing for your country, but he’s so close to being regarded as a part time footballer, whilst having little of his career left. To me, it doesn’t make any sense to continue pursuing all goals, with the treatment table all lurking around the corner..


Get well soon Tomas .


Hate to say this but the International break just brought his injury forward, let’s face it it’s rosicky and sooner or later he k.o’s himself anyway.

Let’s just hope the “thigh strain” doesn’t spontaneously develop into a thigh cruciate, anterior, exterior, miraculous ligament tear! thus keeping him out till 2015!


I dread to think the conditions of our players players they return from the world cup. Arsenal will have to rely on youth for the early part of next season.


TR7 is playing legend.
He is mentally perfect and indebatably skillful.
I think he’d better to retire Czech international cuz he became older year by year and his body shows us that he cannot play for both premier league and international.
By the way , keep my finger crossed for him.

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