Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Rosicky returns for Napoli clash

Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of tomorrow night’s Champions League tie with Napoli.

After the win against Swansea at the weekend there are no new injuries while there’s a return for Tomas Rosicky. The Czech has missed the last 6 games with a hamstring problem and his presence is a welcome boost for Arsene Wenger as fixtures mount.

Speaking before the press conference, Wenger identified this game as crucial for Arsenal’s qualification hopes, saying, “We have started very well but you know if you win the second game at home you have a good chance to qualify. But I wouldn’t say it’s already a decisive game.

“It’s a game that will have a great weight on the end result of the qualifying teams. Let’s deal well with that situation then we will be in a very positive mood to finish the job.”

The Gunners won their first game of the qualification stages 2-1 away in Marseille, and a home victory would set them up nicely as they head into a Dortmund double-header.


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So Mozart is really Bach?

Who knew?




Should help Arsene with all of his Chopin and changing of the first eleven.


True, as long as he has a Handel on what he’s doing and gets it right.

Otherwise he’ll be on a Haydn to nothing.


All this talk of composers has made me parched, I’m off to drink some Tchai…kovsky.

I’m very, very sorry


I’m really quite Debussy, as I gotta Listz of things to do … but I can’t stop getting my feed of The Arsenal, especially now that we’re riding high. It’s good that Motzart’s back. Imagine a midfield of him, Cazorla and OOoooozil … !!!!!


The Napoli and Dortmund games are no longer the last Strauss for Arsene that some felt they might have been after the defeat to Villa.


And then we will all get Brahms and Lizt


Yeah I like a few Schuberts myself of an evening. Keeps me from being Straussed out.


What’s the Verdi for the game tomorrow? Anyone?


Sorry – I’m too Bizet to write a detailed analysis, but it’ll be interesting to see if Arsene will start with Rosicky Dvořák Wilshere.


Hope he plays a Pärt in the game!




I’d be Satie… sfied with a Faure nil win!

I’ll be Orf now

TexGun E5

We’ll be humming as long as they don’t Per go lazy.

Wengers spare change

Time to make music mozart

afolabi ademakinwa

Welcome back Tomas Rosicky


Good, we need as many fit and healthy bodies as possible right now.

Hopefully Cazorla, Podolski and the OX can get fit soon too.

Do we think Diaby will ever be able to play for us again?


I wouldn’t put my house on it


How about your shed?

The fool of a Took

I put my bike (stolen since April)!


Coincidentally, I hear that they told Diaby to take up cycling to strengthen his legs.


I wouldn’t put my bird box on him playing for us again.

Sure, it’s a sad situation, and I know he really wants to play, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses. He is costing us money and taking up a slot in the squad. I think it is time to move on.

Denilson's back pass


Well, no.

Don’t think so.

Wengers spare change

Diaby can fill the Bobby Bushey roll


If just the players would be as quick coming back from injuries as you are writing articles…


Then they would be back from injury before they got injured…




that’s freaking awesome, and Cazorla coming back this week as well…Watch out Europe here we come. COYG!!!


That would turn it into ROZILLA!!!! Yesssssssss……


This is bad news …because he will go to the international team again. Hopefully he stays fit the rest of the season though. I love you Mozart


Fuck the international games. Robbing us of good players and returning them all messed up


with the congestion in the middle he can probably play on the wings if needed. The team seems unbalance due tot he lack of wingers at the moment…we could probably would be a lot better if we had Ox, Theo & Poldo in the team




Rosicky-Ozil behind Giroud is going to be huge. With Arteta back and Gnabry who proved to be worthy of the shirt we finally have some backups, things are really looking up.


It’s just so mouthwatering to have a great midfield where to choose from (cazorla, rosicky, wilshere, Arteta, Ramsey, Flamini,Ozil, Walcott & the OX(soon) and add to that Gnabry and even Diaby(some months away) whom Wenger rates highly.


The Diaby situation is just a terrible shame, more so for him than us. We’ve already seen what the man can do when he’s fit.

Hope he gets well.


I think Flamini and arteta are of immense importance to Ramsey’s developement…Rocisky , Cazorla and ozil would be equally important for wilshere’s developement………I have written a blog about how exactly ramsey career was revived with help of Arteta and with how woth help of Flamini he reached the next level….chk it out if u guys want to



Welcome back little Mozart. We’ve really missed you buddy. You are and will always be a joy to watch. COYG, pleas destroy napoli and keep matching on.


The first proper test for Arsenal FC this season. Let’s see what we can muster out of this match. It should be a good one with 2 extremely strong midfields. Gnabry will have to up his game! COYG!!


can you guys imagine this….

Sag Per Kos Gib
Theo Ozil Caz

And bringing some of Rosicky, Wilshere, the Ox, Gnabry, Podolski on a tiring Defense?

that’s fucking SCARY if you ask me, oh how I love my team!!!


and let us not forget our Lego-haired (vice..)captain!

The Lube

I’m hearing Jack Wilshere’s a minor injury doubt. Can anyone confirm this?

Roland C Rozario

Let’s see if the little Mozart can create his very own music in the middle of the Park!
It surely will be a dazzling musical symphony if he could!

Eyo Effiong

we need to play all our games with our top player on full fitness Welcome back little Mozart


Hot dog!


On a different note; What the hell have Gervinho been smoking down in Rome?

Two cracking goals in their last match..



Wow. The second one in particular.

Strange one, that boy.


Italians are slow


Gerviniho is a little bitch. We all knew he was a shit footballer but now we know why.


He was never a bad player, just too inconsistent. His move was a win-win for both the player and club.


I agree.

Bloggs was on the money when he said that defenders found it difficult to deal with Gerv sometimes because it was hard to predict what he was going to do. The reason for that was because most of the time Gerv himself didn’t know what he was going to do.

I wish the guy well. I am glad he is doing well at his new club, but I am also glad he no longer plays for us.


Its great that Tomas is back in the squad, but that probably means he will get another International call up, just when he returns from being injured during the last round of International matches.

Time to retire from the national team Lil Mozart.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

It’s one thing for Santi Cazorla to be hellbent on being deemed ‘fit’ before the Intl break… he’s got the chance to represent Spain in Brazil next year.

Agrred, Tomas Rosicky needs to retire from international duty. Each of the last three times he’s come back injured. One of those times he ripped his arse open sitting on the toilet. Nuff is e’nuff.

Rosicky with killer diagonal pass which frees up Ozil to sprint down the flank… Ozil with the killer through pass to Giroud for a goal!

Deeloe Emmanuel

Welcome back Mr Rosicky


even if Diaby comes back, what can he really bring to the squad? The guy is the definition of injury-prone. Time for that project to move one for we have no place for him in midfield.

The Alsacien

Are you serious?


There will always be a place for a fully fit diaby. he offers combinations that will generally require 2 players. Whenever u have doubts about him, just spend some time on youtube.

The Alsacien

I just hope the people who booed Higuain during the Emirates cup stay in their caves tomorrow.


Our midfield is very strong


Think the best thing we could do is go hard and win this game and the home game against dortmund… then when we go to Dortmund away send a weak squad… resting key players… especially as it will be in between chelsea, liverpool and man united.


Can not wait to see Mozilla. Mozart, Ozil Cazorla.

Am I the only one who, when he attempts to write a post saying how many amazing midfielders we have, can’t remember them all?


We play a 1-4-1-4 in concert

One striker acting as the can opener and one enforcer covering ahead of the defense.

And then a whole symphony of pickpockets in between to score.

Podolski, Santi, Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, Jack, Chamberlain, Walcott, Gnabry and yes, Diaby not to mention young Zelalem.

It’s enough to un-Ravel any composition the opponents can put up.:D


Fucking brilliant. Rosicky is the bawss.


Tough on diaby? Kid yourself not…this professional crock isn’t made out for PL and has been taking 50k+ pw nursing his various body parts. The sporadic appearances showed little anyway so let’s cut loss, quick.

Rosicky is another sick case hopefully turned a corner but he should know better to go to international stuff anymore. Crock for 18 months+ and any decent spells of playing time was fucked up by this ‘duty’…what about duty to Arsenal as a fit player??

we are gone for good

tear napoli apart unleash the smoking gunz on them

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