Monday, July 4, 2022

Walcott: Özil signing a dream

Theo Walcott has hailed the capture of Mesut Özil and says he can’t wait to get on the end of his balls.

In that he’s looking forward to the German international feeding him in the box. Erm … Walcott is fast and Özil passes well is the key point we’re trying to get across here.

Speaking from England’s training camp, Walcott said, “I played against him for the Under-21s when we lost 4-0 and he showed his qualities then and he has shown them for many years for club and country.

“He is a great addition and I am personally looking forward to playing with him. I think it definitely shows a statement that we are ready to step up and Ozil is going to be fantastic for me personally.

“With the amount of the assists he has got, it’s a dream for me to see, so I am very excited to see him in the flesh and play with him. I am sure all the Arsenal fans will be looking forward to the Sunderland game.”

We’re certainly looking forward to Theo being fingered by the former Real Madrid man.

As someone whose pace will allow him to make the kind of assists he’s been used to in Spain.

You lot. I dunno.

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Toure Motors

Oooohhh Matron!


Before the Ozil signing, most of the pundits wrote us off. They said the Spurs will finish in Top 4 ahead of us. They said we will be headed to Europa League. Now that we have Ozil running the show, Giroud and Walcott running on all cylinders, Ramsey causing a havoc in the midfield, Cazola being silky smooth, Flamini doing the dirty work, and our defense stopping everything……I can honestly say that we are genuine title contenders (barring no further injuries). Hell, Man U is nothing special this year. No one’s feeding Van Pussy anything. Did you see how isolated… Read more »


You forget that pundits have been sentencing us to the Europa League since time immemorial.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We’ve actually qualified for it for the last 18 seasons on the trot…and then some. Haha.


The last I heard is that Daniel fucking levy made a phonecall to perez late yesyerday begging him not to sell ozil to us. How pathetic can the spuds get? running scared already? in your face perez, you mouth breathing bald headed cunt! in your face! ozil to the arsenal. N.L is RED.

Teri Maa Dhi

Hilarious if its true.

Arty's Art

With the right weight on balls through to Theo against Spuds he could have had 3 or 4 more chances, Mesut will deliver those chances. I am excited.


Time for Theo to live up to the king’s shirt. 20 league goals this season, you can do it, Theorry.

Harry rednapps dog

Still can’t believe it….. What a signing. LUIS WHO


Still secretly hoping he joins in january


“I want to leave, the manger knows my desire is that……i am 26 yrs old I need to be playing in the UCL.”

“Iam delighted to be staying at liverpool…..”

Must have missed the draw then which group were liverpool drafted into?

Suarez doesn’t know what he wants much like rooney. fuck off you 2 for wasting our time when we should have been looking elsewhere early enough. shits!!


*Sniff* Oh Higuain *Sniff*

reality check

Wenger realized his mistake. he is not going to go after strikers now, with the mid field as good as hours strikers would now be begging him to sign them up. master stroke!! Arsene know


fuck you interval.


I cant STAND it !!!!!!!

Would be interesting for FIFA to conduct some data analysis about football fans care factor for internationals.. As much as it pains me to say it, I barely care about the World Cup as much as i used to.



Great tackle by Kocielney, who feeds the ball to Ramsey, lovely piece of skill by the Welshman to lose his marker, he passes the ball to Ozil, who plays a neat one two with Cazorla, before making a sublime defence splitting pass to send Walcott through on goal who then squares the ball to Giroud… GOAL!

santi's panties

Sounds kind of like a goal I’ve seen recently, except it was Lil’ Moz doing the splitting.




Walcott through on goal and then playing a pass, not a chance.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If Flamini tells him he will make a pass then He Will Make A Pass.


i don’t know why he is getting thumbed down, its true. i know strikers should be selfish at times but when theres 2 or 3 better options (vs fulham for example when he took forever to pass it to gibbs which allowed fulham to close him down) you should pass it off. however on the flip side you don’t want them to shy from shooting (like poldi when he tried to pass it to theo when he couldve hammered it).

still love the both of them though

Richie Waweru

Can you imagine the amount of assists Santi and Mesut will conjure up for the team?


Actually, no.

Happy Dave

Balls will be smashed in by grown german men playing for the Arse !!!!


You have to understand what Arsene is looking for in a player before you can comment on if Ozil or anyone else is what we need. Arsene has experienced working with a player like thiery Henry who was an out of this world 30+ goals a season every season striker. He probably seen the effect it had on the team. Also with Van Persie his last couple of seasons. Did the other players slack a bit or not give their absolute best because they thought that Thiery or Van Persie will do it for them. Also do those prolific strikers… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, Arsene Wenger is looking for five 20+ goal a season players, not one 30+ goal a season striker. I like it. Sounds like a Plan.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Very interesting point Damobot.


with theo’s touch much improved, i expect him to take full advantage of the service from mesut.

let the good times begin…


Indeed, all our players need a good servicing from Mesut. Good times indeed, good times indeed…


‘Getting to the end of his balls’ , that sounds so wrong !!


And i was taught in school that round things dont have ends…


… you had to be taught that?


What about ‘ looking forward to theo being fingered by former real madrid star’ eh?


“Theo Walcott has hailed the capture of Mesut Özil and says he can’t wait to get on the end of his balls.
In that he’s looking forward to the German international feeding him in the box.”

I can’t wait to to see Ozil reach around the opposing backline to help Walcott to explode from the D so he can make a mess of the opposing goalkeeper


It throws up a conundrum: Who do you go for in fantasy team? Giroud/ Santi/ özil/ Theo are all superb options this year…


Before Ozil, i was backing rambo. Not only are his goals and assists stacking up this season, he is so cheap! Alas, possibly the greatest arsenal signing every was too good to resist. Giroud/Walcott/Ozil COYG (so flippin’ excited!)


@ damobot – what are you on about buddy??




Nice one – Carry On Arseblog.

How does Ozil link up with Podolski at international level? Good understanding? Laid on many goals for him?

I honestly have no idea, so wonder if this signing might also give Podolski a massive boost as well.

Thomas Paine

It’s been a long while since I’ve been so interested in watching a WCQ, but this Friday my eyes glued to the Germany match (while Özil is playing, at least). I seriously can’t wait to see him play now that’s a Gunner!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ooh, that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Even when Arsenal aren’t playing or training together they are training and playing together.


You’re a sick man, Blogs

Top Gunner

Hold on, Mooro’s comment just made me realise something.
As we all know Poldi is injured, so what was he doing at the Germany training camp with Ozil posing with the Arsenal shirt?!?
Or was that pic taken somewhere else?!?
Anyone has any idea!!!!


Injured players normally have to report for international duty to be assessed by team doctors and then sent back.

That or Poldi was bored or Ozil owes him some money

AP says ozil dropped in at london colney a week before the window closed for a hush-hush preliminary medical and photos…


I read that too but I think it’s bullshit since there have been no photos of him on yet

balls is so much shit. If he had pictures taken then why are they not on the official site? Why are we still using pictures of him in madrid?


good catch.


I believe he joined up with the German Team to be re-evaluated by their team Doctor (forget his name but highly respected among European clubs and countries). I could be wrong…


The German national team were filming an advert, so Podolski would have been there to join in the fun, somehow.


Podolski has a natural instinct for fun and goals. And, apparently, taxis

Hamburg Gooner

All the injured players had to be there on Monday as well, because the german team were scheduled to shoot some commercials in Munich


For me this signing is a significant one for the club. It shows that we are finally operating on a level playing field with the rest. We can finally compete for players. Obviously not on a inf8nite level but f9r a player wenger feels we really need.We can go and get him. Plus, great players want ttoplay with great players and ozil is a great player. I fully expect us to show the same financial commitment at least once a season/18 months. Wenger will never fully adopt this way of spending and I dont think anyone here expects him to.… Read more »


Well, with the Arsenal turning out from ‘done’ deals left and right, that’s not necessarily true, exactly because Arsene is teaching the lot all the time that the Arsenal has their own valuations.


If there is one player who will gain the most from this magnificent signing, it’s Theo. His olympic pace necessitates the need for precisely weighted balls, and Ozil provides that. The spuds were an inch or three away from an S&M style spanking, if through balls to Theo had been better weighted. Also, a point that is oft overlooked, Theo is an absolutely sublime; finisher: The now trademark dinks, the side foot placings and don’t forget the lefty finishes as well…..his chance to conversion ratio is very good, probably second only as a right-sided midfielder to Pedro of Barcelona Ozil’s… Read more »


Wow all I can say is goals goals goals. No wonder Theo is in dreamland with that assist record.


Is this catchy?…ozil! ozil! ozil!..oi! oi! oi!…ozil!..oi!..ozil! oi! Ozil! Ozil! Ozil! Oi! Oi! Oi!….Aussie gooners would love it!


Apologies if this one has been mentioned before, there’s just so many comments to trawl through.

Anyway, made me grin and the tune should be easy enough to work out –

‘Santi to the left of me, Ozil to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle, Giroud.’

I in no way claim that as my work.




Because having to give through balls to the fastest player in the league must be just terrible, right? Get a life


Anyone else can’t wait for this international break to pass by

Patrick Ubi

Ozil a good signing for the gunners .

that french bloke!

“Can’t wait to get on the end of his ball”..


Yea, i see my coat…


Fuck this shit!


My girlfriend can’t wait to get on the end of his balls too!

All jokes aside, he is an amazing signing. Roll on January so we can continue to strengthen the squad.


Does your girlfriend happen to be Luis Suarez?


Meep, meep!


I think I’m in love.

What a gentleman! What a role model!

I’ve already told the missus that my first son’s name will be Mesut.

Always been a fan of this bloke, it’s blown my mind that he’s now a Gooner.

I think I might even just have a cry


Now Özil, I have a feeling that we will be getting another big signing in January. Maybe we will go back in for Draxler?


Draxler is an AM, so…no.


The pressure will mount on Theo and Giroud with all these goalscoring chances coming from midfield! They better be ready haha, love it.


Incredible signing. To think Suarez could have been more money… I’m even thrilled with Flamini! And if we stay in form, both in the league and the CL, think of the sort of player we’ll be able to attract in January! Director of football my arse!!


I still feel we could’ve bought a striker now that poldi’s injured. If we had got Higuain or suarez in with ozil, we def be guaranteed a trophy this season. Ozil-carzola combo might turn out to be better than cesc-nasri combination.
Wilshere needs to buckle up…or he might just be dropped when arteta comes back or for flamini

gooner odst

Have to say much credit to Daniel Levy for trying to delay any Madrid to Arsenal signing until after the derby (if its true). The man was hell bent on giving his club an advantage by any means necessary while staring at the barrel of an angry Canon. Too bad his intent didn’t filter down into the management and team.

Hell, they needed all the help they could get. Here’s hoping another German dynamo, Draxler, follows in Özil’s föötsteps.

get some ̈ on the barby!!!


The madrid fans are not happy Ozil is gone. I think they would have preferred to keep him and not bother with Bale. Still cant believe he’s an Arsenal player. I would imagine Mourinho decided not to give us Ba when he found out we had the mighty O. Maybe the arrogant prick now considers us a genuine threat.


But surely the Madrid fans realise they need a decent left winger….



Sorry mate but FUCK Daniel Levy.

gooner odst

😀 he gets C+ for effort in my book.


Ozil loves to wreak havoc in the hole, which will let Theo feed off Giroud with aplomb. With Santi’s direct long balls and the odd thrust from Rambo, we’ll have no problems penetrating in the right areas. Ox and Poldi will be right behind them, breathing down their necks; there’ll be some hot competition for places! And that’s even before you think about Wilshere’s little bursts and his ability to beat a man. Further back, you can rely on Flamini to display his wild tackle, and get in a few faces, while you know Arterta will be mopping up with… Read more »



Ha ha. I’ll begrudgingly give him a C+ then…. Na fuck it, I’m failing him.



You sir are a filthy boy!


Lil bursts of soliloquy ‘Ozil’ Tourette’s

Thin Gooner

Why is there no post transfer window press release from the fat Uzbeki wanker this year?


am I the only one who had the bad thought of Theo being on the end of Mesut’s actual balls after reading the first paragraph?


then Theo being fingered in the last paragraph? blogs you feeling kinky there in Ireland?


Santi-Ozil! I just can’t wait… FIFA have to change the dates for WCQ’s! Terrible timing..

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