Wenger hints at ‘good surprise’


Arsene Wenger has hinted that he might surprise people before the transfer window closes tomorrow night.

It wouldn’t take much, to be fair. Spending anything on anyone would do it, but on Sky after the game in which Arsenal beat Spurs 1-0, Wenger said, “Maybe we’ll have a good surprise for you.”

In his post-game press conference he was pressed again about possible spending, saying, “I’m ready to pay what we can afford, even if it’s a bit over the market, as long as it’s not crazy. I’m not against spending.

“It’s a domino game. Maybe something will happen in the last 24 hours.”

With Arsenal really down to the bare bones, everyone knows we need players. Credit to the ones we have, and the manager, for getting us through the last four games with four wins, but over the course of a season this squad is just too light to compete.

Let’s see what happens. For those of you addicted to the day itself, Arseblog News will be running a live blog right up until the window closes, so any moves will be brought to you with up to the second info.

Should be fun!

Or hell.

But it’ll be something.


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The cheeky face he pulled when he said it. Love that man 😀


Love that cheeky grin in the pic above!


The one in the Sky interview was even cheekier, almost like a dad at Christmas after putting the presents under the tree


He knows we’re all expecting him to sign someone! 😉


“For me they need a different type of midfield player: someone who is better at sensing danger.”

We’re signing Spiderman!


Peter or Scott Parker?


Don’t get too excited the last time he said anything like this he signed Sylvester!


Bob A

He had that cheeky grin yesterday as well, he obviously has a couple of aces up his sleeve, I hope so, to shut up all the wingers we have had to listen to for the past few weeks. It should have been obvious to all fans that if Real Madrid bought Bale on top of Isco and a couple of others they would have to sell to balance the books.


Oh Jesus titty fucking Christ man, find something else to do!


Mesut Ozil

Sebastian A.C.

It’s worth noting that Benzema and Di Maria were on Real Madrid’s starting XI today, yet Özil was not involved after starting the 2 previous games. Maybe…

Why is my name required

“Maybe we’ll have a good surprise for you..”

He’s probably saving all that money for Lionel Messi…


He has already got the White Messi, Lukas Podolski.


No. Messi is The White Messi, or hadn’t you noticed?



Yes please.

Super super quality.


I honestly never rated Ozil that highly, I also remember hearing about Real having problems with his nightlife, but given our current situation I’ll gladly take him and be proved wrong. Better than Kaká, at least, and more the kind of player we need than Di Maria. With him we’ll have enough manpower to have Wilshere permanently at the midfield back duo, I don’t think he does well as Attacking Mid.

Can Ozil play as Winger, either side?


lol Ozil is one of the best attacking midfield in world football . and carzola play most of his time out wide in spain so he can move there


Cazorla does well as a left winger, but he also shines in the middle and it would be nice to have the option to change things up. I do think Ozil is a bit overrated (Modric too, while we’re at it), his work rate is not stellar and I’ve seen him marked out of games. Having said that, again, I’d love to have him.

reality check

the best creative player in the top 5 leagues (statistically) we are talking about here.


Ozil in front of Ramsey/Wilshere and Arteta/Flamini, Cazorla and Walcott on the wings. OMG. That will be scary combination. Hope this happens


It better be that I can now go into the barbers, and order a ‘Giroud’.



Good surprise? Yes please!


I wish he hadn’t said “super quality” and “one or two.” Whenever I hear that, I get sick in my mouth.

One or two usually means zero. But we need probably three or four.

Maybe the surprise is that “one or two” now means “three or four”?


i’m with you here mate. i’m not feeling confident about who we’ll end up signing. its killing me what he means by having a surprise in store for us. but it just doesn’t make any sense to me that we’ll get what we need to make us trophy contenders. for that to happen we’d need to get 3 or 4 like you say. and i can’t see us getting that many. plus, really who of that ‘super top quality’ is available ? are we back in for Suarez ? …. why would Madrid want to sell Benzema ? … is… Read more »


Oh man I loved his face


Oh man I loved his face


The words “domino game” seem to be something. Real Madrid for sure. Maybe Mata ??!!


He is going to torch the cash.


Not if it’s supposed to be a surprise.

The Truth.

Uh-huh, Uh-huh – Uh-huh

Butter my Arsenal
Good Omens

What time is love ?

admiral awesome

3am eternal? go to sleep >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDRt4tjjlHg

Red Cannon

Hey! No text speak! 🙂


well that would be surprise 😀


That was one epic comment. Top Top Top quality.


I really hope we don’t get a shock treatment instead but like arseblog said, it will be something.

Wise One

Teaser of the year..


That’s as big a hint as Arsene will ever give that we’re signing someone.

Or it’s nothing.

Probably nothing.


I think there is something. In his pre NLD press conference, when asked about panic buying he said that he ‘will not panic buy, that is for sure’. The way he said that, I felt that a couple of deals are nearly complete. He also was upbeat in that conference.

But as always, we shall see. But even this late in the window I have always kept the belief that players will come in. The alternative just doesn’t make any sense.


Diabyyyyy like a new signing 😛 back from injury!




That grin made me smile
North London is red


spending nothing got us over spurs so how spending the whole transfer kitty ,indeed will be fun tomorrow.


Fabian Cabellero. Th

Educated By YouTube

The cyclist?


I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. The waiting is almost over and the anticipation has become unbearable.

I just hope that the present he delivers isn’ta disappointment. It would be terrible to get a bag of marbles when you were expecting a PS3.


Or it could be the scenario at the Wenger household every Christmas.

Kid: “What did you get me for Christmas?”

Wenger: “Well, surprise! After years of saving up, I finally decided to get you a good, well-thought out gift….here’s the entitlement to a low-yield bond!!!”


PS3’s break, marbles please.


Fabian Cabellero. That would surprise us, wouldn’t it?


OMG OMG OMG(think homer simpson). This is turning into the perfect weekend plus i won £20 on giroud to score, arsenal 1-0.

We win the match, win the bet, and i got a nice surprise for monday to counter work. Suarez? Ozil? Benzema? Im not going to sleep at all damn it! Up the gooners!


you put down £2,… cheapskate. 🙂


I hate to agree with you Larry, not because its you but because Wenger drives me mad but then he speaks and I can’t help feel positive and optimistic. Stupid Wenger.

Seriously though great write up. Both Wenger and the Squad have done great to do what they’ve done so far. Regardless of what happens these lads look happy together and really scrap for each other.


Suarez agreed weeks ago, Wenger agreed to keep it quiet to allow pool to get business done as he was of no use until after the window closed anyway. I may be confusing dreams with reality though!

Arty's Art

Nah he was at Anfield watching the game today, not a chance.


Say what you like about Arsene, we’ll sure miss him when he goes. Brilliant management through the last few weeks with the whole world down on him and his team. Really hope we land a couple of top players, not the shit that spurs just spunked their money on.


Buzzing from the match. The three subs that come on are quality players but the three outfield players left on the bench are just kids. Come on Arsene a big surprise would be lovely but follow it with atleast three more players.



Maybe Di stefano .


Can we not get Maradona for free and shape him up for the attacking midfield role. I think he is short on cash these days..:)


I’d prefer Batistuta


Say what you like about Arsene, we’ll sure miss him when he goes. Brilliant management through the last few weeks with the whole world down on him and his team. Really hope we land a couple of top players, not the mediocre over priced shit that spurs just spunked their money on.


What a tease…

Gonna spend the whole day tomorrow on my phone checking transfer news because of that single comment…


we’ve been doing that for the last couple of months, another day won’t hurt xD


AVB: “That they finished with four full-backs on the pitch at the end shows how much they wanted to hang on to the result.”

er, no, don’t flatter yourself mate, its because everyone else is out injured and they were all we had you grumpy git


I look the comment differently. It just says Arsenal want to win the NLD more than the scum. You’re damn right it shows how much we want the win.


That and the fact that they had no creativity through the middle meant it was probably a good decision to overload their primary attacking “threats” on the wings. It was a decision to crush their only hope, which we did.

Double Canister

Is he starting to twitch yet?

Harryblack maskers



I hope he’s not thinking of that goalie, sure it would be nice with a decent keeper as backup but not the kind of signing that would lift this team.

some dumb american

Maybe it’s a pony!?! *squeels*


It is kaka….


he is off to Ac Milan so no




Wenger on Flamini: I said it was a no-brainer. I am just sorry he didn’t cost £25m :-DDD

Rectum Spectrum

I believe……

Mezermisation of Madness

I love the man, but he knows how to fuck with my feelings.


Isn’t that the definition of love, albeit one-sided? 😀


“its a domino game”…..
Bale > Madrid > top top quality for Arsenal?


Step 1 confirmed

afolabi ademakinwa



that’s what i want!!!!

Sex Fabergé

It’s Eboue.


Please dont let it be Cabaye. Cabaye is not a serious surprise. Ozil/Draxler would be.


Ozil +Draxler! Drozil


Montero yes! Was hoping we’d beat Cardiff to him!


Come on now! Surprise me motherf####r!!. Oh you signed no one… Yeah, thats a sursprise, or not, maybe, whatever…

One Nil To The Arsenal you 100 000 000£ CUNTS!!!! Now fuck off down your hole spuddies.


When you’re winning by one goal with time running out, of course you hang on for the result. Your point is, AVB…?


AVB in the Sky interview hahaha “I told you before not to ask me that!” hahahaha Bale is at 5pur2 training tomorrow hahahahahahahahaha NORTH LONDON IS RED!!!


In other news, BFG took it away from the tiny tot like a piece of candy. Enjoy http://arsenalist.com/f/arsenal-vs-tottenham/per-tackle.html

The only Olivier is Giroud

Lord of The Rings, Gandalf: ”You shall not pass- you cunt motherfucker of a Spud.” (he mumbled that last bit, but I prrrooomise it’s in the original quote)

Dial square

You’ve gotta love him, after these comments, if we don’t make a big signing it will be like Arsene kicking us in the nuts (again), then holding out his hand to help us up, and when we reach out for it, he sticks two fingers up at us – and kicks us in the nuts again!!


Great game! Keep the momentum going and bring in some good talent!


Great game! Keep the momentum going and bring in some good talent!

poliver girolski

I would find it funny as hell if the surprise was that we had signed Bale and not Real Madrid..

Seriously though it could be Ozil, christ it could even be Rooney.. Tomorrow could possibly be amazing or the most tedious day of my life.


Cassilas, messi, fabregas, kompay?

Or bendter, park, Lehman and diaby?

Both would be surprises


Ozil or Draxler would be nice.
But we need a striker!
I thought we could score more today, if we had someone to substitute tiring Giroud.


just as I’m ready to treat hair out due to his refusal to spend so far and then that cheeky smile makes me think everything is going to be okay. Fingers crossed