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Wenger praises team character after penalty win

Arsene Wenger has praised the character of his team after their 4-3 penalty shoot-out win over West Brom last night.

The Gunners, young and older, had to dig in away from home, and at the end when the pressure was on, kept their nerve from the spot as the home side decided to play a game of who can kick their penalty widest.

Asked afterwards if he was proud of his team, the boss said, “I am because we played with many young players and they have shown that not only are they good football players but they can fight as well.

“The penalties were a bit of a lottery but overall I think the most important thing for me is we played well during the game and the young players came out and showed they can play in the style we want to play.”

The manager chalked it all down to experience, saying it would be a good lesson for some of his young players.

“It’s good to know you can win even when you think you are dead and tired but if you dig deep until the end you are rewarded.

“That’s a very important lesson for a young player because that will happen to them again. That was the most important thing about tonight. We kept going forward and tried to win the game until the end and that is very positive as well.”

With the draw pitching us against Chelsea in the next round, Wenger is unsure if he’ll play so many youngsters, admitting that injuries to senior players affected his selection.

“Honestly I don’t know yet because it depends on the injuries. Tonight I had no choice but to rotate because many senior players are out.”

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van Jordan

Bring on the Chelsea, can’t wait for a proper opponent to see a proper fight from a proper Arsenal team! COYG

Clock End Mike

That’s very unfair. It was a proper Arsenal team, and they put up a proper fight. It maybe wasn’t our best team, and there weren’t many first choice players on the pitch, admittedly, but all except Eisfeld and Hayden (and the three subs used) are members of the first team squad. If the boss was proud of his team, that’s good enough for me. And WBA are proper opponents, from the Premier League. Or are you suggesting that only the top 5 or 6 teams are worthy of our attention? Last night wasn’t the most entertaining match I’ve watched this… Read more »


also… who is “the chelsea”? it’s “the arsenal”… and just plain chelsea.


I asked a question in the previous post about wanting to know what TGSTEL stands for if it is an abbreviation or what it means generally. I’m quite inquisitive to know as I come across in almost all posts I read here on arseblog. Could someone help out pls?

Khurram Ahmad

TGSTEL.. means the greatest striker to ever live


Troubled Guy Should Try Eating Less
The Goal Scorer That Ended Lillywhites
Talent Got Sidetracked Taking Easy Life


The Greatest Samurai That Ever Lived. Bendtner Dono is the reason are trips to the far East are always so successful 😀


‘Our’….fooking hell to auto correct….


The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived

and how come he came to be called TGSTEL ?? how did the name start ??


TGSTEL-the greatest striker that ever lived, thanks to fellow gunners who helped me out with this 🙂


I must admit,yesterday was a gilt-edge match the youngsters tried but were not tidy. As Le prof said,we can only encourage them. I like olsson,ryo and bellerin the most. There is a kind of transistion to our young player of fucking out result when not playing. Thats a hallmark of a champion! Come on arsenal! Bring on cheski


Oh,and it is in reference to bendtner, truly the greatest striker that ever lived


Thanks a bunch @Vijay…Gracias!


Hopefully the likes of rosicky,ox, podolski and cazorla will be back by the next tie, surprised Hayden started ahead of frimpong, truly no way back for the dench I suppose?


And @Khurram Ahmad…bliss!


BFG played full 120 minutes yesterday and will, in all probability, be on field against Swansea and Napoli. Is the guy a machine?


He is German, so probably yes.

Clock End Mike

To be fair, he doesn’t run about an awful lot. He’s just magically in the right place at the right time. How does he do it? I don’t know, it’s a mystery 🙂

mach iii

Mertesacker is a calming presence in the side. His play is more tactical and wise positioning. He doesn’t need to cover as much ground like a player like Ramsey. I’m guessing he ran about 10kms last night in 120 minutes and he wasn’t really tested for pace. Ramsey on the other hand would have ran about 15kms in 120 minutes. So I think he will be fine.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Vorsprung Durch Technik


The highlight of the game for me was when Wenger was on the pitch after the first half of extra time rallying the troops and giving them some motivational words. He turned around to Akpom and said ” we can do this”

Richie Waweru

We need to get some of the boys back fit for the run of games from October-November. Chelsea, Liverpool, Dortmund and united lined up on consecutive weeks.

Richie Waweru

We need to get some of the boys back fit for the run of games from October-November. Chelsea, Liverpool, Dortmund and united lined up on consecutive weeks.

The fool of a Took

I read many comments regarding Denchie boy, but no one answers. Is he fit, injured, in the freeze box or what?

p.s. Would love to see him again!

Henely Gooner

Hats off to West Brom playing the video of “Buddy Holly” by Weezer at half time on their big screens! How about a bit of Wedding Present at the Emirates now?


Per he has a Mercedes engine in him…pure German!!!!COYG


Does anyone know when the likes of cazorla, podolski,rocicky are back?


Rosicky is back next week: http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/team-news-boss-on-rosicky-and-fabianski.

Cazorla said in some interview that he tries to be back as early as the Napoli game, but that this is far from certain. Maybe for the WBA game, or then just after the international break.

Poldi should come back some time after the interlull is done. Theo after the interlull.

So we just need to hang on and somehow get the results from Swansea, Napoli and WBA. Thank God that Rosicky is back, hopefully Santi will also be.


this winning streak just keeps on rolling on and on!

Piece of shit

I have a sneaky feeling Bendter is going to be fantastic this season, score loads of goals, and leave on a free at the end of the season


Is it conceivable that we’d offer him a new contract if he does perform amazingly well?


i hope so. at least we will have gotten something out of him in 3 years.

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