Thursday, July 7, 2022

Wenger puts new deal on back burner

Arsene Wenger says he’s in no rush to sort out his new contract, suggesting his future depends on the success of the team this season.

Earlier in the summer Ivan Gazidis suggested contract talks between the club and the manager were ongoing, but speaking yesterday Wenger said, “There’s no need to plan. We are in no hurry. We are in September and my contract finishes in June. There’s a long way to go.

“I’ve said many times I want to do well with this club and in the end I will sit down and think how well have I done with the team I have had.

“That has to be sufficient for me to decide yes or no. One of the main judgments you can have about a manager is how well he does with his team.”

If it suggests a self-awareness about the pressure he’s been under, or that he might fancy one final fling at another club remains to be seen. But despite difficulties and frustrations, his presence was crucial in the signing of Mesut Ozil, something the German reiterated yesterday.

“I am really happy to be here under such a great manager,” the former Real Madrid man said.

“That was the most important, what he thinks about me, what his plans are with me, and I decided to come to Arsenal because I have the trust. I would have come here without a fee, that wouldn’t have been a problem.

“I want to play offensive and good football, we want to keep clean sheets, to play attractive football but also successful football.”

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I think its safe to assume Arsene will extend.. Would have spoken to Ozil about more than just one season.


Yeah. I have a feeling that Wenger is using this situation to get the players fired up. He knows that most of the players hold him in high regard and would hate to see him go. So, he’s just being all uncertain about his contract, saying that it depends on how successfull we’ll be. He’s just giving them an extra incentive to perform.


Whatever his faults, whatever the situation, there is just no way arsenal are not gonna renew his contract, except perhaps two scenarios: one, he himself says no, which seems ridiculous at this point with ozil one of the many reasons; and two, he gives a horribly bad performance this season, which also is a very very unlikely scenario.
So, all in all, 99.99 % probability.

Tom J

Saurabh, like Fergie did with the skunk? How good would it be to win the PL this season and stick it in the skunks face as Moyes coaches the football out of him

AZ Goon

Football coaching never been an issue. Hopefully Ozil is a sign he has turned a new leaf and is ready to get the team competing again. If so, his tactics plus a strong squad will result in a return to the good days

Koscielny to the rescue again



This is the man to lead us to glory this season and many more seasons to come. He’s always made arsenal punch well above their weight. From the start when he won the double. Then the double again. Then the invincibles. Then the incredible champions league run under restricted financial circumstances. And producing such geniuses as Henry Bergkamp et al. The man’s a genius and hope he stays for forever and a day


Still makes me laugh at how, in a very similar situation, RVP was whacking off over playing for that drunk old knobhead, then he fucks off leaving him with Moyes.

Ah, schadenfreude, we love you.

the only sam is nelson

which world class player went to the Glazerdome this summer because of their desire to play for Moyes? Which one was it again? I can’t quite remember.

Although that might be because I’m slightly older than midfield dynamo Ryan Giggs, 98.

Very optimistic Gooner

Like for stay, dislike for go…it’s a big thumbs up from me!


Is there a button for “wait and see”?


Another contract saga for summer,so very Arsenal.


To keep arsenal at the top top top with restricted funds should tell you something about this man. Nothing less than respect for him. If he leaves, our club could be left in a real mess. So, to those calling for his head, becareful what you wish for. Arsene, sign da ting when offered!

Richard Marshall

To be honest, I think he has done such a good job that even if he does leave we won’t be left in a mess. Our finances are under control and the future looks bright. Hopefully Wenger will be the man to benefit from the last 8 years of prudence and financial pain, but there won’t be a mess if he leaves. He hasn’t done a Harry Redknapp.

5-2 or 1-0 thecolourisstillred

Pardon me but I just think you’ve got to include the following quotes from AW to make the article more complete: “We had to go through some years when I signed a long-term contract where we had some restricted financial potential. And the target was to stay in the Champions League in this period and we managed to do it. We are now in a strong position financially.” Sometime you do not realise the contributions of a certain individual until he’s gone and you’re finally able to enjoy shade provided by the tree he has planted. If ever there’s someone… Read more »


Truest word ever spoke.


Sign da ting!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope to hell he doesn’t mean that he’s thinking of leaving if we have a successful season. I read it like he was thinking that that might be “Job Done”. I’d hate that. Even if we won all four trophies I’d want him to stay. He can bring in his own successor, but I want him to train him/share the reins for a few years before he joins the board. I desperately want a smooth transition to a new manager and sustained success. I want our players to learn to trust the new man the way they obviously trust… Read more »


Realistically, Wenger must stay. He is a massive factor in keeping many of our top players at the club.

Mate Kiddleton

This is only the start, Arsene. See it through. Build a legacy. Victoria concordia crescit.


He’s already built an immense one, but I agree. Stay on.

Kiddleton Fan

You’re Hot!!!


It’s a ladyboy.

But whatever floats your boat.


In other news,Do Arsenal have enough players for the bench tmrw?

5. ?
6. ?

Gnabry played yesterday,so we don’t have any attacking players..


DENCH! Leeeeeeeeave it YEAH?!? I’m All over that BENCH!


I forgot you still play for Arsenal…DENCH THAT!


Dench = Horseshit


Viviano, Vermaelen, Monreal, Flamini, Gnabry, Akpom. Give it a rest with the ‘paper thin’ stuff. We have 8 senior players out, any squad would be ‘thin’ in such circumstances.


This shows how big the man is and how big is his heart. When I started following arsenal 12years back, i thought the clubs name was derived from the coach…eventhough i know better now… The feeling is still there… For me Arsene =Arsenal.

The Noise

GOOD!!! Fucking clown doesn’t deserve one anyway…
Amazing how some sheep seem to think signing a world class player for £43m suddthink makes him a top manager again! Bore off


Fuck off


Ivan sign him up, Ivan Ivan Sign him up! To be fair to the guy, i doubted his ability to attract truly world class players up until deadline day. But after the noises that Ozil has made and what a huge roll Arsene had to play in it, I believe we cannot afford to let Arsene go at any cost. We have seen the effects of a Certain Fergie stepping down has had on Man Utd’s ability to attract stars this window. Because lets be honest, no world class player wants to play under Moyes who has next to no… Read more »


What a difference a signing makes eh? I imagine a strong striker buy in January would further the way of INvsout

Dan Vallely

The man’s a legend. 16 successive years in the champions league. Top 4 finishes with little or no money available for transfers. No other manager could have achieved that, including sir red nose. No other manager will ever have an ‘Invincibles’ team in the premier league again. It’s absolutely essential to keep him as manager for the stability of the club. If he goes many top players will follow. Mesut only signed for Arsenal because of his great respect for les boss. When he’s had enough he should be retained in another capacity. Vote 1 Arsene.

the ghost of LANS

im interested to see who people might realistically think could be a possible replacement?

klopp? laudrup? martinez!??? *winces*

although i’d love him to stay, and think he has to at least to oversee the progression of the young players at the club, he can’t last forever. i really don’t want another moyes situation with us.


A cùnt for £100m? What a waste of money

Can i now shout GOALZILL?


Is Arsene pulling a Walcott?


The most loyal person at Arsenal. Probably had many opportunities to leave for trophies.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

A wise man once said “complacency breeds failure”. Arsene fears that if he were to sign a nice fat extension now, there’s a risk of him “only performing at 98% intensity as opposed to 110% intensity” (like another Polish wise man recently said) Me thinks a scenario whereby in 2013-2014 Arsenal a) win no trophies, or b) only win the Carling Cup… will mean Arsene takes responsibility for the failure to make fans happy and retire from football altogether. Can’t imagine he fancies working anywhere else. Arsene loves the club he’s built so much that he’s willing to forego the… Read more »


I don’t think not winning anything this season will be deemed a failure. Didn’t Wenger and/or Gazidis say we want to start winning things in a season or two, or something like that? What Wenger did say is he wants to do well with the squad he has, which may be different from winning trophies this season. This also has to take in to account the other teams of course. Chelsea and Man City have strengthened a lot, so maybe winning something is not realistic this season.

Or maybe I’m over-analysing this. Meh.


Gnabry and rio got withdrawn in the 60th minute i’m assuming this was as a precaution incase they’re needed for sunderland. Either one should make the bench tommorow.

my money is on Gnabry, totally outshone rio yesterday. talent!


The problem has never been Arsene,,..he’s one of the best coaches around if not the best. The problem many people had was his lack of spending big.., well can’t say the same now! I don’t see how he can spend £42.5! M on Ozil only to go back to his “stingy ways”. it’s been a roller coaster 8 years, we’ve worked hard and created our own damn money and Ozil is the first of the fruits we will be reaping. upwards and onwards baby.

Sign da ting ese!


Do you really think Arsene Wenger deserves a new contract? when you look at his performances over the past few seasons,sureley the answer is NO, Arsenal F.C. have always been a great side, before Wenger came,and will be after he’s gone, if his ambition is to finish in fourth place each season,i don’t think that’s good enough,the Arsenal Supporters deserve more. In my opinion any of the top three clubs in the Premiership,would have paid him off a long time ago, Arsene Wenger is a Directors and Shareholders,type of manager,but certainly not a Supporters.
“Up The Gunners”.

the only sam is nelson

“Arsenal supporters deserve more” <— it is precisely this entitled attitude that demonstrates the exact opposite. If you think you are entitled to sit and watch Arsenal win trophies year after year, you deserve the square root of fuck all. Here's a thought: people who watch football all pay money for the privelige. Just because you part with a bit of hard-earned means your entitled to nothing more than the seat on which you park your arse. If you come along in the freezing cold with 16,000 other hardy souls, have a bit of a moan at some clod of… Read more »

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Icouldn’t disagree more with you, pal. I’ve always ‘liked’ Arsenal but became a die hard supporter after the league cup final loss(ironic, i know). I just have the word of fellow Gooners about the magic of Wengerball brought alive by the Invincibles, AW’s fiery outbursts that left Fergie red-faced et al. Is that AW dead? No. He had a job to recoup the millions invested in the stadium while being competitive. He’s failed on NO counts whatsoever.


“…Arsenal F.C. have always been a great side…”

You have a very selective memory.


always been a great side !!!!. when Arsene arrive we were midd table team with many of our top players on their last leggs. try in the 80S before George Graham arrive we were more looking like
going for second division rather than playing the title

You having so good right now, many of the “dead wood” of the last 8 years would have look world class in some arsenal 80S squad (i am not old enough to know older arsenal shit team 😉 but i m sure blog can remember few of them)


“Arsenal were always a great side” Ok So yoiu show your ignorance there.
I always loved The Arsenal.
That Doesn’t mean that they were always great.


I always loved The Arsenal. Before I knew it was entitled to be great.


I will admit to admiring Sam Allardyce after the defeat to Swansea at the Emirates Stadium last season (December).
I observed defensive failures that I had been observing for YEARS!
Then we beat Bayern and embarked on a long unbeaten run.
Now I have faith ibn Arsene again and he has signed Özil
So I hope I was wrong in endorsing Sam Allardyce, and I apologize.


Amazing how one signing has perked eveyone up around the club and made people realise that Arsene is the right man for the job. There were far too many knee jerk reactions from dumb gooners not seeing the forest through the trees. Admittedly I probably would have doubted Arsene had he not made this significant addition to the squad but not once have I uttered the words ‘Wenger out’ because the man deserves respect and to go out on his own terms. Much as I don’t like old red nose, he was all set to retire but thought fuck this… Read more »


Anybody calling for Arsene’s head, especially now should be sent to the frozen barren wasteland that is spurs and left there to die, of leprosy

9ja Gooner

Özil Özil Özil Özil


Sign da thing, Arsene!


The only die hard Gooner fans are from London. Im only a fan of Arsenal because of Wenger. If he goes then forget Gooners why support some lame ass team that does not have the style and flair that Wenger bought to the table. Go and sign a Moyes or a Rednaap or some other lame manager. If Wenger goes Arsenal as an organization will lose millions in revenue and the only top 4 Arsenal will be fighting for is in the Championship.


Well we have Ozil, Per and Podoski.

So we need wenger to lure more german players to our team and to keep the ones we have.

I personally think we are going in the right direction we will have a team of German internationals who will inastantly gel together.

Theres clearly a plan In Wengers head hes been stubborn but hes done the right thing and not spent for the sake of spending, hes done absolutely the right thing spending for the sake of spending will get you like Liverpool in no time.

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