Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Youthful squad named for Capital One Cup

Arsenal have named their squad for tonight’s Capital One Cup tie with West Brom and, as expected, the majority of the team that played against Stoke at the weekend have been rested.

There’s no Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Gibbs or Giroud, while youngsters like Thomas Eisfeld, Hector Bellerin, Alex Iwobi and Kristoffer Olsson are included.

There’s a place in the squad for Ju Young Park for the first time since 2011-12 while Nicklas Bendtner is likely to start up front. There could also be a first start for Emiliano Viviano, depending on the fitness of Fabianski.

The full list, via

Per Mertesacker – Thomas Vermaelen – Mikel Arteta – Emiliano Viviano – Nacho Monreal –  Mathieu Flamini – Lukasz Fabianski – Nicklas Bendtner – Carl Jenkinson – Ju-Young Park – Ryo – Chuba Akpom – Hector Bellerin – Thomas Eisfeld – Serge Gnabry – Isaac Hayden – Kristoffer Olsson – Alex Iwobi

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Heard ramsey is injured? Is that why iwobi is included late?


Don’t think so. Ramsey just need a rest.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

I know it’s a coc game, but the attackers seriously lack experience, it could almost be a u21 game. I really don’t know where the goals are going to come from. Maybe verm will decide to score. But slightly ominous if west brom play a full strength squad

I know but I am sure you want the boys like Ramsey or Ozil have sometime to rest then they can help us make a 4-0 at Swansea 🙂

Would have liked Mert and Flam to be rested aswell.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bendtner and Park do not lack experience.

It feels very strange to say this.

Our inexperienced starting attackers will probably include a guy who scored close to 50 goals for Arsenal in 4 seasons. While never being better than 3rd choice striker.

That is ancient history I know, but as a mate has been pointing out (repeatedly), that somewhere under the: injured, pants showing, drunk driving, egotistical mess that is TGSTEL, there is a very good striker that should be about to hit his prime.

Not sure if I need a shower or a bit of a lie down now…

DL Gooner

I heard he is deep in a Vietnamese eating snakes and settling old scores.

DL Gooner

Woops, forgot to add jungle, face palm, gets coat.


Bizarrely, it sounds better the first way 🙂

(joins you in the cloakroom)


what you two want to do in the cloakroom at the same time? geez…


In which case it should read, “…deep in a Vietnamese eating snakes and getting cold sores”


Lets do a 5-2 thing!!!


Or a 7-5

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“A team face you, they are enemy. Enemy deserve no mercy.”

Mister Miyagi would have said that if he was a football coach.

6-nil and honk their noses.

Dr Baptiste

He’d also have the team climbing mountains to get bonsai trees…

Norn Iron Gooner

……………and washing Wengers car, perhaps even painting his fence.


Kind of a shame it’s West Brom, a not totally wank side, but sometimes I’m more excited about watching league cup games than premier league! Really looking forward to this one. Hope to see at least a little of Eisfeld. Really rate the lad. Always a pleasure to watch Jenko as well. Can’t wait. Just a monotonous day of work to get through……. COYG


It’s a real shame for Zelalem. if there was ever a stage that screamed for him it was going to be this one…..

For us fans we were finally going to see what he’s really made of. gutted!


According to, “Alex Iwobi is the nephew of former Nigeria international Jay-Jay Okocha.”

Iwobi’s gonna be a beast. I can feel it in his genes


If he’s from Nigeria you could probably see it in his jeans.


I’m not even sorry


woh. okay then


Genuine lol from me after that one

Dr Baptiste

Has anyone checked the age on his passport?…. *slowly closes the door as he leaves*

Balogun AbdulHafeez

Hope to see viviano and Bendtner start tonight.

Arsene's Dick

Yeah, like they can one-two, with viviano scoring the fifth goal.


I forsee the winning goal by Nickolas. As Viviano shoots a long ball targeting the center forward, he doesn’t realize that Nickolas, our center forward was being marked by 2 tall defenders; a huge task for the boy to go past these defenders. As a ball drop slowly on to the field and in the proximity of Nickolas, he tries something that you only see be tried and succeeded by The Greatest Striker Ever Lived. Within the millisecond he had to make a decision which could make him or break him. With defenders pushing and pulling on the Dane, he… Read more »


I love the League cup, way more than the FA Cup. I’m not sure why but FA Cup matches always seem a bit … stale. It’s nice to see players really trying in these matches and I am looking forward to seeing Eisfeld play again.


Thats an easy call for me, just the number of players who have pulled on the Red and White for the first time in these games in recent years is ebough.

Even the ones who debuted elsewhere got a lot of early breaks in the competition.

Personally, the crowd at those home games is also a bit special.


Wow. Park. Sho.


here’s Johnny!!!!!!!!


Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Nacho
Flamini – Arteta
Ryo – TGSTEL – Gnabry


Predicted 11. 😀 ^


lol @TGSTEL 😀

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

At learn the defence looks solid. Wonder how much the full backs are going to enjoy playing with miyaichi. Does he do much defence work?

I think Ryo will be all over the place

Katie Holmes armpits

Holy shit! For all you Ryo Miyaichi doubters out there, take a look at this YouTube from his year in Holland.

Can’t wait til this young Japanese lad comes good in an Arsenal shirt.

He is Japanese, of course he’ll do defensive work!

He blocked one cross late in the stoke game within our pen area…

ryo is one of our hardest working wingers.

I don’t understand on what basis people rate Gnabry over Miyachi. Miyachi was tearing down Ivanovic and Chelsea’s defence a couple of years back and was Bolton’s player of the month in the first month he joined on loan. He was like a little Messi when he was in Feynoord. I believe he should be given a chance ahead of Gnabry in the first team, the boy has loads of talent and potential, if it were not for the injuries, he would be a sure shot first team player by now. He can turn out to be a trump card… Read more »


Well, at least the back four is strong.


I’d like to see Bellerin start.


If I could give that post two thumbs up, I would. I really hope that is the team.


Pretty much dead on, unless they give Hayden or Bellerin a try at the back. (Not sure if both is a good idea)


Hope its a strong enough side to do the job would be nice to stay in this competition as long as we can to give the youngsters some experience and hopefully go on and win it

Ozil's Pal

Gona bè a nice nite

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I want to see Park on the Park.


More likely to see him at the park.


Whats the story with Frimpong then, what’s he doing?? I guess if he isnt going to show in this match we might not see him play again?


No Frimpong? Not Dench!

Jimmy Saville

I believe the term is “a bit Leeeaaaaaavvvveeee it, yeah?”

Richie Waweru

I’m kinda excited to see TGSTEL play today. Granted, I am kinda high right now


Please pass on the bong


Frankly, having seen virtually nothing of Park since he’s joined, I hope we get to see him get some time on. Just to figure out what was it that made us hijack his transfer elsewhere.

master floda

No Zelalem? That’s a bit of a surprise there, as there is also no injury news on


Zelalem is injured.

Dr Baptiste

You don’t read arseblog enough it seems –

master floda

thanks, I missed that one… Shame, with all these injuries in midfield this could really have been a big chance for him to shine. But he’s still young, fingers crossed he will recover fast and take the next chance.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Per fucking Mertesacker, is he a machine?


Per can’t be bargained with. Per can’t be reasoned with. Per doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And Per absolutely will not stop, ever, until you have paid your club fines.

gooner odst

Part machine part German, all spud crusher.


some might ask if you can tell which part is which?


Nope, he’s juat a big fu*king German!


Shame, would have between nice to see Coq play in the COCup..


*The above post has been teleported from 2012.

Ryo Fan

Oh yeah! Look at that Ryo drinker water. Beautiful stuff.

And can’t believe we were ever worried about being light in the striker department. Pffft just chill, Mick Bendnar and Park got this.


Shame that Zelalem’s injured. Would have loved to have seen him get a run out today.


No Zelalem? 🙁

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s still injured. It’s been weeks since he was injured and will be months before he is back. I’d like us to stay in this Cup so we have something nice for him to do when he’s fit again.


My cat’s breath smells of cat food.


My dogs breath smells of cat


My cat’s dog smells of breath

Little Johnny

Smell my finger.


I’ve had big breaths thinthe I wath thixthteen.


Your mum smells of cat food.

A Yank

My cat’s name is Mittens.


On a Frimpong note, a mate bought me a ‘Leave it Yeah’ T shirt for my birthday!

Piss myself every time I look at it.

It’s right up there with birthday blowjobs and cake.

very good bad guy

@fin what do u mean? I hope its not what I’m thinking. Anyways why isn’t Gedion Zelalem in this squad? Is he out injured or what.


It took half an hour to read that sentence, not cool.

And it probably took you half an hour to write it!


If you cant write properly, leave it yeah!


Anyone know what’s up with Jon Toral? Haven’t heard anything about him in a while

Jasper Littman

Where the hell is Frimpong?


Leave it yeah!


zelalem out for 8-9 weeks fml 🙁 🙁

Denilson's back pass

OH! Park and Benny in the squad?

Gives them youngsters some cool heads to look to for leadership and support when things start going rough.

I can see a 4-1 tonight, 2 for Park, 1 for Benny, 1 for Iwobi, 1 for Viviano.

Can’t see a clean sheet happening though.



Who’s getting the own goal?


How did Velma get past the notorious Blogs censorship curtain?

Will this even. Cunt

Gareth Murray

Would like to see this team start: Viviano, Jenkinson, Vermalen, Hayden, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Ryo, Bendtner.

Nicklas Bendtner

Dont you worry,dont you worry guys
Mr.Bendtner has some goals for you


Will be interesting to see who will ne captain today, BFG, VERMA OR ARTETA?




Well Verm is captain, so…


Flamini 🙂

Mr. T

I’d love to see just youngster in CoC. Sad, it’s not gonna happen. But when our squad is so short because of the injuries, to compete at four front.. Maybe it wouldn’t be a world’s end to loose tonight.

I’ll get my coat.


We have players coming back who need game time. They must come first. Youngsters fill the gaps.

The fool of a Took

I´m actually more excited about his game than the one against Stoke. Love seeing our young players get a run out in the first team.

As a Swede, I can´t wait to see Olsson getting some minutes tonight!


It’s all about the Chuba


Why do we care about this cup? Seriously?


I glad we have good full back backup in Monreal and jenksinson.also now verm is back Not a bad second pick defence

The fool of a Took

Alright, let´s give it a go..







Flamini could be on the bench as our fixer if things aren’t going so well.


Wenger has done the right thing. As I’ve said before, it’s a shame that our squad lacks in-depth quality – and that should have been addressed in the summer transfer window – but resting the the big names is an absolute priority now. This was a trophy that we could have won but the stars who have done so well recently need a break to avoid burn-out. If West Brom play a strong side then they will probably win, and that we be a shame. But personally I won’t be too bothered. Finishing top-four in the PL and getting out… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Who are you and what have you done with the real Fatgooner?

A Yank

Shame about bowing out of the Sippy Cup this early is that we’d lose more games for the youngsters to get minutes.

While I can easily see this going against us given the inexperience of the side, there was a 4-0 pasting (I think) we put on Wigan (I think) with a bunch of kids and squad filler. Anyway, let’s play fast and loose and see what happens.


The funny thing is we’ll be playing a defense I’d be happy to start in the PL and potentially 2 enforcer types. Keeping them out is no more an issue than normal.

I’d say it could be down to our front 4, and whoever we play is going to be out to make a point (hopefully TSGTEL in particular).

I’d not write us off just yet.


that team lacks quality because WBA will come in with a strong team but i guess we have to rest our players for more important games


that squad has bags of quality! West Brom have some good strikers but I think we’ll be playing a relatively experienced back four and with Flamini/Arteta too, so the young guns further up the pitch will have a good platform on which top perform.


No Frimpong????


Interested to see a Mert and Verm partnership, Verm and Kosc being of a similar defensive ilk.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

We sold Gervinho
Replaced him with RYO
Don’t need no strikers NO
We’ve got …..

(fill in the gaps)



Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor



Sanogo !




It’s a more experienced squad than the one that went all the way & played Chelsea in the final in 2007, that team had an avg age < 21 yrs.

Also a number of today's squad have been around the first 11, so the performance shouldn't as disjoint as we have seen in the past few seasons in the League cup.

Should be an interesting match & hope to see us win this one.

Henry's Right Foot

I’m back. Here to score a delicately touched game winner.


I’d love to see Ryo shine, he’s going to get his chances with Theo sidelined for a few weeks. Time for him to grab this opportunity by the balls and show he’s Arsenal quality. (till he inevitably snaps his femur)


Ryo and Gnabry are both lightning quick. I am pretty sure they both can do 100m in 10 seconds. Don’t give up on Ryo, he is only 20. Arsene said his body is stabilising now. They are both proper wingers. We have proper wingers for a long time. (Not strikers (Podolski) people who think they are strikers (Walcott) Gervinho, and central players like Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, and Hleb who have all been used out wide)


*We have NEEDED proper wingers for a long time.


You’re so right about the wingers part Aamir. We have no width, it was really obvious when both Walcott & Chamberlain were out last year, and I hope it doesn’t cost us again this year.

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