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Arsenal sweating on Ozil knock

Arsene Wenger will be hoping Mesut Ozil’s substitution for Germany during their 5-3 win over Sweden last night was little more than precautionary.

The £42.5m man seemed to suffer a knock to his knee before being taken off in the second half, and although early reports suggest it’s just bruising, the Arsenal manager will be worried ahead of what’s a busy and difficult schedule for his team.

As well as league fixtures against Liverpool and Manchester United, the Gunners face Chelsea in the Capital One Cup as well as double dose of Dortmund in the Champions League.

Ozil will be assessed by the Arsenal medical team when he returns to London today. There was some better news though from France as Laurent Koscielny returned for Les Bleus. The defender missed last week’s game with a calf strain but completed 90 minutes as Deschamps side beat Finland 3-0.

There are no reports of other casualties, so let’s keep fingers crossed that everybody’s fit and well for the game against Norwich this weekend.

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The usually reliable Bild said yesterday that it’s just a ‘bruised knee’ and should be fine for Norwich. Although, I’d want him and Ramsey (even Per if need be) to take rest this weekend and be fresh for Dortmund.


Per sat out the German win. Should start with kos. Hopefully we will have santi and theo back. Big boost if all are fit. Ozil should sit out Norwich game as a precaution if santi is back. or start on the bench.


>”Ozil should sit out Norwich game as a precaution if santi is back. or start on the bench.”

Definitely agree with this. If there is one place that we can afford to rotate players, it’s in the midfield.

Play a midfield three of Arteta-Ramsey-Flami or Arteta-Flamini-Rosicky, with Ramsey playing out wide if needs be. No need to risk Ozil at all.

Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Gnabry get another run out on Saturday. A game against Norwich at home is as good an opportunity as I can think of.


i feel that when arteta and flamini both start our efficiency in the final third is compromised a bit, especially when the opposite team pley with 8-10 men behind the ball… i steel feel that arteta-flamini are the best midfield duo against strong teams like dortmund… but aginst teams like norwich, i fell that areta-flamini situation should be an either-or choice…


How long must I wait for Carzola and Özil to start together! Damn you cruel world

Bolarinwa mayowa

This wicked trend of losing a key player to injury when another is on the verge of making a return needs to stop. Why is this happening to us for berg’s sake?


It’s Dennis making it easier for Wenger to choose his line up, sort of like a natural compulsion for rotation I think


Dennis works in mysterious ways

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Mark my words, “CazÖzil” will be one of the new words introduced in the 2015 version of the English Oxford dictionary.


i prefair Ozorla myself just saying


~CazÖzil (Ca – zer – zil)

1. A potent combination of waspish wizardry, clinical incisiveness and mesmerising ingenuity.

-Example: Upon receiving his third CazÖzilling in the space of 5 minutes, John Terry was stretchered off the pitch clutching his now prolapsed rectum.

-Example (past-tense): “My team got CazÖzilled so hard and often, I was forced into early retirement. ” – Andre Villas-Boas


What about the trio of Cazorla on the left, Ozil in the middle and Rosicky on the right?

Merlin's Panini

You’ll probably have to wait forever because we don’t have a player called Carzola.


Don’t think anyone said, Carzola. Fail.


let’s hope he’s back for dortmund…with the right attitude, i think we’ll be fine against norwich regardless of his presence

3 - 1 to the Arsenal

Agreed. Was hoping with santi returning and pairing mesut for the first time we will run out comfortable winner this Saturday. Will now settle for a narrow win if that means Özil’s injury is indeed minor he’ll be back for Dortmund.


To all those whingeing about international football: if you want to get the best players at your club, they’re bound to be internationals. Think about that.


Who’s moaning?


Have not seen a single whinge !


What about poldi?? Wasnt he supposed to come back after interllul?



When initial reports suggest one of our players is suffering from a minor “knock” from international duty, We always have to assume the worst.

In all seriousness though, atleast his position is one we have plentyyyy of cover for though. Especially with Santi/Rosicky. But they don’t put the fear into opposition like Ozil does.

Hope its just precautionary, but i wouldnt be counting on him being available for Norwich as he went straight down the tunnel when he came off for Germany.

Zorro in the box

I think Santi has that magic – one of the best players in the Prem last season.


Yeah, trust the interlull to always toy with our collective emotions…ALWAYS.
Hope it’s nothing serious.


I’m just happy we are getting the squad back slowly but surely. Can’t wait for Theo and Santi to return! also I am somewhat happy that jack got some rest this week ( but I am also praying for him to get back to his normal self, maybe the sidelining gave him some motivation to take back his spot in England?).


Özil out…Cazorla in….we’re so short on players we need to buy more…blah blah blah



The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

Injury gods, don’t you fucking dare.




I saw the incident and he just got Some study’s on his knee. Lukas also Saïd his teammate would-be be fine for Norwich

waski d boss

Just when we are hoping to see Ozil and Cazorla both in action, we are now being faced with a setback. It could be a disguised blessing though.

chris and arsenal

Everyone will be fine , all will be well 🙂


Big Amen to that


on other news I saw vermaleen in the Belgium team. felt happy for him.


It was weird to see Rambo go up against Verma in that game! But both put in good performances, Aaron especially.


I hate those arsenal fans who are keeping on talking about resting our best players, these guys have a very low team supporting mentality. Mesi, Ronaldo play every single game internationals and clubs provided they are injury free but there are none barca or madrid fans talking about resting them. You can not win trophies by resting your best players. Thiery Henry by then played every game helped the team win trophies. Ozil need more games to get used with the speed of epl, Ramsey is our best player in question he must play games to aquire consistent. Let them… Read more »


You mean Spain with one cup and a winter break? Ah, I see.

Gunner in Ghana

German team doctor, Dr. Lukas Podolski says his client would be fine for the game against Norwich.




I agree to an extent, but keep in mind that Messi and CR7 play in a subpar league with less intensity and on top of that never get hard draws in the CL group stages.


Ozil hasnt been injured since 2010 i doubt its about to start now.

if he’s unavailable for Norwich i guess that’s a good thing. i would be wearing my best shorts and him and santi caressing the ball in midfield would bring catastrophic results to my best shorts…..

afolabi ademakinwa

Is just a precationary measure Mesut will b fit for Norwish @he will be introduce in d last 30 mins of d game

Wenger's Zipper

It is just a bruising, so says my optimistic self


Scandinavian papers report that Özil was at a nightclub until 3 am so I guess his knee isn’t too bad

Sir Shitsalot

Can’t wait to see Cazorla caressing Ozil’s perfectly weighted balls.


Players get injured fine, I realize the top players figure prominently for their national side, fine…but with Germany already qualified, I question a) why he started b) why he stayed on for that long. I’m sure Loew, like the rest of us, don’t want a key player hurt, so why did he play that long?

If it turns out to be nothing, then I should be quiet, on the other hand…

Monkey nuts

Because Germany had already qualified you question a) why he started and b) why he stayed on for so long?

You could ask why any of the 11 internationals started. Presumably they are all key players, not just Ozil. Perhaps they should have played 11 postmen so that none of them got injured. But that wouldn’t really help Joachim and Germany would it? It was a competitive fixture ffs! He has every right to pick him and play him for however long he wants.

He’ll be fine, it’s good for him to play for Germany.


I don’t necessarily disagree – but given they’ve qualified, which is the ultimate goal and they achieved that, why not give some up and comers some experience, even if for a half. Obviously someone has to play but the top players regardless of what club/country they play for need rest at times too.

Andre Santos

Özil injured?
Cazorla and Walcott not back?
Huh,Chill I got this.

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