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Fabregas praise for ‘blocked’ Ramsey

Former skipper Cesc Fabregas has heaped praise on Aaron Ramsey and suggested that his departure was a good thing for his former teammate.

The Welshman has been eye-catching this season, scoring 9 goals already, and in an interview with The Guardian, Fabregas says it’s natural that others step up when big players leave.

“I watch the way Ramsey is playing now, how he looks so liberated, and I think maybe I blocked his way,” he said.

“Maybe I was an obstacle. Sometimes you need someone to leave for you to step forward and say: ‘I’m here.'”

Cesc included Jack Wilshere in his thoughts, saying, “I could say the same for Jack. It’s the concept I’m talking about, the idea of stepping up. That mental unblocking is so important. Both of them have a brilliant future.

“Ramsey’s stamina is spectacular. Wilshere is a bit different to the typical English player: he’s more of a short passer.

“Ramsey is one of those that you look at and think: ‘He doesn’t stand out in any specific quality, but he does everything, everything, well.’ His touch is good, his movement’s good, now he’s scoring goals too, providing assists.

“He’s a kid who as a team player is a beast. Above all, he now has the confidence, responsibility.”

And not for the first time, the Barcelona midfielder, the man who took a penalty for us with a broken leg, expressed a desire to return to the club one day.

“I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to go back and play there one day, or maybe after football. The club’s like a family so even if it wasn’t as a coach, I’m sure they’d give me the chance to play a role.

“It’s a club that is always going to be there and will always open its doors to me.”

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He’d have a title medal from 08 if we didn’t have alumnia in goal and an Eduardo leg break. Lets hope he has some good years for Barca and comes back to arsenal for a swansong.


Despite being shit, Almunia was actually a beast that season.


That’s a paradox?


Almunia was actually pretty decent that season. It was around that time that talks of him playing for England started. Unsurprisingly, they vanished with his performances in the 2008-09 season.


wasn’t that the season Almunia saved a billion penalties ( every time United dropped points if I may add) .
It’s a shame he couldn’t keep THAT ONE out at Birmingham.

Arsenal's Gattuso

Fabregas really makes this sound like a break-up doesn’t it. Oh who am I kidding don’t tease us like that Fab, just come back to us and watch your little brothers Jack and Aaron grow up.

Bould's Eyeliner

Funny thing is, I don’t think Fabregas would even start with Ramsey and Ozil in their current forms. And even if he did I doubt Wilshere would stay all that quiet.


he could be a false no. 9 backup for Giroud..he scores goals pretty regularly now


Made me cry

Clock End Mike

For me, Fàbregas is like Özil — if you got a chance to sign him, you simply wouldn’t say no (as long as you could afford him, le Prof would no doubt add). I’d love it if he came back to his adopted home.


Cesc did not block Ramsey’s way even slightly. It was that fucking thundercunt Shawcross.


I remember vaguely him saying the same thing just after his move to barca. He said ramsey and jack are going to be stars..
I found the quotes from 2011's-jack-wilshere,-aaron-ramsey-to-shine?cc=4716


In 2 weeks’ time stokes’ neanderthal ryan shawcross will begin his winter hibernation, emerging only to defecate or receive wages.


‘Thundercunt’ is quite possibly the most impressive word I’ve heard all year. Well played, sir.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

‘Cribswobbled’, ‘absolutelycunted’, ‘flibnobbed’… One match report, too many ‘Word of the Season’ contenders.


Arsenal is a club that oozes class. pure and absolute fucking class!… fabregas singing love songs.

Oh cesc, y u go say that ? now i want u back….♡

Mach iii

Barcas golden generation is over, Fabregas isn’t so indoctrinated anymore. How nicely would he fit in this team?


Even if you don’t come back please don’t go to Manu. I think you won’t. I hope not


“I won’t go to Manchester United even if they treble my wages”
-Cesc Fabregas, 2013

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

The only reason he would go to the Manures is to collect the Pizza money that he splashed all over Fergie face.


I don’t care if we don’t need another world class playmaker…..You can come back any time Cesc.

Fabregas was my first favorite Arsenal player (I became a fan a couple months before Henry left, I cried when Cesc left) He scored the first Arsenal goal that I saw, in the first live Arsenal match I saw (UCL qualifier away to Sparta Prague 2007)

He also threw pizza at Ferguson’s face when he was 17. That alone makes him a hero. (Plus the 57 goals, 100 assists, playing with a broken leg, etc)

Woolwich Peripatetic

He’s welcome back any time, so long as he brings his mate Leo with him 😉


I was down when he left but the whole thing dragged out for so long in the end I was just glad it was over one way or the other. Having said that I’ve always believed Cesc will one day return. Maybe when he’s in his early 30’s (replacing Arteta) or a brief loan spell like Henry/Campbell etc etc.

They will never love him like we did.

Come home Cesc……..your real home.


its a shame. Cesc could have had a statue right next to Henry, Bergkamp & Adams had he not left. Now he’ll just be another player in Barca’s long line of achievements


I fucking love Cesc


Understand Cesc left to play for his hero – Pep, for his childhood club, as did RVP. Their shelf-life (as players) are quite short, so they made some ruthless (actually selfish) decisions. They both served the club well during their time (& fit). There loss was hard to swallow for AW considering the effort in building the team around them – Cesc replacing Viera & RVP being converted from a fragile (almost) winger into one of the best CF – only AW would invest so much when managers like Fergi would go for a ready made solution of buying the… Read more »

Black Hei

Cesc served the club well. RVP basically ripped the club off. He repaid faith, patience and coaching with a “you guys” speech.

Never want to see him ever ever again. Not post playing days, not as a coach, employee, pundit etc etc. He can go be a red devil forever and ever until that little shite inside him is contented.


Never lump Cesc into the same bracket as that ingrate with that little boy of his! The latter’s career was in doldrums during that long injury spell with us. The Boss withstood the cynics and criticisms, provided him with unwavering support and belief and nurtured him back to where he is today. Well, if he thought that slightly over a season performance and goals for us was enough to repay the faith AW had showered him all those years, and simply admit that he wanted to earn more $$$ and an easier way to collect some medals for his CV,… Read more »


dont know why suddenly tears running down..F**k..sob..sob..Fab, come back..!!F**k


The truth is that this squad is not ready to win anything. The fundamental quality is still missing, despite most of us being carried away by a good start against smaller teams.. #my opinion

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor



Talking about tottenham? #cuntish


#your opinion is shit (#just my opinion)

Buy Me, I'm a CB

I started reading your post and didn’t agree with it. Then the final 3 paragraphs were right up my street, leaving me with a dilemma: to like, or not to like?
Stop manipulating me man!


Sorry mate that was my dilemma as well. I missed Cesc & even RVP last session.Now that we are not in a desperate need for them, I don’t miss them.

We are no more like a heart broken boy friend, we have found some nice ones for ourselves & got the mojo back.

If Cesc really wants to come back, I’ve no problems with that. Like an ex, coming back for an one night stand. It would be nice to say ‘fuck ur DNA’ to those Barca cunts!


Whatever Cesc, stay in asstalunia.


He came as a boy. He left as a man. One of the best in the world.

Count me in the group that hope he plays for the Arsenal again someday. Also, did he really “like” blogger’s pizza photo? Legend.

He’s only nineteen, he’s better than Roy Keane!

devil's advocate


Brian wallace

Always thought Cesc was a class act on and off the pitch. He’d be welcome back here any day.

Higuain's Biological Father

Flamini came back, what about you Cesc?


I think, having started watching football relatively late at 15, and not really knowing the Invincibles, watching Cesc from 2007-2011 made me fall in love with Arsenal.


i was more of a Croatia fan, so Eduardo brought me to support Arsenal, and Cesc kept me supporting Arsenal because of those sexy passes and his attitude on and off the pitch


I still remember the game against Juventus in the Champions league at Highbury in 2006


That night he made Vieira look second rate.


Cesc is 26 now. Maybe in 2 years time, we will not have one or two of Arteta, Santi, Rozza,Diaby. So Cesc …Cesc! Don’t renew your contract at Barca… Join us for Free… 😀

fancis cudjoe

I will always remember Fabregas for that Aston villa match, when he on from the bench to score that two great goals limping and was substituted again.


Reading the article in The Guardian reminds me just what a selfish cunt RVP was and what a class act Fabregas is.

Bendtner's ego

Sorry. But I find this to be a load of shit.

In NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM was Fabregas’ leaving good for this club!

Wilshere and Ramsey would have benefitted from playing with him and we took much less money than what we would have received in the open market. The Dutch skunk might have scored even more goals with him in the lineup and we might have won a FA cup instead of the Fuck All cup.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

BBUUUTTT, the stadium funding etc etc…

Cape_Töwn Gööner

Imagine that hey.. The 2 best midfielders of the current generation gracing the emirates.. We will have Louw and Del Bosque sitting next to each other watching Arsenal play.. You guys can say I’m dreaming but Fabregas is heart and soul a gunner.. He will be back

Emir of Emirates

and Hugson very close by


Sign him up, sign him up, sign him up….


Traitors. You can only return if you prove yourself on the pitch just ask Flamini. Otherwise i have no interest in what these former captains do or say.

cannon & ball

sign el tingo!

Tapscotts Testicles

RVP = Frank Srapleton….cunt brothers.

Tapscotts Testicles


Clock End Mike

It’s like when you meet the ex-girlfriend who broke your heart when she said she’d found another guy — you think you’ve got over her, and then she goes and tells you she never really stopped loving you.

Oh, Cesc…


Fukkk right in my feelings


At least young Francois was too junior at the time…

To be Coqblocked


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