Friday, December 2, 2022

Özil glad he’s öff to a good start

Mesut Ozil says he’s happy to have started his Arsenal career as well as he has, and says that when he’s fully fit there’s more to come from him.

Since his deadline day arrival he’s provided 3 assists (and maybe a halfy if you count the free-kick rebound which Ramsey buried against Stoke), and you would hardly realise he’s playing with teammates he barely knows.

The German puts it down to confidence in his own ability and the quality of the players around him. Speaking to the official matchday programme ahead of tonight’s game, he said, “I’ve always been confident. It was great to provide an assist so quickly in my first game.

“I think it shows I fit into this team well and that my teammates help me and are there for me. I know what I can do and that I’m able to play dangerous passes.

“I’m both proud and pleased to have been able to make a contribution so soon.”

He’s still working on his fitness and believes that when he’s 100% sharp, Arsenal fans will enjoy him even more.

“I feel a lot fitter through training and playing matches. I know I can improve further and I’m sure that with the help of the squad I can develop into a better player and become a success here.”

You can read the full interview in the official matchday programme which is also available via iPad

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What?!?! He’s not even fit yet! Can’t wait to see what happens when he’s 100%. COYG!!!!


Just give him till Christmas time, he will be at the top of his game!
I love how his arrival has helped bring the best of everyone in our team, from Gibbsy to Ramsey to Giroud!

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

I love Ozil.

Side question: Do we have an idea of when Santi, Podolski, and Theo will be back?

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

Many thanks.


Clear as mud, that was. You’re interviewing for the manager’s job aren’t you? 🙂

Wengers spare change

Does that mean after Christmas ,blogs?


All will be back in oct.


Didn’t he have a full pre-season with Real Madrid? Either the illness he got during the interlull really took it out of him or the fitness level requirement in the Spanish leagues are much lower than here

jack jack jack

The latter definitely plays a part. In that (wonderful) video of Arteta and Santi conversing over some tea and scones they mention the huge discrepancy between Spanish and English football in terms of physicality and tempo – how it completely throws you at first and how it affects your confidence because you’re not sure whether you will be able to adapt. From watching our new boy so far he hasn’t yet adapted to the intensity of the league, but it’s a testament to his fucking insane quality that he’s still managed to lead the league for assists. Pires took a… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

That and, you are always a bit more exhausted when you move to London, you move to a new club, and are playing in an unfamiliar atmosphere. At the very least there are psychological effects that can only take time to get used to. It really is compliment to the Arsenal sides that play with him that he is able to make such plays already…


Have we bought anyone yet?

Failing that, have we sacked HIM yet??


Oh sorry mate, you must be lost. This is an Arsenal blog, not a Manure one


Alright mate. To respect your classical physical thinking, I would say that it is rather time that I am lost in. Comments like this were the norm, at this same blog – just a month ago!


the line to apologize to wenger for doubting him starts over there

Dr Baptiste

You can’t just sack the Wizard of Oz. I mean, where would you get your courage?

Wengers spare change

I smell a Troll


I smell a thick skinned twat – and he is not alone – if you pardon the language 🙂

Rambling Pete

Who could not be encouraged by this guy and what he brings to the team? The quality of his passing will increase as he gets to know his team mates better, how they run etc. It takes time to build those combinations just like in any other job. I once worked as a barman at a high end cocktail bar and had to train in a new employee. He was working so he could earn enough money to open his own bar. It took time but after a while we made a great double act, entertaining people as well as… Read more »


Great story.

So you must be Tom Cruise from the movie Cocktail (1988)

Kill Phillip (Sorry!)

Great example of “how to jump from Ozil’s quality passing to paying tribute to your dead best friend by opening a coctail bar in less then 20 sentences”.


I always believed your stories and treated you as a legend, but now I feel cheated.
Was that “colleague with a sword” story fake too? :'(



You should be careful. Opening any new bar is a Risky Business.


This is Far and Away one of the Top Gun-ners blogs, don’t let it go to Oblivion with random Tom Cruise film-related puns to amuse the Minority. Report them and move on.

Wengers spare change

If we don’t have all the right moves it becomes risky business


I want to join in this game, but the shame of admitting to watching any of his movies fells like a Mission Impossible.

Wengers spare change

Wow,football to suicide,sounds like watching a spuds game.

Hmmm Doughnuts

Considering the turnover in players this summer it’s incredible how strong our start to the season has been. Shipping out 20+ guys that weren’t up to scratch, signing a general like Flamini and a genuine superstar has brought the best out of the players left at the club. Even TGSTEL seems reformed (although I’m not convinced).

It seems to me that the belief has returned and that tolerating ‘average’ is no longer acceptable to these players.

Well done AW


Almost 5 hours till kick and I can’t sit in one place; too excited!
This is what champions league is all about isn’t it? Who wants to play FC Basel.

Dr Baptiste

Fine, I’ll play FC Basel but you need to play someone soon… Maybe you can play United, it seems like a straight forward win


Please ban anyone who uses COYG.


Dear Blogs,

It would be great if it was possible to reverse an accidental ‘thumb up’ … Cheers.



I hate seeing people use COYG, that lot in the shadow down the road have been doing COYS for years and COYG makes me uncomfortable. Apologies to LARA for using COYG 2 more times. Damn it, 3 times.

Dr Baptiste

To be fair, LARA also used COYG in her post (I’m guessing it’s a girl as they’re called LARA, although they might have meant LARS as the S and A are next to each other….). This would be a banning offence if the rules are taken at face value for this new system.


You will get lots thumbs down as your post was a bit dubious but I really don’t like ‘COYG’ myself when did we start that ?Looks to much like COYS (and only cunts say that)
I cringe when i see it. It should be “Come On Arsenal” or elsewhise .. and it doesn’t really need to be abbreviated. Not even on F’ing twitter.

Wengers spare change

Just die

dink arnold

I prefer UTA


If this is not a fit Özil, then i can’t help this watery mouth of mine just thinking about a fit Özil playing along with Cazorla. It feels so good to be a gunner

dami iyanda

Gunners 4 life bro


Score predictions guys? I’m realistically expecting a draw.


2-1 ramsey and giroud 2 Özil assists giroud from a corner ramsey a cut back in the box


4-0 to us.

A Sagna overhead kick and a SZCZ second half hat-trick.


no it’s about to be 7-0
add a free kick goal from AW and 2 penalties from Mr Heisenberg..

The only Olivier is Giroud

He looks like such a more mellow bloke than what I thought of him in his RM days. I always thought he was also a little bit of a diva in the CR7 mold… but he seems to have his head screwed on right, this lad. Imagine him reaching the levels he has, plus now with a bit of the AW magic worked on him… when he’s 28 he will be a star in the same bracket as Messi.


You got no room for theatrics when you are around Wenger!

Andy Mack

Lets hope he scores tonight (preferably early doors) as a few goals from him as well as the assists, will really set us up for the season.


Higuain’s Out!HIGUAIN’S OUT!!

I miss Eboue

What?! Where did you hear that?


Just read the article on gazzetta: they say he is a doubt, but he isn’t out yet.
We can only hope though 🙂

Wengers spare change

Not bothered if he plays or not ,the BFG will have him in his back pocket or his sock or his boots or somewhere.


1st team in EPL, 1st (tied) team in Bundesliga, 2nd (tied) team in Serie A and 3rd from Ligue 1 – per current standings
Some group I say

Donut Maestro

Great Spot Seki


Ozil 100%fit plus Santi,Podolski
, Walcott and Chambo fit. Oh my.

By the way , good luck for today’s game lads, COYG !


Believe me I think we have a full strength squad capable of competiting at every level of any competition. Carzola, diaby, poldolski, walcott, oxlade-chambelain and the likes; And ofcos we also have those that just returned from injury table.arteta, vermalean, rosicky.Ain’t giving a shit abt wat they say all I knw is we are giving it a real go at the title. Congratulations arsene!!!(17yrs in charge of arsenal)

herold G

I think arsenal must sign casilas and Brazilian Fred or ba

herold G

I think arsenal must sign casilas and Brazilian Fred or ba

Berkgamp's flight ticket

Nope, not even the second time.

Mesut lover

Fred? Not Jo, or any other random English name Brazilians have taken to using


I want to see Santi and Ozil. I cannot wait.


I wonder if Ozul realizes the impact his signing has had on the spirit surrounding the team.


Anybody seen Ozil looks like Enzo Ferrari

arsenal freak

Coyg….ozil has been a flop for ne since he joined arsenal…putting in average performances

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