Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Ozil proud as he gifts goal to Gunners fans

Mesut Ozil has dedicated his first Arsenal goal to the fans and revealed that the way he and his new teammates dismantled Napoli filled him with pride.

The German international, whose performance was described as ‘absolutely amazing’ by Arsene Wenger, side-footed a sumptuous opener after just eight minutes before assisting Olivier Giroud as the Gunners closed out an impressive 2-0 win.

Speaking to Arsenal Player after the game the 24-year-old reflected on a job well done:

“It’s a really nice feeling – especially to score at home. You could see that the fans really supported us up until the last minute.

“What was important was that we won the game. Of course I’m pleased to have scored, especially at home. It was my way of thanking the fans.

“Our aim is to play attractive and successful football. We did that tonight and have taken another step. We knew that it would be a really difficult win but we were deserved winners and we could have scored more. I’m really proud of the team.”

Having seen his own scoring exploits hog most of the headlines in recent weeks, Aaron Ramsey tipped Ozil to go from strength to strength in front of goal after watching his teammate open his account in style.

“We are all really pleased for him because he’s given a lot of assists this season. I was happy to set him up and the team were happy for him to get his first goal.

“I think he’s settled in pretty well. He’s made a few assists already and got his first goal tonight so that’s pleasing for him and the team. Hopefully he will score many more.”

Given the reliance on Olivier Giroud it’s more important than ever that the midfield step up and chip in with goals. So far they’ve done exactly that and with Santi Cazorla, Chamberlain and Podolski all waiting in the wings, not to mention Theo Walcott and the Ox, we’re looking quite the threat in and around the box. Long may it continue.

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I’m excited about Chamberlain coming back, I think he can have a great season, but he’s still only 1 player. You’ve counted him twice 😉


Counted twice because he’s twice as good as anything Spurs have got.


Please mind your language… censor the dirt words

i.e. Sp*rs




Isn’t it an absolute pleasure to look forward to the next game, and have faith and belief we can do something. After years in the wilderness, all the players are giving the fans what they have wanted for so long, and so it is only natural we reciprocate. COYG!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Our name is Arsenal, king of teams: Look on our works, ye Mighty, and despair!”


You do know what happens to Ozymandias, right?


Well I think the point of the poem is that a great man is mortal, in comparison to his works which, being art, can retain their permanence, their greatness.. So maybe this Arsenal team is great. It cannot be so forever. But our dismantling of Napoli was art and therefore shall be remembered.

“Looks on our works, ye mighty, and despair.”


You do know what happens to Ozymandias, right?


Maybe you didn’t get the point of the poem…


Once our injured players return we can only go from strength to strength.
Cazorla & Özil on the pitch at the same time will be the stuff of dreams.
Lets hope the players keep their focus and keep on working hard!
Yesterday was amazing and I have still have a massive grin across my face.
Who to, who to, who to be a GOONER!

Al 47

Ozil is worth every pound we paid for him. Incredible quality on the pitch, just set the standard for the rest if our players to raise their game.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They were getting there before we bought him, to be fair. Arsene Wenger has been working towards a team like this for nine long years. He deserves whatever success we have… and so do we, even the people who said he ought to go.

If Ozil is the icing on the Arsenal cake, then RVP is the flour that had to be thrown out because some cunt stuck his purple nose in it and got it all weevily.


well thats true to be honest….we was getting there but you do realised that the fallen project he had started before had some spoiled egg’s that spolied the rest…….so once he started selling n getting rid of them……you started to see the team truely coming together in can see the team spirit in the team and togetherness…….not like year’s before of….only me only me**Cecs*samir* and biggest one RVP** when they was with arsenal……………….im glad Arsene is getting his due reward and shutting up those ppl who was calling for his head……yet they have no football knowledge except fifa and… Read more »


Problems all over tbh mentally the team was poor.

Adebayor, flamini at the time and Hleb etc.

mach iii

I’ll take the UCL, EPL, FACUP, and COC thank you.

Keep the change.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sod that “Keep the change” stuff!!! I want the change too. I want the bloody Community Shield and the European Super Cup too. I’ll even have a bit of Club World Cup while I’m at it. I want to shove “haven’t won a trophy” so far up the arses of all the cunts who’ve taken the piss out of us that they choke on it.


Loved the spirit. Haha.


…’ave it!


It’d be nice to win seven trophies in one year, wouldn’t it!

Wengers spare change

Ya filthy animal


Hey blogs,
was there a “by the numbers” blog for the Napoli match? I can’t seem to find it. If there wasn’t one then get to it now, I’m missing it.


Blogs doesn’t do the by the numbers bits. 7am kick off does.


Its right there, just took a little longer to be put up.


you did see the time I posted this Vs. the time they posted it, right?


yeah, but only after I posted :S


Loved singing ‘We’re the East Stand, we’re the East Stand, we’re the East Stand Highbury’ ‘We’re The North Bank, we’re the North Bank, we’re the North Bank Highbury’ yesterday.


I was watching at home but I still joined in with a stupid grin on my face.


Such nostalgia! It gave me goosebumps – just like the mesmeric football that was reminiscent of the days of Henry, Bergkamp and Pires.

What a night!!

North Bank Gooner

Great to see Arsenal fans smiling again!


Chamberlain and the Ox?


If I ever own a pub I am going to name it Chamberlain and the Ox 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s certainly a better name than Rooney and the Pox. That’s for sure.

Arsene's sidekick

On some days he is the 0x, on other days just Lord Chamberlain.


The added benefit of buying a world class player like Özil, besides the player’s qualities itself, is that it makes the rest of the team up their game. The whole squad improves.

We saw it last season when Cazorla came, our midfield was technically good as usual, but after he arrived, everyone has stepped up a notch. Same with when we got Per, Kos has really made another step up. Hoping it continues as we just got a new keeper, not to mention if we get another striker and Giroud pushes on a gear… 😀

Fergie the Gooner

I think I love this man, I’ve not told the missus yet.

The anticipation that something special was going to happen every time we got the ball in an advanced position was great and the atmosphere in the ground the last few weeks is the best it has been for quite a while. It’s a great time to be a gooner!


I was crying for full first half last night..!! I just love Football or should I say Wengerball..
Arsenal even after I die.


I get the feeling Napoli were taking the group of death thing to seriously last night so when the assassin appeared in there midst they squealed and hid under the table.

ashiru mubara

what a great signing for arsenal…it is really going to help the arsenal team….


Fantastic effort from the crowd last night. Good to see people smiling and getting behind the team and manager once again.

We’re the Clock End, We’re the Clock End We’re the Clock End Highbury.

Johnny 99

As others have said it’s a great time to be an Arsenal fan, long may it continue. Badly need a proper song for Ozil though. Wonderland?

Richard Marshall

How bout the Flintstones one?

♫ Özil, Mesut Özil,
He’s a superstar from Germany,
Madrid, sold him to us,
And replaced him with a chimpanzee! ♫

Jimmy No Neck

Santi to the left of me, ozil to the right, stuck in the middle Giroud………?


Alright, this is a re-post from one of my earlier suggestions, but I can almost hear the Emirates stands reverberate with it, in my head. Or maybe it’s just me, as I go singing it around in my workplace corridors since Özil joined us 😉

(To the tune of “Oh! When the
“There’s only ONE
Mesut Özil!
There’s only one Mesuuuut
And he plays for THE ARSENAL.
There’s only one Mesuuuut


I saw this on twitter so I cant take credit but its the best one Ive seen so far
(I think it was but not sure)

To the tune of Pilot – Magic (

Oh, Oh, Özil’s magic! You knoooooow

Better believe we got, Oh Oh Özil’s magic….


A N Other

I have been dreaming about how we can set our midfield for various opponents… We have no less than 11 players (12 if you count Miyaichi) for 5 positions..

I am not sure if anyone PL midfield is as good as this –

Cazrola, Ozil, Ramsey, Podolski, Walcott, Ox, Arteta, Flamini, Gnarby, Rosicky and Wilshere.

Dafe Eghagha

I predicted two years ago that the team would win things the moment Ramsey starts scoring. Ask several people in Nigeria… All he had to do was make the adjustment. I have to say I predicted this and doubted myself a litte but he has repaid everyone’s faith with a brilliant start.


Great prediction mate, give yourself a pat on the back, after two years you deserve it.


Where shall we send the money?


So proud to be an arsenal fan at this present time its a long time since I felt this good


Özil , to the arsenal


The best part about his game is he makes it look so easy


It’s so hard to believe a player of Oezil’s class actually genuinely appreciates being given the chance to play for the Arsenal! Such a refreshing change from the usual of us trying to convince players to stay.

ack ack ack

exciting times indeed. not to take anything away from how this team is performing at the moment – as a wonderful, cohesive unit – but fuck me, ozil’s touch and vision are incredible. he makes everything look effortless and easy, while making his defenders look like mugs. so, so easy on the eyes. what a fucking baller!


To the tune of “stuck in the middle”
Ozil to the left of me, santi to the right, here i am stuck in the middle Giroud!


Well I DO know why I came here tonight,
We’ve got Theo bombing down on the right,
I’m so scared incase I fall off my chair,
Our defence looks so much better with Per


Hemmm it’s really my arsenal.
one touch pass them too dath.
Tnx F.pirse & carlito 4 the best gift ever in footboll arena. Is nt simply mesut özil HE IS ASSIST ÖZIL

The Truth.

yes, HE IS ASSIST ÖZIL, isn’t he. Well done.

Time for your jab and your bath before we lock you in for the night.

Gooner til the end

Us supporters are just as proud of that team performance.

Anyone else notice Flamini’s celebration after the 2nd goal. 2 passionate fist pumps and then back to the centre circle, to get back to work. Brilliant!


I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but it was me that started the ball rolling to get Ozil to Arsenal. I sent a tweet to @arsenal during the summer and told them they should buy him. Left it at that, and of course we saw the result last night. True story :o) LOL if only reality was like that! Anyway we’ve spent top money on world class and are reaping the rewards. Not to mention the other squad members upping their game and only getting better. Better news too that Oct/Nov we’re seeing even more players coming back.


I think ramsey has one eye on the ballon d’or this season the way hes playing.
If the bloke doesnt get barclays player of the month and wenger manager of the month, then that shit is rigged.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Would Giroud be upset if Ramsey pipped him to it this season? They can compete for it all they want if you ask me.

gunner till i die

proud to be an arsenal fan vnow?? i’ve always been proud to b one


“Hello this is Mesut, how may I assist you”
He even ” assisted the nurses during his birth”


Because because because because because
Because of the wonderful things he does
Because of the wonderful things he does
We’re off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard that’s Öz


Am I dreaming?!


I hope that Özil is the gift that keeps on giving!

me,myself and i

Ramsey would most likely win the player of the month but i think Roberto Martinez has been fantastic..unbeaten in september,that should just be enough to pip wenger to it.


Mate, we were unbeaten in September too…We lost the 1st game in August.

me again

I deserve 1thousand thumbs downs for ever doubting wenger.i won’t lie i soo badly wanted him out after our 1st loss

Jay Bee

Feels good to be a gooner right now…
Finally, all our years patient endurance paid off

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and nobody was screaming “Jay Bee Out” at you. Wenger showed more patience and endurance than any of us because he didn’t have anybody to complain about in order to let off steam like we did. The man just… KNOWS.


It shall surely continue


Geez, see the picture? How many hands does the man have? If he’s stocked like this in the foot department too, no wonder he’s such a miracle-maker!


Isn’t everybody getting a little bit carried away?

It’s the second of October, the season has barely started. Let’s see where we are at Christmas before we plan the Champions League winning knees-up. Ozil, Ramsey and co have all been excellent so far but there’s a long way to go still.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But what if we’re twentyfive points ahead at Christmas, and then we do win the Champions League? Won’t we be all sad because we could have started enjoying ourselves way back in October but didn’t because we were scared it might not happen? I think we should enjoy ANY success we get while it is happening, otherwise what’s the point of being a fan? This is absolutely as good as it ever gets for 99% of football clubs. You don’t think they refuse to enjoy it when they have a string of good wins, do you? Nothing lasts forever, and… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I eagerly await your “Why are you celebrating? It’s only the fucking Premier League. Let’s not get carried away until we’ve won it five times running, eh?”

Piers Morgan

And to think. All of this is 100% down to… ME!



this gotta be the first time I agree with fatgooner. let’s slow down a bit and enjoy the moment. I will be totally convinced by December if we are still top or thereabout. that image of gallas imploding and Eduardos career destroyed by a thug is hard to get rid of. this squad looks very resilient but December is the real test


I thought one of the moments of the match for me last night was the time Ramsey turned a player inside out and played a dangerous ball forward for Ozil.
The move came to nothing in the end. BUT the last time I saw player turn someone inside out like that was Zidane when he was playing I was just in awe.
Another great performance roll on the weekend cant wait for the west brom game.


Is it true there was a chant something to the effect of “He’s French, he’s free, he’ll bite you’re fucking knees, Flamani, Flamani” ?

The Truth.

I know he was at Milan at the time, but I still frequently recall – with pleasure – Flamini’s crazy knee – high slider on some cunt in a Spurtz top in the Champion’s League. You know, during that one season when Harry was going to win the Champ’s League and manage England to a trophy in the same month. Or something.

My favourite bit of that whole episode was watching Joe Jordan reacting like a shopping centre Jakey who’d woken up from a nod session in an alley and realised he’d missed the last bus again.


Yes but maybe we should play that one down,he will get enough yellows anyway


“He assists when he wants. He assists when he wants. We got Ozil and he assists when he wants”

Tony Hall

Just loving every minute of all this. So much grief, so much shit in the papers, so much piss taking from everywhere, so much laughing at our team … well who’s fucking laughing now :-0)

Keep it up lads, you are doing us proud!

Dial square

Oh Robin – you silly cunt

A cùnt for £100m? What a waste of money

Its a shame we all doubted wenger’, only Arsene knows


We are playing beautiful football and united fans are cunts


To hear Ozil say “to score at home” ahhh warms the cockles of the heart.

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