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Trailblazer Mert making life easy for Ozil

Per Mertesacker set off from his homeland in August 2011 in search of pastures new. He arrived in North London with naught but his most meagre possessions.

The lanky bindlestiff carried what little he had (a pair of football boots, some spare underpants and a copy of The Blow Monkeys debut album on cassette) to the Arsenal training ground where he put down roots that have served others who followed.

First, Lukas Podolski, thumbs ablaze, joined him before this summer Mesut Ozil added to the German contingent at the club. And Mertesacker is happy to help others settle, knowing how tough it is as a stranger in a strange land.

“At first I was on my own here, with no Germans in the senior Arsenal squad, so it took me maybe one season to settle in completely,” he said.

Asked if assisting the king of assists was part of his job as assistant co-vice captain, he said, “I need to because it is very important to get him into the squad quickly, so that he can adapt and play with freedom.

“It is things like how to get on, how to come to the training ground, to get to whatever he wants to go. It is just a quick call or a text, you can help him out.

“We try to make it comfortable for him to adapt as quickly as possible and it fits.”

And after a storming start to his Arsenal career, Mertesacker says there’s more to come from the former Real Madrid man.

“We are delighted to have him here and to help him to get into the team. He has shown that he respects our game and that he does fit in. We can expect a lot (more) from him in the coming weeks, you could see that we needed his contribution and he is the right addition.”

“His vision is enormous and with him we are more dangerous and can compete at the higher levels.”

Higher levels. He’s 6’7!



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This Big Fuckin’ German is a rather useful chap, isn’t he?


Le Prof is the best when it comes to turning good players into world-class players.


somehow in every game i got an impression that BFG is the only one person in the pitch who earn koscielny full obedient…….


Well, your impression is bullshit then.


And there was some scoffing when Per was purchased over Gary Cahill………………


But Cahill is English and he’s tall and Harry and Jamie Redknapp liked him! And how did we let Christopher Samba slip through our fingers!?!?

Wesley Sniper

To be fair Cahill is good…but Mertersacker is Per-fect 🙂


Cahill is decent, but at the time a cool head like Per was more necessary. For a similar price, I’d rather take an established German international than someone plying their trade for Bolton Wanderers.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

For some reason I find German players the most loyal players. Just look at Mad Jens Lehmann, still a fan, talks highly of the club and he even came out or retirements to help the club out

roh top gun

Apart from being a bloody good player, he is also doing a wonderful job of chief scout of the German market… How about some Lars Bender or Ilkay Gundogan in January, Per?!?!?!


Honestly can’t remember the last time there was such a feel good factor around the team and the club!

They look so happy together and are willing to run through brick walls for each other, this is the start of something special

Harish P

Our solid tree branching out and creating more Gooner roots.

The sky’s the limit (especially at 6’7!) with what he brings to the team.


German revölutiön at the emirates.

Fergie the Gooner

I remember at the member’s day a few months ago in the Q&A when Per and Poldi were asked something along the lines of what the most appealing thing about the club was and they said “German core!”. At the time we thought they were joking and had a laugh, but Ozil has made it a reality!

Ze Germans!


“Copy of The Blow Monkeys debut album on cassette…” Classic.

Dave the minion

Love the comradery that the team seems to have at the moment.

Clock End Mike

Not only that, but consider — a team of Germans and English and French and Spanish, actually getting on and helping each other, and having nothing but good things to say about each other, and enjoying it!

Le Prof, who speaks all four languages, is of course the glue that holds us all together. This is more than just comradery, this is indeed the second Entente Cordiale, and long may it continue.


Buy more Gernams!!!






Mertesacker is the Per-fect player to help Ozil settle into the team and how to enjoy London life. I love reading his updates on facebook. He seems like a genuine good guy!


BFG’s English is better than Jamie Redknapps.

Arsene's Zip

And he’s substantially less orange.


Love the BFG. His passion for the club shines through, worthy captain.


I can’t wait for Poldi to come back. He’s always smiling and he’s always there cheering on the team and greeting them when they come back in. I have no doubt the great feeling us gooners have is just the same as in the squad itself. Great German contingent too incl Gnabry & Eisfeld. Bring on Oct & Nov!!

New guy

(and Zelalem)

Jack's Right Foot

I’d love to go out for a drink with those two, they both seem like genuinely nice people compared to usual football arses.


BFG “assisting” Ozil on how to get to the training ground and other places!


Just read Michael Owens piece on why Arsenal wont make the top four. Its amazing how many pundits and ‘experts’ actually know fuck all about what theyre talking/writing about. How can a gobshite like Owen get paid to write this uneducated crap. Or Robbie Savage who’s wrong about everything always, or jamie Rednapp who is incapable of putting two words together in the right order. Redknapp in particular is insufferable. I’d quite like to drive a bus over his foot.


Well put, I’d like to know how Redknapp, Owen or Savage are in any position to comment on what it takes to win titles. How many have they won between them, it’s zero, isn’t it?


Actually, I think Owen won the Prem with ManUre in 2011 … maybe thats where the Dutch Skunk got his idea from


Actually, I find owen’s ‘article’ hilarious, though I guess it was not intentional.


BFG for captain!
I love Vermaelen to bits, but its been obvious for months now that he is not going to be starting most games when our backline is fit..
And this captain on the bench situation is getting awkward for everyone involved


I am wondering who will be the first player to lift the BPL trophy come may next year


Vincent Kompany.


Solid trolling job there. Well done. Btw, have you seen this yet:


John Terry in an Arsenal kit?

Dave the minion

Love the comaradory


get in there loves

Ogwuche Raphael

To hel Ozil settle in a strange land is a worthy effort thankx to Mert. somehow we are close to having the best team in the world, the addition of Ozil is worth more than a triple step.

Wayne Rooney

I wanna play for ARSENAL.

David Moyes


Go back to your jail cell and eat your porridge, this instant!


No wayne


I wouldn’t complain if big Per and the rest of the German contingent manages to convince Marco Reus to join us, with him in the side anything is possible!


This team is a Luis Suárez away from dominating.

New Haven Gooners

We’ve got a Big Fucking German Ambassador!


If we win the league or a domestic trophy arsenal will draw in many world class players. AW will use his influence and his German influence to draw in world class Germans. If things go our way we can dominate England for years to come it all depends on this season and how we progress.


Even if things don’t go our way this season and we don’t win anything we can still build on this team we have every reason to be positive atm.


salutation all..salut a tous,
Honestly tho, I’m I the only one
who reckons that Luis Suarez is a little too selfish for our team ethic..
yeah he might be banging in the goals.. but at times his selfishness might just start to irritate the players,..and that cant be good,..right..?

Ricky D

Watch out Manchester, ze Germans are coming


perpozobryski !!!! coyg(ermans) . Love to see these German guns blazing . awaiting return of podolski. I dreamt podolski scoring a hat trick in delight of playing with ozil , hope this dream comes true .


Did anyone else notice on the instagram pic poldi posted the other night he tagged Mert as #BFG?

And with regards to Owen’s article, the numpty talks about having Petit and Vieira closing him down, and if he got past them he’d be faced with Campbell and Adams….just goes to show he doesnt know what he’s talking about cos Campbell and Petit never played in the same Arsenal team!

Aaron Ramsey



Out of topic. I’m still waiting for match report of our youngsters against Napoli. I heard they won 4-1.


Die Abwehrlatte is an excellent player and leader. Long may his rangy tackles stop opponents in their tracks!


Worse than Cahill… We were linked with Scott Dann at one point! Scott fucking Dann!

Arse in my DNA

I will take the BFG anyday over Cahill n Samba.


Ohh yea.


May der Brandenburg gates open at zie Emirates!

Uzo_9ja Gooner


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