Friday, June 2, 2023

Wenger gives update on Ozil, Sagna, Cazorla and Walcott

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Mesut Ozil hasn’t sustained any serious knee damage although the German midfielder will undergo a fitness test tomorrow ahead of Saturday’s game with Norwich.

In further good news the boss confirmed Santi Cazorla, returning from an ankle injury, and Bacary Sagna, hamstring, are both also in contention for the visit of the Canaries.

Contrary to certain reports, Theo Walcott remains two weeks from fitness while the likes of Yaya Sanogo, Lukas Podolski, Alex Oxlade Chamberalin and Abou Diaby are still unlikely to feature for some time yet.

“He is alright,” said Wenger to Arsenal Player of Ozil. “He came back with a knock on the knee but it was just a kick. We’ll have a test tomorrow to see if he is fit enough for Saturday or not. When you have not played, there is always a little doubt but not a major one.

“Sagna is 80 per cent fit and he will have a test,” continued the boss.

“Cazorla is available in training but he is not match-fit. It is just about competitiveness with him. There is a possibility both are in the squad for Saturday. I have not decided whether they will start or not.

“Rosicky is back in the squad and available. Walcott is still two weeks away.”

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Real talk: the real fitness tests are going to be for Dortmund on Tuesday. Jenks/Rosicky/Gnabry completely capable of beating Norwich if we play well.

Bould's Eyeliner

I think Cazozil would fancy a warmup to the real game…


A little bit arrogant writing off Norwich methinks. Lets hope the players are concentrating on those 3 points and not as complacent



Bould's Eyeliner

Not writing them off at all – if anything Cazorla and Ozil need a proper game before dortmund in my opinion…



Aaron cazorla ozil


We shouldn’t underestimate opposition teams like Norwich. Last season we got beat at their place and staged an amazing comeback after 80 mins at home. Yes our team is looking much stronger than it did last season but we still need to field a decent team in order to win. Jenks still needs more defensive work, which could clearly be seen in his last game, and Norwich play well on the wings so they would exploit his naivety all game. Gnabry is bursting with talent, he’s improved from last season but again he’s still learning his trade. Personally think we… Read more »


Looks like we’ll have to wait until the infamous 70th minute before we see Cazorla and Ozil link up.


and probably even then we will see Santi comming on for Özil … can’t fu**in’ wait for the day we have everybody back on board! drool overdose!


I think Rosicky and Wilshere will play tomorrow. And then, Cazorla and Ozil will come on as substitutes. Together. What a sight that would be. Similar to how we brought on Fabregas and van Cunt against Blackpool 3 seasons ago, only difference is the players coming off are of better quality.


I think we’ll start with Cazorla.
Probably play him for 60+ minutes with the hope of winning the game early.


Walcott, welcome to the *duh duh duuuuh* perpetual two week injury ZONE!


Oh Wenger is going to have a selection headache when everybody is fit doesn’t that sound just great


You mean to tell me that we can have more than one quality player per position? I don’t know how to feel about this.

Sam-Gooner (@Sangbaran)

Sanogo is another Diaby it seems


I must have missed the part where some clogging cunt mashed his ankle for no good reason.


To be fair it hasn’t been widely reported over here, but it was a young up and coming postman in Auxerre who after knocking Sanogo over with his bike, reversed back over his ankle in a sickening manner.

In a fitting bout of karma, this thug has wound up delivering mail in the shanty suburbs of Marseille.

Parisian Weetabix

I had all but typed “Sanogo postman bike injury” before I realised this was a joke.

It is a joke, right?


in fairness the local post officer manager at the time – Antoine Pukis said “He is not zat sort of postman”
As an aside – Current Post Office manage Marc Poos used to deliver post in Barcelona, tho its hard to believe given how his postmen deliver letters.


I love headaches


sad song – oasis


Ozil Ozil Ozil Cazorla Cazorla Cazorla

Emir of Emirates

The german machine + the spanish maestro + the british brut + the lethal french…..what a combo..can’t wait for that day..the Arsenal days #freeparkchuyoung


HAHAHAHAHA #freeparkchuyoung . Classic .


We will free Parkchuyoung unharmed immediately the money is paid.


am relieved about ozil now…so let’s match on, hopefully we wil get a goal machine by january to pull all de passes to goal! halla Arsenal!


Yeah Morgan. Hearing Bayern may not have Lewandoski tied up as previously reported. Go get him Arsene!


arseblog, why u keep mentioning our dear friend Adu Dubai(abou diaby^^) in fitness updates?…. im not against him, but i still think he’ll come back in months and may be probably the last one to come back

Parisian Weetabix

It’s almost as though he plays for the Arsenal and therefore is worthy of inclusion in a list of injured players and their anticipated comeback times. Or something.


Diaby “plays” for Arsenal? Gunnesaurus has kicked more footballs than Diaby.
Unless you were referring to our fearsome Bingo team.


When gunnersauras gets hacked down and his leg shattered by some cunt in sunderland he will have my undying respect..

Honestly guys – he was wearing an arsenal shirt when he got downed.. its not as if he slipped in a nightclub… if this was the army they’d give him the purple cross.
Diaby deserves out forebearance and support and slagging him off is a stupid ungrateful thing to do.

AND he’s arguably our first choice CM. so give the dude a break.


I remember last summer, before the 1st game of the season I was telling my friend: “this year, Diaby is going to be the Gunners’ best player”. I was wrong obviously, but how I wish he could just have ONE proper season. This player is fantastic

Marty Eire

I love Diaby and would gladly leave him see out his playing days at arsenal if he could have one injury free sucessfull season. What a player on his day, the power mixed with grace is such a sight and such an intelligent player. WE NEED YOU GET WELL SOON DIABY


I agree about his skills, but did you just call Diaby “intelligent”?
He came off second best to Joey Fucking Barton of all people.

afolabi ademakinwa

Yaya Sanogo we need to see u play games like this to know your worth


Yaya is like Diabi…. perpetually injured. It freaks me out.


Poor Diaby! … According to wenger he doesn’t drink, smoke or do lamdada dancing! … He’s just a kid with horrible luck!…. He’s always gonna be the powerhouse at the middle of the park that would replace Viera but his body keeps betraying him! … Best wishes to him!


I want to see TGSTEL B23 making his mark in BPL this year. Reedeeming himself and finally really living up to the legend he is supposed to be. Cmon Bendtner, if you are reading this, there are Gooners out there who are still behind you, supporting you for as long as you are genuine on fighting for the Cannon in Red/White (or Yellow/Blue). Ignore the haters, we need you and Giroud to fire up the goals up front, there’s 55 matches this season and Giroud will surely need help. Lets start that with Norwich…COYG!


Why did Wenger sign Sanogo?

Oh oh i know his very very appaling injury record must have drawn Wenger closer and closer and just when he was free and out of contract Arsene pounced and got himself his injury prone man. well done, now who’s next?


In two seasons you will realize he was the best signing Arsene ever made.


I know it is not comparable in the slightest but I’ve had an ACL reconstruction back in December 2012 and only now am just coming back.

But it just doesn’t feel the same, I don’t trust it and am seriously considering ‘hanging up the boots’ (I’m 25)

I can’t imagine how Diaby must feel given his injury record, mentally he must be made of steel.

Though I I’d gladly trade places 🙂 he earns in a week what I earn in a year and a half lol


Giroud Ozil Cazorla Aaron


And I’m outta here!


Anyone who mocks Diaby has to be dead inside, not to mention also instantly earns my permanent hatred.

Paul S

When you give up on Diaby you give up on hope.


Any news on Podolski?


Early November is my best guess

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