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Wilshere causes storm with Sky comments

Jack Wilshere has caused yet more commotion by saying the sky is blue.

The England midfielder was asked about his perfect day and mentioned something about ‘the sun shining in a clear blue sky’.

However, his remarks caused an instantaneous reaction on Twitter with fellow sportsmen castigating him for his narrow-minded views.

“The sky isn’t always blue,” said cricketer Art Partheid. “Sometimes it’s grey. R U a greycist, Wilshere?!! #greycist pig!

To which Wilshere replied, “It’s not actually the sky that’s grey but the clouds that obscure the sky.”

Partheid then blocked Wilshere, before unblocking him and calling him a ‘Gobby twat’, the irony of which was entirely lost on him.

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez told his followers that if anybody was well placed to comment on the sky it was him as he spent most of his career flying through it without the slightest touch from an opponent.

And there was also criticism from retired footballer and BT Sport pundit Michael Owen who said, “I’ve been proud to play for England under all kinds of skies. Sometimes at night when it’s not blue at all. It’s black. Or some other shade of dark. Wilshere should think twice before nailing his colours to the mast. It’s much nicer here on the fence where I live.”

The Arsenal man claimed things had been blown out of all proportion, saying, “I didn’t say I only like blue skies, just that it’s my favourite kind of sky,” at which point the Daily Mail published an article listing every bad thing Wilshere had ever done while ensuring lots of page clicks by ensuring the sidebar on the webpage was full of highly suggestive, over-sexual images of 16 year old celebrity children.

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Edu's Braces

It’s nothing obviously but players involved in this sort of shit are rarely the ones playing at the top of their game. Still, glad he has a personality.


Lotta footballers who get ‘involved’ are stupid…have to agree with rooney in this one–sow.html

damien joyce

I’m surprised that AW didn’t call him and tell him to just quit tweeting on the subject.


Hahaha? Brilliant. The comments the lad is getting are just crazy.


imagination is more important than knowledge

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I imagine I’ll be fine if I stick my finger in the electric socket and stick my other hand in that bowl of water. 🙂

scottish pete

What’s this blue sky you talk of?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s not a what, it’s a who. Mr Blue Sky.

(You know you’ll want to sing it in your head now, don’t you?)

sagnas hair

Finally I got what I deserved, my baby blue


To add on, Owen also mentioned that the sky doesn’t have enough quality to be called a blue sky yet. And the sky turned blue instantaneously and own walked back furiously to the bench, twisting an ankle, pulling both hamstrings and dropping his left testis on the way.


And in other news, Arsenal are in crisis


Storm in a tea cup. Wilshere should focus on football and stop getting involved in unnecessary polemics.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s right. Leave the Polemics to Szczesny.


Like he asked for it!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I just thumbed up my own comment. Will the blue sky fall?


Sadly the press have just taken advantage of the fact he is a nice guy, schooled in the Wenger school of media relations, but without Arsene’s ability to spot and evade a loaded question.

Perhaps we should start teaching our players how to use the Mourihno or Ferguson schools.

Of course the press would have a field day with that, because getting up and walking out of a press conference is the ultimate insult (when someone from Arsenal does it).


None of this would have happened had he started the interview with “at the end of the day” and repeatedly said “you know what I mean”

Oor Wullie

And said “Yeah, no” to every yes or no question posed.


“most important thing is the 3 points”


“Focus on the next game.”


“taking it one game at a time”


But the sky isn’t blue at the end of the day :O

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s Pulis!!!!

Andy Mack

Wow… rooney lost a lot of weight!


That parody was probably more accurate back in the 70s – today both characters would be played by John Cleese as the footballer, except one would be slightly older and do occasional voice overs for adverts


Think we should train everyone to use the: ‘You might well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment’ approach.

Getting the French, German and Spanish translations spot on could be interesting.

with the left and the right

this is serious, European nationalism is over, get used to it. Wilshere just reiterated the views of a lot of Englishmen (and Europeans) who are desperately trying to hold on to a dying ideology.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He didn’t say the sky is only blue in England or Europe. I’m sure he thinks it would be nice to have blue sky all around the world.

Mesut Aussie

Well obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products…


One. Nationalism in Europe isn’t over. In fact it’s getting worse: something not unusual in negative economic times. Two. Jack’s youthful sentiments simply reflect this. Three. It doesn’t help when people like Kevin Pietersen (a mercenary if ever there was one) muddies the water with a list of individuals as disparate as the arguments. Most of what drives the positions of Shearer, Redknapp, and Pietersen is opportunism and self-interest, not principle. Four. Most people have little idea of ideology. But they can be easily influenced when personal circumstances dictate. And five. Shearer wants an English manager rather than the best… Read more »

with the left and the right

the days of the Europe being a collection of Nation states are over, I should have clarified that, and Wilshere’s comments are indicative of the nationalist fueled reaction to external immigration. Its not just a result of bad economic times, Europe was debating immigration long before 2008. Nationalism, identifying oneself as being European by virtue of race, name, ancestry, etc., is dying out. If your passport says you’re English then you’re English simple as that Europeans need to adopt an American mindset in this regard. Imo, Wilshere doesn’t get a free pass just because he plays for Arsenal.


Hmmm… my family has been in Canada for 350 years and we are still considered European. But honestly, does anyone really believe that there are “blue” skies in England? Maybe cyanide blue. Metallic blue. Smokestack plume grey-blue. Lack-of-oxygen-blue. Wouldn’t these be the more typical, daily sorts of blue sky seen on a typical England pitch?

H. P. Arsecraft

Dont fucking joke about the stupid fucking comments from Jack. He needs to grow up and go to school if his comments is what he actually thinks. Arsenal got class! Thats the difference between us and shit like Chelsea.


Have you read what he actually said? First he was asked an appallingly leading question by an unscrupulous journalist (Oliver Kay): Oliver Kay: ‘Jack, what would your view be about playing with foreign players with England, or even watching them from the bench?’ Wilshere: ‘No, for me if you are English you are English and you play for England. The only people who should play for England are English people.’ Shock, horror and controversy that ‘English people should play for England’. The extent of his stupidity was not to realise that this is a sensitive/nuanced issue, and that his ridiculously… Read more »


And now, at last, he has clarified his view!

‘My view on football – going to a new country when ur an adult, & because u can get a passport u play 4 that national team – I disagree.’

Move along people, nothing to see here.


Troll alert.


Did you go to school? If so then I think Jack can safely skip it.


This is blogs at his best. Excellent fuckin’ article 🙂


As a South African person of color, who lived through apartheid and experienced the true, real form of racism, I find this whole thing stupid and laughable. This isn’t racism. It’s a question of nationality. If England want to win the World Cup they should do it with Englishmen who play the English style of football. Not with a team full of tiki-taka Spaniards who’ve just gained residence. That’s the whole point of international football- pitting each nations unique take on the game against each other. The flair of the Brazilians versus the the efficiency of the Germans, for example.… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You didn’t actually read this article did you?

No problem with what you’re saying, but, this isn’t actually the place for a rant. Read the article, mate.

one mole

Spot on Mr. Gerald!!! Jack is right. Some mfs are just tryna cause a scene. If you are English,African, be English or African! Don’t represent wat u r not!!!! Be proud of who you are..period!!!!!

Bacary's right leg

Thats funny you say that though since there are a few Polish nationals that play for Germany and Italy have been using Argentinians for years. It’s just all a matter of opinion on what classes you as english. If that Belgium lad actually wanted to play for England and waited five years for the honour then who are we to say he hasn’t earnt it. Though I doubt he even wants to ha.


I am a white South African and Gerald is 100% correct.
I could live in England for a hundred years and I will NEVER be an Englishman. I will always be an African whether I like it or not (I like). I can never be an Italian, Indian, Chinese or German.

Kevin Pietersen is an idiot. South Africa is “his country” (whether he likes it or not)
England is the team that pay his wages, England is not “his country” and sometimes he behaves like a foreign agent planted into the England side.


Top satire by the way, Bloggs


Jack’s not allowed to have an opinion…..on anything!

Jack's Right Foot

I live in Cornwall and the sky is never fucking blue.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Think yourself lucky. In Norway the sky is fucking blue all day and all night in the summer.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What’s wrong with saying that? Have I offended a Norwegian? A reindeer? Santa?

Parisian Weetabix

You’ve left so many bloody comments it’s only a matter of time.


I have exam tomorrow and I was in a dreaded state here cause I’m almost surely gonna fail.

And then I read this…

You, Mr. Blogs, are a fucking legend :’)


Open university?


Storm teacups at the ready…

New Haven Gooner

I think the sky is Linford Christie.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But sometimes a bit Agatha first thing in the morning.


Awesome. Blogs, you should be working for the Onion.


Both are wrong. The sky isn’t blue but the light reflecting off of the particles in the atmosphere give it that appearance. Either way this is why we shouldn’t have interlulls. Nothing better for footballers to do than talk about the color if the sky? Oh FIFA you twitter argument mongerer!!!


Now you are just being Colourist.

Our Red and Orange skies are a vital part of our identity, and they should not be oppressed.

They are not even allowed out in public most of the time, because of our atmosphere’s unwillingness to scatter light fairly, except at certain predetermined times.

The blueist agenda is to ignore this important minority, or marginalize it when it does appear, because it usually cannot fill the whole sky.

Something must be done! Think of the Puppies!


Wilshracialist – try saying that quickly ten times in a row


Why is Jack not allowed to say that he likes a blue sky!? This is fucking ridiculous. It’s not like he said he’s not proud to play for England under a grey sky! People are morons.

Gooner til the end

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this no different from when a lot of Englishmen were repeatedly saying that they wanted an English manager for the national team.

Just my opinion but, if you have no English heritage/background whatever you want to call it, or were not born here, you should not qualify to play for England.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You didn’t actually read the article either, did you?

Mills (the other one)

He didn’t even read the comments … Sad, what a great laugh he has missed


@Gooner til the end, I guess by your rationale, only the English can support Arsenal then.

Arty's Art

I think he is an idiot who is often outspoken on issues he shouldn’t speak on – such as his frequent and annoying comments on the role of ‘our boys’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. But he is a class footballer and that is what he should be judged on – being a FOOTBALLER.

A society that places any great emphasis on the words of athletes is clearly to blame.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because it is obvious that no athlete could ever give a sensible opinion on the colour of the sky?

Hey Blogs, either I am missing some fundamental new form of humour here, or else 23% of the people commenting on this article didn’t actually bother to read any of it.

I take back everything I said about “you’d never get negative comments for a nice article”.


“I think he is an idiot who is often outspoken on issues he shouldn’t speak on” – oh the irony of your comment!


The comment isn’t in the spirit of the article but Arty actually makes two great, but also deep, points.

I would just add a further adjective befora “idiot”. I’d say young idiot 🙂

Jackie is a footballer, but a man of strong heart. When he evolves his opinions, his conviction will be stronger than most. Hence we must give him the benefit of young age.

Tony Hall

Hilarious as always 🙂


And Nicklas, The geatest Beowulf-lookalike that ever lived,won’t be part of it. Yawn

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think he’s gone for the classic manga Lone Wolf look recently. The only question is “which of our players gets to ride the baby cart?”



A cricketer called “Art Partheid” should’ve given it away long before it came to this. Fuck sake.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ooh, you namecist!!!!!


Oh geez Gutbukkit, are we going to debate what constitutes a comment on a blog? Apologies if I “ranted” but I was merely offering an opinion on the whole saga.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But, this is a comedy article taking the piss out of the way people have gone overboard on Wilshire’s earlier remarks. It isn’t a part of “the saga”.

Or maybe it was a actually a cleverly conceived and executed troll-snare.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I apologise if you were offended, and as I said I agree entirely with what you are saying. I just didn’t see why you felt it important to say it in the comments section of a joke article as there was no hint of anything racist or xenophobic in the article or the comments. It just seemed like it would have made a bigger impact yesterday in the article about Jack saying “England team should only be for the English”. Clearly it made an impact here too, but it was a bit jarring to come across it amidst all the… Read more »


This interlull is fucking with every reporters minds already because every journalist is shit-bored and having to make up some bollocks just to fill the pages.
Ban all national events and just have domestic competitions.
That way, no bullshit.
That way, no bullshit stories.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The world would be a very boring and lonely place without bollocks.


Wrong. The world would be better if journalists all had their bollocks removed.
Damn, that’s already the case.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Harry Redknapp sure did chose the right time to release his piss-arse-shite-full-of-crap-who-the-fuck-cares book.


Jack, come play for Canada. We need all the help we can get. Speaking of Canada, no one in England seemed to mind that Owen Hargreaves is Canadian and chose to play for England…

oh man, the Interlull hasn’t even started and I’m bored of it already.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m English. I’ll mind that Owen Hargreaves is Canadian and chose to play for England if you want me to. I have nothing better to do because it’s the Interlull.


You write like a scotch bloke / girl.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, I write like a scotch drinker.


Actually Owen is Welsh ffs read up on him. And yes jack is very right stick too your origins it is not about skin at all.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we’re going to be all pedantic about it (and use up a bit of this interminable interlull), Hargreaves is a Canadian with a Welsh mother and an English father. You can learn all kinds of useless shit on Wikipedia if you are in an interlull and have nothing better to do.


I’m an Arsenal fan from the U.S. A regular reader of arseblog and I feel as though this story went over my head. In trying to read between the lines. Are people implying he has little pride for England because clear blue skies are infrequent? I can’t even come close to thinking there were any racial implications even taking into account his recent comment about not playing for Spain if he lived there for 5 yrs. Can someone kindly fill in this foreigner?


I’m still trying to feel for the hook, but on the assumption its straight. Its pure satire. Blogs is aiming at the way the media over here can take just about anything, spin it into a sensationalist and negative story, and use the usual rent-a-quotes and attention whores to keep stoking it into something bigger. That provokes a response that lead to more comments and so on. They end up geting multiple stories and lots of cash from basically nothing. As to the comments? Its an interlull, people are bored, and running with the idea (or just running around). Basically… Read more »


That was too funny!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Luis Suarez has spent much of his career looking up at the sky from the position he landed in when he dived.


AW has come to the defence of JW, saying that ”Is Jack right in what he says? er, yes, because sky is always little bit blue”.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Funny, I thought he said “Blue sky? I did not see that.”


Baton down the teacups!


I find the best way to avoid bullshit stories is to not read them in the first place.

How about a good book, like, “Stillness and Speed: My Story”?

Now there’s the truth!
(Straight from God Himself)


Not particularly interested in this story either way, except for this one bit by Jack:
‘If I went to Spain and lived there for five years, I’m not going to play for Spain.’

I think Jack’s great, but it’s an odd choice of country – I’d assume Cazorla and Arteta would be able to tell him that the reason* he wouldn’t play for Spain after living there for 5 years is that Spain already have a lot of good midfielders and it’s not that easy to get a game for them.

*Other than the fact he’s already played for England.




It’s a joke story about the amount of nonsense printed in the media.

I can’t be 100% sure because I don’t read / watch it, but there may have been a media article released about some comments Jack Wilshere (was supposed to have) made regarding international football – hence the wildly exaggerated comments about racism.

Personally, I’d enjoy the fact this flew straight over my head, along with all other media articles.
Especially if there was a clear blue sky!

Danger Mouse

Jack’s been smoking too much. Love u dude


if the press are going to get into a huff about these kind of comments then why ask these questions?? imagine if jack said ‘yes we should embrace all footballers from all over the world, regardless where they are born’ the press would have said something like ‘Jack says English footballers not good enough for england’ and he would have been in a whole heap of it then aswell! everyone knows what he ment by his answer, and everyone probably agrees with him. its not jack that’s in the wrong for his answer, its the poor youth system this country… Read more »

petits handbag

Brits out I say

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, no, surely it’s spelled “Tits or GTFO”


Exactly! Brits out!

Says the guy who’s a welsh-jewish englishman.
(Who was undoubtedly spawned of saxon-french meat!)

Petit's Handbag

For everyone saying Jack should keep the head down, concentrate on his game…I say bullshit
Be a prick Jack, say what you want, kick people when the ref doesn’t look, piss in a plant pot at Xmas parties.
Face it, we’d love him more if he was the guy who poked John Terry in the eye, called Suarez’s baby ugly and shat on Mike Dean’s face when he’s asleep

sagnas hair

if he does those things I will personally steal the ballon d’or and give it to Jack every year for eternity and onwards.

or just let him hold on to it the first time. but I would really like it if I could throw a little party with fat, corrupt pigs once in a while

Franny Clive

I think jack needs to get his head down and concentrate on his game for a couple years. To much nonsensikle talk.
Get Frimpong to give him a slap.

Uzo_9ja Gooner

Looool… The meaning of Satire is actually lost on some people *sigh*


Been posting on here as DangerMouse for yonks, now some imposter comes along calling himself the same thing. What a bummer. Maybe I’ll change my name to Gutbuckit Defrolla.




I’m sure when there was talk of Arteta possibly playing for England and also *gulp* Almunia, a lot of the media were against it. It’s been bash Wilshere month, and it’s just another thing to clobber him with, all since his comeback game with England where he didn’t score a hattrick and assist 5 goals like he surely should have done. Whether he got it across in the right way I don’t know, but the basic point of you shouldn’t play for a country unless a) you were born there, or b) one of your parents (possibly grandparents?) were born… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Weird how you have to scroll right to the bottom of the comments section of a satirical article posted on a humorous light-hearted Arsenal blog to find an opinion that’s far more worth reading than almost anything in any major newspaper or news website. Our society is breeding morons.


The main thing that bothers me is: where did Jack publish his sociological article on the necessary and sufficient conditions for nationality, and how come the papers have read this and I have not?


I mean, all I can find is a vague off-the-cuff sentence that can be interpreted to suit anyone’s agenda. Obviously this isn’t what the papers are referring to.


Stupidity at it’s best. We all know it is the Cricket Team which is made up of internationals not Englishmen. South England cricket team.


what the hell are you lot smoking?


Ignoring the media storm, Wilshere needs to get off twitter, STFU and concentrate on his football

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