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Wilshere: Competition will bring the best out of me

Jack Wilshere has dismissed suggestions that there isn’t room for him in the Arsenal midfield emphasising that competition for places will only make him stronger.

As is almost expected these days, Arsene Wenger’s decision to start Tomas Rosicky next to Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil has had certain portions of the sporting press not only questioning where the England man fits into the Gunners side but also if he’ll live up to the ridiculous hype they themselves whipped up.

Highlighting that he was due a rest after a hectic schedule, Wilshere told the Independent that the current strength in depth at the Emirates can only be positive and should see Arsenal challenge for honours this season.

“It was just a formation thing,” Wilshere said of his starting the Napoli game on the bench.

“I am feeling fine, (Tomas) Rosicky is coming back from injury and needed a game. I have played a lot of games recently, so I was just happy to get on and help at the end.

“We still have Santi Cazorla to come back, so we are going to have a great squad. When I broke into the team, it was similar – there was [Cesc] Fabregas, [Abou] Diaby, [Alex] Song, players like that.

“It brings the best out of me and it will bring the best out of the other players as well. If we can keep everyone fit, we are going to be real contenders in all four competitions.

“We have not really had this over the last few years, all of this competition for places. We are all excited and we just have to keep it up now.”

Arseblog News suspects Arsene isn’t suffering the same headache suffered by Fleet Street’s finest. Wilshere for all his fitness problems remains a player 99% of clubs would love in their ranks; we’re just very lucky right now that he’s being outshone by players performing out of their skins.

The best teams have always had players who can step into the breach and cover for great players not quite in top form. It’s exactly what made the club so successful in Wenger’s early years. In time we’ve no doubt Jack will return to his best.

Need we point with a jabby finger in the direction of Aaron’s improvement?

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He has been brilliant this season, IMO, even when played out of position. And all the journos can discuss and write about is how he is left behind, how future of England is in danger, what his future holds now. They should maybe focus of Cleverly from now on.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The Press are desperately clutching at straws because there’s fuck all else they can complain about Arsenal for.

Bould's Eyeliner

My favorite is when announcers remark, “Outstanding form Ramsey is in, isn’t he… Why yes, and that Ozil what a player.” Then they shut the fuck up.

Thank youuu~

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

i refer above “99% of clubs would like to have…”
who is this 1% i would like to know.


Aaron fought his place back from the flank, so will Jack!


its a slight bit different… jack’s already well established in central midfield positions…. its just that we are short on wingers at the moment, so jack being left-footed, agile player with quick movement is the first choice as a mix ‘n’ match temporary replacement on the left flank… we now have rosick back, and cazorla, podolski, and ox will soon come back… and jack wiil now start returning to central midfiled(for example, aginst west brom if rosicky and gnabry and/or miyaichi are deployed on the left flank, jack may start in central midfiled), and will soon get his form back,… Read more »


Why is it so difficult to comprehend your posts?


What are you going on about, mate?


Speak english..


Jack will be back have no doubt about it


I have a plan,lets give Jack a lot of shit and boo him when he makes a bad pass or bad decision.He’ll be as good as Rambo in no time.

Tesco Light Mayonaise

I hope so Jacky boy


There are no more gurantees in arsenal’s midfield now. Everyone’s place is in jeopardy. This will bring the best out of all of them i hope. Our midfield should be fucking frightening when it is at full fitness.


our midfield is scary……… oppoents; be afraid……. be very afraid


Wilshere is a wonderful talent and will grace our midfield for years to come. He maybe suffered from burn out having played week in week out at such an early age which led to injuries and now needs to recover his full fitness to show his full potential but it will come.


It’s great to see that we’re not totally reliant on Jack anymore. A star of the future definitely, but now it seems he can be given a bit of time and space to develop properly.


This, a thousand times. Not being the shining star focal point will only benefit him in the long-run.

Personally, I think he has played quite well recently, if not brilliantly—and there’s much more to come.

Colin lloyd

Not only will Willy get time to develop now because of the competition. He will develop around 2 of the best midfielders in the league….S.C and M.O. Trust me big things to come.

Colin lloyd

Not only will Willy get time to develop now because of the competition. He will develop around 2 of the best midfielders in the league….S.C and M.O. Trust me big things to come.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

The future of Arsenal Football Club.
You will get there son, one day you will captain us to glory. We all know it.


Jack was spot on. Not only would it make him better, it’ll make the team better. I had the same problem last night at a friends house playing FIFA 14…played with a different starting 11 each game and kept the wenger grin on my face as I kept our win streak alive 😉 Cant remember the last time I used aresenal EVERY FUCKING GAME !!!!! Well…Henry was on the cover then (04) – New era gooners with light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter with each game – COYG!!

Merlin's Panini

I’ve only ever used Arsenal. Why use anyone else? Why have a turd sandwich when you can have a roast beef and horseradish sandwich?


Ha, Lets not mention the sausages after the caviar! Roast beef and horseradish is definitely better than Sausages though.


Same here. When playing Fifa I have only ever used Arsenal. The people that I play against call it “die-hard”. But I don’t think so, they just support Chelsea and the likes… It’s the way it should be.


Squad depth. It’s what we’ve all been screaming for, and we have it – in midfield anyway! I think all the players realise that in the modern game all the big clubs have to have a large squad, just so that we can compete in all competitions. Just being involved in a game should be good enough, it’s a team game at the end of the day and when there’s 50+ games a season, I’m sure everyone will get there chance. Good on Jack for having such a realistic and positive attitude, he’s gonna be a star over the coming… Read more »


Not just in midfield. we’ve got some proper back ups in Nacho and Jenks for the FB positions, TV5 on the bench for CD and probably Podolski and Oxlade on the bench for the flanks. And maybe Bendter can play one good season before he leaves and we would even have a back up for the HFB. Always said Bendtner isn’t bad, he just needs to get his head right and it seems that it has clicked in his brain. So i think we have a really good squad and can compete against every side in europe!


Ask work and no pay gives jack a stress fracture….

Ivan Drago

He’s still only 21 too, so it’s going to be another few years until he’s really at the top of his game. 3 or 4 years learning from Ozil, Santi, Rosicky to add to his already obvious talent…


Wilshere hasn’t been playing as bad as people are making it out to be, thing is Ramsey form has taken all attention off him. Against stoke, i felt he had a grear game. I feel he’s going to the phase Ramsey went through when people were over looking his performances when he played well cos he wasn’t scoring. End of the day Wilshere is still better than cleverly any day of the week.


Comparing cleverly 2 jack is an insult even Ross barkley is better then cleverly


Let them all underestimate Jack. That will be their biggest mistake…

Ian McF

People underestimated Rambo and did so at their own peril. The same can be said for Jack. Those two will run our midfield in the future.

Johnny 99

I really wish he wasn’t English at times. First they crucify him for one bad game for England and now this nonsense. Thank Dennis he’s so mentally strong.


Let’s all laugh at Manure.



P.S. I’m not a Chelski fan, I’m a Gooner. Just really enjoyed the song 🙂


I like how he says “there was… Diaby”. Presumably they’ve been in different treatment rooms.

double canister

We will so be able to rest and rotate the midfield anyway we want to.
Pick any mix of players from a fully fit squad:-
Diaby (ahem)-Frimpong



double canister

I forgot the Ox.


and Gnarby

Humble Gooner

I think that he’s 21 is forgotten too easily, after 1+ years out with serious injury. He’s got energy, drive, brilliant with the ball, and direct. He needs work on just the things St. Caz and Ozil can give: creative decisions in final third. That’s his chief flaw and he’s surrounded by perfect tutors. I love that we’ve such a brilliant mix now of experience and youth in midfield. We’ve got Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky (Cazorla is nearer there) on the experienced/older end; Ozil, Ramsey, Jack in the mid-young for the next 6-8 years; then the youngsters like Zelalem, Eisfeld,… Read more »


“A player 99% of clubs would want in their team”, yeah but do Sp*rs really count as a football club?

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Jack is out of form so far this season but
a) when on form he’s the hottest prospect in the premiership and
b) he ha more heart, desire and courage than anyone playing the game today.

He’s simply destined to captain the side to glory.


Wilshere wants the team to succeed so badly, it’s been obvious so many times since he came back from his injury he’s the sort of player that will at least try to take the game by the scruff of the neck when it’s not going our way. I think this is why he is so loved by the fans, I know for me it’s one of the reasons he is one of my absolute fav players. In a way I think this mindset has somehow prevented him from getting back to form as quickly as he could have. This is… Read more »

Edu's fake passport

Thumbs down because you write a whole essay about Wilshere yet you refer to him as W because you couldn’t be bothered to type in the extra seven letters.


Jack is amazing, united fans are mouldy crusted cunts

kampala gooner

after seing jack in his first emirates cup believe me just waiting to see him go pick up his FIFA player of the year award.


I know Wilshire will perform

kure soi

Wilshire as team spirit

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

The injury that kept Jack out for 18 months was not the result of a Shawcrorc tackle… it was a stress fracture caused from OVER-playing.

Back when we weren’t blessed with depth, Wenger had no choice but to keep playing the same 11 players.

Now that we are graced with the best and deepest midfield in the world, it makes sense to rotate vigorously so that everyone gets playing time and noone gets injured unnecessarily due to fatigue. Wilshere and Rosicky alternating games makes sense.

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