Arsenal 2-0 Marseille: a complete performance by the numbers


12099 – Meters covered by Aaron Ramsey tonight
7.5 – Miles covered by Aaron Ramsey tonight
13.1 – Miles in a half marathon
5 – Miles per hour average for Aaron Ramsey tonight
47089 – Meters Aaron Ramsey has covered in the 4 Champions League group stage matches he’s played in this season
29 – Miles Aaron Ramsey has covered in those 4 Champions League group stage matches
1.52316627 × 10-12 – Parsecs covered by Aaron Ramsey
0 – Kessel Run’s made by Aaron Ramsey
12803 – Meters covered by Matthieu Flamini tonight¹
11518 – Meters covered by Romao²
15 – Shots by Arsenal
6 – Shots by Marseille
10 – Shots by Arsenal inside the box
4 – Shots by Marseille inside the box
2 – Marseille shots on goal
1 – Marseille shot saved well by Szczesny
1 – Marseille shot saved by Szczesny which still required Monreal to clear off the line
2 – Shots on goal by Jack Wilshere
2 – Shots on goal by Florian Thauvin
50 – Million pounds Chelsea will probably pay for Thauvin in January so they can loan him out to some team like West Brom and further distort the League with their filthy lucre
816 – Passes attempted by Arsenal
90 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes completed
385 – Passes attempted by Marseille
82 – Percent of Marseille’s passes they completed
183 – Passes Arsenal attempted in the Marseille final third
107 – Passes Marseille attempted in the Arsenal final third
49 – Passes Marseille attempted in the Arsenal final third after Little MattyValbuena came on the pitch
16 – Final third passes Matty Valbuena attempted²
34 – Final third passes Özil and Rosicky attempted each¹
4 – Successful dribbles by Kassim Abdallah¹
3 – Successful dribbles by Kassim Abdallah in his own half
3 – Successful dribbles by Santi Cazorla²
3 – Successful dribbles by Cazorla in his own half
2 – Successful dribbles by Jack Wilshere
2 – Successful dribbles by Jack Wilshere in the Marseille final third
2 – Successful dribbles by Thauvin in the Arsenal final third
1 – Successful dribble by Jack Wilshere in the Marseille penalty box, from which he curled home the opening goal
100 – Percent chance that I would like to study dribbles ranked by where they happen on the pitch
12 – Ball recoveries (link to the definition by Opta) by each of three Arsenal players (Mertesacker, Ramsey, Koscielny)
5 – Ball recoveries by Ramsey in the Marseille half
0 – Ball recoveries by Mertesacker, Koscielny, and Flamini in the Marseille half (of 34)
9 – Successful tackles by Aaron Ramsey (of 14)¹ (look, he led Arsenal in a shedload of categories including passing, he was a beast, OK?)
2 – Successful tackles by Aaron Ramsey in the Marseille half
2 – Successful tackles by Jack Wilshere in the Marseille final third!
15 – Interceptions by Arsenal
4 – Interceptions by Arsenal in the opposition half
2 – Interceptions by Arsenal in the opposition final third
1 – Interception by Sagna in the opposition final third
1 – Interception by Özil in the opposition final third
5 – Chances created by Özil¹
3 – Chances created by Jack Wilshere
5 – Minimum number of chances Jack would have created if the offside rule had been applied correctly
1 – Complete performance by Arsenal to send us to the top of both the Premier and Champions Leagues


¹Led his team
²Led both teams

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Me: Where is the remote?:
Wife: Right there where the Arsenal is
Me: Now where might that be?
Wife: top of the table ofcourse….


0 – Chance that conversation actually happened.
0 – Chance any of us give a fuck, we’re top of both tables!!

Wellin’ Jackie lad!


Do NOT get your coat. Do NOT leave the room. That was very good.


Ramsey keeps on running, RvP keeps on being a cunt. Some things will never change


Szczesny is only an infant in goalie years yet he’s already looking like the real deal…i wonder what kind of jaw dropping fall-off-your-seat saves he will be making at 30 years??

What a prospect


i imagine he will be so good he’d save us from our sins!

palace gunner

Good ball play tnite gunners coyg


Ozil mis-controlled a ball? sell him i say!

Sore bum Gooner

Overrated Wilshere has scored 4 from 4 from the right

Townsend has scored 2 from 12 from the right this season

Enough said!


That is a lot of passes attempted/completed tonight. Happy with the win, but would’ve liked a few more goals to emphasize our superiority. We are starting to look so solid, no complacency, unlike a certain team who lost to Basel. TWICE.


And Ozil hasnt yet settled into real form yet! Once he does that, surely we will average 3 goals or more scored per game! I hope he really starts kicking in now!


1 the only Ramsey


Kessel Run, was waiting for that one as I scrolled down. Rambo sure is a man on a mission these days.


Assuming a Kessel Run to be twelve parsecs, I’d have thought the number that Ramsey completed would be 1.269305225 * 10 ^ -13.

Sorry, just living up to my name.


I’m trying to think of a clever Forrest Gump reference relating to Ramsey. It’s not coming.


Ru.n Aaron run? A complete beast


112 – attempted passes by Ramsey vs Marseille. Dope

Dr. Gooner

I thought we never had to get out of 1st gear in that game. It was abundantly clear that OM were not interested in this game whatsoever. The amount of space that Jack got into for the 1st goal was comical, as was the defender’s effort at stopping his dribble in the box. However, it was also one of the most confident goals I’ve ever seen Jack take, and that type of run and shot took no little belief, determination, and of course, quality. More of that, please! Much is being written about Ozil. After his incandescent start, he’s failed… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Excellent diagnosis. The doctor is IN!


Also, its hard to appreciate his greatness.

When he runs away from play dragging defenders with him, no-one sees that and it’s not recorded in any stats anywhere.

And like you say, even when he seems to be having a bad game, he provides ample key passes and usually an assist.

Dick Swiveller

Agree with absolutely everything except teams now knowing what he can do…even if they’d never heard of him, signing Real Madrid’s no. 10 for 42m must have tipped them off that he was a little dangerous, right?


he didnt say “now know”. he only said “know”


Stat tell that Özil is being underestimated this match due to his failed penalty. The blog rated he well indeed.


Quick Q…
Whats this business with Flamini not wearingong sleeves and wenger not being happy with him cutting it…and Flamini saying he will do it again..
Yep I read it in Dail Mail…but must have some truth to it…dont believe DM are that good in fiction


Oh what was that?! Did Arsenal win? For a moment there after Messr Keane’s and Wrighty’s analysis, I thought we must have been spanked. #

It was almost as if they were feeding off each, sort of having a competition to see who could be the most miserable and negative about Arsenal. It was most bizzarre.



emir of emirates

another great week has begun….it can only end well….COYG


Does nobody else want to talk about how amazing Ramsey’s chips were? 3 times!!!


Looks like the new chairman’s starting to have a greater effect.


If ozil had finished that one off what a goal it would have been! Ramsey is so confident atm.

The linesman called the rest offside but we all know that was bullshit.




What about his bergkamp-esque ‘flick-turn’. Just beautiful

Emmanuel Eboue

100- Percent chance that curler by Jack is after he watched Henry do it in training. I hope.


I thought monreal had a great game last night it’s great to have two quality left backs we can’t let him go ! Everyone saying wilshire is not guaranteed for Brazil the man I my opinion should play instead of gerrard and is better even when injured than Henderson and cleverly


Have to agree:) Henderson is just a joke, can’t compare to Jack and his “always ready for fight” attitude.


1 – number of times Andy ‘the irishman’ Townsend celebrated when he thought Marseille had scored – tosser


Where do you get the distance covered stats?


i know, right!?!?!?!?!

cardinal gunners4life

6 number of times spurs pi ked the ball from their net against Mancity. Enjoy the spanking on Youtube. What a waste of over £100million