Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Arteta: Dortmund loss our own fault

Mikel Arteta says Arsenal will go to Dortmund on Wednesday night with nothing to fear, aware they were masters of their own destruction in the previous game at the Emirates.

Both goals were ultimately avoidable, and the Spaniard is calling on his Gunners teammates to show they’re more than a match for the Bundesliga side.

“Dortmund will be a very different game to Liverpool, with the way they play, so we will have to get ready for it.

“I didn’t think Dortmund were the better team when they won at the Emirates last time. We conceded a goal when we were on top in the game, and were likely to score a second to kill the game.

“But we know in the Champions League against those teams you are limited to small chances, and it was our fault we lost, but I think we showed we are the same level as Dortmund.”

A win would put Arsenal in a strong position, but even a point would be a decent result, although Arteta would like to be going to Napoli in the following fixture without having to need all three points.

“We don’t want to go to Napoli needing a win. But when you look at the fixtures at the start of the group, it would have been strange if by the last game you are already qualified given the quality of the teams, so we might need to get something there, too.”

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Young Gooner

There’s a quality of a leader, looking by the way he speak. Good to have him in the team


Whatever it will be a nice game and we will win it in a handsome way.


Well Giroud is in our team so win, lose, or draw, it’ll be handsome.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

“Dortmund will be a very different game to Liverpool, with the way they play, so we will have to get ready for it.
I know I’m gonna get thumbed down for this, but you CANNOT let any Dortmund player make the sort of free unchallenged run Henderson made. Thankfully Henderson is shit but give half that space to any of their attacking players and they will punish us.
So let’s all get switched on for the whole 90 minutes and hit them on the break.


I think henderson was allowed to run unchallenged because he was henderson


It was quite alarming to watch first time round but Sagna nipped back and did enough to put Harry-and-the-hendersons shot off.


Watching this play a few times on replay, the four defenders involved did brilliantly to recover from Cazorla’s error, which could have been huge. Per and Kos were right to stick with their strikers — easy decisions. Sagna made an incredible recovery run. But Arteta’s play is more subtle. At first watch, I thought, “WTF is he doing?!” But what he’s doing is waiting as long as he can to challenge Henderson because Gerrard was unmarked down the middle. If Arteta had rushed too quickly, it would have been an easy pass into Gerrard. He (and Per) figured correctly that… Read more »


Have you people forgotten that Henderson scored against us in the same fixture last year?

Dr Baptiste

Last year?! Did he score on Saturday when it actually matters for this season? No, no he did not


Yeah moved on from that season.


I’ve been an Arteta sceptic in the past perhaps not appreciating what he brings to us, but since returning from injury this season he has been absolutely brilliant in the middle. He’s playing and talking like a man who wants to win things this season. And he’s right, Liverpool are no Dortmund. We have to play with the same tempo that we did against Liverpool and even then we can expect Dortmund to match us. But there’s something about this game – I have a gut feeling we will win. We’ve learned the lessons from the Emirates and now we’ll… Read more »


He’s been brilliant since he returned from injury THIS season?!!! The same player that led majority of EPL midfield stats LAST season?


Arteta…lest we forget, Arteta was converted into a deep lying DM/playmaker by none other than Wenger whose track record in this respect is impressive. We had practically 5 playmakers against Liverpool if you consider Ramsey for Wales, Ozil for Germany, Rosicky for the Czechs, and both Santi and Arteta whilst not Spain’s prominent playmaker could walk into any other team as one. Meanwhile, Brendan Rodger’s revolution mucked up with a 3-5-2 selection, never mind he didn’t have the wits to utilize Sahin fully. Shows you what the media would like you to believe and how some people are so easily… Read more »


Henderson is shit yes he scored a lucky goal last year against us , but per and kos deliberately let him coming with the ball and both stayed close per to suarez and kos to sturadge if any of per and kos started to close down henderson run than suarez or sturadge would be free for a pass a that situation could have been much more painful for us with a good chance one of those to score, wenger tactics was very good kos was on suarez back for 90 min chasing him to the center of the pitch whenever… Read more »

Gooner of Navarone

Unleash the Roscazorzil!


Roscazorzil gonna shit all over the Lewareuskitaryang’ tommorow….


I mentioned last season that we were not as restricted in positions in midfield as many believed. That instead, we were attempting to come to grasp with a more fluid system ahead of the defensive midfield pair. That attempt (and the many mistakes along the way), compounded with the purchase of Ozil is beginning to see the fruits of its’ efforts. Difficult to perfect but almost impossible to defend against, I think we will se better things to come from this midfield system, granted we are currently playing mianly with creative players and lacking a bit of speed (Walcott, Ox,… Read more »


You mean: the only Liverpool player that can dive in our first team line up is Suarez, the cheating c*nt


Agreed. Make no mistake many teams will find it hard to keep SAS out but we did it. i think the players knew how much of a significance this game bore and really turned up. should not be a one off thing too every game should be approached like the last good one, no switch off no nothing just a group of players fighting for each other week in week out. Then and only then can we dare to dream. N/D Walcott would be superb right about now. The missing link me thinks. He’s the guy you turn to when… Read more »


Let’s all be honest here, we can bleat on all we want about their goals being ‘avoidable’ and our ‘own fault’ but it wasn’t like the goal we scored was undefendable or we were creating chances at will. They’re a good team, they played well and defended well. We need to replicate their performance, defend deep and counter attack, if we’re good/lucky we’ll get a result.


Not a hair out of place. Much like me.


arteta what a guy

that’s all i have to say

Ak 47

Arteta rightfully show us how vital he is to the team. However, I still think wenger should play only one of Arteta or flamini when fit and partner by ramsey in centre midfield.2 holding midfielders is not really necessary especially with ramsey playing in godlike mode.


On certain occasions, it will be wise to play both Flamini and Arteta.

Otherwise, on most, it is a bit over elaborate where either of Jack and Ramsey are better choices next to one of Arteta or Flamini.

Prefer Jack next to either Flamini or Arteta as he drives forward better from deep. Plus Ramsey will be better played fuirther up field where he can pressure early and where he does his best work for us offensively.

Edu's Braces

Captain (sorry Vermy)

Naija Gunner

I have good hopes that we’ll come back with a good result. COYG!!!


Last year was exactly that, last year. ….. we’re in a totally different space NOW. We’ve got bigger things to worry about….. like the double!

Buy Me, I'm a CB

Remember this?
I guess kos figured out how to handle the cheat.


Dortmund will be just afraid of us and know we have the players to take advantage if they make errors. The atmosphere will be powerful so we just got to not get penned into our own half like the first half of tbe emirates game but also not play too risky and be patient. I think we are good enough defensively to allow them some possession without conceding many chances but if we play too deep there are more chances of mistskes. Girroud once more has pivotable role in holding up the ball for our awesome midfield. COYG


Dortmond are a great side, so we do have something to fear; but we can go there and get a result. The key will be how well we defend: we were excellent on Saturday, bar a couple of mad moments. If we can defend as well on Wednesday then we can probably get a draw, or even nick it 1-0. In the home leg we shot ourselves in the foot by chasing too hard at 1-1; a draw would have been ok. Even if we lose in Germany it will not be a disaster: we will beat marseille, so a… Read more »


Fat, I almost thumb down yours unfairly just to see your name. But this time your comment I like it.


Speaking of all this Klopp mind game talk, don’t let Fat deceive you.


1-1 most likely result tomorrow… still suits Arsenal


i like my women like i do Artetas eyebrows…..



I think we can take Dortmund in Germany.

We’re carrying a bit too many injuries for my liking at the moment.

Key to it may be Ozil who will want to put in a good shift back home. Ditto Rosicky I believe who was from Dortmund.

Also important may be the availaibility of Flamini. Finally Monreal deputizing at LB will have to have a storming game. If he stays tactically discipline and chooses the right moments to join the attack, he may bring something extra for us out left.

Oty gooner

I stil wonder how artea has never played for spain national team


Welsh messi!!!!!!


Its the other way around.. Messi should be called Argentinian Ramsey!

Gunner pundit

Off topic but bang. Who is your top 10 premier league players ever and dont male them all arsenal players

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