Sunday, April 2, 2023

Bendtner opens mouth: puts foot in it

Nicklas Bendtner has reiterated his desire to leave Arsenal and has hit out at the club for making him stay on deadline day.

The Danish striker was in combative mood with the press, talking about his situation at the club and how he’s training extra hard to ensure he’s in good shape for when he eventually leaves.

Speaking about his deadline day callback from Arsene Wenger, Bendtner said, “Everything was in place for me, there were three clubs that were just waiting for me to say ‘yes please’ to them.

“I was very disappointed when he phoned because I was ready to move on. I didn’t actually think that they wished to keep me.”

Of course, Bendtner seems to overlook the fact that he had ALL summer to make a move somewhere else but hadn’t found anywhere to his liking as mooted moves to the Bundesliga, Serie A and other Premier League clubs mysteriously failed.

The Dane continued, “As I have been at the club since I was 16 I found it ridiculous that they placed me in the reserves and let me train on my own. But suddenly everything was like old times again. I was training with the first team, I was hanging out with the first team and I had a dietician again. From being completely out to being completely in again.

And about his relationship with the fans, he said,”At the moment I am an easy target because I want to leave the club and Arsenal don’t want to keep me.

“And these haters – they always choose the same solution. But I think it is unfair to have a go at me when I had a transfer in place in the summer and Wenger told me to stay.

“I am training far more seriously than I have ever done in Arsenal. I am in the process of building myself up so that I become this strong machine, this perfect product to sell. I want to start as strongly as possibly in my next club.”

The thing is, some of what he says isn’t that unreasonable, but the timing of it is beyond stupid. This is the kind of stuff that could have waited until he’d actually gone. Not to mention the fact he got a warm reception from the Arsenal fans when he played in the Capital One Cup game against West Brom.

Instead, he’s made it public ahead of the club’s biggest game of the season, one in which he was likely to be in the squad for but now? Can the manager really rely on him when he’s made an outburst like this?

Update for clarification: Interview took place last week, only made public now.

If he was really serious about his footballing career, he’d have got his head down, kept his mouth shut and just done his best.

Instead, his perfectly illustrated why such a promising career has shuddered to such a standstill. Silly boy.

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Tommy Gun

‘Nicklas Bendtner – the Perfect Product’
*Bendtner inc. take no responsibility for marketing misrepresentation and do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Do not use in darkness or direct sunlight and ensure that the ego is properly removed before use.


The translation is not perfect, and most of the interview is about family and stuff like that

He made lots of bad choices and thats kinda sad, cause he always had the talent to become a good striker at Arsenal

Which hes great perfomances at the national team have shown

damien joyce

Footballer’s stupidity really never ceases to amaze me..


Well he is the living embodiment of the stories told by the Guardian’s Secret Footballer ><


TGSTEL has spoken


I got a friend who call TGSTEL


My laptop is in a hurry to post my comment. …a friend who call Bendtner Shao-Mao. Enthusiast of the chinese film industry will definitely know shao-mao


What a complete dickhead, fucking waste of rations


Worse than that. He’s a waste of oxygen.


Is it common for someone who’s not a 15 year old girl to use the word ‘haters’?


Depends, non native-speakers may miss slight (or not so slight) shades of meanings which make some words more retarded than others.


Honestly, I can’t wait to see his back this time around.Not on the pitch today though!


I read somewhere that this interview was actually after the Carling Cup game, but strangely enough they put it to print today..

I think he’s a bell end, but i don’t think that much of one to do this on the eve of the game

“The interview was conducted the day after Bendtner had started for Arsenal against Chelsea in the Capital One Cup on 29 October but published online in Denmark on Saturday night, less than 24 hours before the game at Old Trafford.”

Still, we’ll probably offload him in January once we’ve signed a real striker..


What an interesting coincidence. It seems that someone is very scared.


If he’d ha just stayed quiet until the end of the season and then left, I think he would really have gained some modicum of respect. He really has ballsed that u now. It’s when players make statements like this you realise just how out of touch they are with reality\fans.


*had. *up


His attitude stinks from a mile away. Blames everyone else but himself. You had a whole summer to secure a move away plus a couple of months since you k.oed yourself early at Juventus but what stopped you? Errr…..i dont know wages, errr that city doesn’t sell my type of ciggaretes, errr my mother.

Cant wait for January. Back of him asap!


Any other employer would have cancelled his contract (and massive pay packet) for gross misconduct years ago. “Hardest I’ve ever trained” tells you how much he has wasted his chance and our money over the last few years. Over confidence is never a desirable trait.


The guy has been given opportunity time ãήϑ again. He shld shut up already pls


I actually supported you when you have played because your arsenal. Now im done with. If you’d have trained that hard earlier, you actually might of had a career to be proud of. You arrogant fuck. Do one


What a stupid big fanny that boy is. Blessed with the common sense of a rock.
Arsene should send him packing in January and replace him if possible. One bad apple etc.


i say just pay him off, and get rid of his presence from the club’s grounds… we don’t need this kind of guys to disrupt the team spirit although i expect arsene, bieng the professional he is, will stick with him until we get another striking back-up to giroud


The only problem with him is that he does not appear to give or is capable to give 100% on the pitch. No fight. Nothing to prove mentality. Does not put his foot/head in in 50-50’s. You can say anything you want in these interviews, whatever you feel like saying. we all know its his last season. Just bloody give 100% . Act like you give a shit. That’s all that the fans want.


I really really really hope for the love of Bergkamp that we don’t have to use him …


Just shows that TGSTEL was talking complete bullocks about all the supposed “maturity” he claims to have developed…


Haha what a dick! good luck making the bench today you arrogant fuck…


Why does it take a move away for him to train harder than ever? Should have been training as hard as possible all along nik then you might have been able to make a career at Arsenal, fucking idiot.

Gooner of Navarone

Exactly, if he had just worked his socks off from the start of this season, he could have played a more integral part as Giroud’s understudy rather than just playing when Giroud is tired to the bone.


Bendtner is one of those guys I can’t seem to hate for some reason..


He’s so full of shit. The guy had ample chance to leave our club but was hanging on because he knew he’d never have received, and still won’t, the same wages anywhere else. He wouldn’t have left except on loan on the last day.

This is his reaction to that poor showing against Chelsea and it tells you everything you need to know about him. Twat.


To be fair to him the interview was made in October but only published now. Also he was probably asked if he had been dissapointed with how his summer has worked out altogether so he poured his heart out in typical TGSTEL fashion.

gunner for ever

Wow!!! AW has never been so disrespected and undermined to this extent by any of his former or current players except by the disgraced and senseless Bendtner.By now he should have changed his poor personality and let his mind and leg work better than talking too much.The sooner we get rid of him ,the better we reduce our disgrace from his poor character.Bendtner is this the way how you payback for a team where you stayed since the age of 16 and gave you all the chances even if you kept on missing clear chances to score a goal?shame on… Read more »


£52,000 a week, does he forget that, he won’t be getting that sort of money again, can’t see past his own nose, silly boy


I think Bendtner deserve better giv him more chance and build him up, I can see d future in him jst like Carlos Vela……pls Wenger .

Don Cazorleone

Say what now?


your mental




Well Bendy, you say you’re training as hard as you possibly can which you’ve never done before.

Fucking brilliant, the penny drops now once you want to get out, not when you had a chance to be a great striker in a great team.

Flipping idiot man, already wasted his career. He might end up good but he’ll never be what he could have been.


Did he really say he is now training harder than he ever has at Arsenal?? Well maybe Nik that will be why you were never good enough!! Jeez some people are so fucking stupid it hurts.

gooner odst

Meanwhile Park Chu Young remains relatively silent, but we all know what he’s thinking; “WTF?!?” And yet hardly any fan hates Park more than Bendtner because they have no reason to. At a time when I thought Bendnter had changed his attitude for the better, looking forward to playing with Özil, Cazorla, Rambo and more importantly the fans, he puts himself in the dog house, after a poor COC cup performance of which no player that day did particularly well. hiding behind this “they are picking on me even though i wanted a transfer” mentality is childish, foolish and downright… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

The press couldn’t give two shits about Park, most non Arsenal fans don’t even know who he is!
Bendtner has always drawn this kind of press, if he’s on the bench today, it’ll be the last time. With Walcott & Poldi back we have better cover than THSTEL.
Hairiest not greatest


I hope this means a new striker in January is a sure thing

Clock End Mike

Quite honestly, I’d take any reliable journeyman striker whom we could rely on to back up Giroud, come off the bench when required, and make the occasional start in a Cup match. Someone who’d be proud to have a chance to play at a great club like Arsenal and wear the famous red-and-white.

I’d even take someone on loan for 5 months, if AW has another prospect in view for a summer signing — remember how Yossi Benayoun did a good honest job as a Gunner for a year and earned everyone’s respect for it.

And not Suarez.


Pity Yossi is without a club after being released by chavs, I like the guy, he did a good job for us.

WA Gooner

Fuckin twat, get rid ASAP


I am danish, and i have to say. – The interview is so misunderstood by the brittish media. i for one, got my respect of him back.

ringo xiii

Could you explain what you mean by misunderstood? Were there mistakes in translation or was it something to do with context?


This man is poison. Get rid of him.


“I am training far more seriously than I have ever done in Arsenal”

…and therein lies the problem. So what have yoi been doing since you were 16? Under training and sabotaging your own career, I’d say.

palace gunner

Thanks for your services for club but it shows u want to go when u played against chavs” a clear tap into the net no but he passed the ball to afc player further frm goal no good afc club need winners not time wasters coyg today v manu give it a nice an away win yes


That was Linford Christie in that picture a few weeks ago…..

A N Other

We should ship him out on Jan the first and get a quality replacement.


I think I am the only arsenal fan who supports him and want him to do well, no one would be happy if they were made to look like a villain in the media. He is simply trying to get back to his best and nobody is letting him

Awesome gooner

Let’s be sensible for a moment. What move away in the summer does he refer to? Did we really block one to keep him here because we only have one striker… Very possibly.

Watch Chamak at CP and just be glad he’s gone.

Let’s allow him the chance to let his football do the talking. If he scores some important goals for us this year I will wave him off with a friendly cheer…

After all he is worth every penny for THAT goal against spurs!!


If he was made of chocolate he would eat himself.

gunner fan

The sooner he leaves the better. What a waste of 52k a week to keep this lazy ****. What a shame you couldnt train harder to make yourself a better striker when we wanted you then son eh.


I will never forget the last min chance he missed vs barca, which would’ve seen us beat the best team ever in the history of the game. Fine we all make mistakes but we don’t open our big mouth while we can’t back it up with substance !


I thought TGSTEL might put his head down and get on with it, and do his talking on the pitch.
At this rate his footballing career may end up even more washed up than his hero Adepaymore.

Allen Iverson

good player , bad player or what not i dont think he should keep his mouth shut if he was really treated like that… and if its true i understand how he feels to be honest… its a bit dirty.

Boombastic Shaggy

The strong machine aka RoboTGSTEL will get bids from Mclaren, ferrari and Red Bull before any decent football club considers it.


I fully expect to see that Danish prick serving
“Big macs” in 2014!!!!! The expresion “don’t throw stones in glass houses” springs to mind.


Arsenal 4-1 Man U.


You would hope that every first team player would train far more seriously than bendtner on a mission to be blah blah blah DICKHEAD. Stick park in the squad an banish mr.52.


Can’t wait for him to fuck off.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Had to laugh at all the Gooners suggesting he might be the solution to our Goroud cover problem a few weeks back.

He’s a ego-maniacal joke of a man. Fuck him. The sooner he’s gone the sooner we can replace him with someone thirty times as useful.

Finsbury Park Gooner

*Giroud. Goroud would’ve been a great signing too but nowhere near as handsome.

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