Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Germany to wait on BFG and Öz-ill

The illness which prevented Per Mertesacker from playing any part of yesterday’s defeat to Manchester United has now claimed Mesut Ozil, according to German national coach Joachim Loew.

The duo were due to fly to join up with their international colleagues today ahead of friendlies with Italy and England but have delayed travelling due to the symptons and could now miss Friday’s visit of the Azzurri.

Speaking to the press this morning, Joachim Low reported: “From the medical side, it was said it would be bad if they had to fly.”

Ozil looked far from his best during a laboured showing at Old Trafford yesterday as Arsenal’s 15-game unbeaten run on the road was ended by a little boy trapped inside a Dutch phallus.

The flu which also took its toll on young Serge Gnabry and sidelined Tomas Rosicky obviously doesn’t much like those who sprechen sie Deutsch.

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Arsene's handkerchief

Must have been that dodgy wurst…..


If they can get fit by the 23rd its all fine by me. Two useless friendlies.


Mehn! All because of a worthless friendly match? Give your youngsters a chance to prove themselves I mean draxler/gotze/reus can all play in place of ozil and others can replace BFG in the german squad they have enough unproven talents they should give them the chance to prove their selves in these friendlies and let our players have a much needed rest for crying out loud. We need a full and fit squad at the end of next week to maintain/extend our lead at the top of the table. For france, i can understand why giroud must play, its a… Read more »


i hear benzema is starting to get into form, so fingers crossed Giroud gets a rest…


Out of topic.. One word for our performance against manure “BuG”, I think united are a very lucky team, not playing us at full strength or before the Stupid BuG is realy “Lucky” But I’m consoled by the fact that both chelsea and man city are not what those useless *pundicks* proclaimed they were going to be(almost flawless). So Lets prove a point when we play the highflying southampton that our lose to Everton united was as a result of the BuG effects but i was wondering if we could’ve asked for the match to be postponed after we found… Read more »


I’m ill aswell after yesterdays lackluster performance.


Whats the timeline on Podolski and Chamberlain?


Heard Podolski MIGHT be back for southampton, if not hes not far away and Chamberlain looks like mid december, if things doesnt improve. Pretty sure we have Walcott though for southampton!


where did you get the source about poldi?


An expert said podolskis Hamstring is one of the worst he’s ever seen so all things considered and knowing how cautios Arsene likes to be end of Nov seems more probable.

Right now walcott seems the more likely for soton and what a relief it will be. Our widemen could be the difference atm..


Hope all the players ‘fall victim’ so they can all get some rest.


I think the whole team should be grounded because of illness. They could do with a well deserved 2 weeks off instead of playing pointless internationals and potentially ending up injured!!

gunner fan

Suspicious of the bug,another lasagnegate??

re boot laces

Nobody should cast aspirsions.
Arguably the most pivotal game for that vast business in over a decade, though probably a coincidence we were laid waste by that which we’re in no position to kick up a stink about.


Fair point Karl. All the other players in the international squads could catch it if they’re not careful.

I’m constantly concerned when our players go away and have to mix with the likes of Chav, Manc and Spud players.

The chances of them catching a bad dose of ‘The Cunt’ increase a thousandfold.

Naija Gunner

I hope they don’t fly till after the international break!

Hoosier Gunner

It really bothers me that our team has caught a stomach bug or got the flu or fallen ill and what not a fair few times, cumulatively, this season.
I don’t understand why people blame our bad luck in those cases. These things are very much avoidable. Me, being a nobody and a non-athlete, I haven’t caught any of those in over two years. Why can’t pro sports players take better care of themselves? Its shameful really.


I think you’ll find that elite athletes are more prone to common illnesses what with all that training, physical exertion and travelling. Are you really having a go at players for catching a cold/flu?


This is a new low. Anyone wants to try and surpass it?


because they travel all together on buses and even wore planes ( to and from dortmund) and eat all together and the training room etc they are way more susceptible than average people to this type of thing. one person gets ill and it can quickly infect the whole team. i used to work on a trading desk where we all sat very close together and flus, coughs, viruses, etc. would rip through our ranks in a similar fashion.


its interesting that it seems to have primarily affected german speaking players. i wonder if they all ordered the same thing at the restaurant the night before or all went out to eat together one day that week or maybe they simply all hang out together during their time off more than with their other team mates


This was the third time Özil played through illness. If United could barely scrap to a lucky 1-0 win over a tired, flu ridden Arsenal side who we’re missing 5 first team players (no wingers), then their fans should be worried…

The sickness bug could be a blessing in disguise. Özil and co need some rest.


Everybody could see that something wasn’t right with Oezil. There were no runs by him. He played safetypasses. I guess he had the first symptoms already before the game. They need a rest. It is very interesting that Wenger gives Oezil 90 minutes. In Madrid he was one of the first to be subbed.

But heads up Arsenal, we will strike back!!!


Serious question here:- did the players come down with the shits? Some cunt dabble with our food???

Swedish Gunner

What’s going om with Sanogo? He’s been gone forever. I’d rather see him the last 10 than Bendtner..

The fool of a Took

Regarding shits, I was kinda expecting Özil or one of the other infected to make a desperate run for the dressing romm mid-game only to realize it was to late..


May a interlull flu claim Giroud too! As long as hes back for Saints ie.


Wenger might be trying to improve ozil’s stamina by playing him full 90. Im still disappointed we lost against manure. On the other hand, this explains why Wenger didn’t start with Gnabry.


Arsene Wenger’s post hand washing practice session presser: “Well ehhm, first we have to be absolutely sure to vigorously washed the entire hand including under the fingernails ideally with warm water and soap. As well we must take into account the risk/benefit of antibacterial vs regular soaps in contributing to creating resistant strains of bacteria. Do we sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to help with precise timing? I cannot expand on that at the moment- all I can tell you is that there is a fantastic spirit and united effort and that we are absolutely committed 100% every day on… Read more »


Gnarby was flu ridden dude

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