Saturday, July 2, 2022

Giroud has France deathwish

Olivier Giroud has stressed his determination to help France qualify for the World Cup by saying he and his teammates are ready to die on the pitch tomorrow night.

France have to overcome a 2-0 deficit as they face Ukraine at the Stade de France, and the HFB is willing to go the distance to ensure qualification for the 2014 tournament.

“We are ready to die on the pitch,” he said. “I have a lot of determination and I think it will help us get into them.”

From an Arsenal point of view, with Sagna, Giroud and Koscielny all potential squad members, it’d probably be a good thing if the French made it to Brazil. Having that World Cup carrot at the end of this season’s stick would certainly add something to performances.

However, Arseblog News is concerned that being dead might not be optimal for our chances of winning things at the end of the campaign.

The last time a side won the league with a dead striker was 1889 when Preston North End romped to the title, aided by the ghost of Little Dougie Cartwright, who tragically died from consumption during an October training session.

Sadly that seems to have been the exception rather than the rule, so hopefully a fully living Giroud can do the business for France tomorrow, and Arsenal for the rest of the season.

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French national team getting a lot of stick in France.. Not a surprise he had to say something drastic!

Taking The Mik

I’d rather wheel out a corpse to play upfront than Bendtner.


That’s a disgusting thing to say…about a corpse.

the only sam is nelson

here’s what Nik has to say about the January transfer window – he fancies a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona. Obviuosly.

i mean it’s almost impossible not to admire the sheer brass neck. almost, but not quite.


Has Bendtner been hanging around the mayor of Toronto? They’re clearly both smoking crack.


But with Lionel Messi out injured for a couple of months, surely Bendtner would be his ideal replacement at the Nou Camp?


This comment on Skysports on Bendtner almost made me cry:

The Sp*ds are gone for good.


If he dies on the pitch i doubt he will be okay for saturday nor the next saturday nor for anything. dont do it HFB!

Oor Wullie

Initial prognosis? 3 weeks.


The dreaded “2-3 weeks” limbo.

Master Bates

Team News

Olivier still has Rigamortis niggle ,he will have a late test on friday


Did Kos not get sent off in the last match meaning he is banned from this one?

remember the invincibles

clever Koscielny. He knows France is rubbish, May as well rest up and try and win the title for Arsenal


He wasn’t clever…even he himself admitted he was abit stupid. well stupid or not i know where my priorities lie as an Arsenal fan.

what he did is the kind of treatment dutch skunk deserves week in week out…


Being french and gooner, I’m gutted that Kos will be suspended, though I can understand why he slapped the guy. Ukraine played ugly for 90mn, the ref was poor. It reminded me of the game vs WBA we draw earlier this season. Kos had to make up a lot for his teammates since we were all out attacking and he was just pissed off when the guy was trying to waste time at 2-0 down. Knowing him, he surely was disappointed with the pk (it’s a 50/50 really) when Giroud was literally being mounted by their defenders all game without… Read more »

stupid me

He will change from HFB to HFC(handsome f corpse).

Oh god no

Brian wallace

We mustn’t forget the current ghost footballer, Kasper the friendly Schmeichel
who was tragically killed his father dropped him as a baby.


Dead or alive i can’t see qualify fir the world cup in brazil


I googled for info about Little Dougie Cartwright.


Good photoshop (or paint?) skills lol


Kozza’s sending off is a blessing for Arsenal in about 3 ways. More mistakes made and (hopefully) lessons learned that didn’t cost us anything. He gets a rest ahead of the weekend and with a little luck France wont qualify meaning our players get a rest this summer. Not at all worried about them loosing the motivation of the world cup, if they can’t get up for a title challenge with us there’s something wrong with them. Sign Bac up!


Oh, good old Little Dougie Cartwright, may he rest in peace… I expect Arsenal Gent to do an article on him once…


The poor French are threatening to make make England look like a great side. At least Hodgeson’s men have an excuse for being rubbish: they’ve got rubbish players. The French have no excuse.


except, of course…


How dare you sully the HFG’s face Bloggs!


Ever Since Pat Jennings played for NI, it has been obvious that England instead of GB is stupid.
Look at West Germany and East..
Now we have Ramsey and ex-spud wanted in Wales .


*wasted (oof, spell correct)


The true story of Little Dougie Cartwright inspired the old Roy of the Rovers strip – The Footballer Who Wouldn’t Stay Dead.

Old footballer, struck by lightning while playing, comes back, helps out struggling kid’s team, they magically turn into winners.

Or was that Billy’s Boots? Fuck it. Who cares?


1 – Fabrice Muamba is the only player Past/Present played/playing for Arsenal that died on the pitch. He Miraculously resurrected after a while. Mysterious

0 – Chance that Olivier Giroud will wake up if he dies playing for France. Infrequent


I died of consumption once


Koscielny will be better for it when he stops given up those needless penalties and putting his team in harms way with those red cards.


Did you actually read the article TOSIN? He says “if I could decide”….I’m sure the majority of footballers (with regards to TGSTEL, I use that word lightly) would move to one of those two if it was entirely down to them.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of Bendtner bashing, but only when Bendtner deserves to be bashed (I.e “I’m training harder then I ever have”)

I misss Bergkamp

He can’t get a game here with only one fit striker being overused, what chance would he have of playing at either of those clubs? It shows how out of touch with reality he is or how much he likes to collect a paycheck without earning it. He should be more realistic and go to a lower level league, not be delusional about wanting to play (ride the pine) in Spain.


Great! If Giroud dies, Bendtner will get enough minutes to lure Real Madrid and Barcelona. He can finally fulfill his dreams as TGSTEL.


Andriy Yamolenko looks a very useful player.

He s 6’2, bag of tricks and very mobile.

Could be the sort of player Wenger could polish into a real gem at 24. Would be ironic if he played up front for us and Giroud missed out on the world cup on account of Ukraine.


His only chance to play in a world cup – realistically… He’ll be over 30 the next time around – which is old for a striker… Let’s just hope he is a phoenix and rises again by Saturday.

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