Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Mertesacker: consistency is key

Per Mertesacker has called on his Arsenal teammates to show consistency over the coming months to stay top of the Premier League and to achieve Champions League knockout round qualification.

The BFG is confident going into tonight’s game against Dortmund, but believes achieving the right results over a longer period is crucial.

“We want to be as consistent as possible during the period until December or until the end of the year,” he said. “That will be important in order to compete with the top four or five opponents for the top position.

“We are really happy with our situation at the moment and I think we will continue to receive enough points to stay on top of the league and the Champions League as well.”

And of the clash at Westfalenstadion later on, Per believes they won’t be ‘naive’, an accusation leveled at them by Arsene Wenger following defeat the Emirates a couple of weeks ago.

“I think the team have to take their lesson but we are still good enough to compete with last year’s finalists. That’s a good thing for us so we have to keep our chins up and think we can do it.

“Both teams know that we are capable of beating each other.”

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“We are really happy with our situation at the moment and I think we will continue to receive enough points to stay on top of the league and the Champions League as well.”

Love that confidence!

A N Other

Yes, if we can against Bayern Munich then we can do the same at Dortmund as well.

But, even a point should be good enough.


Probably not right to have Gervinho in the picture if ‘consistency is key’

Dr Baptiste

But he was consistently inconsistent.


well played


Well apart from his injury he is enjoying his time at table topping Roma at the moment…i am sure he is over his mental block there.



Have you seen the way he is playing in Roma?


No but I saw the way he played for Arsenal!


fair enough, he wasn’t all that good when he played for us. but, I don’t think gervais was ever really the right guy in a team of technical passers playing against a parked bus.


Yeh lol very happy for him – hugely frustrating player but has a special talent. I feel he suits a solid team where he can shine as the major threat. At arsenal, unfortunately technically he was shown up and his talents were overlooked at times. I still feel, although we have Theo, Ox and Lukas to come back, we need to replace his trickery. We lack a devastating winger who can beat people, possibly Ben Arfa.


Just pull that face all night Big Per and Lewandowski won’t want to know.

palace gunner

Pers is one defender who reads the game, as long as afc team can keep it solid or formation i feel the team will win a draw maybe nxt fixtures are the games to win


So what Per is saying that if we keep winning our games and consistently performing we will be good.

Cant argue with the BFG there..

Not that i’d argue with the BFG in any circumstance if he had that face on him…


Ozil is due a storming game tonight – he’s only been top class for the last couple of games


Need our defense to be very alert and to take all chances that come our way.Its gonna be another cracker.A win will be sweet but a draw wouldn’t harm much either


Go on Merterception



Per is the glue that holds our defence together; such an inteligent leader.

Also loving Jenkinson’s hug in the photo, the way his head is wresting on Gervinho’s head hahaha


Jenkinson : ” gonna miss you brah”

Gerv: “i know carl, i know…”


Gerv said: “you mirin’ at my forehead”?


This is well off topic, but why is there always one(or 2) muppets who thumb down the best comments?
Fuckin pisses me off when I’m sittin here at work laughin my arse off.


I tend to gloss over the thumb images


Could be a slip of the thumb/finger/mouse, could be a spud, could be someone who disagrees with the comment.
Who cares why? If you find it funny laugh away my friend.


Are you sayin the comment from Deano “nah but I saw how he played for us” made someone UNHAPPY enough to thumb down?!?

Naija Gunner

Simply BIG FUCKING GERMAN… *music* \=D/ ! Sing along mate


A little stat:

People keep saying that we whilst we are doing good we got more points from the same fixtures last year.
Well this is true, but we have more points (25) from these fixtures than the title holders got last year (23).


No Pete , the same points taking the Palace result as the QPR result from last season.

Paul S

We got 28 points, taking Crystal Palace away as QPR away. Only one we didn’t win was Liverpool at home.

But it’s a statistical fluke. From corresponding fixtures against the same teams we took just 13 points: lost to Norwich away, lost to Swansea at home, drew with Fulham at home, drew with Sunderland at home…



Man United 2012/2013:
Won: Villa, Fulham, Sunderland, Stoke, Norwich, Crystal Palace (QPR), Liverpool
Draw: Swansea, West Brom
Lost: Spurs
W7/D2/L1 = 23 Points

Arsenal 2013/2014:
Won: Fulham, Spurs, Sunderland, Stoke, Swansea, Norwich, Crystal Palace (QPR), Liverpool
Draw: West Brom
Lost: Villa
W8/D1/L1 = 25 Points


this group of death is the best
Every game is important and against a top side it always exciting and the anticipation is high/ most years we get 2 or 4 games against top top teams we are guaranteed 6 and im confident of more. And the team is playing great. I love being a Gooner.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They missed one of his quotes. He said. “By consistency I mean that Arsenal always play well. This is not the same as Manchester United’s consistency. They have the consistency of two week old sauerkraut, and they stink like it too.”

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