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Report: Borussia Dortmund 0 – 1 Arsenal

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud

Subs: Fabianksi, Vermaelen, Monreal, Gnabry, Jenkinson, Hayden, Bendtner

Aaron Ramsey’s second half half header was enough for Arsenal to down Borussia Dortmund at the Westfalenstadion as the Gunners wrestled control of their Champions League fate against the odds. Arsene Wenger’s side were under the cosh for much of the game but stole a goal with their first attack of the game before producing a mature performance to see the game out much to the frustration of the vociferous home support.

Arsenal were unchanged from the side that beat Liverpool at the weekend, Gibbs recovering from his calf problem and the likes of Walcott, Flamini and Wilshere still sidelined.

As expected the midfield was packed very tightly from the off, each side probing only to retreat again – the sides resembled a couple of fencers warming up.

For the most part Arsenal gave as good as they got although it was the home side who had the first serious chance. A free-kick looped to the back post was accidentally headed across goal by Ramsey before defender Neven Subotic hooked a scruffy effort just past the post.

Rosicky, Cazorla and Ozil did their best to wriggle themselves free of the attention of their Dortmund counterparts but often only had the isolated Giroud to aim for. You wondered how the Germans might have countered the pace of Theo Walcott.

Arteta went into the book on 22 minutes for a blatant shirt tug and obviously had the yellow on his mind when he allowed Reus to race towards the box unchallenged seven minutes; luckily Mertesacker put him right with a challenge befitting the biggest of fucking Germans.

When the Spaniard was unfairly penalised for a challenge on Henrikh Mkhitaryan just moments later, he threatened to pull his hair out in frustration…although we know of course, that’s not actually humanly possible.

Mkhitaryan continued to cause mischief as half-time drew closer but squandered a great chance to break the deadlock putting his effort from the edge of the box wide of Szczesny’s left-hand post.

At the break Arsenal hadn’t had a shot on target but it didn’t really feel like either side were that fussed about scoring.

Dortmund came out all guns blazing in the second half and helped by the pernickety Dutch ref forged a host of early chances.

Bender crossed for Reus who forced a decent diving save from Szczesny, Mkhitaryan fired over from long range before Reus had an effort ruled out correctly for offside as he netted on the rebound after a Błaszczykowski low drive was parried by our Pole in goal. The Germans even had a second effort ruled out for offside as the hour mark ticked past as the pressure continued to build.

Amazingly, out of the blue, we scored with our first chance. Rosicky gave the ball away in midfield, luckily got it back, quickly fed the ball wide to Ozil who in turn curled a cross onto the head of Giroud inside the box.  The Frenchman’s knockdown was met by the on-charging Ramsey (who else?) who nudged the ball past a stranded Weidenfeller with his head.

Within three minutes Ramsey came ever so close to doubling the lead latching onto a Giroud cross and arrowing a shot goalwards on the bounce. Only a slight deflection off Weidenfeller saw the ball go wide. Giroud nearly scored from the resulting corner, his slid effort cleared off the line before Mertesacker twice came close with his head.

Attack continued to prove the best form of defence as we forced the home side onto the back foot with some fine passing in the final third. It seemed to rattle Jurgen Klopp’s men and indeed the crowd as the travelling Gooners found a brief moment to drown out their vocal peers in the terraces.

With 15 minutes left both sides made changes, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Jonas Hoffmann coming on for Bender and Błaszczykowski and Nacho Monreal replacing Cazorla.

Weidenfeller completely misjudged an Ozil free-kick and went straight through Laurent Koscielny. The Frenchman lay in agony holding his ribs and needed a couple of minutes treatment as we began looking to the clock. There were ten minutes left when he returned to proceedings.

Ozil, Giroud and Ramsey all defended valiantly from the front, chasing down lost causes and pressuring the Dortmund defenders into poor passes while Rosicky encapsulated the team’s efforts with a fantastic rabble-rousing sliding challenge on Lewandowski in the centre of the park. It was body on the line stuff and it was delicious. The Czech was replaced in injury-time by Thomas Vermaelen while Nicklas Bendtner also got minutes for the fatigued Giroud.

Four minutes of injury-time were as tense as any in recent memory but the boys held strong for a fantastic three points. We return to joint top of Group F with Napoli knowing a win against Marseille will more or less see us secure safe passage to the knockout stages.

Fantastic stuff.

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I fucking love Arsenal.


Theres only one Aaron Ramsey….


It is 5.45 am here. Sleep 2 more hours and go for work


Next hunt: manure. Coyg


Please, sagna new contract please

Remember the invincibles

Aaron Ramsey. He scores when he wants!


Don’t know about you, but I think it was a tactical masterstroke of Wenger’s to bring in Lance Armstrong as Rambo’s personal trainer for the season…


Blogs you should do a piece on Rambo. Specifically exorcise the demons about how (a lot of) Arsenal fans were slaughtering him last season and how, simply, he shut every single cunt up, including me.



coz there seemed to be about 6 of em playing in Dortmund tonight…


Mertesaker – Man of the Match for me… He was on fire… He was the Towering Inferno…


If Özil had Ramsey’s strength… What am I even trying to say?


Ramsey is not the welsh messi. messi is the argentinian Ramsey.

He plays for the Arsenal. Aaron fucking Ramsey plays for the Arsenal!!!!!!!!!….


God bless Ramsey. And while at that continue giving Rosicky good health. I used to like you Lewandowsky but not anymore!!!




Robert Lewandiveski


Agreed. In the first few minutes, I was thinking this is a guy we could work with.

Now after that performance, he can just Fuck right off.


props to rosicky…so much energy

jack jack jack

Heroic, historic, fucking fantastic win. The back four were immense! Rosicky was a beast! Fucking love it.


Is supporting Arsenal meant to be so bad for the health?

Seriously, that was a real street fight tonight. In many ways we have just done to them, what they did to us a couple of weeks back.

I’m just so glad that its the group stages, otherwise like last year, we would have: gone away against a really good German side, won, broken loads of records…..and gone out on away goals.


remember folks – as the pundits keep telling us, it’s a fluke, and we still haven’t played any good teams yet!!!


Some stupid pundit said after the Liverpoo match that we haven’t yet played a team above us in the standings. What the smeg team would that be? The one in zero-th place?

Unyoke the Ox

Ha! Liverpoo.


coz we hadn’t played against the Arsenal yet.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Rosicky should be playing every fucking game, and i wouldn’t mind some of that thing he’s taking

aussie gooner

Can’t get enough of watching Rosicky play. tackling, running , creating , hassling.

and on that note, can’t get enough of watching the whole team play.


Guys when’s this downward spiral going to end?



Please don’t let it end!

Remember the invincibles

The day Arsene Wenger decides to call it a day. This ‘downward spiral’ might end. Champions league away performance Straight out of the Sir Arsene Wenger coaching manual.


I believe it was a “negative spiral” that we were in.


Andres Villas-Boas on Arsenal, March 3, 2013: “They are on a downward spiral in terms of results and we are on an upwards spiral. It is extremely difficult to get out of that negative spiral.”

Arsenal’s results in all competitions since March 3, 2013:


That’s 23 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses.

I can’t wait for our upward spiral to begin so we can get better than that!

Double Canister



victory in dortmund!!


The only away team that won today, unbeaten away from home since march in ALL competitions and marching on to rape VA=GI=NA on Sunday.

Camberwell Carrot

If you speak like that in real life you must be a right twat


I see my comments were a little sensitive to some fellow fans and I sincerely apologize. I obviously meant VAn Persie GIggs and NAni on sunday not you know…


Fear The Arsenal


Underrate Arsenal at your own risk COYG!!!!!


Revenge, we got it!!

jack jack jack

You come to our place and snatch a win, you better fucking watch out when we come back to yours, because we’re the best team in the world when our pride’s been damaged. Much love to our wonderful away fans. And watch out Mancs, we’re coming for you, you soap-dodging bastards!


Oh take it easy, we were well outplayed for most of the match, but did display a level of maturity to hold onto the win. Dortmund are a fantastic side, they played as a team when closing down and when attacking, they could anticipate each others runs and seemed to take the ball from us with consummate ease. I give a lot of credit for this to Klopp, his team does not play so well by accident. We had no answer during the first half and for most of the second until we scored. Our play looked rushed and we… Read more »


We were lucky in the sense that our bad luck had evaded us. So, was it lucky? Was it, punk?


they didnt deserved to win the match at the Emirates either, well its payback i say

jack jack jack

I agree to some extent. They were much the better team for 60 minutes, but you can’t keep up that kind of pressing for a whole match. After the goal, we came alive, they faded, and we looked the better team for the last 30. Our defence were brilliant and we weathered the storm when we had to, then we saw out the game solidly and maturely. A textbook Champions’ League away performance and a great result.


Yeah yeah, it’s always just lucky that Arsenal needs only one chance to score, no matter that it happens 15 games in a row…


No real arsenal fan would say such things. Just my opinion


I never get this kind of negativity. We edge possession, we only allow them 3 shots on target in 94 minutes. Both sides passing stats show how much of a fight it was to do anything in midfield.

Within 10 minutes you could see the plan was to be solid, not concede and nick a goal if we could. The plan working somehow is luck?

The main luck I saw was them finishing the game with 11 men.

Unyoke the Ox

We’ve been on the other side of that many times and lost. The fact is that we needed to win, gritted our teeth, defended well and did what we had to. That’s what good teams do, win when they’re not having the best day.


ramsey i lovee yuuu


Fuckin amazing! Heroes every single one of em.

Up there with our best ever European nights.


It reminded me of the win over Parma in the CWC Final, but that may have just been due to Alan Smith commentating.


speaking of European nights, is there football at the Lane tomorrow?

#ThursdayNightFootballAtTheLane #FOYS


yub, they are up against the mighty Sheriff, might be worth watching.

No it won’t


Yes, of a sort, there is. Whereas we just had to make do with playing Borussia Dortmund, they get to entertain Sheriff Tiraspol from Buttfuck Nowhere.

Oh well, if you’re so small-minded you issue mugs for every win, I guess you have to take any ray of sunshine you can find.

Arsene nose

I fucking Love Arsenal.. God.. Am in tears

Wesley Sniper



Yep. But with only one english player on the pitch, sadly.


One more than them


and 2 on the bench, and 3 more that would have been there except for injury….

And Ramsey (who is close enough as far as I am concerned).


Oh for fucks sake who the fuck cares?


Our other 3 were injured. What can you do? Ah, spend 20mil on Henderson and 35mil on Carroll … solved.


You forgot one…

Wengers spare change

This year we played Bayern and Dortmond in their own back yard(champions league winners and runners up) and beat both of them,with complete shut outs.scored three conceded none…pure class.On our day we can beat anybody.Bring on Man utd.Well done lads keep it up…..Ramsey my good man,you sir are an absolute legend.


since Manure 49 years ago, apparently. But who gives a shit?! What a fucking match and on my birthday as well! COYG!!!!!


Happy birthday!




Smash and grab.


Nah. I thought we were better than that. Came right back into the game after the goal. Don’t think we rode our luck by any stretch of the imagination either – fantastic at the back and hassled and harried brilliantly and as such, Rocky gets my MOTM.

Wengers spare change

I know , absolutely love.I would take smash and grabs all day if it ends in trophys.It is ironic, we get a smash and grab.it used to be the other way around but now our defense is so solid.mertisacker and kos are animals in defence.


Get fuckin IN!!!

RVP, Shrek. You’re next!


ManUre ManUre whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?!!


That is how you smash and grab Dortmund.


Borussia Dortmund: You come to my house?! My House!
Arsenal: Yeeeeeaaaaaahh Bwwwwoooooooy!

Mate Kiddleton

Mertesacker 10/10 – one of the most commanding centre-back performances I’ve ever seen

He was outstanding. One of the best performances I’ve seen. Joachim Leow would’ve been pleased. 😛

Double Canister

4 cm away from a goal too.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

If only our BFG was a mere 4 centimetres taller it’d have been 2-0!


How the f*** did we not get a penalty? Oh, wait, we won. ARSENAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Ramsey for Ballon D’Or.


Lewandowski for Fallon D’Floor.




Barn D’or


top top quality


So we’ve beaten Champions league winners and finalists in a calendar year? Not too shabby. 😀
Love you Rambo, all of you boys !

A Yank

Clean sheets no less. Woot!


and both of them away!


Both of them away, no less.


Next target Rooney’s Arse, with a picture of Red Nose on it.


Fuck yes.


What a night what a team hell week my arse!


That was an amazing defensive performance!


Yeah, we’re the first team in 60 games not to consede at Dortmund. 60!


Stop Ramsey!!!! Just stop it!!!



I’m starting to believe in an Arsenal team again! COYG!

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

“Starting”? Well, perhaps you can confer with the MOTD lot and decide at which point *exactly* it’s OK to fully believe in the Arsenal, then you’ll have caught up with the rest of us Gooners who already support and believe in our team 100%


Great win and mature performance

Raghib Ali

85th minute in the game, Dortmund bringing the ball forward in hope of a goal, Giroud runs his ass off and makes a tackle to stop their attack. That is what makes him special.

Wengers spare change

Mertesackers tackle on reus had to be a foul it was not possible to win the ball,then I saw the replay and I thought ,mertesacker you are not human you are a cybernetic organism.What a tackle. To see arteta lose his rag over a foul given against him was priceless,it was a perfect tackle and to see the passion,drive and total competitiveness if that’s a word was exactly what you want to see from your capitan.total warrior.


There was a moment when even Ozil cleared inside 10 yards area just when they were about to take a shot. A very matured performance from all.


Our team really is special !! COYG


We’ll see what this Arsenal are made of when they play the top teams – until then…..

Watching Hansen? Watching Shearer?


Yes, but can we cut it on a cold, rainy, tuesday evening at Stoke?


Yes We Can. We are the Arsenal!


Top teams? We have to wait for the Manchester City game to see a top team.
On Sunday we go to the Old Toilet to meet baconface’s championship lookalikes.
Up The Arsenal!


But we play a top team – Southampton – after them. I guess that will be the acid test.


I thought Match of the Day said we were going to lose all these matches 🙂


They did. but seeing as MOTD pundits are a bunch of bland, nepotistic, tight-shirt-wearing fuckwads, I think we can ignore their opinion. I am more likely to get key insight on Arsenal from when I plunge my finger in my bellybutton and have a good old rake around for pant-fluff. Plus it smells (slightly) better than the shit that comes out of the mouths of Lineker et al.

Well played tonight, lads!


Revenge is so fucking sweet!


That was possibly the most tense thing I have experienced in my life haha
It is 8:38am
I am sitting at my desk, hiding behind my hands watching the Arseblog live feed drip through 30-40 seconds at a time.

Gutted I couldn’t watch this but I have it taped and will sit down with a beer or 8 tonight and relive the magic.

Great win, love this shit!


did the same from work ^^


we turned over dortmund. fuck you hansen, carragher et al…

Eric Irish gunner

1-0 to the Arsenal, great team performance, the BGF was excellent, well done lads and fans great again, bring on the mancs


Another arseblog classic: cuntblister

It seems every liveblog these days gives me a new favourite word!


Wankhammer is my buzzword for the day haha

Eric Irish gunner

That might make the arsenal haters fucking take notice the cunts


While that may be true, to be honest I really don’t give a Shit any more.

Any compliments we could get would be through clenched teeth and as if they had a gun to their heads.

As far as the pundits go, I’d like nothing better than to rub their noses in every Journalistic turd they have crapped out about us over the last few years, it would feel far more satisfying doing it with a trophy in the other hand.

The longer they keep underestimating us, the better off we are.


Massive win! Massive three points! Proud of this team! Once we scored, deep inside,I felt confident that we see the game out without conceding. This is the new Arsenal


i dont know why anyone is surprised. We’ve had the capability to do this for the last five years but the players didnt work hard enough. People always talked about Arsenal needing 3 or 4 world class players. Well Arsene bought koscilny, Mertersacker, Sagna, Rosicky, Cazorla, Giroud and sprinkled some world class magic on them. So now he’s got at least 11 of them

Remember the invincibles

It’s like watching orchestrate Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi.
Ok. I can’t deny that would’ve been heavenly. However, COYG.

Watching Mozart orchestrate…..


It was like watching guns n roses beating up Mozart until Bach smacked them round with a giant cello

Double Canister

you used to have the name tag “….cause were not that good anymore”

what’s changed?


Was today similar to what happened at emirates where arsenal was better and lost the game..

Was dortmund better than arsenal today


No way. Most of the other things being equal, they didn’t had even one clear-cut chance after scoring their first goal, whereas Arsenal had how many? Four?

Can't hold his ale

I used to have a vague affection for Dortmund because of their over achieving and beating the behemoth that is Bayern, but now I can’t help but to think that they’re all just cheating wankers. Maybe that’s because they’re all cheating wankers.

I was also slightly guilty of the Klopp love-in, but fuck Dortmund, fuck them all.

I guess the moral of this story is that it’s probably better just to blindly hate every other club. The good old fashioned way.

1-0 to the Arsenal!


lewandowski is one pesky cunt


How the fuck is Rosiky 33 already?!!!

Arsene's Jacket

time flies when your having fun

Gareth Murray

I am right in thinking that 12 points still might not be enough in this group? Persuming Dortmund win their last 2 games and we beat Marseilles, if Napoli beat us 3.0 in Naples, then we’d be out.

Perish the thought.


Beaten? Away? 3-0? This team? Never.


Theoretically, three teams could all end up on 12 points. I don’t know what the first tiebreaker would be then. If, say, Dortmund hammers Napoli at home by a 3-0, and we put Marseille to the sword, I would say the goal differential (whether overall or in the mini-group) would see us through.

Gareth Murray

The first tie-breaker is head to head aggregate scores. Dortmunds is better than ours and if they beat Napoli 1-0 they’d have the best head to head. The 2nd tie-breaker is goal difference, then goals scored, then a wankathon.


And what about napoli to nicked a draw in Germany and we win home against marsaile and win the 1st spot and take a breather in the last game we deserved that !

Wengers spare change

Napoli already played in Germany and won.


According to the rules, its points, then mini-league taking Marseilles away.

We’d all be on 6 points, so next it goes to goal difference.

Currently we are +2, Dortmund +1, Napoli -1.

If Dortmund beat Napoli (which they need to, to get 12 points), Napoli would need to beat us by 4 clear goals to qualify (and send us out). Better for us, its in Dortmund’s interest to utterly hammer Napoli as its their best chance to win the group.


Sorry, posted before finishing.

Basically, every net goal Dortmund score ups their goal difference, and means one more Napoli have to score against us to avoid the Thursday cup after Christmas.

Dortmund beat them 3-0 and they’d need 6 against us.

Needless to say, anyone dropping points is buggered.


As of now, Arsenal are +2, Dortmund is -1(not +1) and Napoli is -1. If Dortmund beats Napoli 1-0, Napoli has to win atleast by a two goal margin against Arsenal to even be in contention.(Which might make it easier for us to win as they have to go broke in the last game) and if Napoli indeed wins 2-0, then all 3 teams will be tied with 0 GD, so if it comes out to who has a better goal difference in the group which makes it all the more important to win good against Marseille at home. Win… Read more »


Bollocks, its too late to add up properly. Forgot the 2 for 1 shift playing Napoli.

If GD is the same its onto the ever more convoluted system of goals scored, away goals etc.

Best thing is if all else fails, we win the group by default as we are plain better then them — The final tiebreaker is Club coefficient.


First tie-breaker is head-to-head (only games between tied teams count), so we would still be level on points after excluding Marseille, then goal difference will split the group up at that stage. If all three were still tied, it goes to GD overall, before finally goals scored.


Which one:
Arsenal Philharmonic Orchestra
Arsenal Symphony Orchestra

or frenchified for Monsieur Wenger

Orchestre Philharmonique de Arsenal
Orchestre Symphonique de Arsenal

I think I’ll just stick with THE Arsenal!!!


I say ,that Lewandowski chap is a bit of a cunt.
Great result!


I can’t quite believe what I have just seen.

A tactically brilliant game plan from Wenger, and a brilliant performance from the team.

This only thing I wish had happened…Arsene gave that cheeky E droppin’ cock Klopp a high five at the end..


Brilliant brilliant BRILLIANT!!!

Dick Swiveller

Nah, that can’t be right.

Wenger can’t do tactics, everyone keeps saying so; must have been a mirage.


Too bad Marseille couldn’t hold on against Napoli. Else we would only have needed a win against them at home to qualify.

Eric Irish gunner

Listening to Jonny Giles on rte Irish station and the cunt won’t give us credit the old bastard


Never forgiven us for 71

champions league winner's 2014!

West “fallen” stadion! 😛

Dick Law

99 problems but Arsenal ain’t one.

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