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Zelalem looking to follow in Götze’s footsteps

Gedion Zelalem says Arsene Wenger’s philosophy of giving young players a chance in the first team was a key reason behind his move to Arsenal and says he’s now looking to follow Mario Götze’s path to the German national team.

Still only 16-years-old the midfielder, who signed in January having been scouted by ex-Gunner Danny Karbassiyoon in America, has followed in the foot-steps of Jack Wilshere and Cesc Fabregas by earning a quick promotion to first team status following a series of eye-catching performances on the pre-season tour of Asia.

“Arsène Wenger gives young players a chance,” Zelalem told the German FA’s website when asked about life in London.

“And if he gives it to you, then you must also use it. He was the reason for me to go to Arsenal.

“I have often trained [with the first team] but an injury set me back a bit, although I’m back on track now.”

Having being selected to play for Germany at under-17 level the teenager, who has Ethiopian heritage, also spoke of his pride at following in the footsteps of some of the biggest names in world football; including one of his teammates.

“I’m very happy to be here [with the German under-17 team]. It’s a dream come true. When we were young, we all wanted to play for the German national team and to be like Mario Götze who for many years played at youth level before making the step up to the top level.

“All the players in the national team are role models for me. We’re working very hard to make it to their level. I also really like Mesut  Özil, who I know at Arsenal.

“We [Arsenal’s gang of Germans] regularly see each other in the gym. We all speak German with each other and it’s nice to see them and share these things.”

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Gunner pundit

First comment


^^ Nob Comment^^

dink arnold

I can’t tell if you’re trying to say knob or noob. I gave you a thumbs up because both are quite accurate.


It’s a shame were out of the COC. I really wanted to see more of this guy this season. Hard to imagine him even making the bench in the league this season when we have sooo many that can play CAM.
We need more promising wide players, with Serge on the right, discounting Ryo. Who’s gunna fill Podolskis slot?


Hopefully Stephan El Shaarawy or Ezequiel Lavezzi!

Jack's Right Foot

Didn’t El Shaarawy just have a 6 month period of amazing form about 18 months – 2 years ago and now can’t do anything right? I might be wrong.

And the day we get Lavezzi is the day we get someone like Ozil or something ridiculous. Oh…


I think either of them would be great additions. El Shaarawy will blatantly find his form again and Lavezzi is wasted at PSG so there is a chance they might let him go if a decent offer comes in.


What are you guys talking about?!!! EL SHAARAWY is injured!!


@konkogin Correct, El Shaarawy is out at the moment with a fractured toe. His form did drop around when Balotelli joined Milan (no surprise really!) but there’s no doubt he’s seriously talented.

Wenger clearly likes him too!

“El Shaarawy is a very mobile, very technical young player. His philosophy fits perfectly with mine.”

“You never know. I just say I love the way he plays.”



why discounting ryo ??


Because he has yet to put in one decent performance in an Arsenal shirt, kid looks lost. I hope he turns it around, I hope Im wrong.


Yet we’ve learnt nothing from the progress of Ramsey….


Comparing Ryo to Ramsey is ridiculous. Ramsey showed incredible promise before the injury. People just have terrible memories and immediately got on his back as soon as he struggled.

Ryo hasn’t really done much at all. I’m rooting for him though.


fingers crossed for a lot of injuries in CAM position, then we could maybe see Gedion in action!!!


Are you mad?


That’s like hoping your parents are killed so you can get your ten pounds a week orphan benefit.

Master Bates


or like hoping your parents get killed so you can become Batman…hmmmm tempting


Who’s this dunce?!

Jack's Right Foot

Am I the only person who thinks he looks like some legendary royal prince?

But yeah, football. If he could be our Gotze we would be unplayable.


Goddamn that pass was so good during preseason. it should have like its own name. you know the way we have names like “golazo” “scorpion” etc.

“Messi pulls off an outrgaeous zelalem pass to find his teammate” that kind of thing….yeah

slow day…..interlull etc ABC…

legend of rosicky

just don’t jump ships like goetze…..!u gona be a beast here!!!


Zela-la-lem do doo do do!

Hoosier Gunner

I just hope he doesn’t literally follow in the footsteps of Götze and join Munich. I hope to see him become as successful as Cesc, if not more and be here for a number of years. Legend in the making? There’s always a chance and hope.


Please please please stop comparing him to Cesc. Let Zelalem be Zelalem. They aren’t the same player. Just both were brilliant at a young age.


Boy in three years time, when he’s a regular first teamer, the talent from Munich will be queuing to pony up with the Arsenal ;•)


At the age of 18 I have just realised that I have reached the point where arsenal first team players are younger than me. Should probably give up hope of playing for Arsenal. Having said that Zelalem speaks very maturely for his age.


haha mate I’m turing 28 in just under two weeks and I haven’t given up hope yet…


Personally, being now 40, I’m still holding out for that reserve keeper spot.


I am 58 and officially gave up 2 years ago when I had the knee replacement.




My age doesn’t matter; but I gave up hope after my first game.


Don’t give up hope mate, Ian Wright Wright Wright was a late bloomer, with little to no previous professional experience.

I’m a 21 year old, I smoke and drink occasionally, have only ever played U-15’s semi professionally, yet I still put on that Arsenal shirt, stand in front of the mirror and pretend in my head that I’m giving a speech about how I’ll always stay at Arsenal after my promising first season scoring 30+ goals.

….fuck this fucking interlull.

Naija Gunner

They all speak “German” in the gym, love that statement.
We are one big happy family. COYG!

Gunner pundit

15th comment


What makes him eligible to play for germany if he has ethiopian heritage was scouted in america and plays in the uk?


Born in Germany.


I can’t believe you asked that.


given this is entirely on-topic, doesn’t Germany have a requirement for some sort of blood-relation also being German? Anyone born in america is american, but I was under the impression that even non-German people born in Germany needed to undergo some form of immigration/nationalization.


Maybe he had a bratwurst once?


His name must have been Gideon, mispelt Gedion. Must be my namesake.


The Germanic Abysinnian with a Southern American accent… I turned 19 today and I can’t fucking believe that he is only 16 and good enough to train with the first team.

His name itself is amazing. His style reminds me a lot of Cesc…. Cesc is still only 26…… Fuck me he’s been around for EVER… But yeah Zelalem will hopefully become an Arsenal legend. He has everything technically and he gas rye perfect place to perfect his game. His body just needs to mature and he will be ready.


He ^has the
Not gas rye.
Fucking iPhone


Can’t believe this kid is still making headlines when he’s hardly got a year playing for Arsenal, with no first team appearance. That being said, anyone thinks its been strange how Gnarbry was demoted after scoring against Stoke (or whoever they are). He’s been the only player with something different to offer in the current squad (with all the injuries that is)


Come on lad, u can do it!


that pass he made in pre season
fuck me, don’t even think csec would see that one


Lans – Which pass may that be


Think he has got to be patient this year and settle for sub appearances. No doubt Zelalem has got talent with a great defence splitting pass in his game but we are spoilt in that position. Would be nice if he were a regular in a successful Arsenal side over the next few seasons and to see the so called second coming in Adnan whats his name disappear into the wilderness.


First time i see that blogs mentioned Ethiopia…Goosebumps !!!

Jay ozil

Baby Beast


Shame he’s not in fifa 14


Koscienly channeled Inner zidane today and did a certain ukrane player. i hope to god they make it to the W C finals….

Sagna, my olly, kozzer need to be playing at the world cup. i mean england will be there but we all know how that ends not with cleverly, fatfrank and co!


He got to bulk up a bit.

Simon kavax

Right time to compare him to Cesc ………. Cos he begin at the same level . Next reason he will be our regulary first teamer


This kid is overrated.


So I am guessing that my hopes of Zelalem being a US international are over?


Do Arsenal really need El-Sharaawy? With Walcott, Podolski, The Ox, and Gnabry we seem pretty stacked out wide. That’s not even including Cazorla and Rosicky who have shown to be very effective on the wings as well.

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