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Arsenal 1-1 Everton: By the Numbers

Arsenal v. Everton first half:
Possession: 38-62%
Territory: 52-48%
Final 1/3 passes completed: 54-55
Shots in prime areas*: 1-0
Tackles: 15-7
Clearances: 10-10
Interceptions: 16-11
Dribbles: 2-5
Fouls: 6-7

Arsenal v. Everton full time:
Possession: 44-56%
Territory: 52.5-47.5%
Final 1/3 passes completed: 125-91
Shots in prime areas: 4-0
Shots from mid range: 5-7
Shots from outside: 2-5
Goals from prime areas: 1-0
Goals from mid range: 0-1
Goals from distance: 0-0
What that looks like visually:
Arsenal shots v. Everton


Photo2 (4)
(via 442 StatsZone app powered by Öpta)

Tackles: 20/21-14/24
Dribbles: 10/19-9/17
Clearances: 28-27
Interceptions: 24-18
Fouls: 13-11
Yellow cards: 0-4

Top performers:

Koscielny –

8 – Interceptions¹
11 – Ball recoveries (2nd most of all players)
2 – Tackles
2 – Blocks¹
9 – Clearances¹ (tied with Sylvain Distin)
1 – Key pass
0 – Shots Lukaku got on target
0 – Shots Lukaku got off in Prime positions
2 – Shots Lukaku took from deep
1 – Massive pocket he kept Lukaku in

Szczesny – 

2 – Crucial saves/blocks/whatever you want to call them
534 – Minutes he had gone for club and country without conceding a goal until Deulofeu’s wonder strike


1 – Goals scored after Giroud was fouled from behind by Jagielka
1 – Shots
1 – Shots on goal
24 – Passes in the Everton final third¹
1 – Passes in the defensive third
11 – Most common pass combination for Arsenal between Ramsey and Özil
3 – Successful dribbles (of 4)¹
3 – Number of times Howard Webb judged he was fouled
3 – Number of clearances he made (was only credited for 1 but those two “passes” early in the match were clearances)

Ross Barkley –

3 – Shots²
46 – Passes
17 – Passes in the Arsenal final 1/3²
3 – Chances created for teammates¹
3 – Successful dribbles (of 4)¹
3 – Ball recoveries in the Arsenal half
5 – Number of times Howard Webb judged he was fouled¹

Gareth Barry – 

0 – People who ever pegged Barry as a “top performer”


¹Lead all players
²Lead just his team

*Prime areas as defined by me is a T from the six-yard box to the penalty spot. Penalties count as prime shots.

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Good match. Very close. But we should be winning at home.


Still five points ahead of Chelsea. That must be said.


And 13 ahead of the little boy.

Can't hold his ale

I think Tim Howard had a great game as well, smothered multiple chances from us, quick off his line.


13 – points van cunt is behind us
9 – points van cunt is ahead of the relegation zone


An even game overall,but should’ve closed it up after our goal. Still 5 points clear though.


suarez & cabaye in january.

Dr. Gooner

Where do you want to play Cabaye? How would he improve us? Would you start him instead of Wilshere or Ramsey?


Not in Jan but for a summer purchase I can see Cabaye as an eventual replacement for perma crock Diaby and Rosicky who ain’t getting any younger.

Black Hei

Cabaye sounds like a very logical buy, why the thumbs down?

Dr. Gooner

Thumbs down because it’s NOT very logical. For CM he’s competing with Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox when he comes back. For AM he’s competing with Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott, Ozil, Rosicky. Unless he’s signed as a replacement for somebody I really don’t see how he fits in.


Cabaye will be a replacement for Arteta/back-up for Ramsey. If we are willing to let go of Mikel, then Cabaye should fit right in. Otherwise, we will be wasting one of Mikel/Cabaye on the bench a la Chelsea.

Remember the invincibles

How about signing the kid deulofeu?


Yah cabaye would fit in nicely between Nacho and Bendtner there…..on that bench.

We should just sign Suarez and win the treble.

Dr. Gooner

Some goals you can’t prevent, and the Barca loanee’s strike was one such. Short backlift from a tight-ish angle you never see players shoot from when they are being faced up by a defender. Nobody expected that and he hit it so sweetly… suffice it to say, it highlights the importance of efficient finishing. We needed to score more than one goal to be sure of winning, and we passed up more than our fair share of presentable opportunities. Everton gave a stunning performance by the way, I’d estimate close to 100% of their maximum potential. So it’s a real… Read more »


well no, the goal could have been avoided if not for the over reliance of Gibbs to get bailed out by his keeper or other defenders, it happened against norwich and again Dortmund at home as far as I remember, he doesn’t close properly

Dr. Gooner

I disagree, Gibbs was in position and showing D to the goal line. I don’t think looking back at that that you could pinpoint a mistake. Where was the mistake?


I agree, he gave more space space and time for that kid to shot. i believe he could have done better. Maybe time for a rest and give Monreal some game time to help sharpen him.

Arsene's zip

Gareth Barry = Dean Gaffney

Zim Gunner

I do not think we can really fault Gibbs for Everton’s goal. Had he been too tight, that barca kid would have released it to the overlapping runner. I think that is why Gibbs hesitated besides it,was a semi- wonderstrike


Yeah, if anything Rosicky should have taken the man on the ball, with Gibbs tracking the run. And Jenks could have closed the cross down sooner.

But honestly, I don’t think it was a defensive error. Just a quality goal. They happen.


Our new “no possession” football style is awful… I have warned you many times about that. There is no pressing at all. We are at home and we concede so much possession?! That’s shameful. How can we explain such an evolution? Last season, and for many seasons before, we were the best in the league in terms of possession. Now, we are the weakest of the “great” teams (less possession than Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Southampton, Swansea, Manchester City, Tottenham)! Why? Why did Wenger accept to change his style of play? We will lose against City and Chelsea if we play… Read more »


So awful we’re top of the table.


I personally love it. It’s not a “no possession” strategy, but a “defend in depth, then counter quickly strategy,” with bits of possession here and there.

Lovely to watch if you ask me.

Mate Kiddleton

Always thought Ross Barkley was a very good player


loads of stupidity on most message boards and facebook statuses after a very good match…here are the exact statement from Per metasacker on the Arsenal Website. “I think that was the toughest game we have been through the whole season,” he said. “They pressed us high up, all the way through from the start until the end.

“We couldn’t play that much and in the second half everything was possible on both sides, with chances here and there so I think it was a fair result.


Hey mate, what is it your doing on that picture?


There is a weakness in Gibbs’ blocking technique. There is no way he should be able to get shot past him when he is that close and this is not first time it has happened. If it was Kos it would not have been goal.

emir of emirates

please let the lid Gibbs be….he did quite well considering Evertons strong play comes from the flanks..twas a nice match…Everton is quite someyhing this season…Martinez>Moyes

devil's advocate

Roberto Martinez – the next Arsenal manager.


i think we had the chance of leading that game had we gat suarez as our main man but unluckily we had giroud jst diving like a defender in all our two keeper to beat chances .hope wenger gets us a quality striker who’ll use every chance of the game from our quality midfielders

gooners n roses

I wonder if u have some spare times, cpuld you tabulate stats to compare the current best 4 offensive team? Like the number on key passes, prime shots, cleae cut chances etc. Reason being while i think we have become more efficient in front of goal, i thought the clear cut chances are not that many compared to likes of Mancity / Liverpool. Thanks!


Gibbs was closet to the kid and Rosicky wasn’t. It is indeed a trait of Gibbs he allows relatively (say to Sagna, even Monreal) more crosses and shots in without blocking them. Most hadn’t done any harm but this one did unfortunately. Not saying Gibbs did poorly; it’s just his style of defending as a LB. If you look at Monreal he usually get tight in those prime spots. Watch it again (it hurts….) and see that when the kid moved to create a half yard Gibbs did not respond and leave that gap. No reason why he couldn’t move… Read more »

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