Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Podolski glad to be back as Ramsey sweat continues

Lukas Podolski says he’s delighted to be back in action for Arsenal after the longest spell he’s ever spent on the sidelines through injury.

The German hashtag specialist spent 4 months out after tearing his hamstring to bits against Fenerbahce, and admitted the time on the sidelines has been frustrating.

“I have been out for a long time, four months, so it was not easy,” he said. “I have never had a muscle injury before so it was a new experience. It was a hamstring injury and they take a long time.

“Every morning you come in, you have treatment, you work hard to get fit while the others are working outside. It is not easy for the head.

“When you sit on the bench or on the couch at home, it is not easy to watch. You don’t have the feeling with the team and in the dressing room. But that is the way it is in football, so I am all the more happy to be back.”

His return comes at a welcome time for the Gunners. He replaced Aaron Ramsey against West Ham and there are fears that the Welshman could be out for a month with a thigh strain.

Arsenal are yet to make public the results of the scan he received, but fingers crossed Poldi can fill that goalscoring gap until Ramsey is fit again.

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Gnabrys gonads

Love poldis wizards wand left foot wundervar


When Flamini signed Arteta went off with a calf strain.
When Ozil came santi went off with an ankle injury
When Rosicky came back after the injury at the internationals, wilshere inflammed his ankle and was out again.
So Poldi returns, Ramsey is off with a thigh strain/injury

Errr Chambo should be back shortly….

Diaby's hamstring

When Diaby gets back… oh shit.


When diaby comes back….diaby goes back.

Harry Shambles

who knows? It’s not beyon thr eal of possibility that


Poldi showed real passion coming back into the team. Mighty goal to top that off.

Hank Scorpio

We’ve got our share of injury but unlike seasons past, we can cover most positions now. A welcome position to be in.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Poldi, Santi and Theo, 3 of our best players last season and major goal/assist provider, just starting their season now, our title rivals should be afraid, they should be very afraid.


I am absolutely sick of this from Wenger. I will ask one more time… WHERE THE FUCK IS CHU YOUNG ‘GOALS’ PARK? He goes from Korean national hero to struggling to get into the U11s at Arsenal! I mean seriously we’re playing this fucking Perry Groves muppet up front ahead of him? WHY WENGER? Until you stop this madness Wenger and reinstate Parky to the starting line up then I refuse to spend my well earned ducats watching the Woolwich Arsenal. That is all I have to say on the matter so goodbye Arseblogians, or as my idol Park Chu… Read more »


I am from Antigua and Barbuda and i too think wenger should sign a striker from this country and play him regardless of how dire he is. he should play! i mean he is from my country. Mr. Wenga u hear?! sign and play Mr. Carlos Mazibuko!


Esquire, I am not acquainted with this Carlos Mazibuko that you speak of? I am however a HUGE fan of Gayson Gregory of Antigua Barracuda FC- him and Parky up front would be unstoppable. Make it happen Wenger!


Also to clarify I am not Korean; I am born and bred North London I merely speak Korean fluently along with eighteen other dialects. Now, good day my fellow Arsebloggian.


doh i am also not from barbuda…Anyway Park is about as useful infront of goal as Owen is to punditry so i advice you to stop advocating for this lost cause. Wenger will play Ramsey there before he even looks at Chu-young who? This was a bizzare signing tbh and along any managers’ career he will make1 or 2 of those…




Sorry Park didn’t work out, but if it were Wenger’s failure to recognize his talent, surely he’d have been transferred by now.

On the plus side… Son Heung-Min! No, really: Son Heung-Min! He’s the Korean version of Michael Jordan combined with Indiana Jones with a dash of Chuck Norris.


fuck off then ya muppet!!!

Mate Kiddleton

If it’s goalscoring Poldi needs to fill in for, you couldn’t have picked a better candidate. Some of the chances he gets I wouldn’t even call half-chances, and he just buries them like it was a simple tap-in.

Gooner Dave


Infidel Castro

Its all well and good being the clubs most natural finisher but Poldolski still has some work to do if he wants to become our main man. Last season he didn’t make the most of his opportunities when playing central as he kept disappearing during games. Hopefully he’s improved his all round game in regards to off the ball running and knowing when to hold the ball up and when to run in behind because Giroud looks like he’s on the verge of breaking down and we need to take the burden off him of playing every 3/4 days.

Daft Aider

He’s not a central striker though, you can hardly blame him for performing poorly there when he’s played out on the left for most of his career


he plaved up front as a second striker for most parts of his career…


“Hashtag specialist” was a good one, I laughed a little at that one.
That being said, I really hope that Podolski gets some serious playing time now, as we need his hammer of a left foot to smash up some goalkeepers in the coming matches etc.
#aha #COYG

Just a Goon

#Aha #Poldi #afc #comeback #COYG #xmas #London


Love our poldi like he does his hashtags.

#unleashthehashtags # hashtagwarrior


Great to see Podolski back, I’m looking forward to see how he plays with Ozil, could be spectacular! Hoping the injury to Ramsey isn’t too bad either, he’s been fantastic this season. Nice to have a bit of cover in the squad now in case of injuries too.


No ‘better time’ than this to be injured for Ramsey. He does need a bit of rest.
I am also eager to see that ‘German connection’ working in full strength; will hopefully bring the best in Podolski.


Hopefully he can contribute. I do not think he can be fully effective anywhere but upfront, as a centre striker.
He has a lot to prove, but if he catches a wave of good form from early on, he can be counted upon to grant Giroud some much needed rest.

gooner est mid 80's

Is it a coincidence that this top player who had played regularly throughout his career experiences his first muscle strain/tear with us?

I remember us wondering why we used to get so many niggly injuries and, although this season has been ok thus far injury wise, I think question marks remain over our training and preparation of players

Bobby the beast

The english league is the most physical league in the world according to just about every professional. Does that answer your coincedence about players coming from less phyical leagues with a christmas break getting strained.


I was listening to Talksport today. Perry Groves said that he thought that Dimitar Berbatov would be a good January signing.



Can’t see it happening. Also, we’re above Manure rejects.


Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Sylvestre was a reject, no?


perry should shut up discuss


Berbatov was once a sp*r

End of discussion.


Sol Campbell was once a spur…


Pat Jennings was once a sp*r


But Berabatov went one better and became a manc too… thats where i draw the line.


Perry Groves is devoid of novel ideas, and always has been.



If we fail to land any of our other transfer targets, I don’t think Berbatov will be a bad option for the short term. He will not offer the work-rate that Giroud does, but he should convert the chances … if he bothers to show up at the right place that is. Alternately, we can try to go for Benteke. He has been out of form and struggling with injuries recently, but I have the feeling that he can regain his touch at Arsenal. Physical, pacy and a decent finisher. Also not cup-tied. Most of the big-name strikers will either… Read more »


If by “January signing” you mean “all our other targets were unavailable in mid-season so we may as well scoop up a six month insurance policy” then sure, why not?

Jensens Bender

I was starting to wonder where you’d gone Fats…

I’ve got some lovely humble pie for you.

On the Berba thought, no, just no. We don’t need a lazy and selfish strop monger – we need a new dimension… I’ll leave that up to Wenger


Certainly a different style of striker. Is there anyone lazier than Berbatov?


we need a clinical goal scorer that definitely rules out berbatov. plus his impression of Le Sulk leaves much to be desired especially as he don’t score many.

Giroud might be totally out of form but he still gives us a local point upfront from which our midfielders Walcott and now Poldi can attack the opposition’s goal, as well as his defending from corners.

if we’re gonna buy a striker we need a clinical ‘fox in the box’ type to smash/poke in crosses and Giroud layoffs.


Lest we forget….Podolski & Ozil, along with Mertersacker are International players for GERMANY….the football powerhouse & one of the few nations who are favourites for the coming World Cup. And all three have been regular in Joachim Low’s team and have a loads of experience between them. So we are truly blessed this time that for the first time….all three are fit & can be playin together. And not forgetting of course, a future German prospect, Gnarby. I think with the German flavor in the flanks and in the centre….we can be Awesome!! But just need to really sort out… Read more »




I suggest we get Klose…for the last five months before the World Cup…or Mario Gomez.

Bobby the beast

Would be amazing but unlikely.


Hell, if we’re suggesting fantasies, why not invent a time machine and bring back Pele?


Poldi’s good buddy not bad option. Be a bit like Larsson for that shower up wankchester a few year back.


Anyone who’s attitude has been publicly criticised by Wenger, a manager who always keeps his cards close to his chest, should not be considered a substitute to the Premier Leagues player of the season thus far. Chuck him out on loan or sell him off and use his £100k+ a week wages to bring in someone who desperately wants to wear the shirt. Look at Flamini. Sweat and blood every game. Who can remember a Poldi game where he has saved us? And don’t say Boxing Day, a deflected cross followed by a goal once we are coasting does not… Read more »


bucket loads of germany goals? yes, good left foot? yes good for team spirit? yes experienced? yes, previous joint top scorer? yes? fuck off now theres a good boy.


Been out for four months so Boxing day aside just before his injury we played Fulham 2 vital goals helped us out. You don’t get over 100 caps for Germany without being able to read the game.


Anyone need tickets for the Newcastle vs Arsenal game, I have two spare?


What happened to the Draxler rumors? Would be a typical Wenger signing; an up and coming talent from the best international team currently. Wenger did that with the French team at their pomp, a bit with the Spanish team and now Germany. He’s played mostly as a left winger but two of our most lethal strikers of late grew up playing wingers themselves. He’s got the physique, technique and a great shot to be moulded into a central striker. I’m really hoping it happens.

Unyoke the ox

I think that giroud’s been missing poldi’s assists too. They had quite a good understanding last year.


I am not worried about injuries so long as we get the results and stay at the top. But it’s a shame we won’t see Ramsey playing for a month. He was making some passes that RVP could only dream to be on the receiving end of.


Why is it good left foots are better than right foots?


depends which side of the pitch they play in relation to their foot, and their role, scorer or float it in, also dribbling with your best foot away from the side a defender comes in on makes it harder to be tackled.


#aha wellcome back #Poldi lu lu lu lukas podolski


Both top scorers finally back in action.

Media were saying something about a lack of depth?

That we managed to maintain top spot despite them must say something surely of our title credentials…unless you are the usual media pack.:D

Would not mind giving Poldy a go up top but with Walcott in close attendance. that would be a 4-4-2 though and it would likely be more a counter attacking scenario. Otherwise Ifeel Poldy is the exact sort of player that thrives on the service of a big man (Giroud or Bendtner) as he has done with Germany and Klose.


Klose a targetman? Oh fuck me!


Wenger should go back for suarez, let’s solve this problem finally


Don’t think it will be easy to sign on a top striker this January. Most likely, we will persist with Bendtner as a back up. In all honesty from the limited amount of time he has had, he has not been too bad. Many of the strikers that can be move may not suit us or will be temporary fixes where we already have both Bendtner and ‘Park on the bench’. Where there may be possible surprise packages (Falcao), there are others with deeper pockets that may be in the hunt (Chelsea or Madrid) As an option, Michu can be… Read more »


If Podoslki and Walcott keep firing in the goals, I don’t think the striker situation will be as much of an issue (albeit we will still carry risk as far as the title charge is concern) In form Podolski and Walcott may draw the defenders’ attention away from Giroud and he may have slightly more space and time to prosper provided he learns to anticipate things slightly quicker (He is already getting into good positions but seems a fraction behind the process). With Bendtner and Park futures still unresolved (+ the wages they take up), I would think Wenger will… Read more »


unfortunately i dont think we will see poldi, walcott ang giroud starting together that much… wenger always speaks about balance and in the past he often prefered a classical midfielder on the other wing if poldi or theo were starting…

Gooner Sathom02

#Aha! Great goal Poldi, hoping to see more of that….


What in tarnation?
Too many crazy pills going on in this thread. I’m gonna try me another thread.


I always think that we need a powerful shot in our team. Podolski has had 5 shots this season and he has scored 3. Respect


GrahamGeorge, I sincerely hope that comment was meant as a wind up.


Gyan would be a good option short term. Big, strong, technically sound and available for loan apparently.


Giroud jst need som rest to recharge his batteries. He doesn’t deserve all hammer he’s getting at the moment… Seems we’ve not learned from Rambo’s experience…

New Magic Hat

Podolski was only out for that long because the surgery to fuse Mjölnir, the mythical hammer of Norse mythology, onto his fearsome left peg, is extremely complicated (and weighs on the old hamstring). Now he is back – better than ever, and ready to unleash the unholy Norse power of “That which smashes” onto footballs which shall be lethally blasted deep into opposition nets and/or John Terry’s cranium.


I rarely comment here but, at this special time of year when we think about what’s most important to us, I implore you to remind yourself of Podolski’s goal against Montpellier in November 2012, assisted by Giroud.

One of my favourites of recent years. This is why I’m very excited to see them playing together again and it’s a lesson to those who think Podolski has no pace, as well as those who forget what even an off-form Giroud is capable of.

Tommy Gun



poldi shld ve played against chelshit when hfb was not having a good game. i think the hfb needs to be given more competition upfront




Good to see the German team comedian on the pitch again and scoring.., I have read all the comments and about signings. Surely the quickest snatch is remy … Proven premiership goal scorer and there is something about him that reminds me of an early Henry …! Yes he may come with luggage but is not CL tied and even if he costs 12 m he is value for money !!


I have a friend that’s a Spuds fan….yeah….and he actually refers to Poldi as “the man with Thors hammer as a left foot”.

We kinda get along, through our mutual hatred of Men United….

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