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Rosicky impressed by Theo. Dudek backs Gunners

Tomas Rosicky says Theo Walcott is now a real goal threat having watched the England man mature from ‘the kid’ who joined Arsenal six months before him.

Walcott signed on at Highbury as a 16-year-old in January 2006 but didn’t make his debut until Rosicky had signed for the club in the 2006/07 season when the club had moved to the Emirates.

At the time a raw prospect with pace but little strength, Rosicky says he’s been impressed by teammate Walcott’s development and underlined how pleased he is to have him back from injury.

“The goalscoring threat is the main thing with Theo,” the Czech told Arsenal Player.

“You can see he is a very good finisher. Since I joined Arsenal – Theo came six months earlier than me – I’ve seen him grow from let’s say the kid when he arrived.

“You could see that he would be good finisher [then], which is what he’s showing now. He’s a real threat in the box, he’s got an eye for the goal so it’s very good to have him back because you never have enough guys like that.”

In other news ex-Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek, who came very close to signing for Arsenal before moving to Anfield back in the day, has tipped Mesut Ozil and Wojciech Szczesny to lead the Gunners to the Premier League title.

Speaking to the Polish press the 40-year-old stopper, who retired two years ago after four years on the bench at Real Madrid, remarked that Arsene Wenger’s side are the ones to beat this year.

“In my opinion, Arsenal will be champions of England. They’re the most talented team in the UK ranging from great talent in goal, Wojciech Szczesny, to their attackers.

“Sometimes younger players find it difficult to maintain concentration but if the Gunners overcome that they’ll take first place.

“The missing link was Mesut Ozil, he’s a conductor who can lead this orchestra to a great triumph.”

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not a proffesional footballer

Feo has come a long way, hard to think some people wanted him to be sold last season. He’s like a pacey Ljunberg, direct in attacking, good finishing, crosses well, like able personality, etc.

I hope Poldi gets 20+, Feo 20+, with a combined assists of 15+
It’s a good dream to have

We have tomas rosicky. Nuff said. COYG

mystic gooner

Dudek, we know we’re gonna win the league already. 😛


Always liked that Jersey. I’ll get my coat…


Great to have Theo in the team as he offers something different and gives the oppo something else to worry about, and it was vital we kept him last January for all sorts of reasons. But I still find him so frustrating to watch, even though he produces goals and assists on a regular basis. I think it’s because he could still improve as a player and be even better, that sometimes drives me up the wall. 7 out of 10 times, he’ll do something that’ll result in a goal or an assist, which makes him a great asset, but… Read more »


Comparing theo to ljunberg is a disgrace. Ljunberg movement was worldclass,the best in World football i have seen


I think Poldi, Theo and Giroud can all be scoring 15+ goals a season if fully fit which is highly unlikely


Theo as always been my favorite, since I became an arsenal fan,he is there to deliver,

Igor Stepanov's career

Theo’s career will be over by the time he is 28.

He relies only on his pace & like Owen before him will struggle as he gets older.

Hitul Thobhani

Great shout from the Little Mozart. Theo is almost the finished article. God willing he has 10 good years for us and England ahead of him!

Awesome to see theo and Poldi combine for our 2nd against west ham. And we have the exciting ox to come back too!

COYG! Bring on a top striker and keeper in the transfer window – Arsene it’s do or die. After landing Özil – who I don’t believe some idiot non Gooners are criticising – we have faith you’ll spend.


Yet another keeper? You know you can’t play them at the same time, do you?


So we have the Mözart Rosicky, the Örchastrater Mö, the Wizard Rambö, the magician Cazörla, the Price Pöldi.

All together a title winning combo.


I think you mean ‘cömbö’

not a proffesional footballer

Also it’s quite amazing that Arsenal has played the top 6 teams and managed to be top of the table. As expected the way to win it is not by beating direct title rivals, but smashing those ‘lesser’ teams while getting draws against top teams. Utd did it all the time


That’s very true. As one example from our perspective: In the 2007-08 season–the last time we looked like title challengers–we beat Manchester United home and away…but they went on to win the league. Why? Because while we could beat them, we dropped points to much lesser teams, (four or five? in a row starting with THAT game at B’ham).


in 07/08 we lost and drew with united.


No Arsecast?


What do you call a footballer thats young at heart but old at age with a co-efficient of minus 5 his real age? A Rosicky.

Trex d Gunner

Everybody loves Rosicky. He bleeds the red of Arsenal, what a guy.


A title this year would be for Rosicky & Sagna, they’ve more than deserved it.

The treble next year is to shut up pundits and random twats.


The quad* + the community shield


it is not title winning combo but title winning chambö. Can’t wait to see him back… 🙂

Thors hammer

I agree i really like the ox and was hoping he was gonna push on this season and cement a place in the first team as i honestly believe that he could be world class! he seems to have every attribute that one needs to get to that level, he has pace as well as that burst of speed you need, decent skillset, strong and accurate shooting, strength and good agility but lacks experience and is at the best place to get it! i dont want to overhype the guy i just think we have something special brewing! shame about… Read more »


Any news on Rosicky’s contract?

Mezermisation of Madness

Rosicky, what a player, what a lad!

Proper gooner with skilful feet and a pace beyond his age. Love to see him retire in the red and white shirt!


A chance missed for a good headline, methinks:

Jerzy´s sure.

* gets coat and legs it *


I’ve heard it takes five days to walk around Dudek.

Oh my bad, I got the wrong Jersey!

(Can I borrow a coat? I’ve lost mine)

Indonesian Gooner

I wonder for how long Theo will have his blistering pace for, and I wonder if he starts to lose it, he can adapt. I think he’s quite intelligent though, and as long as Wenger is alongside him, he’ll get all the guidance he can get.


I’d say he’ll have his “blistering pace” for a while yet, considering he’s only 24.
I’m sure it’ll be a case of cross that bridge when he comes to it….at the moment the bridge hasn’t even been built.


If Walcott Poldi and the midfield start scoring again (and Giroud stays fit) we should win the league. I have a feeling Arsene will go for someone like Marco Reus in the summer. He is perfect for our style of play but there’s not much we can do in January. I really hope Giroud finds form again, I trust Arsene’s judgement. If he feels the team is good enough to last the season(I really only care about winning the league this season) then fine. But if there is any doubt at all, he has to find another striker in January.… Read more »


I’m not expecting it, but Wenger should show some balls tomorrow by dropping Giroud and playing Podolski as the one up front. It makes perfect sense: Giroud is knackered and hopelessly out of form, while Podolski is fresh, fit and raring to go. We won’t have the luxury of being able to squander half a dozen good chances at St James’s Park.

I would like to see Wilshere back and maybe Ozil on the bench: the German looks tired too. We can’t afford passengers now.

I reckon we’ll win it 2-1.


I would like to see Walcott played as striker while he is on goal scoring form, and rest Giroud. The style of play will change a bit as he won’t do the same hold up play as Giroud, but I’m sure that the 3 attackers supporting him will be able to keep the ball between them and provide the chances without the hold up play. I could see Theo being being very effective drifting to the full back areas and running in behind from there like Henry used to do.


Disagree with Fatgooner Podolski offers more on the wing, Giroud scored a lot of tap ins from his crosses and Walcott when he is marked as a CF, he don’t have thevstrenghth or touch to leave his marker.


Try thumbing me down guys….i dare ya!


If Walcott and Podolski keep scoring it will open up time and space a bit more for giroud to find the net too. Podolski on the LW balances out Walcott’s wide threat on the right where when we only had Theo on, Chelsea easily shifted to their left and contained him. This things tend to be slightly inter-related. The good news is we have a genuine number of options now. We can employ more direct and quick wingers in poldy and Theo or go for a bit more craft and guile cutting in with Santi or Ozil, or for the… Read more »

Zaharaddeen Getso

Great to have Theo and Poldi back into the team and hope they will combine to destroy Newcastle today

palace gunner

Pers 2 has been good in defence, the team have got most players back from injuries, don’t forget we have flamini, ozil, tomas & santi, coyg


I believe we can win the league this year, its looking more and more probable. But my analysis side makes me reflect on this comment posted a few days ago: List of Attackers in leading teams: Man Utd: RVP and Rooney Chelsea: Torres and Eto’o and Ba Man City: Aguero and Dzeko and Negredo Liverpool: Suarez and Sturridge Barcelona: Messi and Neymar Real Madrid: Christiano and Benzema (Bale) Bayen Munich: Robben and Ribery plus more Borussia Dortmund: Lewandowski PSG: Zlatan and Cavani Most of the teams have a big name pair hunting together. They might not always be successful (Chelsea!!!).… Read more »

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