Monday, August 8, 2022

Sanabria’s Arsenal move gaining momentum

Speculation continues to build that Arsenal will soon complete a move for Barcelona’s 17-year-old striker Antonio Sanabria.

Educated at La Masia, the youngster has already scored twice for Barcelona’s B team and even has three full international caps to his name for his native Paraguay.

Arsene Wenger is believed to have had scouts watching Sanabria for quite some time and with the teenager recently rejecting a new contract at the Nou Camp he’s offered the starlet a chance to follow the path taken by Cesc Fabregas, Fran Merida, Hector Bellerin, Jon Toral and most recently, Julio Pleguezuelo.

While Barcelona aren’t best pleased with the Gunners intentions, Sanabria’s agent Raul Verdu confirmed this week: “Our contacts with Arsenal are advanced and I expect a solution in the next week.”

A raw prospect rather than finished article (see Sanogo), Sanabria’s potential capture would represent a long-term project rather than immediate solution to the lack of back-up to Olivier Giroud.

Arsenal will likely have to shell out £300,000 in compensation to Barcelona, which we can just deduct from what they still owe us for Alex Song.

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And Alexandr Hleb!

damien joyce

I wouldn’t mention the Hleb deal to them, that will just upset them even more, I’m sure they still owe us for the Overmars/Petit deal and the *Terry ‘enry* deal, maybe even Cesc’s DNA too.

* Thierry Henry played for Arsenal, some shadow clone joined them cunts

Remember the invincibles

Thierry Henry’s shadow would destroy spurs.

Merlin's Panini

It did on many occasions. They always seemed to be chasing it.


I’ve heard the likely compo amount is closer to 3million, where’s that 300k figure from?


I think that’s his buy out clause amount – €3M.

Ollie Garkie

Well. He looks like he could be good. Not based on anything other than the picture, but he just has that look, you know, like…he could be good. One day. Maybe. I dunno.

I Might…yep, that’s my coat. I’ll, er, I’ll show myself out, shall I? Yes, good.


Not sure why, but I read this in John Cleese’s voice..

Wengers spare change

Yes his haircut makes me think he will be good aswell


The 3mil is his buy out clause? Ain’t he contracted, of sorts, till 2015? Will have to give Barcelona compensation for educating him I believe!


He looks good. Very good.


Wouldnt mind talented youngsters coming in but at the same time would like some more quality first team players to be added in the squad in the coming winter window.
We are in a good position in the league this season and a quality experienced forward is a must to help out ourselves and the players to win the league this season.
Arsene had said this before we should takee the advantage of the managerial changes that took place around us, we have done that now time to build on that advantage.


he does look very good, although his ears are definitely the wrong side of controversial


Careful, he’ll hear you.

Entre Dans La

looks a bit like a mini-Suarez… hhhhhhmmmmmmmm


There’s a certain look deadly strikers have (sort of aguero-ish). He too has that. we will start there.


Do you mean South American-ish?? I believe there is a striker factory deep in the Amazon. This is the only valid reason why South America keep producing top strikers.


It’s right next to the midfielder factor I believe…


We need a speedy striker. His ears will create way too much drag.


Give him a break haha. What if he reads this shit and goes to Sp*rs out of spite? haha


Who saw the picture of Lineker out with his 4 sons? That was 10 big ears all in a line!


Yaya Sanogo has no future here. you can’t have both Campbell and Sanogo here one has to go. Sanogo is that. Sanabria diego costa giroud would be nice


As much as I have my own doubts about the Sanogo signing, why does he have no future because of Campbell?


I’m not speaking for me alone but for Sanogo aswell. i doubt he will stick around to find out his fate coz even when he’s back he will still struggle to make the bench. Giroud, poldi, NB52, Campbell and *incoming striker in January* should all be ahead of him. plus his injury record isn’t helping. This was a hit and miss. so far the miss is winning.


no first issue where your wrong is any new striker coming in will mean NB52 shifts out to palace, gotta balance those wages, campbell or Sanogo have such time that a loan out each wouldn’t be a bad thing, gain experience and all that, ship them both out to whichever new team next season has the shittest strikers i say, let them compete against each-other for regular football, better still if any of those teams play 442, they’re kids, not 28 year olds

It Is What It Is

Campbell can play any of the three forward positions. I expect him to challenge Poldi on the left, with Gnabry/Ox pushing Theo. No clash. Besides, stwenth in defth is no bad thing.

Emannuel Eboue

Get in?


Off topic i know but seeing as we have over a week before the our next game any thoughts on who might be worth getting in january? Juve unlikely to part with llorente now they are out of CL but top of seria a. Citeh wont let dzeko come to us. ba? Benteke is suffering a bit at villa i think michu worth a pop?


Michu would do, but at 25m its a little bit pricy, not unreasonably though. Benteke is doing shit all this season, as i said last season prem league experience shouldnt count for just 1 good season. Ba, will not be sold to us, see your Dzeko argument. LLorente isnt going anywhere Benzeema IS a possibility, but again costing a fair old whack, 25-30m poaching any1 from Athletico madrid will be impossible IF we draw them in C.L Now i know rivals and all that, but the rumors of UTD’s clear out, if that includes Javier Hernandez, that would be worth… Read more »

Igor Stepanov's career

The “Michael Rickett” syndrome has worn off with Michu.

Now teams know what he is about he doesn’t have enough skill to do anything else.

Loic Remy would be perfect, I believe Wenger could mould him into a decent imitation of Henry.


As long as we are talking about signing big name strikers in January, I think dzeko is probably the only one we have any chance of signing because he is the only one who is not first choice team player in his respective team.


And I don’t think there is any chance mourinho is gonna let ba come to us, even if we offer silly money.


The thumb-downs you always get are a bit harsh. Ba dum tss!


@ #LOL

You would have gotten away with that if you had brought your coat…

Black Hei

Gonna break the mould. I would say Michu will be great for us. He hasn’t been found out, it is just that teams are handling him better these days.
BUT, from what little I have seen of him when playing against us, he will be fantastic to our team play. He is less of a battering ram like Giroud but more elusive and mobile.
Michu’s price might be going down since he isn’t so hot now, so it is a good chance to grab, though I don’t think Swansea is willing to sell at all.


When you think of Toral, Gnabry, Zelalem, Crowley, Bellerin and co coming through the ranks, it’s hard not to get a little bit excited. Granted I don’t know the ins and outs of the youth teams but I’ve always suspected we’ve been lacking in the striker department. So to add this guy Sanabria to the list above would be quite the coup especially considering the reports that alot of top clubs would love to get their hands on him.

What a future we’re building at Arsenal.


It seems like we’re aways building a future. I’d prefer to buy world class players so we can win trophies right now


It’s all about striking the right balance as one eye must always be kept on the future, especially when we have a self-sustaining business philosophy. I’d like to see us add to the first team as well but the overall good health of the club is far more important than short-term success.


True. But if you dont have a bit of forward thinking too.. you’ll end up like manuntd.


What about the present? I am forgetting what its like to get pissed and spend the night dancing in Blackstock road!


Sack wenger now and we’re all laughing!


Fuck, is that the only comment you know how to make? Please, we all heard you the first 100 times. Just stop now.

Wengers spare change

Have not heard much about Toral since he joined.Anyone know how he is doing


I was just thinking if we have to have a blip in our season isn’t this the best time? I mean wouldn’t the last three games show those in charge that we need more top players in during January.

Bobby the beast

Or for the team to show the fans that we might fight it out without any signings in january. It should work both ways.


I always have had difficulty understanding such a point of view. Wenger and his assistant coaches have been working at the top level for such a long time, and have been working with almost every player of this team for at least over a year now. I do not think they need the team to suffer a blip to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players and the effects that fatigue and injuries can have on the team.


Love how we continue to harvest youngsters from Barcelona. Everything that pisses them off is a good thing I suppose.

Bobby the beast

I still have hope for a Fabregas return. Now that I would love very much so.


Fuck him. He’s no better than the rest.

Okay maybe a bit better.

Or much better.

Hell, I’d take him back. But only if BFG sticks it to him first thing Monday.


I thumbed you up btw.

Black Hei

Nope, Ozil is playing in his position now, we don’t really need him. We are not that disgustingly rich.


I personally would have Cesc over Ozil. He gets almost as many assists as Ozil, scores more and doesn’t ‘go missing’ for periods in a game.
To be fair though I could live with having both of them at the club!!

palace gunner

What is happening with sonago


He’s getting an alias. Hates being called Sanogo.

Changing it to Sonago.


Top top top players


I too am blessed with such ears. I have never found the drag coefficient of said ears to be an impedement on my football career. The complete lack of talent and a fondness for ale on the other hand…..

Wengers spare change

haha nice

Jack the Hat

That list of ex Barca youngsters doesn’t read too well after you get passed Cesc.


Can’t sign Surarez, well let’s develop one!


Guys got the Ronaldinho and Suarez over bite…

We must have him.

mr hanky

While we wait for a trophy he can double up as a stand-in for the FA Cup


You mean yet funny asshole lad


ollie garkie. XD.


Sanabria’s Arsenal move gaining momentum, while he does work against the velocity squared proportional air drag.

Harish P

Wow another potential in the list of young strikers along with Akpom, Afobe, and Sanogo. Interesting situation going on here… I like it.


This is the first time we are signing a striker from Barcelona. I’ve read on their fan forums that they rate him very highly as possibly the best player from their B team. They are pissed at him wanting to leave but can understand why. They are also pissed that Arsenal are at it again, which is fucking hilarious. Fuck those cunts. At only 17 years of age, he looks very talented and his name sounds like he is some Latino hitman. I hope he develops into the speedy striker that we need.


Just what we need to push us on to win the title, another 17 year old who has no experience in the prem!

Wengers spare change

But wait till you see him in 15 years………working in Burger King.


Looks its Dumbo.

I’ve not seen Sanogo to even judge him yet, where are your opinions coming from?

Bendtner looks hungry though i like it.


There is the small matter of obtaining a work permit though. From what I gather, that could be an impediment for a move to England


Full international caps at 17? He’ll get a permit under special talent with ease.


i m pretty sure he got spanish nationality too

Dial square

Great, just what we need, a youngster with “potential” cause we don’t have any of those already do we?? How about we stop fucking about and seriously invest in the first team squad. A proven centre half and top quality striker would do for starters!!! (Sorry for the rant, still pissed off about yesterday) we were shit and completely out played, but I still fucking love em..COYG


I believe the people in charge at Arsenal are so damn good at what they do, they can scout for talents as well as proven top quality players at the same time. Whoah!

Igor Stepanov's career

He is only 17 ……….. He will grow into them ears.


You must applaud quality talent like this coming to us and developing. Yes we need another striker and need one urgent. Lots of names been offered but for me surely as a cheap punt but scoring in the premiership is loic remy!!!!


So would this guy go with the first team, or play with the U-21s?


Probably both, like gnabry


I’m Paraguayan, and I have followed Tony since he played in the under – 18 s team. He’s been REALLY good. A bit raw, but he has that “something” that world class players have. Just sees things and finds space were other players don’t. I think he would flourish under Arsène’s tutelage.


Rodrigo, is English your first or second language? ‘Coz if it’s your second, I have to say, you write it better than most people for whom it’s their first! Nice post.


he’s got good teeth. reminds me of suarez a bit.

Mayor of The Woolwich

Aren’t we going to have another work permit issue with this young lad?


Rather big ears.

Black Hei

When he grows up, it will be even bigger. Then he starts flapping them and lift soon overcomes weight and he starts to take off….

Dial Square

And then we’ll just sell him back to Barca when he’s peaking…

Entre Dans La

looks a bit like a mini Luis Suarez.

Arsene Wenger, you mad genius

Fruit and Fibre

Is this not just another Arsenal face swap? It’s Kieran Koscielny isn’t it?

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